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Scene Title A Lesson in Help
Synopsis Carys helps out a street rat. Naturally, he's immediately suspicious, sigh.
Location Lowtown Slums
Date Justinian 23, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Oh-so-Mature arguing
Logger Carys

It's currently quiet here in the Lowtown slums, though with the sun going down, questionable activity is likely going up. But, for the most part, there isn't any evidence of that going on. Instead, the people athat are mulling about are enjoying a relatively mild evening, with a nice breeze coming from the sea. It's almost enough to make one forget their surroundings. Almost.

Carys herself is currently seated on a small set of stairs, doing little else but people watching. Dressed in simple garb instead of the more adventurous leather-and-mail, she's obviously not expecting any trouble. At least, for the time being.

Oh the slums, probably the least likely place to find anything of value. Let alone much trouble, if you knew what to expect, anyway. He'd been here for a few hours, really. At least it felt that way, he'd never bothered to check the sun before he left. Between the route he took, and lack of issues he was faced with. This entire trek was incredibly, irritatingly, annoyingly pointless!

He growled at himself, chucking a pebble at a nearby building. "Check the slums, 'ee says. Might be a fight, 'ee says." the mutterings of the adolescent could be heard for a few feet at least, voice still boyish though with a heavy Lowtown slurr to it.

"'Course there's no blighting fight! No one bloody fights inna slums less it's gangs, or idjits." the kid mutters, chucking another pebble at a building as he walks in the direction of Carys. "Wasted my Maker's damn time…" he chucks another, rock. Which actually smashes a window. "Got one! Yes!" he cheers, then there's a sudden sound of footsteps that echo from the inside. The young, destructive little elf quickly picks up his pace, barely noticing Carys as he ducks into hiding nearby.

Oh, she knows the tone of that frustrated mumbling all too well! Her attention soon focuses on the elven youth, and she just watches. She pulls a knee up, props her elbow on it, and rests her chin in her palm and just /watches/ with what can only amount as a shit-eating grin as he ambles her way and somewhat past her, muttering this and that and… oh yes, she's entertained. Even /more/ so when a rock flies and busts a window! His reaction to this causes the woman to actually bark a laugh, before she watches him beat feet in attempt to hide from whatever consequences have now hunted him down. She makes note of where the boy slipped off to, before she turns her head around and…

"Hello, Serah," she greets the man who she /assumes/ was the owner of that once fine window. Before he can even ask, she points in the opposite direction from where Tamet ducked. "He went that way," she says in her most helpful tone, complete with eyelash batting. Hey! She /totally/ gets the value of a window down here (ignore the fact she's covered up her own, but there's reasons) so she will help her fellow slum-resident by pointing out where the scamp went! … it's totally not her fault if she got the direction wrong.

A few heartbeats past before she scoots down her steps and peeks into the hideyplace she's sure the elf ran into. "It's clear."

Tam had ducked into a barrel. They're all over the place, right? This one was thankfully empty, save for an old sock and uncapped. When the sound for all clear comes, there's a sudden chill that runs down his spine. For two reasons, A. He was found, and B. It was an all-clear. Two things that he wasn't expecting. Cautiously, he popped up, eyes finding Carys.

There's a little seethe of his tongue, when he notices she's human. Then his eyes scan around the area, skeptically. Then back to Carys. The kid sucks on his tongue. "…Whatsit gonna cost me, Shem?" he wonders, after this ceremony is over.

"Oh, it's gonna cost you big," she says, shrugging her brows high on her forehead. Violet eyes twinkle for a moment, and she reaches over to poke him lightly in the shoulder. "It's gonna cost you not t'call me that anymore. Here I am, bein' nice, and you gotta go get all name-callin' on me. Rude, much."

The kid squints towards Carys suspiciously, especially when she pokes him. Then he just climbs out of the barrel, with a huff, as his brushes off the shoulder he was poked on. "Still gotta be a catch though, lady, always a catch." Tamet, reminds her, spinning around to face her again, arms crossed over the front of his oversized brown tunic.

There's a sort of sizing up that to him, might seem subtle enough, but it's clear that's what he's doing.

That smile remains on her face. It's equal parts guileless and impish. "There might. Question is… am I gonna tell you what it is now, or make you stew for a few days an' then find you later t'collect." She crosses her arms over her knees. "OR… you could just take it at face value that I'm someone who's out t'help the little guy… less literal than what you're likely gonna take it. S'what I do. S'what Friends do, right?" Even though, while speaking, one can't really tell she's using 'friends' with a capital F there. "An' a little tip… when you hide, make sure there aren't people around that can actually see where you were goin'. I watched you the entire way. Your hidin' skills need a wee bit of work. Nothin' practice can't fix, though."

"Shems always got schemes." Tamet mutters, hocking some spit to one side. Then lifting his gaze towards Carys, taking her in again. His good ear twitches a little when she mentions friends and his hands drop to his sides. A furrowed knit of his brow becomes prominant, as he realizes what she's saying.

"You're blackmailin' me." the word falls off his tongue in both childlike twinge, and a suspicious tone. "You lissen 'ere, shem," he starts pointing a finger towards her and trying to look somewhat intimidating. It doesn't quite work that way.

"I didn't need your help. I hid just's well'en you knowed it. 'Sides, guards ain't gonna know who to look for, anyways." he says, with a shrug, adding quite bluntly, "I'm just an elf."

She glances down at the finger poking her, and she doesn't even bother moving. So he's free to poke her to his heart's content. She glances back up and she's still got that /damn smirk/ on her face. Once he's done, she then decides to stand up. She takes a moment to dust herself off before descending the few steps to the level ground.

"You're just an elf… but you're an elf with one ear and a pretty distinctive eye color," she points out. "An' if I wanted t'blackmail you…that assumes you got somethin' worth blackmailin' you for in the first place." She cups her hands behind her back and bends at the waist until she can look him eye to eye. "Hate t'break it t'you, but you're a little … poor lookin' for my usual targets."

"They prolly won't even ask for details," Tamet dismisses with a snort, "I seen how them guardsmans are." Tamet crosses his arms again, leaning somewhat broodily against the barrel, eyes drifting towards the ground as she speaks to him. "So what d'you want?" he wonders now, hocking another loogie to the side and looking back towards Carys now.

Standing up straight she sighs. "I told you. Stop callin' me 'shem'." She crosses her arms, "I'm not your enemy. I helped 'cause I wanted t'help. Surprisingly, there /are/ people who do that."

"Yeah?" the kid wonders, shifting his headband a little on his head to tuck a lock of hair behind it. "So you helped, what now?" the young elf insists as he lets out a breath of air. "D'ya expect me t'kiss you an' give you a shiney medal? I said thanks." he says his boyish mirth returning as he considers the woman. "But 'ere ya are, still gabbin' on like a human."

"But here /you/ are still gabbin' on like an elf with a chip on his shoulder," Carys oh so /maturely/ counters, crossing her arms and shrugging her eyebrows.

"You coulda left anytime!" Tamet retorts, throwing up his arms in dramatic effect.

Carys throws HER arms up in dramatic effect. "You could'a left anytime, too!" She then points to the nearby door. "I. Live. Here."

Tamet blinks a few times, "You do?" his head cranes towards the pointed out door. "Oh. Well." Tam says, scratching the back of his neck. Then his gaze finds the sky, and notes just how dark it's gotten in the time he's been here.

"Fuck." he utters under his breath, then looks around for the quickest route out of the slums. "Righ' then, I should go. Uh…" he says, looking back towards Carys. He doesn't even offer her a good bye, he just bolts.

She steps away from him as he looks for a way to bolt…and Carys even helpfully points in what she believes is the quickest route out of the area. Then, shaking her head, and with a giggle, she strides up the stairs and into the apartment she had pointed out.

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