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Scene Title A Visiting Templar
Synopsis Cenn pays the requested visit to Seren
Location Mage Hall, Circle of Magi
Date June 29, 2016
Watch For Cenn being made uncomfortable and a surly elven mage.
Logger Seren

Seren hasn't really left his room much. In fact, even mealtimes have seen him in his room because these people- these PEOPLE- are a little too much right now. Especially when he'd expected to be high-tailing it back to Rivain by now. In his defense, he's never HAD to escape before, so he's never HAD to be good at it. Now, though? Now he has the biggest owl EVER complaining to him from his barred window and a sheet laying across the floor that he's piling smallclothes into. "Revas, no more. Creators, I'm trying to get them NOT to kill you, not want to pluck you and roast you. No more cloth!" Or undies. So many undies. He can only hope this templar Katerina said he could trust doesn't come by just yet. No one's going to trust him if they see this pile (he'll have to find a way to ask 'why would you wear lace THERE?! when this all blows over. Seriously).

Cenn has notoriously bad timing, and it seems today is no different. At least the Lieutenant knocks. Knocks and waits, even. How polite.

Seren has a dilemma. Not open the door immediately and risk being called on it, or open his door and definitely get called on the pile of underthings. Since he's historically good at making life choices, he goes for the latter and stands, opening the door and holding up both hands to fend off any yelling. "I can explain. Revas…" He looks back at the bird in the window. "Hasn't yet figured out that they won't help me in this situation. I was going to try to take them to the laundry. The only good a rope would do me in this case would be one to hang myself with." His sense of humor, huh?

Blinking as the door is opened, Cenn gives Seren a look that says he very much does not understand what the elf is going on about. "Wha - ?" Cenn glances around, spots the pile of underthings and immediately begins to laugh. "That's where they've been going." He says, though his laughter dies immediately at the mention of Seren hanging himself. He clears his throat. He'd seen one too many people swing in the Circle for him to be able to face that with humor. "No harm done. I can bring them down to the laundry for you for them to be redistributed."

"Ma serannas, it wouldn't do much good for my cause to have another entry on my list of supposed crimes. I hope you are the one Katerina told me about? Your name is Cenn?" Seren isn't at all what you could call relaxed, but at least he's stepping back to put the corners of the sheet together to form a sort of bag for the undies, then gestures toward himself. "Seren. … not that I expect to be called by it. 'Elf' worked for the last templars I had the joy of encountering."

Okay, Katerina hadn't been kidding, this guy was walking heartbreak. Enough so, in fact, that Cenn doesn't even look at him too long. "Yes, that is me." He says, nodding. His nose crinkles then, and he takes a deep breath. "No, Seren will be fine. I am sorry they were unkind to you. There is no reason for that." And he legitimately sounds apologetic, and perhaps a touch angry.

It's pretty apparent that Seren would LIKE to remain angry. Being pissed off is pretty good armor, but the apology kind of deflates that. "Forgive me. If you are uncomfortable with my kind, I'll make it brief. It's Revas. She's either going to kill herself trying to get in here with me or she's going to be killed for being a nuisance. The templars in the tower I was taken to tried to put arrows in here too many times… I could run her off, but she's all I have left. She's the only one who will be able to take word to my clan if I die. Or when. Creators know I am never going to be allowed to walk out of this place with my mind intact."

Cenn shakes his head. "I don't have any - " Cenn sighs, shakes his head, "You just remind me of someone. I am sorry if that was overly obvious." And with that, the Templar forces himself to look up at Seren, even smile. He nods. "I will see what I can do. We do not generally make a practice of killing animals. I doubt we'll put in a mews, but I may be able to see that she's allowed to stay, and that you could see her when out in the Courtyard?" He offers, "It's not perfect, I know."

"Not perfect? This is as far from perfect as the sky from the earth. Even in Llomerryn, we can at least walk out in freedom. Here?" Seren takes a deep breath and gestures toward the bars. "Only one of them need to go so that she can hunt and take herself out when she needs. If you need more reason, she understands speech and can track traces of magic to their source. She's a nightwing, they're unlike any other bird." He laughs. "Shem, your courtyard is more of a prison than these halls. It just lies about it better." At least he catches himself enough to shake his head. "I …probably shouldn't call you that. If I remind you of someone? You lock Dalish mages up regularly?"

That question lands like a blow, and the Templar winces. "If you've need of calling me that, then I've likely been an ass. Use it if you will." Cenn says, shrugging, and glancing to the window. "I do not have the authority to take one of the bars off of your window. I can file a request, but I do not know if it will be approved. And… No… I wouldn't say it's regular." Cenn shifts uncomfortably then, "But there was one, at Kinloch, where I was first assigned."

"Every human I've met in armor- and some not- so far has deserved it. You haven't. I know my request is probably not one that will be granted but I have to try something. She's used to being near me, and if this place is driving her nearly as mad as it's driving me, she's going to cause a lot of trouble before they kill her." Seren tilts his head to study Cenn and frowns. "Memorable because he was Dalish, or because he's dead?" At least his tone isn't incredibly accusatory, he just doesn't trust anyone here.

"Memorable because he was a good man." Cenn says, "Painful because he is dead." Clearing his throat, he nods then, turning back to business. "I will do what I can. Just… Try and have her stop stealing underclothes, it'll be harder to convince people if I'm having to soothe their wounded dignity while I'm at it."

Seren hits the wall with the side of his fist- he's not dumb enough to punch stone, folks- and growls. "Fuck their dignity! Are they the only ones allowed to have it?" Give him a second for a few deep breaths. "It's not your fault. I'll get her to stop. It was my fault for telling her to go hunt, I should have told her to go hide. …I hope this person was given more than the pyre for his body the chantry seems to think is enough." He seems to consider something for a moment then glances back over at Cenn. "I'm a healer, you have to understand how frustrating it is to be used to freedom and to now be put into a prison simply because I can keep people alive. What do your people do when there are sick people? Keep the ones that could help them in cages?"

"Look, Seren, I'm not saying it's fair." Cenn says, pinching the bridge of his nose with a gauntleted hand. "It's not. In no way is…" He sighs, trailing off. "I am sorry. I am sorry that you were taken from your people. I am sorry that your only 'crime' is healing others. And to answer your question. Yes, stupid as it is, we do. When people need magical healing, they have to have the money to donate to the Chantry to gain assistance from the Circle, typically."

Seren looks like he really can't believe the answer to his question. "They have to donate…" He shakes his head and leans back against the wall to try to take that in. "What about the poor? You can see this isn't right, yes? We had humans bring their sick to us when there were no human healers in villages we were camping near. Anyone who can heal would do so without considering money. Does your chantry only believe in taking hope away?" Clearly, this bothers him just a little more than being locked up. Not much, but a little. "I can't stay in here while people suffer simply because they have no money."

Cenn sighs heavily. "Seren, I know you don't know me, but trust me when I say you are Chanting to the Choir." He says. "And there are… Some… Who help the poor here. A…" Cenn pauses, not sure how to even put this, "Friend of mine, for example. He's a Grey Warden, but he's a skilled healer, and he's opened a Clinic down in Darktown."

Seren shakes his head. "One man cannot heal an entire city. …not that I know how big this place is. I couldn't see much when I was brought here. Once I slipped out of the first set of shackles, any charity they possessed was gone." At least Revas seems now content to settle into the window and watch, so the underwear storm has stopped. "Katerina trusted you, so I will trust you. She seemed no happier with this place. We both know that I will only leave here when they carry my body out. I wasn't going to let that stop my trying to escape, one way or the other." He shakes his head, apparently already kicking himself for what he's going to say. "If you can find a way for me to at least put my power to use without these bastards being paid for it, then I'll stop trying to get out. I'll make no trouble. If I have to be in this place, I can at least do some good where your Maker and his devout won't."

There is nothing good to say to an assertion like that. So, instead, the Templar just nods. "I will see what I can do. It could… Probably be arranged. Would you be okay doing so from inside the Chantry? One of the Brothers or Sisters with a vow of poverty may be willing to facilitate that, and approval will come easier if I have the Chantry behind me."

Seren shakes his head. "I won't go into your Chantry. I don't begrudge you your beliefs, but they've done nothing good for my people. I don't want to give you trouble, I know my request isn't likely to be granted." He chuckles, but it's a bitter sound. "If you had met me in Rivain, you would have met a different person. Unfortunately the possibilities for the rest of my life have narrowed down to two doors and I no longer care which one I'm pushed through. So that is my request. If that is impossible… I will do what I can on my own, but I won't hold a grudge against you."

Another sigh. "Okay…" Cenn says, drawing out the middle syllable in thought. "I could… Maybe see if one of those same Brothers or Sisters would be willing to schedule days where they bring some of those who cannot afford it otherwise here. I do not know if it will work." It seems he's not going to question Seren's unwillingness to enter the Chantry.

Seren shakes his head. "Don't make the request," he decides. "Your Chantry wants too much control over something that doesn't belong to them. I'll take my chances. We'll see if my luck holds. At least I can't actually fall on a templar this time without being really creative. If you can get them to tolerate Revas… I'm sure she won't bother anyone. She has an affinity for small children, but she's intelligent enough to not approach those who might not want her attention. She used to help calm little ones down so they could be healed."

"If you're sure…" Cenn says, shrugging. "I will try to have her let in. Or to find a way for you to heal without the influence of the Chantry, but I am -" More sighing. This was becoming a pattern. "I am sorry. I should leave you to your day." He says, stepping forward to offer to take wrapped up pile of underclothes.

Seren nods. "What there is of it," he agrees. "There's no need to apologize to me. You're not the one who locked me up. It's unfair for me to keep snapping at you. For someone training to become a Keeper, I am surprisingly bad at being alone. …even worse at having to have someone hold my leash."

There's a flicker of a deep, dark sadness in Cenn's eyes then. "I… That is understandable." He says, "From what I have been told, it does not seem as though you are often alone when you are with your people. I cannot imagine it is any easier to be just because you are away from them - I would expect the opposite." Taking up the bundle of smallclothes, the Templar puts it over his shoulder and moves towards the door, "If there is anything that would make you more comfortable, small things. Foods or trinkets. Let me know, I will work to acquire them."

"Ma serannas, Cenn. I don't want to ask more of you than I can give in return. …but if…" Seren sighs. "This elf you knew. If he wasn't sent over by his clan when he died, I could offer you that. In return for your effort and…" This time he finally smiles, even chuckles. "In return from rescuing me from that bird's excellent skill at hunting down smallclothes. It's worth it to escape the wrath of a dozen chaffed templars."

"There is no imbalance of debt here, Seren. If I can ease your time here at all, I owe it to you to supply that. The whole damned Order does, even if the rest of them wouldn't think so." Cenn says, managing to only sound a little bitter. At that offer, though, he swallows hard. "What would you need to do that? He was…" Cenn shakes his head, "There is no part of him I could offer you save… Save something I am loathe to part with."

Seren shakes his head. "You don't have to part with anything. If you have something, that's enough. I need certain herbs to burn so that the wind can carry them away. I'll have to handle this thing, but you won't lose it in the process. It helps call to the spirit, but even your presence would do if you were close." Look, he's learned to read body language, but he's not going to pry. "It would … make being locked in here a little more worth it to be able to do this one thing."

"If you can acquire them through the Circle, great. If they are not something that you can acquire that way, make me a list, and I will see to it. And…" Cenn pauses, and looks back to the mage, "Thank you. I… Honestly, I don't know what to say beside that. So many died at Kinloch and he… Just… I am glad he is finally receiving this." He tries hard to keep the pain from his voice, but he doesn't succeed all that much. Honestly, he's losing the fight with his misery and he can't stand to stay. "Dareth shiral, Seren." He offers, but moves then near immediately out the door, off to deal with his sadness elsewhere.

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