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Scene Title A Little Cute in Your Day
Synopsis Valentin and Davan meet at the Gallows
Location The Gallows
Date Solace 30 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Cuteness and huffy mage
Logger Davan

Davan is usually loath to go to the gallows or anywhere near it. It's directly next to the mage cage. Unfortunately, the stalls here have things that one can usually get delivered at home so he has to venture out sooner or later. So here he is, in the mid-day heat (as the Southerners call it) with his usual companion- a fox who prances about jinging the bells on her collar as she goes from one point of interest to another. Not quite like a dog, not quite like a cat, and sometines a little like a ferret.

As the Southerners call it, indeed. Admittedly, the summer had been particularly warm, but Valentin had not suffered for it overly much. Today, he's managed to connive his way into minding the Tranquil-run stalls in the Gallows. He's even managed to bring Tytos along with. Though he's supposed to be minding things, well, he's mostly just leaning on one of the stalls, in the ridiculous robes that mark him as an Enchanter of the Circle. The cub plays around his feet, making little chirruping noises as he bats at tassles that fall from the mage's belt. The jingling of the fox's bells catches the Enchanter's attention, though, and he tilts his head, listening, brow knitting a little in confusion.

There's this strange noise foxes make that's mostly like a bark. Since domestics usually keep a portion of their kit traits, this is like a bark from a squeak toy. It's Princess' play sound and clearly directed at the cub. "Princess!" But it's too late. Davan has just enough time to move as the fox takes off so that she's not strangled by that belled collar. "Maker, you're going to go ruin your collar. We'll have to have a new one made." Little silver bells are apparently hard to come by outside of the exotic brothel market. Not that the fox cares, because she's prancing right up to Tytos and offering play in her own 'ball of fluff and energy' way.

Tytos is at that age that any offer of play is gladly and immediately accepted. The lionette rolls, popping up onto his legs, and then immediately pouncing on the fox with a squeaky growl that is entirely playful and wholly kittenish. Valentin laughs, and it's a warm, colorful thing. "Tytos, play nicely." He says with a fondness that is more than a little parental. But, Valentin had heard the person follow the other creature over. Not that he knows what that other creature is. "If he's a pest to you, serah, I can call him off." He says, not looking at Davan, or down at the animals at play.

"Oh he's adorable," Give Davan a moment, he's faced with cute. "Princess, gently with the teeth," he warns, though the fox- who probably only recognized his tone anyway- is ignoring him completely. "Oh, it's no trouble. She may be a fox, but she'll play with anyone who'll pay attention to her. Please, it's Davan. Every time someone uses one of those 'serah's' I feel like looking behind me to see if my father's there."

Aha, well that answers a couple of questions all at once. How very convenient. "A fox, easy with her teeth, that would be a feat, I am sure. I'm sure he can manage. He's a lion, after all, some teeth shouldn't be the end of the world." Because, really, let's be honest, Tytos was small, but if he chose to use claws, it would be Princess that probably had to worry. Valentin laughs a little, and nods. "Well, if your father is there, I certainly couldn't tell you. But, very well, Davan it is. I'm Valentin. Nice to meet you, and all… Whatever it is that is the seasonal nicety on the outside."

Davan watches Valentin for a moment and his meaning begins to sink in. "Princess usually doesn't bite too hard, but I take your meaning. As for the season… bordering on chill. How anyone walks out their door without something on their arms is beyond me." It's his most uttered complaint. "It's very nice to meet you, Valentin. You're not… Maker, you're one of the local mages, aren't you?" Which is said with more sympathy for his state freedom than anything else.

This was Valentin's curse, the way his words always came out sideways. In the same vein as his meaning, but not quite representative of it. And thus did people respond to what they heard and not what he meant. Which, rightly, not the fault of those other people. All his own. But it is what it is. Sometimes Valentin corrects, but not today. He just laughs, today, perhaps barked suddenly. "It's warm for down here." He says, "If you think this is bad, never go to Orlais. Trust me on this one. I thought I was going to freeze to death the first winter at the White Spire." Because, well, he's Rivaini, he's not exactly cold hearty. "That I am. I am an Enchanter of the Circle." He says, and it is that moment that he pauses, pulling apart Davan's accent a little closer, "You're - Not from around here, are you?" That's one way of putting it.

Davan bows, even though he's fairly certain that Valantin can't see it. "Davan Pulcherus, from Qarinus." He stops and then snaps his fingers as if making a discovery. "You're Rivaini! How absolutely horrible for you. You must freeze here, you poor thing. I have to admit, I've only visited a couple of times. I'm not nearly as good with the language as I should be."

Well, Valentin isn't even trying to appear as though he's looking at him. He does hear the bow, however, and inclines his head slightly in Davan's direction. And then he laughs again, this time entirely amused. "Oh, yes, that I am." He says through his laughing, waving off the playful pity, "Here is not so bad. Orlais was. Ferelden is cold as all shit, though." Not every day people hear swearing from Circle Mages, "I have to admit, I am surprised you have been. I do not meet a lot of people who can say so."

"A country that ignores both chantries and does what it pleases? As if I'd miss visiting a place like that. My father was so angry I thought he'd die right there on the spot when I returned. Alas, still alive." Davan manages to sound truly disappinted, in that manner one would be if a good thing failed to happen to them. "I've never been good at summoning spirits or demons, but I have to say those seers were fascinating. So much more interesting than Orlais. All those masks, quite dull. I'm not going to pry, but a Rivaini mage in a Southern circle… were you captured?"

Valentin laughs again. "Well, not ignore, per se. Dairsmuid does have a Circle." He says, sounding amused again. Because, well, yes… It's a Circle. Technically. There's a very obvious fondness for his country in his tone. He shakes his head then. "Well, yes. I spent a good few years a pirate. And when that didn't work out, I found myself in Free Marches, inspired to change things down here. Got myself caught in Starkhaven." All spoken as though it is the simplest tale in the world. "And now, I'm here ten years later. As for the masks, I wouldn't know, never much bothered me." And that is one cheeky smirk.

"A very open Circle, as I seem to recall." Davan makes a sound of surprise and the jingling of Princess' collar keeps going on as she and the cub play. "An actual pirate? I am meeting the most interesting people. First a Templar that smells of candy, then an acutal mage pirate. I don't know if I should be frightened or excited about what I'm going to meet next. …well, there was Carys, but she's just delightful, not a pirate." But he's off track and he chuckles. "Starkhaven? Of all the places. ..Ha! A sense of humor. I like you."

"Well… Okay… Not an actual pirate, depending upon your definition." Valentin says with an equally mirthful laugh. "I stole a ship from my father, and his cargo. But that's the only theft that occurred. The other business we earned was… Legitimate, at least on our end. If some of those goods were stolen before they got to me? Well, let's just say I didn't look too closely." Tytos is still given kittenish chirps and growls as he plays with the fox, entirely too adorable. "Carys does seem quite delightful, in fact. And good, it is better when people like me. Much less yelling and colorful insults, and generally poor reactions when I inevitably fall on them." Is that a warning? Maybe.

"Oh, you've met? Well, she seems to manage to be known everywhere. Templars, mages, random young men with swords. Come to think of it, I should her luck. If only. " Davan laughs. "You can't convince me anyone has ever complained of your falling on them. It doesn't matter the definition. You'll be the mage pirate when I write to my sister. She'll love this story."

"Only the ones that weren't any fun to fall on anyway." Valentin says with a smirk that moves from cheeky to actively flirtatious. Oh, Valentin, you are terrible. "I think you would not find yourself placed in that category. And feel free, embellish it all you like. G - Maker knows I have plenty of times in my life." Tytos breaks free from the fox then, chirping and padding his way over to Davan to look up at the Tevinter with wide, golden eyes and a curiously flicking tail.

"Well I hope falling on me isn't terrible. I'd be incredibly disappointed." Apparently this is the worst thing in the world for Davan. "Somehow I think my embellishments would be nowhere near as interesting as the actual story." Oh but then there's a cub and the mage cannot help himself. The 'oh dear maker so cute' noise that comes from him as he kneels down to pay attention to Tytos is accompanied by an actual "Oh dear maker you're so cute!" Of course he's going to reach out to give ear rubs to this baby if it sits still long enough. "I've only ever seen them full grown."

Oh, he sits still. Sort of. Because the minute Davan has leaned down, he is swiftly being climbed by a lionette cub searching for a shoulder on which to perch. Chirps all the way. "He is well aware of precisely how cute he is. And be mindful, he's teething. Ruined a belt of the Templar he belongs to already." Valentin warns, "But yes, you do not sound as though you would be unpleasant to fall into at all. Perhaps someday I will have opportunity to test this theory."

Ok, look. Davan cares a great deal about his clothes, but this cub? This cub is adorable and he can buy more clothes. In fact, barely needs an excuse for it. If Tytos wants to climb up and be held, he's going to be held. "You never know. I've had all sorts of interesting and delightful things happen since I arrived. Golems, darkspawn, demons, Templars… it was almost like home until the abomination showed up. Meeting handsome templars and being fallen upon by beautiful mages are the sorts of things I'd rather write home about." But this CUB. "Oh you're precious. He can teeth on my clothes all he likes, I couldn't possibly hold it against him." At least Princess isn't jealous, because she's just going to sit- catching her breath- at the healer's feet.

This cub is possibly the most ridiculously affectionate creature north of Orlais. He purrs, nuzzling into Davan very much as though he is claiming this human as his own. Heavy paws sit on Davan's shoulder, and the cub is happy as a clam. At the sound of the panting fox, though, Valentin smirks and kneels, offering his hand to investigate if she so chooses. "Ah, you were at that shitshow too?" He says with a sigh, "I had to put one of our Lieutenants back together after that mess."

Look, someone paying attention to Princess becomes her very favorite someone. She goes straight past investigation to 'I am pathetic, adorable, and you must pet me'. Complete with the jingling of those little bells. And once her paw is on Valentin's hand? He'll probably feel the gold coating on her nails. "Not the one with the… oh you poor dear." It's complete sympathy. Davan may not be a healer, but he knows a multi-potion job when he sees one. "I do hope he's well? I had my cook prepare some food and send it, but with the way he looked…" It's genuinely upsetting and he has to snuggle the cub to get over it. "I've invited the other one to dinner. Which brings to mind: If you're ever able to get out of that … circle…" He says it as if it means prison. "I'd be happy to have the both of you over." And yes, it's clear he means separate occasion.

"Oh, I can see why you have your name." Valentin says with a small laugh, but he pets her anyway, "You're very soft, Your Highness." He nods then, however. "Yes, I was able to fix the damage done. He is doing much better." And then he laughs. "Well, I will see if I can manage it. Though I somehow think the Knight Commander would be loathe to let me out to the home of a Tevinter mage. Sadly. Thank you, though." And then there's the sound of a changing guard near the door to the Circle, and Valentin sighs. "I should likely head off to my other duties, however. It has been lovely to meet you."

Davan huffs. "Well, then the Commander be damned, I'll bring it to you. I'm sure you get walks to the Chantry? I am an evil Tevinter mage, after all." Rules are insults when they get in his way. "It's been a pleasure," he returns before turning the cub over to his human. "I do hope we get a chance to meet again. And if you are able to get out, please bring this adorable baby with you." With that and a bow (that, yes, is heard even if it's not seen) he scoops up Princess. "I'll send an invitation along to the Lieutenant. I assume they're the only ones who are allowed to contact anyone on their own." Yep, barbaric.

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