Portrayed By Robert Downey Jr
Faction Warrior
Organization Templar Order
Position Knight Corporal
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 25
Place of Birth Orlais
Date of Birth Drakonis 27
Mother Aceline
Father Delmar
Brother Montrell
Marital Status Single
Children Good Question
First Appearance
Character Song I Will Not Bow

Character History:

The story of Anton's life could start with 'I can explain' continue with 'this isn't what it looks like' and close chapter with 'we're all still alive'. He does, as his surname suggests, hail from Orlais and a wealthy merchant family that made its fortune within the past three generations. They're probably still seen as 'dirty peasants' by some, but that doesn't stop his father from putting on all the trappings of nobility. The only thing wrong with all of this is that Anton is the SECOND son, and second sons inherit responsibility without much title and only a token amount of the family wealth.

With little reason to care about the inner workings of the family business, Anton turned his attention to combat training. He excelled at swordsmanship and was a quick study at achademics. If it weren't for the total hedonism of his mid-teens, he would have been the shining example of the upward mobility of his family. As it was, his father saw no other choice but to send him to the Order under threat of disenheritance. The boy made protest, but it was futile. He could only hope that it wasn't as bad as it sounded- because it sounded BORING.

As always, Anton managed. He reached the rank of Corporal, which gave him just enough rope to hang himself with. He's been accused of fraternization, taking mages on unauthorized outings, tresspassing, and theft of a farm animal on more than one occasion, but he always has an excuse. He argues a good game, and he's been from Orlais, to Antiva, and back again to try to find a way to rid him of his less than stellar behavior. Kirkwall is his last chance. This is the last 'you need to straighten up, son' that he's going to be given, and he'll have to make the best of it.

Anyone who knows Anton can attest that the following conversation can be overheard wherever he's stationed: 'Whyyy were you kicked out?' 'Fraternizing' 'Fraternizing?' 'aaand possibly taking a couple of mages outside the circle for a walk' 'A walk?' 'Into an abandoned mansion' 'Abandoned?' 'Ok, the occupants were out of town. In my defense, I didn't know it was occupied and neither did the goat' 'You had a goat' 'Well, we couldn't get a horse' 'I don't want to know the rest, do I?' 'Probably not, but the good news is I'm here now!' It may have only happened once, but there's always that ONE TIME that everyone has heard about.


Anton can be perceived as possibly the laziest, most hedonistic, most irresponsible man ever to join the order. He's a smartass that seems to have little respect for authority or his own culture.


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