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Scene Title A Vile Corrupt Man
Synopsis Matteo encounters Sebastian in the Chantry
Location Chantry
Date 16 Kingsway, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Opinions on the soul of a pirate.
Logger Matteo

Despite his appearance- clearly a pirate in his thinly worked light olive leather and linen- Matteo is a devout man. Antivans have a special place in their hearts for the Chantry, that place is usually next to 'drinking, murder, and whores', but it's there. Thus, he's come both to pray and to leave a donation for the continued prayers for his most beloved lady. His ship. With the donation done, that leaves only the prayer and he does this in the manner of a believer rather than one paying a duty call.

Clothing wouldn't necessarily deem one a pirate, a sailor would be a more accurate measure for a Chantry Brother to position his own judgement when his eyes came across the sun touched man bent in prayer. He had often been moving sedatedly through the chantry during hours of prayer and otherwise, today was like many that he has left behind, spent in the robe of crimson and purple with the brilliance of the chantry crest blazed down the middle. Sebastian doesn't interrupt the prayer, not his way, but he remains somewhat at hand should one of those in prayer ever wish for a word.

Finishing his prayer, Matteo had been about to leave but there's a person there and he gives a broad smile and a nod of greeting. "I must say, this is a delightfully understated place. Where I am from, even the chapels are large and grand. Well, at least for those who can afford them and have room for such things. My ship boasts a room no larger than a poor man's closet."

Sebastian's brows lift as he looks up toward the walls of the chantry then back down at the man who appears to be one of the sea bound folk, "The donations we receive are returned to the poor in other ways than providing a grand an opulent place to worship, for if it were too large, would it not seem as if we were trying to replicate the golden city? No, serah, we try to live a humble existance and focus upon the education and riches we can provide in prayer." To the last he ahs softly, "So you are a ship captain then? Have you been long in port or have you heard word from greater shores beyond Kirkwalls?"

"Antivans are fond of grand gestures." Matteo replies. "It is also possible that those in Antiva city believe it is the closest we can come." The question of his ship earns a sigh and he spreads his arms to indicate helplessness. "As for my ship, she has been in port for over three months. We took damage during a storm, but she saw us safely here and what word I have from elsewhere is either from my passengers or…" He stops to choose a word. "Those I have had occasion to converse with while at sea." Board. He means board.

"That could be the case," Sebastian will not be caught in an argument about Antivan chantries, instead again, he offers, "Each place and peoples have their own way to believe. But here, it is such." His hand gestures to the room around them before he turns them to clasp in front of him, idly so. As for the matter of the ship, Sebastian frowns we he hears the ship has been in port for three months, but he does ask not so long after, "Do you think you'll be ready to sail again soon? I should ask what sort of sailor you are, if you haul cargo or if you offer transportation services? I am…" he looks around him to see if any of the others are near enough when he asks, "Looking to travel, north, and it is no every day I come across a ship captain."

Matteo laughs. "I am no merchant, my friend. I have been known to take on cargo and passengers. Sometimes even from the shore as you'd expect. As for my ship, her repairs could take some time, but if you are still interested when she's whole again, I would be happy to convey you. But how far north? I doubt as far as Rivain, unless you have a better relationship with being at sea than the last man I knew from Starkhaven. It's the accent."

"You knew a man from Starkhaven?" Sebastian's burr does give it away where he's from, "Who would that have been? And yes, it would be to to the coastlines up near Starkhaven. I would be…better served to take a route unexpected of me, if you understand." Though he does tilt his head at the mention of the man not being a merchant, "Then you are a fisherman, Captain? For what other prospects can a sailor have but hauling cargo and passengers, or to fish from the mighty seas?" He blinks then, as it seems to hit him, "Unless of course you work as a military presence for your country? Antiva?"

"Indeed. Poor Connor. Good man, but a terrible swimmer and no stomach for storms and far too stubborn for his own good. Ah well, the sea takes its due. Connor Allanach. I took him on against my better judgment and the fish benefited from it. I did tell him to tie himself to something." The mere mention of fisherman earns a laugh and Matteo shakes his head. "While I do have a passing association with the military, I am afraid that is the result of my profession." He gives a flourished bow. "Very well, I cannot lie to a brother. I am a pirate."

To find that this Starkhaven man had gone over board wasn't necessarily what Sebastian was expecting or hoping to here. Maybe he was hoping to hear something other than that. Still, he nods slowly to the matter, accepting the man's fate with a brief moment of silence. The laugh causes him to register his chin in an uplifted tilt, brow arched, questioning against the laughter until with a flourished bow, his answer is provided. Pirate. "Oh… OH! I… well," he lifts his hand to the back of his neck, "…*ahem*" he clears his throat and shifts, "That is a strange path for a man who prays to the Maker. What has brought you to such a journey?"

"It would be very strange to me if a man in my profession did NOT pray to the Maker." Matteo replies, looking nothing but amused. "The love of the son of a whore for the bride of a nobleman." Beat. "And that this woman's father in law hired an assassin to kill me. It could have been much worse. My mother was a successful woman in an exclusive house. So beautiful that she attracted noblemen and merchant princes. And so she provided me with lessons in seamanship and dueling. After the first assassin, I provided the ship from the very same man's fleet." Truly, he doesn't seem to be a man with many regrets about the path his life has taken. "It is no different than becoming a brother, or a bartender, or a whore."

"The choice…" he was going to say something about being a brother was different than being a murdering pirate, but could he, with his hands bloodied all the same? As the tale is told, he sighs quietly and nods, "No different then." He spreads his hands, hapless, but worse, cold and steel, without such spirit behind him to provoke the man before him to change his ways. What use would it be anyway?

"So, you see. It would be very strange for me to not pray just as it would be very strange for a soldier to be at prayers before battle." Matteo obviously doesn't see any of the professions he's mentioned as bad or shameful. "It is a very good thing. I would have made a very bad brother or bartender."

"You were made as you are. I have yet to see evidence of the Maker's fallibility," he folds his hands into his sleeves, monotone Starkhaven burr responding to Matteo now, "though I should believe you will still do accounting for your sins, the crimes you make against your peers, the blood you spill as you pillage your victims. There will be an accounting and I can only hope that somewhere in your journey, you have enough time to repent properly before you are taken to Him. If, you ever get the notion of trying to redeem yourself in His eyes, there is work you can do for the Chantry."

Matteo laugh as if Sebastian had just made a wonderful joke. "When it comes to the accounting of my sins, the tale they tell will be worth hearing. I have killed as I have needed to kill, and robbed men who have more money than they can spend of coin they had no use for. If the Maker has a better life than that, he has not seen fit to give it to me. However, if you wish passage back to your home and are still here when the repairs to my ship are done, by all means. I will convey you as my gift to the Maker. Ask for Matteo Aguado or The Virgin Whore, either will bring you to me. As for this work? Unless it is suited to one who knows dueling and piracy? I doubt I am suited to this. And now, I must go. If you have need of a pirate or a man to fight, then you may send word for me." With that, he bows and steps away. "And remember to offer your work to those who are suited to the tasks. We Antivans do not take insult well."

"You would be suitable…" Sebastian says to the man's bowing attempt to step away, "For even the Maker's Brothers need vile corrupted men lost at sea…" He was subtly saying there was a job that required fighting at hand to be done, "Good day, Matteo Aguado, may Andraste's Light guide you."

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