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Scene Title Afternoon After
Synopsis Carys and Davan discuss noises and shopping
Location Quaint Manor
Date August 10 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Davan's second contact with a bosom ever.
Logger Davan

Davan slept in. REALLY slept in. As in he woke when it was lunch time and went to bath, saying nothing to anyone. Of course now he's out in the main room having taken a delivery and is settling flowers into a vase on the long table at the side of the room and smiling. Oh yes, he's smiling. Princess is curled up on one of those little couches that mimics the larger, watching the human for signs that treats are forthcoming.

Carys ALSO slept in…but not as much as Davan. And certainly not for the same reason…though perhaps related. She had intended on ambushing /someone/ this morning, but she missed the first person due to apparently Templars being /really fucking sneaky/ when they're not walking around in heavy plate and thus providing their own soundtrack. But the other party? Ohhh, he is SO not getting off easy. But for now, she is playing it tame, simply ambling in still in her night…minidress? Why yes, it does seem that whatever 'proper' garment that Liddy stuffed Carys into has been hacked so that the hem only falls to the midthigh. Poor material. Anyway, she's now leaning against the doorjam, legs crossed at the ankles and eating some sort of salty potato snack out of a dish. "Mornin'," she begins in between bites.

"Carys," Davan greats before going back to inhaling the scent of the flowers. "Sleep well?" It's asked as he steps away to make sure the arrangement looks good from a distance. "I had to drag myself out of bed, but by the time I was presentable and fed, these had arrived." Now he's just going to settle on the couch so that he's turned toward Carys. "We need to find something more… suitable for you to sleep in."

Using one foot, she moves to scratch above the back of her other knee with it. "Nah, I"m good. It's comfortable. Once I, y'know, hacked th' neckline up, ripped the sleeves off an' made sure the hemline wasn't somethin' I was gonna trip over. Didn't bother t'hem it. Anders's got that who 'hobo fashion' thing goin' for him, I thought I'd try it." She chomps on another chip. "Who ALSO was an exceedingly /loud/ person, surprisingly enough."

Davan tips his head in curiosity. "Loud? Whatever are you talking about?" He looks the picture of innocence. "You know, you keep talking about this mage. I may have to make the effort to meet him. After all, if you like him he must be worth meeting." He may or may not also be intent on looking after Carys. Shh. Don't tell him.

"He's good people," she says of Anders. Which it seems is surprisingly….sparse. Probably not suprrising. Again, Carys is the kind of person who's heart would bleed everywehre if she gave it half the chance, and she does try to make sure Anders doesn't get any unneccessary trouble. "Then again, hey, maybe I think whoever lets me crash on their couch is good people." She then walks over, setting her snack on the table next to the flowers. Which she takes a moment to admire. Then, she's eyeing Davan in her periphery. "Yeah, if you're gonna try t'fool /me/ with that whole innocence shtick, y'gonna need a lot more practice."

Davan laughs. "In my defense, I thought the walls were better insulated and… well, I didn't think much after that." But he's smiling, see? "I do apologize if we woke you." In that sorrynotsorry sort of way, obviously. "I'll have to make it up to you. Oh? Did he let you sleep on his couch, then? Please, Carys. You have better insight than that. I doubt anyone could keep your loyalty long if they weren't. Besides, Princess likes you. She's an excellent judge of character."

And then, up on the table because…t his is Carys and everything is seatable furniture to her. Which means that Liddy may be barreling in here in some attempt to school Carys in ways she was not meant to be schooled (She is NOT a young maiden thank you, gah). "I'd have had t'have fallen asleep first," she drolls out, keeping her brtows level and she even laces her fingers and rests them against her chin (GENDO POSE FTW). But then, she can't keep it up and she's soon cracking that huge, toothy grin. "Damn, I can't even pretend t'be cross. Bah." She waves her hand. "Well, so long as people enjoyed themselves. It didn't /sound/ like things were bein' all fake, so there was that." She then shrugs. "He let me build a blanket fort with a spare cot in th' corner of his place." By 'let', she means 'When he realized shew as there he didn't chase her out'. Probably because all she brought were blankets, some pillows and cooking ware. Not a zoo. As for the comment about her having better insight? She quirks half a grin and repeats: "He's good people. Wounded… but good."

Davan gives that 'oh, no, no one was pretending that' expression. "No, no faking. Not even once." But look, he's not going to give away details. He doesn't kiss and tell. Or go beyond that and tell, either. "So you won't mind if I ask Cenn over again?" Apparently this is something that's important. "Well then. I'll have to remember to make a stop to see this man. Wherever does he live, anyway?"

"Darktown." And she gives the rote answer for finding Anders' clinic because her player is too lazy to actually look it up. Something something Lantern Lit something. And then that question gets asked and Carys barks a laugh that would make any Ferelden who like laughing like their dogs proud. And she promptly topples over off the table and into a heap on the floor. Laughing. "I'm so sorry!" she squeaks out in the middle of said laughter and it seems she kind of landed awkwardly on her head and her legs are still somehow still propped up on the tabletop by the ankle and how can she look comfortable angled like that! "Of course I don't mind if you ask him over again!" she's quick to say because she did catch that, at least expression wise, this was important to DAvan. And there is just such unbridled joy in that answer. She likes her friends happy, see, and as far as she can tell, lots of happiness happened. Despite her grumbling about the noise.

"Are you alright?" Davan reaches out a hand to help the fallen thief. "Well, you are his dearest friend. If you disapproved… Well, I can't say I wouldn't see him again, but I'd at least remember it." He grins. "We should do some celebratory shopping. In fact, I'll send an invitation over to the Gallows and we can make it a trio. What do you say?"

She takes the hand up easily and thankfully she is young, spry and nimble. Yes, you can have those curves and still be able to twist yourself up as a pretzel. "If you make him happy," she begins… "It's just a bonus I like you too." There's a pause. "But jus' to be on the same page… I /did/ drop a darkspawn with one strike. So… keep that in mind, 'kay?" Carys' version of 'You hurt him, you get hurt'. "ER, what would we shop for?"

Davan raises a hand as if in oath. "You have my word," he promises. "I'm only the evil Tevinter mage on the outside. …fashionably evil. Why clothes, of course. I have a scarf to match and it matches Princess." This is important. "And Cenn looks remarkably good in silks, so of course he has to have more of them. I'm sure he won't complain. So it's set!"

Carys just shakes her head. "And what if he doesn't have anywhere t'put 'em?" She says of this wardrobe that Cenn may be getting. But do note: She didn't turn down the offer to shop or even to drag poor Cenn along with. It's not like she'd be a third wheel; Princess will be there!

Davan laughs. "Well, if he doesn't have enough room there, he can keep them here. Then he can trade them out as needed." It's not as if Davan doesn't have ample space for clothes. "You need more ingredients as well, yes? For your sweets? It's not as if we've finished filling your wardrobe, either. Liddy would have you dressed up like a little doll, so we can't leave it to her."

"The ruffles are nice if they're useful," Carys admits. "But lets be honest… I'm someone that /isn't/ gonna have any exuse t'show off bein' dressed up so." Unlike, say, certain Templars. "An' I don't plan on stayin here long term," Which is obvious. It's only a matter of time before she begins chafing at something here. "So th' less I have t'tote around the better."

Davan pouts, and he doesn't even have to put it on. "I can't keep you? Oh say you'll stay for at least a little while longer. I've loved having you here. I mean that. Princess adores you." Can you say no to that little fox face? "And then when you're ready to move we'll make sure you have everything you need in your new home."

Nooo not the pout! "I'm not leaving yet!" She waves her hands as if to try to stem what may be tears from the mage. She even goes so far as to hug him…right to the bosom. Probably not something he could say he's had in a while, likely. "Just..y'know, admittedly it was nice havin' my own place an'…" She then sighs dramatically. "What if I wanted t'bring boys home?" Of course, the prospect of 'revenge' is there, but… well, this is Carys. It would never get that far even if she planned it.

Well, there's one place Davan doesn't get to often. The bossom. But you know? He doesn't mind it. Because it's Carys, so it's a safe hug. "Oh please! Bring them over. You can have something prepared for dinner and have the dining room all to yourself. I won't even complain about the noise! In fact, if I hear any I'll just arrange for breakfast in your room. How's that?"

Carys cracks up laughing…again, but she keeps it tame because Davan's head will get jostled and well… "If it even gets that far," she says with a grin. "Gotta have th' boy first!" She then fuzzles the mage slightly, mesisng up whatever immaculate do he might have had. "I'm gonna go claim th' bath before you do." And just like that, she's taking off in a run, shouting "Toodles!" Don't fall over, Davan, she dind't bother to steady you.

Davan gets to fall over face first onto his sofa. There's a first. "You already have one, I hear!" But then Carys is gone. Getting to his bath before he can. Well, it would be his second so he can put it off for a little while. He has an invitation to write!

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