Portrayed By Bridget Regan
Faction Mage
Organization Nobility
Position Altus
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 27
Place of Birth Minrathous
Date of Birth Wintermarch 5 9:04 Dragon
Mother Magister Livia Zinovia
Father Altus Marcus Aurelius
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance NA
Last Appearance NA

Character History:

Aelia Zinovia was born the first child of Marcus Aurelius and Magister Livia Zinovia. The eldest child of her family, and heir apparent to her mother's seat in the Magesterium Aelia not only grew up with support for her magical talents, but an expectation that she would excel with them. It is this fostering from a young age of a hunger for knowledge and excellence that would eventually put her on the path to worshiping Razikale, the Dragon of Mystery.

Afforded some of the finest tutelage from a young age Aelia quickly met her parent's expectations of magical excellence, but never grew complacent with her success. Her drive to improve herself not only led her to become an accomplished combat magus, but also led her to study the ancient history and religion of the Tevinter imperium. Naturally, this led her to read about Tevinter's seven Old Gods, the creatures blamed ultimately for the creation of the Darkspawn, if you believe what the Southern Chantry says.

It was verging on the edge of being a teenager that Aelia first came to read about Razikale, the sole woman amongst the old gods who granted her most ardent of followers knowledge, and consequently power, should they search and bleed enough for it. While Aelia found the deity intriguing at a young age intrigue alone was not enough to sway her to an illegal faith, regardless of how hollow she found the teachings of the imperial chantry. It was later during her time in Seheron that Aelia chose to turn her back on the Maker.

With the ability to move fluidly while practicing magic, and a strong affinity for elementalism Aelia became the ideal type of mage to bolster the Imperium's military forces. At the age of twenty she was deployed to Seheron as part of the imperial Legion, her nobility having afforded her an officer's commission. After only two years of fighting, and no shortage of poor experiences with the Qunari, Aelia returned home deeply changed. It was during this time that Aelia was captured and interrogated by the Ben-Hasserath, who applied Qamek to the Bas Sarabass in the hopes of making her more compliant in revealing the Imperium's military status, but not be so heavy handed with it that she'd forget. Feeling her identity and her mind slipping through her fingers Aelia prayed to the Maker only to find that he was as he always has been, silent. Mind clouded and desperate, faced with the fear of basically being made tranquil Aelia reached out to one final entity: Razikale. To her surprise her attempt at the ancient Tevene prayer was answered, mind suddenly sharp and with a surge of power she managed to free herself of the oxmen and escape back to the Imperial camp.

However, after the experience she was relieved of her duties and sent back to her family in Minrathous, her superior not wishing to be held responsible for the death or capture of an Altus. Once home, Aelia began to pursue as much knowledge of Raziakle as she could get her hands on. For the past five years she has not only deepened her worship of the dragon, but come to have a goal in mind, to find some way of preventing Raziakel from rising as an Archdemon and thus, eventually be destroyed by the Grey Wardens. Her research has now brought her to Kirkwall, to examine the city?s strange history of occult occurrences as well as violence and how they may be connected to the Old Gods. She is not quiet about her research into preventing the tainting of a new Archdemon, simply about the fact that it is out of a desire to protect the Dragon that she acts, not to protect the people to Thedas.


The strongest current in Aelia's personality is her ambition. It manifests in her intellect, socializing, tactics and even her practice of magic. She is a consummate perfectionist who accepts nothing short of excellence from her subordinates and herself. She despises both making mistakes and then subsequently admitting that they were made. To many this standard and her mannerisms come across as arrogant, and to an extent she is. She suffers from many of the perceived flaws of her nation in the forms of hubirus, racism, and an intolerance for many philosophies in the south, which she considers to be barbarous. Despite an excess of pride, she is most often cool and collected if not condescending.


9:04 Dragon Born
9:24 Dragon Travels to Seheron with the imperial Legion
9:26 Dragon Is captured by the Qunari and subsequently returns to Minrathous
9:27 Dragon Converts to the worship of Razikale
9:31 Dragon Arrives in Kirkwall

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