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Scene Title A Meeting in the Chantry
Synopsis Civil conversation in the Chantry.
Location Chantry
Date 30 Harvestmere 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Stories of bears.
Logger Valentin

Mid afternoon during the Autumn in Kirkwall is actually pretty pleasant. A little wet, mist hanging in the air, but the Free Marches are not so cold to be utterly freezing, and there still is something of an afternoon, the Winter's long darkness having not entirely set in yet. Even still, with the smell of baking bread and hearthfires strong in the air, it is much colder than certain other places in the world. Thus, for one particular Enchanter, coming into the Chantry from out in the cold is something of a relief. The thicker robes for the colder seasons do some, but not enough, for the man with a riot of dark curls and just enough gold in his skintone to mark him as Northern. And thus, Valentin shivers just down his spine as the doors to the Chantry close behind the small knot of people that enter. Two mages, and a Templar, helm on, who seems to be acting as silent escort, and to who Valentin follows precisely two strides behind. The Chantry is full of warm light, from stained glass windows and the multitude of candles (sometimes placed in the most inconvenient places) both. Evening services have not yet started, but the Chantry isn't empty either, Brothers and Sisters both seeing to preparations.

Seren follows behind Valentin and, for all that he seems intent upon looking at the ground, he never seems to walk too close or fall behind. Of course, his displeasure with the cold is clear in the way he holds his shoulders and the heaviness of the robe he wears- a posture echoed by the nightwing on his shoulder. Of course there's warmth in the Chantry, but he seems to pay little attention to the light or the beauty of the place. He's watching the people while Revas toys with the rare braid his hair is held back in today.

Ariston has chosen not to wear anything fancy today. Why not? Because he's doing manual labor, that's why. Also because he's helping set up for the evening services. In a manner of speaking. He's following one of the Chantry sisters around with a large basket of candles, and she's replacing candles that have burned down too far and lighting the new ones. He's dressed in a very typical, plain looking brown shirt, green sleeveless tunic over that, and black trousers tucked into almost knee-length boots. He shivers a bit at the opening of the door, and looks up. He offers a friendly smile to the entering mages and templar, but doesn't otherwise bother them.

These trips are a lot simpler, and a lot more pleasant, when his usual escort is available. As it stands now, Valentin is mostly just out for the fresh air, but he's a lot more quiet about the process than usual. If he notices anyone looking up, or nodding, at their entrance, there is no real sign of it. Though their Templar escort seems to be a right sight more polite, as he nods, a somewhat loud motion with that much armor on, in Ariston's direction, and then he moves to a side of the Chantry where it is easy to observe all sides of the room. Never having the two Mages his is escorting outside of the range of his suppression, should it be necessary, but not hovering like some Templars might. And Valentin's following shifts then, a little closer to Seren, an arm span to Seren's left, and a pace behind.

Seren might only nod in Ariston's direction, but Revas? No. There was attention paid and she's going to return the greeting with that odd upside down owl-look and a noise that might be a cross between coo and hoot that carries hardly any volume at all. Learning that has been the only reason she's been allowed to come along. Valentin's shift in position brings his focus to his surroundings and he's now aware of every candle and person that might be in the Enchanter's path so that warning can be given. There's just the faintest hint that he's lost track of whatever his purpose for crowd watching had been, but he can't spare much of his attention for it now.

Depending on how quiet it is, Ariston's voice might be heard. He's not talking, no. He's humming quietly. It's a song from Rivain, one that his mother used to dance to often. Not a particularly dirty one or one that shouldn't be heard in the Chantry, no. Even if it's not quiet enough for his voice to carry, it's pretty certain that at some point his path will take him near enough to one or the other.
And even then if not? It shouldn't take too terribly long for the Chantry sister and Ariston to finish up putting new candles in and lighting them. Once it's done he'll approach the arriving mages and templar and bow more properly. "Greetings." Spoken quietly, and simply.

Luckily for Seren, Valentin has learned how to follow very, very well. And he honestly didn't shy from falling down, or accidentally burning these robes, too terribly much at all. So minding after the Enchanter actually isn't too much work. After all, he's hardly in need of a minder most of the time, anyway. And for most people, wrapped up in many other things in the Chantry, Ariston's humming might be too soft to catch their attention. For Valentin, however, it makes his brow knit, and he turns toward the sound with an almost sudden curiosity. That is a tune he has not heard in a long, long time.

Now aside from their escort, the Templar merely watches the greeting. Idle chit chat was not what he was here to stop. And there is an expression, for just a moment, on Valentin's face that is legitimate surprise. After that humming, which he had thought had come from the person who had then spoken, he was surprised by the accent on this voice. "Good afternoon." Sends the Enchanter back, perfectly polite but perhaps a little bit distant, his countenance returning to something more passive.

Seren looks Ariston over again, waiting for Valentin's greeting before venturing more than that. "Hello." And that might have been it except for that huge feathered goofball on his shoulder. Revas blinks her large eyes at this stranger and does a few more 'every angle' tips of her head before settling down to tug on the elf's hair. "He's seen you, Revas." Let's face it, the bird is hard to miss.

It's true. A song from Rivain — and maybe the Rivain shows through in his features just a little; he did take after his mother, after all, and she was from there — but a Tevinter accent to his speech. His bearing is proud but not overly so, proud but without challenging others' pride. He tips his head down a little, yet still maintains eye contact. It almost makes him look like he's doing the puppy-eyes thing. That's not the intent, but that's almost what it looks like.
Well. One doesn't survive long as a slave without knowing a little of how to read people. Verbal distance usually means a desire for physical distance, and as such Ariston gives Valentin a respectful amount of that as he returns the greeting with a respectful nod. Seren's greeting gets much the same, but a chuckle at the words to the bird. "Indeed, I have," he confirms.
He tilts his head, as if examining the bird. "Is this… a Nightwing?" he asks, as if he's not quite sure he's saying the word right.

Ariston may well be one for eye contact, but it does not seem that Valentin is. It's not that he is pointedly avoiding it, mind, as his gaze seems to be settled more of less in Ariston's direction, but not meeting his gaze in return. This nod does not get returned either, even if Valentin does smile very slightly, just a small upturn at the corner of his mouth. When, however, Ariston asks after Revas, Valentin tilts his head just a fraction of a degree. His eyes narrow very slightly in thought, his lips purse a moment. For now, though, the Enchanter stays quiet, letting Seren answer the question as he sees fit.

Look, Seren would have been just fine not saying ANYTHING, but between the posture of this stranger and the tug on his hair again from the nightwing… "She is. Her name is Revas and I believe she'd like me to tell you hello on her behalf." Revas gives one of those long suffering birdy sighs (that's really a hiss that she's patterned on the sound, but it works) as if she'd been waiting forever. This, however, is followed by a brief movement of wing JUST enough to hit the elf on the cheek. "Forgive me. My name is Seren." One day Revas is just going to carry a stick in her beak just to hit him with it when he fails at social.

Ariston notes the lack of eye contact from Valentin and makes a mental note to keep his own gaze turned away. Not too terribly difficult at the moment, since birdie! Seren introduces the bird, and then himself. First the bird, since… well, Revas was introduced first. He bows. Yes, to the bird. "A pleasure to meet you." And he chuckles when Seren is 'reminded' to introduce himself as well. He repeats the bow, to Seren as well. "A pleasure to meet you as well." Valentin hasn't introduced himself that Ariston's aware. However, he does extend his own introduction to him as well. "My name is Ariston," he offers.

For all that Valentin has been distant, he actually isn't terribly impolite. So with that introduction comes a small nod. "Valentin, it's a pleasure." It's almost rote, though, because he's still got this curious look on his face. "Though, that is not an accent I would expect that kind of question from…" There's the heart of his curiosity, "Are you a scholar on Rivain?" No notice of the Rivaini features, it seems.

"Perhaps raised away from Rivain?" The question is added on before Seren is interrupted by the head-bob that is Revas' version of a bow. "Forgive me if that's an inappropriate question. It's just that's not the accent your features made me expect." Of course, this time the nightwing isn't making an effort to correct her elf. Silence is apparently the only crime she's policing.

Ariston looks in Valentin's direction when the other man speaks, but he's careful to avoid direct eye contact. "No sir," he offers. "I'm no scholar. I'm an entertainer." He pauses, looking back to Seren as he adds his question. "I was, yes. My mother was from Rivain, but I was born and raised in Tevinter." He smiles at Seren's apology. "It's quite all right. It's always better to ask than assume."

"Features?" The question leaves Valentin's lips before he can really think about it and then Ariston's explanation comes and something seems to dawn on the Enchanter. "Ah," He says then, "That makes… Much more sense." As though this were some sort of puzzle he had been tasked to solve. Not that a person was a puzzle, and no one had told him to do anything of the sort, but Valentin was notoriously nosey. Terrible habit, really. Though then, he's shaking his head, "But there's no need to call me sir, Valentin suits just fine, please." He got enough formality in the fact he was obligated to teach classes and have people call him 'Enchanter.'

Seren has only heard stories about Tevinter and if this man is assisting in a Chantry and not assuming the posture of one in power? He can draw a few conclusions. He's not announcing them, but they'll definitely change the tone he speaks in. At least it's a change for the warmer. "True, but I find my phrasing sometimes lacks and I didn't want to offend."

Ariston nods to Valentin's statement of things making more sense. And then tilts his head up at the request. "Ah, of course. Valentin, then." He smiles warmly. Seren's words get a chuckle. "That's understandable. And appreciated, thank you. I'm accustomed to being… shall we say, permissive of others' social eccentricities." And that might be some confirmation of Seren's conclusions.

These small movements, nods, smiles, they aren't tracked the way that most people's eyes flick to movement. No, Valentin's gaze has settled just over Ariston's right shoulder, and it seems that is where he means it to stay. Nosey does not mean tactless, though, and so Valentin doesn't push further. Not today, not when it's cold, and his normal escort is not the one with the Mages, and when the evening services would be starting somewhat soon so the Chantry was less quiet than he had grown used to. So for now the Enchanter listens, shifting his weight to one leg and seeming to make note of that detail.

"It's a lesson I'm still learning, I'm afraid." Seren says it with some attempt at humor but Revas' unintentional interruption with a yawn that sounds like the world's heaviest sigh may be more amusing. "You must find it cold here, then." He can stay on safe topics.

Settling his gaze over Ariston's shoulder gives Valentin a wonderful view of Ariston's hair. He's left that down, and it's just slightly longer than the nape of his neck. He takes very good care of it too, so it's probably quite pretty. Seren's words do nonetheless get a chuckle from Ariston. A sympathy chuckle? Maybe, maybe not. Hard to tell. Though he does nod to the question. "I do find it a little chilly, yes. Though it's not too bad. And I know it hasn't really gotten cold yet. How I'm going to busk when winter finally does decide to rear its ugly head, I have no idea. My fingers will be utterly frozen." Despite his words, though, he still seems amused.

State of Ariston's hair or no does not seem to be noted whatsoever, Valentin really mostly seems to be staring into the middle distance. But for all of that, he seems actually fairly content with the ongoing conversation. "Keep moving is really the best advice I can give." Valentin says then, "These coast cities get bitter in the winter, and the sea air tends to keep the snow away, but the brine in the air will bite just as bad if you aren't careful. Gloves are your friends." This advice comes in a weird mixture of tones, the reverence for the sea of an old sailor, but the practical care of a healer, melded into something almost absurd.

Seren crosses his arms in front of himself as if the very description is enough to chill him. "You paint such a wonderful picture." He mutters to Valentin. "Or make as much as you can and flee to a warmer place." He's joking, of course, but there's that hint that he's a little envious of anyone who can consider it.

"Ah, but therein lies the rub, I'm afraid," Ariston replies to Valentin's mention of gloves. "I use my hands for busking. Sleight of hand displays." He raises a hand and wiggles his fingers. Not in a 'woooo, magic, mysterious~' sort of way though. Seren's reaction to Valentin's description gets a laugh, one that Ariston covers his mouth to muffle a little. "I take it that means you aren't eager to experience the brisk, bracing feel of a Kirkwall winter either?" Yes, he's teasing.

"Then keep the performances short, and warm your hands between." Valentin says, shaking his head, "I can assure you that kind of cold is not a pleasant thing to endure." ANd he sounds like he knows. Probably a little too well. Though there's a small grin at the teasing directed at Seren. "It takes time, adjusting to the new weather. Though I imagine this will be a sight more bearable than Val Royeaux, weather wise." And just weather wise.

"I'll never adjust to the cold." Seren is probably going to become known as that lump under the blanket as Winter moves in. "Valentin gives good advice. He has more experience dealing with such things. If that is your living, then it is best not to risk it." The mention of Val Royeaux is met with stillness before he moves on. "Probably."

Ariston nods to Valentin's logic. "I could also move my performances inside," he suggests. "Perhaps I could make arrangements to busk for a percentage of the earnings?" Valentin's been here longer than he has, Ariston figures. He might know if that's a possibility or not. He snickers when Seren declares either his inability or unwillingness to adjust to the cold. "Ah, we will do as we must, I suppose. That's the way of civilization." A smile to Seren. "Oh undoubtedly," he agrees. His own asking of advice from Valentin might show that he does indeed agree.

"I am not sure, with all of the refugees, there may be quite a demand for such things. Worth asking about, though. Port cities do see all kinds of passing entertainment." Valentin says easily, shifting his weight to his other foot. Kirkwall specifically he had little working knowledge of, just port cities in the Free Marches. He'd… Uh… Well, it's been years, but you don't forget some things. "Oh, Seren, I am sure we can find a way to make the cold seem less terrible." He says, "It's really not all bad, Winter in the South, if you know how to survive it."

"I'm pretty sure asking bears how their Winter sleep works is out of the question." Not that Seren hasn't already made a go of it, with as much as he's kept himself in his room. "I hope the rich here find themselves bored and looking for entertainment. If there's an inn that caters to them, I suppose that would be a place to try." He clearly knows nothing about Kirkwall, itself.. "Not that is know for certain."

Ariston nods to Valentin's comment regarding refugees. "That is true as well," he agrees. He grins at Valentin's comment of Winter not being that bad. "I think some would beg to differ." He looks in Seren's direction, though whether it's to indicate Seren may be one of those who would bed to differ or just to listen to him is anybody's guess. Seren's comment about hibernating bears gets a quiet snicker that he again raises his hand to his mouth to at least partially muffle. But the mention of rich and inns gets a nod. "I have a few ideas on that — where would be best for that."

See, now, that gets a wide and bright grin from Valentin. "You know I lived as a bear for a short time." He says, sounding quite proud of himself, "While on a grand quest to return an ice bear's pelt that my brother had stolen." That much mirth probably shouldn't be allowed, but there it is. Valentin always more suited to being ridiculous. "And some very well may beg to differ, but I am quite used to them doing so. Never stopped my being right before."

"That you'd have to ask of someone who knows the city". Seren might have provided more but then there's Valentin's quest story and it wouldn't be hard to sense the presence of a hundred questions about that. He settles on one. "Ice bear pelt?" But then he's looking at Ariston again. "I find it best to not doubt. Valentin isn't often wrong as far as I know." Not that he's kept up with what the differing would be about.

Ariston tilts his head at Valentin, and blinks. "How does one return a pelt to a bear?" he asks. "Doesn't that indicate tha — oh! I'm sorry. It didn't occur to me at first that the pelt would have been owned by another person." He raises a hand, to wave the concern away. Yeah, he gets it now. Speaking of being ridiculous… Guess who's got two thumbs and is so totally not a nature sort? THIS GUY! He nods to Seren. "Definitely good advice. I'll see if I might be able to manage that. I'll have something figured out before it gets very cold." He smiles.

And now Valentin is laughing quite merrily. "No, no, Ariston, you were right the first time." Valentin says, grinning like an absolute lunatic, "My brother had this cloak, bright white and furry as you like, and I was quite convinced that I could return it to the ice bear from which it had been stolen. So I took it, I put it on, and I went to go live in a den out in the woods, thinking the bears would think me one of their own." And it seems he is just going to let that story lie right there.

Seren had been about to nod at Ariston's assurance but then Valentin is talking about wearing a bear to draw bears. "I… that's… adorable." Because he's a dad, of course he can picture a child doing this. "You weren't afraid? Of the bears seeing through the disguise?" But there's this thing that happens when you're a healer. You're expected to drop everything and heal on demand. This time it's Seren that's pulled aside. The redeeming factor is easily overheard as he's informed that his patient is a child. He never complains about healing children, orders or not. "It shouldn't take long." He informs the other two. Except it will, because he'll spend half as much time getting his patient to laugh.

And here Ariston raises an eyebrow, at Valentin's explanation. "…I want to say 'I hope this was when you were younger'. But I also don't hope this was when you were younger because that's incredibly dangerous for a child and that makes me incredibly worried about the other dangerous things you might do." Seren is pulled aside then and Ariston nods. "Good to have met you both," he offers in the parting. He's referring to the Nightwing as well.

"I was seven." Valentin says with a smile, "And I have done a lot more dangerous things since then, though not many to that scale in the past ten years." There's a small nod in Seren's direction as he is called away. "There were no bears for me to even find out in my father's woods. So really, the risk was very low. Truthfully, the fur was just fennec, anyway."

"Ah. That's a bit less dangerous then," Ariston replies, seeming relieved. "Though I do understand a certain amount of dangerous things can definitely be part of one's life, depending on one's chosen trade. I must admit to an aversion to danger, myself."

"I have never had a similar aversion. Would have made a terrible pirate that way." Valentin says with a grin that could be interpreted to mean he is joking, but the tone of his voice definitely says otherwise. "I am not one for the simple, comfortable, or complacent, I am afraid. I have found it does not allow me to experience enough of this world." Or change enough of it, but that was another matter. "But, since the Chantry will inevitably send Seren back with an escort of their own, I should return to the Circle. It has been good to meet you." He says then, turning over his own shoulder in the direction his Templar escort had separated to. "Ser Hartnell," He calls just loud enough to carry, and the Templar moves from the pillar in front of which he has come to fall into parade rest, "Thank you." There's a simple nod from the Templar, audible in the movement of his armor, and one gauntleted hand comes to Valentin's shoulder, giving him direction and distance with touch.

Ariston nods at the mention that Valentin prefers a less safe life. "It does take all kinds," he says. Not with a tone that indicates disgust, but with one that genuinely indicates he believes exactly that. Though the mention of Valentin being a pirate gets a blink. Oh he is so totally not going to ask after that one. Valentin is making his farewells then, and Ariston bows politely. "It was good to have met you as well. Safe journey."

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