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Scene Title An Evening in the Gallows
Synopsis Two men and a recruit.
Location The Gallows
Date July 17, 2016
Watch For Floofbird grooming
Logger Seren

Evening has begun to set in, and with it the sun has begun to dip past the horizon. Not that the horizon can be seen from the Gallows, with the high walls all around. None the less, the golden light that colors the city, and the violet color to the few clouds that streak across the summer sky makes the setting sun obvious. The stalls out in the Gallows are closing, wares being packed up and moved back inside. One of the Knight Lieutenants has been sent to oversee this task. It's a little much, if you ask him, but it's not really a problem. It's not as though Cenn had plans for his evening or anything. None the less, it's a simple matter, and so he stands by the entrance to the Circle, watching but not all that intent.

Miyo, being the wonderfully awesome and helpful recruit that she is, had been outside perusing wares and getting to know the merchants and such, because those were her people before joining the templars. And after things started closing down, she helped and older shopkeeper close up and pack up his things so they wouldn't get stolen and so he could rest. Once done, she receives a little treat from him and scampers off towards the Templar barracks, which leads her right past Cenn.

Seren doesn't usually make this part of his evening walk, but then he's usually not chasing down a huge nightwing… Ok, look. We all know that's not true. He does that a lot. Usually their walks are together, but today? Nope. Today she's off to- Well hello, Cenn! AND HELLO SMALL FEATHERLESS BIRD! That'd be Miyo. Now? "Revas! Why?" Then he spots the two and sighs. "Never mind." He's NOT looking at the child for now. Nope. "I'm sorry," this he says in Cenn's direction. "We were taking our walk and she just… decided this was the way we were going."

Cenn is about to actually stop the Recruit, tell her to help one of the Tranquil with one of the stalls of this or that or what have you… You know, the kind of small, menial things you have Recruits do when Revas appears in a storm of dark feathers and Cenn can't help but laugh. "It's alright, Seren," He answers back in that very distinctly Ferelden accent, looking over to the mage when he is addressed, "I imagine she's got some sort of reason to it." The Lieutenant truly doesn't seem bothered.

It took Miyo a while, but she did spot the Knight Lieutenant that is Cenn. And the mage that is Seren. So, she switches routes and joins them, making sure to salute Cenn and smile pleasantly at Seren. "Hello! Recruit Miyo, reporting for duties… and stuff." She holds up a sweetbun to Cenn. "Want one?"

"I imagine she does. I just wonder if I should be worried about what it is or not." Seren deliberately looks away from the nightwing, who is giving him the biggest 'WHAT?!' expression in bird body language ever. "If she ever gets in your way, just order her to leave. I'm trying to convince her she has to listen." It's going remarkably well as everyone can see. In fact, she's just going to take off, ignore that elf over there completely, and aim her gigantic owl booty to Cenn's shoulder unless he avoids it. There's this small thing and she'd like to get a better look.

Cenn does, in fact, not move out of the way of the incoming bird. Because, well, Revas has shown to be nice enough, and he's gotten rougher greetings than this from larger dogs, so he's not all that fussed. What he does do, however, is shake his head down at Miyo with a small, polite smile. "No, thank you, Recruit." He says quietly, "Have you met Seren yet?" A valid question, Seren's not been in the Circle here for all that long. There's a nod then to the mage. "I'll be sure to try that if she is ever in the way. For now, though, I do not mind."

Miyo watches the nightwing take flight and land upon Cenn's shoulder with awe, and when he refuses the treat, she nibbles on it instead. When asked about knowing Seren, she shakes her head. "No, I have not met Mr. Seren yet." She turns to face him fully and smiles. "I am Miyo, templar recruit. It is nice to meet you." She fishes another treat out and offers it to him. "Would you like one?"

"It's just Seren. …and no thank you, da'len. It's nice to meet you and I think Revas is saying hello as well. She likes children." At least Seren didn't add 'as a snack', because that's one huge bird. A nod is given Cenn and he honestly looks relieved. "Good. She goes out on her own so much now that I worry she's visiting. Or convinced she's visiting and doing so too much."

"Well, if she is, I haven't received any complaints about it." Cenn says with a shrug of the shoulder that Revas has not decided to use as a perch. It's a little strange, that movement, with his armor on, but it works. Beyond that, though, he lets introductions happen, and keeps an eye on the still packing up stalls just outside.

"Alright, Mr. Seren, just Seren, then." Miyo replies with a nod and then nibbles down the treat she had offered him, packing away sugars and carbs with abandon before turning back to Cenn. "What should I be doing? Should I go help people?"

Seren finally looks toward the packing and shivers. "That's comforting. Revas, you shouldn't…" Well, he may have been ready to tell the bird that she shouldn't bother the Templar, but instead? "…groom people without asking." Not that the owl has started, but she's in that posture- All poofed out fluff.

"You're fine, Miyo, they seem to have it well in hand. Unless you would like to help, in which case, I am sure something can be found for you to do." Cenn answers. The Tranquil have an easier time with routine, and the helping hand of a Recruit was not often part of that routine. So, as there seemed to be no problems brewing, he would not inflict that upon them unless the child was truly restless. As to Revas? "He has a point, you know, Revas," Cenn says with a laugh, looking sideways at the bird on his shoulder, "That would be rather rude. Though, if you'd like, I don't much mind, though I'm not sure how effective it would be."

Miyo seems to be unsure how to respond to Cenn's question. "Uuhhhmm…" She does fidget a bit, but doesn't seem overly eager to go help pack up - at least when treats are not on the table for doing so. "Your bird is very pretty!" She stammers awkwardly.

In Revas' world, everyone needs her attention. Still, being a bird who understands language she has to give SOME nod to what the bigger birds are saying. Which she does, right before going ahead with that grooming anyway. Seren? He's just going to shake his head. He can't even be upset. He loves that bird. Everything she does is cute. Sometimes, it's also a little embarrassing. "Thank you, although I don't really think of Revas as mine. …she stays with me. If she wishes to go one day, I can't stop her." But look. Revas heard that and she IS pretty, so shut up, Elf. She may be busy grooming, but Cenn will at least hear the birdy 'hrmph'.

Cenn laughs as Revas turns to attempting to preen his hair. At least he's not one to take himself too seriously. His mother, if she knew, would surely be disappointed. But he knows indignation on anyone, even a bird, it seems. Must come with being Orlesian. "Oh, Revas," He says, sounding amused, "I am sure he is well aware of the fact that you are pretty." As to Miyo and her uncertainty… "Seren, you wouldn't happen to have need of help with anything, would you?" He asks. There's a method to his madness, really. Bear with him.

Then, out of no where, a second nightwing appears, swooping down and casually landing upon Miyo with all the grace an owl of their size can muster. One leg latching onto each shoulder like it might pick her up and fly away. Instead, it just sits on to of her head, which overwhelms the tiny templar who drops to her knees under its weight. Though its a bird and not tremendously heavy, she is not really strong enough for extra weight. "Ahhh!" She squeaks in surprise. "Save me!" She then falls onto her face, forcing the nightwing to vacate and land nearby. "I have been bested by a bird!" She groans.

Seren looks over at Cenn and you see that amused suspicion? "…I…" Then there's the birdflop and, to his credit, he doesn't lift his hand to cover his face. He has to bite his lip to not laugh, but he's managing it rather well. Give him a second, ok?! Revas is just going to continue her work, with maybe one of those weird cooing noises in the tune of 'he better'. "I've been telling stories to some of the younger apprentices. I could probably use some help in finding stories they're familiar with. I know a few that Rivaini parents tell their children, but…" He's already figured that anything remotely Dalish is going to be frowned on.

Cenn blinks at the addition of another nightwing. "Revas, are you sneaking in friends?" He says, though it is entirely in jest. None the less, it is rather surprising. This Circle really was turning into a menagerie. They'd have to start being careful about that. The Lieutenant takes a deep breath. "Recruit, get up." He says, a little more serious, though not harshly. "Seren, if you would not mind the help, I would have a mind to set Miyo to helping you with that task. At least for the evening?" There is a method here, he'd swear it.

Miyo is on her feet in a heartbeat, saluting and giving off a cheerful "Yessir!" Before moving off to hug her nightwing. "Silly bird, you know you can't just land on me like that!" She adds with a laugh before looking over towards Seren. "You need some help?"

Seren raises an eyebrow at Cenn, but since Revas is already chiding him- albeit without any real anger- he settles on a soft chuckle. "I wouldn't mind it." To Miyo, he nods. "First, we need to be told the name of your friend. After that, I need books with stories suitable for children. Nothing frightening." But hey, the kid may be more familiar with an actual library, right?

"Thank you, Seren." Cenn says, sounding genuine and warm. "Recruit, go with Seren, help him as he needs, return to the barracks when you are done." He says to Miyo before turning his attention back to the mage. "Try not to keep her terribly late, yes?" He says, the Orlesian mannerism almost strange on his Ferelden accent.

Miyo smiles and nods at Cenn and then moves to follow Seren after shooing her nightwing off. "That was Kestrel. My family's nightwing. He looks after me and my sister." She smiles broadly. "So, let's go do stuff!"

"You have my word," Seren promises as he heads toward said library. "I'll even make sure she has something to eat before sleep. Revas… just…" He sighs. "If she becomes a nuisance…" Now he's going to go along with the girl to get those books.

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