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Scene Title A Lover's Pants
Synopsis Davan goes to shop, gets a little more than he set out for.
Location Hightown Markets
Date 24 of August, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Like a Lover's Hands…
Logger Davan

There is this thing about shopping. Davan loves to do it. So here he is, Princess prancing alongside, talking to someone about fabrics and cuts, giving measurements that certainly aren't his own. There's a porter beside him, looking bored and carrying two large bags with a variety of things. "No, not the orange. Something blue, blue."

"Who wears orange anyway?" Comes a voice from within one of the stands before it comes alive and ambles over. When one glances closer, it's just a woman apparently wearing random fabrics over her arms, shoulders and head. Who…happens to be wearing orange. She crouches down and holds a swatch of cloth that's bejeweled and becoined against Princess's fur. "What'cha think, Princess? Want a new outfit?"

Now here is the thing..Tyce hates shopping almost as much as he hates being sober, which he *mostly* is at this point. With Balai standing at his side, the big mop really trying hard to not pounce on everyone that passes by her, there he stands in front of a merchant who is rather excitable it seems as he starts pulling out cloth here and there, brocades and linens.. blues and greens.. and of course talking about how this would make a lovely doublet for that.. with archer turning redder and redder in the face until he finally.."PANTS! LEATHER!BROWN!"

"Carys!" Davan shrugs. "Apparently this … man… believes that it's just the thing for Orlesian tailoring. Can you imagine Cenn in orange? No. Neither can I. Are you dressing Princess up? I'll buy the fabric, she'll be ecstatic." And then there's Tyce. "My dear man, that's no way to get what you want." He sighs. This is becoming an adventure. "The suede, I think, yes?" He looks Tyce over. "Why don't you go with something breathable? I mean, I appreciate leather as much as the next man, but there is something to be said for the way fabric holds."

Caryhs points at the bellowing man with the walking mop for a pet. "He shops like I do," she informs Davan like it's news of the day. and then sh's back trying to get Princess to choose one of th eman swaths of cloth that are hanging from her. Apparently as long as DAvan buys something the merchant here doesn't mind Little Miss Dress up and her fox.

The merchant blinks, looking rather confused, though unconcerned with the yelling. "But you already have brown leather pants." because that is precisely what Tyce is wearing now. Then as Davan pips in, smiles and nods, picking up a beautiful hunter green suede to show to the glowering man.

Tyce for his part turns hard eyes on Davan, the man's face taking a moment to register, perhaps it is Cary and the fox that jars his memory. Well Princess, Cary's comment bringing the fox to his attention as well. "How it holds? Holds what!?" on a good day, Tyce sounds like he was gargling with broken glass and whiskey, the fact that he is actually growling making it just ten times worse.

Davan sighs, pinching at the bridge of his nose. "Why is it always this," he asks no one in particular. "They hold your backside, my dear man. You need to package for the best effect, even you must understand that." He steps over to look at the pants. "Those over there," he suggests. "Soft leather, dark brown, not as shiny. Oh for goodness' sake, green? Really? You'd think no one knew how to dress around here." And his own order? "Broader. In the shoulders…I may need to call in a tailor. Carys. Darling. I'm going to shop for you."

"Okay!" Carys pipes up right next to Davan holding princess who is decked oh so prettily in a literal /rainbow/ of coined fabrics. Princess probably is looking like she's having the time of her life. And then the theif is hiding her face in all that puffy fur and silky fabric because it's obvious she's about to fall over in a giggle fit at Davan trying to package this man with his poofy dog appropriately. She does waggle her fingers over to the big mop of a canine.

Tyce literally looks behind him, then back.. staring at Davan as if the man grew two head. "Who gives a rat ass what my ass looks like?" that growl even more pronounced as he looks towards the dark brown suede. Okay so the brown, he doesn't object too. "Suede is hard to clean and not as durable and the squirels don't care of if they .."cup my ass like a lovers hands." actually finger quotes Davan. "If I want that, I'll get a lover." then glances to Carys and the decked out fox as the girl hides her face. Tyce just scowling, fingers itching to reach for his flask.

Now Balai is a totally other matter! This is a person she knows with a person she doesn't know and Pricess! Which means of course that the non pouncing doesn't count right? Her big tail thapping against whatever close, pushes her face into Cary's hip as Hello.

It's timed perfectly. AS Balai noses her face into Carys's hip, Carys's tendency to fall over laughing kicks in as Tyce /air quotes/ Davan and his 'cup my ass' comment. And yes, she's suddenly on the ground in hysterics due to this. She's aware, so she fully cushions Princess and her jingle jangly coin-silks (Really, it looks like some Rivaini dancer just came over and coughed up on the poor fox; but ask Carys, she looks /mahvelous, dahling/.). But this also means she's in a prone position for Balai to think she's got lap space to spare. Sigh, big dogs thinking they're lap dogs. But she's still just… "HE AIR QUOTED YOU!" She finally barks out in the process of drawing a breath so she can go back to her hysterical giggling.

Davan considers Tyce for a few long minutes, as if weighing something in his head. "My dear man, I don't care which side or what facet you wish to attract. Packaging matters. …why are you worried about squirrels getting into your pants?" That's the afterthought, except he holds up a hand. "No, no. Please don't tell me. I think this is a case where I honestly do not want the answer. Ever. In any language." Carys is given a long suffering, if absolutely fond, look. "Yes, dear. Yes he did." Deep breath, he can do this. "Alright then. The brown leather- yes?- with the double stitching. Durable. …maker, the absolute lack of… Aha! Cut for the boots. Those ones," he points to the pair in question. "Two things. I didn't get your name and why is it that you're so…" He pauses to come up with a word. "So gruff with everyone?" Carys? "You're adorable, but you stay out of this."

Well that is all she needs! Cary barks out and gets a face full of dog. Not that the dog actually lays on her at all. No Balai is aware how large she is but she does sick her nose right in Cary's face and lick her from chin to brow, before nudging in on Princess as well.

The merchant doesn't look like he is happy persay, with the choice but wisely takes the order then starts around the table as if planning on approaching the man. Tyce eyes Carys as she disolves, and touch of what might be amusment shifting across his face before looking back to Davan. "Tyce… Tyce Arundel.. and I beleive in treating everyone equally." offers with that growl as he tries to decide of the order will work or not. "You even consider touching me and I will cut off not only that which you do so with but it's best friend." growled without looking to the tailor about the time he reaches to move the archer into place.

Doggie licks! And since Carys only binds her hair when she's working, it's likely in that mess too so now she's got hair held up by dog saliva. She sits up and shifts Princess to the side so she can pat the exposed (as in fox exposed, not clothing exposed…even if Carys is in a skirt and she apparently fails to understand waht that means when sprawled out in hystiercal laughter) thigh for Balai. "Jus' let him buy somethin'f or you, man," She calls up from over the dog. "It'll make him happy. An' you get a free outfit."

Obviously… Carys is failing to 'stay out of this'.

Davan pinches the bridge of his nose again, sighing again before giving another 'wait' signal. Breath in, breath out. "He needs to get your measurements. It's how things work in the civilized.. You know? Never mind." He rattles off numbers to the man and looks over at Carys. "Carys, darling. Only the merchants should be showing their wares."

Balai flops, bare thigh is a perfectly good place for her to flop, that black button nose working overtime, along with the tail. Tyce just gives the tailor a look, if the man wasn't scared of the yelling, well that look.. there is murder in that look and he scampers back to his side of the table, nodding to Davan as he scribbles numbers. At which point the shaggy… yes shaggy, unshaven and generally scowling man, looks back and Davan. "Are you sure your a merc?"

She has two arms! And the one that isn't holding Princess is immediately used to cuddle Balai, letting the two men dicker back and forth about clothes. Of course, she's making sure tha tPrincess gets along with the big walking mop. Because sehe's so not having a Canine-fight in her LAP. Speaking of laps, at Davan's comment,s he just blinks up at him, clueless. "Huh? I don't have any wares on me. An' it'd be pointless tryin' t'sell 'em /here/ if I did. Much better spot over there…" And she trails off because She has fuzzies to pet!

Davan gives such a sigh. "You don't have to sacrifice fashion, no matter what your situation is," he informs. "Carys, your skirt. In that position… Oh never mind." He's getting the shirts now. "And Tyce? Take me up on the offer of that barber. You draw more on a well kept appearance."

Well Princess and Balai are well aquainted, semi aquainted but well Mop loves everyone. So she just cuddles and nudges at the smaller canine. Tyce arches a brow, looking at Carys then translates.. beleive it or not, there is actually a noble under all that scruff. "He means unless you plan on selling what you are flashing, you might want to draw your knees togehter, love." then looks back at Davan with an high arch of his brows, nails scratching at his beard. "I bathed." as if that should be the answer to everything that was just said.

Pause. Blink. Blink. "Andraste's flamin' tits! This is why I prefer britches!" She tucks her legs under her skirt and mountains of fluff with Balai and Princess. "That's it… Imma stop tryin' ta look like a normal person." And for the record, Carys's face is /bright fucking red/ at this point. "None'a y'saw that." SO THERE. And now she's going to hide her face in Princess's fur…silk…things…

"Yes, well, thank the Maker for small miracles, but you look unkempt. A shave, a haircut, all of that." To Carys, he laughs. "Even idiot did. I can't exactly appreciate it. We'll find some suitable pants, but I have low boots to pick up next. It'll be nice after all that walking about in armor, don't you think?"

Balai helps.. she squiggles up higher, licking at Cary's ear as she hides her face, big nose cold against the flaming cheeks. Tyce glances down, lips pulling to a smirk as he watches the girl. "Let me say that it was a really nice veiw." added to the whole affair before he sighs to Davans. "I am unkempt, which is probably why I look it."

"WEll, most idiots don't know what t'do with it even if they did see it so /there/," She tells Davan who should, byt his point, be quite aware of Carys's expreince in matters. Or, more accurately, the absolute /lack/ of. "You didn't see much, I'm wearin' /bloomers/ underneath… Which is more than what Lady MacPhearson wears. She's like eighty an' she wears these really skimpy lace things. I used t'do her laundry." A pause, "It was scary." She then blinks when Princess sniffs the air. "You're right… those /totally/ smell like fresh sweet buns. We should go investigate!" She's then clamoring rom under Balai, giving the huge mop a scritch before she runs off. With Princess's unpaid gear. She does have the presence of mind to tell the Merchant to "Put it on his Tab!" And a heartbeat later. "You can come with, too!" She shouts this at Balai, even pausing to look at the dog before she's back to running off to go raid a sweet vendor somewhere. Just…follow the shrieks.

Davan shakes his head. "Idiots that find women sexually attractive, love," oh, he gives up. "She's made off with my fox," he states, but shakes his head. "You do understand good grooming, at least? Good. We shall attempt to help you put it into practice. Tomorrow, perhaps? Mid-afternoon? Excellent." Now he's paying merchants and heading for the boots.

Tyce doesn't argue.. most likely because he intends to be passed out drunk tomorrow afternoon but hey, let the man have his delusions. Coin dropped on the merchant, in fact… a good deal without a blink before the man is turning away. "Well if you are going to be attracted to a woman, that is one to be attracted too." says, glancing after the departing girl before a flick of his wrist and Balai is off after her, he… he is heading for the bar.

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