Below is the formatted text for the current S&S advertisement blurb. You can see what it will look like on the OOC Advertisements +bboard in-game, but if you want to be able to just copy/paste with all the formatting done for you, use the blurb below.

%r%t[ansi(h,I feel sun through the ashes in the sky…)]%r%r%tIn the annals of known history, there emerges a pattern; before the chaos erupts in loud and angry torrents, there is always something of a lull. Sailors call it the calm before the storm, hunters know the unnatural stillness in the air before a predator strikes. Whatever name you choose to give it, the phenomenon is real. And the choices made within this deceptive peace? Well, they are always more important than anyone could imagine.%r%r---------------%r%rWelcome to Thedas!%r%rWe are [ansi(rh,Dragon Age: Smoke & Shadows)], an in-depth, story-driven MUSH that allows players to explore the world so many have come to love. [ansi(h,Set in Kirkwall just after the close of the Fifth Blight)], S&S is open to FC and OC alike and will explore new plots and places as well as visiting some fan favorites. Using our unique Fate system, we hope to bring to life a game that is fun for all different kinds of RP styles.%r%rDA:S&S is currently in [ansi(yh,BETA)]. Some of our code is still being tweaked, some of it is still being tested, but the foundation is there and we are ready to start accepting players through chargen.%r%r[ansi(rh,Game:)] [ansi(h, port 1313)]%r[ansi(rh,Wiki:)] [ansi(h,]%r