Portrayed By Jensen Ackles
Faction Warrior
Organization Grey Wardens
Position Recruit
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 25
Place of Birth Amaranthine
Date of Birth Kingsway 24
Mother Maralia
Father Jon
Siblings Younger Brother(unnamed)
Marital Status Attached
Children None
First Appearance Reunion
Last Appearance

Character History:

Adair entered Templar training at a young age. His mother had died when he was no more than five and he and his brother were handed over to a Chantry orphanage not long after by their father. It didn't take long for the idea of joining the order to become appealing. Stability, arms training, and the ability to provide for his brother so that they never need never be at the mercy of others again.
Somehow, Adair made it through his training, though not as sheltered as some of his comrades and soon found himself assigned to the Waking Sea circle. To his relief, he didn't have to participate in keeping the mages under tight control or caged so that they were encouraged to rebel. He was warned against fraternization, but that was easily ignored when it came to a certain young mage he was assigned to.
To say that he was relieved when Maura made it through her harrowing was an understatement. He would have sooner run himself through with his own blade.
The blight- once a mere shadow on the horizon- reached and swept over their land like a wave and any thoughts of what might be between Adair and Maura were swept away with it. He put the mage on a ship bound for Kirkwall with instructions to wait. He would convince the Circle and the Order that she was dead and, once the fighting was over, he would come for her. What he didn't tell her was that he had a plan.
Unable to erase the suspicion that Maura was still alive, Adair stole her phylactery and made for Kirkwall with no plans of presenting himself as a Templar there.


Though he can come across as a little bit of a sarcastic jokester with a bit of an immature sense of humor, Adair has a deep sense of duty.

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