Portrayed By Katie McGrath
Faction Rogue
Organization Grey Wardens
Position Senior Warden
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 30
Place of Birth Starkhaven
Date of Birth Kingsway 7 Dragon 9:1
Mother Muirnae Vael (d)
Father Orin Vael (d)
Siblings Regan Vael (Older Sister), Padrig Vael (Twin Brother)
Marital Status Single
Children None
Themesong Suantraí Meisciuil - Janet Devlin
Last Appearance N/A

Character History:

What is the fact of third children, and second daughters, of second sons of Monarchs? Marriage, typically, off to some noble who will strengthen royal support. Off to have children to bolster the edges of the line of succession, children who despite their royal blood would never, not in their wildest dreams, see a glimmer of the throne of Starkhaven. Off to live in some lovely Estate, with any dress she wanted, with a husband who was wealthy but was, inevitably, as is the way of such stories, a complete bore. Adeline Vael, however, she staunchly refused.

It really ought have been little surprise. From the time she could walk and talk she was following her twin brother around, pestering him to teach her how to fight, pestering anyone who would listen to teach her how to shoot. Pester pester, off out of the city she would venture as she grew older. Off out into the night unescorted she would flee. Her mother near fainted for her daughter's flighty fieriness each time. Yet still, when the day came that they told her they were arranging a marriage for her, everyone tried to call the young woman's bluff. What young noblewoman wanted so desperately to flee from marriage that she would flee all the way into the Grey Wardens?


Well, Adeline wasn't bluffing. At eighteen, she joined the Wardens, swearing away inheritance, familial obligation, and her mother's hopes that she would ever produce grandchildren for her. It wasn't long after that when her parents took ill. A fever, and it took both of their lives. And though she mourned them, it was the Wardens for who she had to focus. Finished with her training and ready to strike out to do good in the world, Adeline was sent to Orlais.

It was her and those with her that were the lucky ones. And by lucky, let’s face, it’s really more the most unfortunate amongst the groups of three. For when they got there, they only saw the tail end of what was being done. Experiments on humans, mutated monsters, a Darkspawn with a mind. The Architect, in the last of his experiments before the Fifth Blight. It was a slaughter. The Architect escaped as they were assailed by his failed creations, and while all of the monsters died that day, so did everyone that was with Adeline. Limping back a sole survivor, her reports, while important, died against the torrent of incoming messages of the rising Blight. The Wardens of Orlais made to move out, to join those in Ferelden to stem the Blight before it could start. Adeline among them. They never made it past the border. Despite their protests, they would not be let in. The events of the Fifth Blight transpired in the Ferelden, and Adeline fumed, still stuck in Orlais. She’d never taken a liking to the country.

Thus, when after the Blight she was assigned to Amaranthine, she was glad to be away from the Court, and the frilly fashion, and just… Orlais in general. Little did she know, that despite her being sent due to her knowledge of The Architect, and her rank of Senior Warden, her time in Amaranthine would be even more unpleasant than her time in Orlais. Never one to sit down and take orders quietly, her and Warden Commander Sidona were not fit for one another. Arguments arose, reports ignored, general unease. So when Sidona saw an opportunity to send her away, she took it. Ostensibly, she was sent to Kirkwall because, as a Marcher, she would know the area better. But she was from Starkhaven, not Kirkwall, and knew it no better than a foreign land. None the less, she’d take any opportunity to be free of Sidona, and the job needed to be done. So now she leads a group to Kirkwall’s Deep Roads, to see what can be found.


There are a lot of ways to describe Senior Warden Adeline Vael. Fiery, quick, and fierce are all good words, when she has the want of it. On a battlefield, when posed with a problem, when intellectually engaged, these are all true. A shrewd negotiator, and someone who has the air of someone who is always able to walk away from the table, she's known for getting what she wants, and for never backing down.

However, there are gloomier days. Days where she'd rather drink, days where she is quiet, and watches the rain fall. Those days, some say, are more true to her character. Somber and serious, those days add years to her face that she hasn't lived. And yet, even still, under the dour expression is the heart of a woman who wants to protect people, and wants to, somehow, make the world a better place.


  • Kingsway 7 Dragon 9:1 Adeline and her twin brother are born in Starkhaven, the younger children to the younger brother of the Prince of Starkhaven.
  • Firstfall 18 Dragon 9:19 Adeline leaves her home to join the Grey Wardens.
  • Bloomingtide 30 Dragon 9:20 Adeline survives her Joining.
  • Solace 23 Dragon 9:21 A fever strikes Starkhaven, killing Orin and Muirnae Vael.
  • August 2 Dragon 9:22 Having finished her training, Adeline is sent to Orlais.
  • Bloomingtide 14 Dragon 9:29 On a mission in Orlais, Adeline returns as the sole survivor after an encounter with The Architect.
  • Dragon 9:30 The Fifth Blight begins. Adeline, and the other Wardens of Orlais, are barred from entering Ferelden at the border.
  • Dragon 9:31 Adeline is assigned to Amaranthine. Her stay there is short, and she is reassigned to Kirkwall, in command of a contingent of Grey Wardens there to investigate the Deep Roads under and around the City.

Other Information

24vijaq.jpg Adeline is a known Ranger, and is not often seen without her Gryfalcon, Sterling.

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