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Scene Title A Nap in a Park
Synopsis Maura and Adair find a place to cool off
Location Hightown
Date July 8, 2016
Watch For A toothache
Logger Adair

The thing about Summer in the city is that it's hot. Damn hot. The only places to find relief are outside the city, in water, or in Hightown when the breezes start to move the ambient heat away. Since it's now that time and, fuck you rich people, Adair wants to cool off, he's bringing both himself and Maura to one of the parks that dot the district along with some light foods for lunch. "Here. Here's good. If it's still too warm we'll go jump in the fountain." That'll make everyone happy, right?

Maura has that look about her. You know the one. The 'it's so hot I can't think straight' expression that suggests the world is going on around her in slow motion. So her method of following is a bit on the listless side. But, she does follow with a blanket tucked over one arm to spread out on the grass that they can sit down on. Even if a rich person sees them. Neener, rich people! "You think we'd get away with that? And… not get arrested?" Cause right now..that fountain looks really awesome.

Adair shrugs once they're in the shade. "Unless there's a specific 'no getting into the water' law? There's not much they can do aside from ask us to leave. At that point, you're already covered in water so.." He's a helper! Also, enabler. "At least there's a little bit of a breeze here, which beats what we had before."

"This is Kirkwall. There may well be that law." Maura points out, because she feels compelled to do so. And, she just as neatly feels compelled to flop back against the grass and be so perfectly still hoping for that breeze. "Alterately, there must be a bucket nearby that isn't full of yuck that can be used to gather up water and pour. That… that I would do. Right now, even."

Adair chuckles. "How about we do that AFTER we've eaten. Then if they chase us off we can just go home. …or somewhere outside the city to keep cool." This heat ain't no joke. "I brought more fruit than anything else. Some bread, a little of that jerky that we picked up yesterday." It's too hot to think. "Oh, and water."

Maura doesn't even need an enabler to do things they ought not. But having one totally helps!! "Fruit first." she decides, sounding cheerful about that option, at least. "You mean wine, right?" She leans over to peek into the basket. Cause, water to splash in? Yay! Water to drink? That sounds a little less safe.

"And wine," Adair affirms as he takes the blanket to spread it and put the food on. "Sweet wine. I wanted to see the look on your face." Grin. See? He's too cute to hit. "There's safe sources of water in the city, you just have to know where to find them." Like… snitched off rich people, for instance.

Maura wonders if he's going to be too cute to hit when they're both covered in darkspawn goo. Hmm. She sticks her tongue out at him though, because really.. he IS too pretty to abuse. Look at that face. "I'm better off not asking, aren't I. Plausible deniability? That's so sweet. You continue to commit illegal activities for me." Look! She's even doing the girly eyelash flutter. Deliberately, so it has little charm to it. But still.

"Probably," Adair answers as if he were answering the most mundane question. "See, this is why I love you. You'll let me get myself into trouble and let me keep you out of it at the same time." It's all his life goals in one bundle.

Also helpful when it comes to things like finding someone to make bail.

Laughing, Maura grabs an apple from the basket and tosses it to Adair before she finds a second one for herself. "Did you just call yourself a masochist?" Because she's pretty sure he just did. "I'm glad you feel like you're getting a good deal out of keeping me out of trouble by getting in trouble though. It saves on guilt." Even if it adds to bail money.

Adair sets the apple down and pours the wine. "They do say the first step is admitting you have a problem," he replies before taking a drink. "Of course I am. I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble to get here if I didn't." That said, he's going to take a bite out of the apple.

Maura is clearly unsure whether he has agreed he's a masochist, that he got a good bargain, or both. Her brow furrows comically until she takes a bite of that apple and pretends she just knows what the answer is anyway. "Well, there's a bit of the breeze at least." She closes her eyes just to feel that litle tiny bit of cool. It ain't much.

Adair isn't gonna tell, either, so neener. He IS going to enjoy that expression. He doesn't actually get to win that often (Unless you count win as a disgusted noise from Maura, which he totally does). "Maybe it'll pick up as it gets later. I mean, it's gotta give sometime, right?" He can only hope.

"Maybe we should consider putting together a real camping set like… right away. And staying out the really hot evenings. We can camp somewhere safe near Sundermount's base. Near a stream for washing. And use the apartment for when the weather gets cooler?" It could work. Maybe. And yes, Adair definitely won this round.

Adair seems to think this over and then shrugs. "We could. I don't know how safe it'd be, in general, but it'd be cooler." Better to end your days not miserable, right? Right. "Sounds like a plan. I wonder how many other people are going to come up with it? Enough to get mistaken for a carnival?"

Maura looks a little disappointed when the safety measure is brought up, and… is compelled to sigh. "Okay, maybe it won't work. It sounded so nice for a minute though. I'd rather be cold then this hot." You can always cuddle for heat! But that sure don't work to try and cool off. "Carnival of poor people. They'd probably bar the gates to see if they can be rid of a few, given how crowded the city is these days."

"The way they were forcing refugees to pay their way in…" Adair shrugs, dropping that thought as fast as he can. "It could. It's not like we can't protect ourselves.

Logic. Maura sometimes has it, and she picks up on the whole thing about refugees paying the second he drops it. "But I didn't p… how did y…" She's just going to stare now.

"You didn't have to." It's apparently all he's going to say. "No one should have. They could have let them pass through. Nope, he doesn't approve.

Maker knows they can both be stubborn. But, at least Maura knows when being stubborn is not going to do any good. And in this case? It ain't gonna help her. So she'll stay in relaxed repose there on the blanket. "You're right. Nobody should have to pay. Especially not when you're fleeing something like the blight."

"No, people shouldn't have to pay for a lot of things they're made to." He has opinions. "Oh, I found something you might like." He reaches into the bag to pull out a carefully wrapped pastry. "I found someone selling little pies. That one's cherry."

Opinions they share, since isn't that what got them talking (and talking and talking..) to begin with? "But then, how would the wealthy stay wealthy. They have to keep people in need somehow." she murmurs, rewarding Adair with a bright smile at the pastry find of the day. "You're finding every last one of my weaknesses. But if you're going to enable them…!" she's not going to complain. Nomnom.

"If that's the only way they can do it, they don't deserve it" Adair grins at the enthusiasm over the pie. "Isn't that my job? If it's not you should let me keep believing it."

Maura does not skimp on reassuring Adair that it's exactly his job. "Of course it is! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a horrible dirty liar. Just the very worst kind of person." There's enough faux vitriol there to be convincing, surely.

Adair laughs. "Alright, alright. I'm convinced. Besides, it's not going to be often that we get this chance. It's not like being able to sneak you things in the Circle. Not that he regrets it.

"That held a certain thrill to it, didn't it. Not quite the same when there's nobody who thinks it's a bad thing to let the mage have treats." Like the mages are pets or something. Ugh, even Maura has to make a face now. "I kept that such a zealously guarded secret.:"

"You know the others thought I was pushing for promotion. They kept teasing me that I'd make captain in a few months. If they only knew I was taking extra duty to sneak you things or get extra time with you…" Adair laughs. I don't know. Those closets got warm quick."

"We did pretty good keeping it under wraps. At least until my harrowing." Maura admits, lips quirking a bit at the warmth of the closets. "That is undeniably true. And yet, even the extra hours weren't quite enough. So it's good that we don't have to worry. I could always pretend to be scandalized whenever you bring pastries though, if that helps."

Adair laughs. "I'll take the freedom we have now over any of that. Void take their rules. You're still happy enough? At least with where we are for now. It's better than having our lives dictated to us."

"I don't know why you would even ask that. We're alive, we're together. We have a purpose, and enough to feed and shelter ourselves. Even without the last two I'd still be happy that we have each other. So stop worrying about that. Got it?"

"You know I can't help it. I wanted to do better for you, but…" Adair shrugs. "Got it, got it. I won't stop trying though, you know that. Right?"

"But we made choices, and now we know we have a duty to step up and do things that others cannot. So we make due with what we have. That moral compass of yours is one of the reasons I fell in love with you." So she'll admonish him every time he thinks he comes up short because of it. "And your stubborn nature too, of course. You wouldn't be you if you didn't try."

"I'm nowhere as stubborn as you," Adair informs. "I just hope I can live up to that." He's always going . "Now hush, let me have my doubts and finish the pie." He looks so stern. Not.

Where others take offense, Maura looks downright pleased with herself. She's the most stubborn person he knows, she'll even bet money on it! Things to aspire to, people. Things to aspire to. "Okay, Sir Doubts-A-Lot. But when you're done being hard on yourself why don't you just stretch out here beside me while we try to cool off and relax."

Adair sighs heavily before following orders. "Fine, fine. But if I fall asleep, it's your fault." Harsh words, right? Right. He's a harsh kinda guy.

"If you fall asleep, it will just be my turn to watch over you for once." So there, Adair. Hahaha that rhymed. Not that she's helping him be derelict in his staying awake duty or anything, but she lightly scratches his scalp once he's stretched out.

"So fierce," Adair teases. "You play dirty." He's not exactly fighting. "Think they arrest for naps?" Because he's near to taking one.

"I do. Aren't I awful?" Yet he doesn't complain, and she continues. "No, they won't arrest for naps. Because one of us will be awake. Now sleep. You've earned a bit of rest." Don't make her sing a lullabye.

Great, that's just what Adair needed because even sleep without lyrium jags carries nightmares. It doesn't take long for him to drift off.

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