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Scene Title Apologies Overdue
Synopsis Seren offers Garou a long overdue apology
Location Central Courtyard
Date 08 Haring, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For One Nightwing's struggle with a wooden feather
Logger Seren

Seren hadn't been lying about practicing with Revas the previous evening, even if it didn't happen. Now, he's sitting at the fountain in the morning chill with the feather and its holding strap laying on the bench. "Pick it up, I won't be able to put it on for you." Seren instructs the nightwing as if she could participate in this conversation. Which isn't that far off, since she's an ace at body language and vocal reaction. Both of which she's using to convey just how much she disagrees with this task. "Revas, it's necessary. You don't have to agree with it, just… please."

Valentin's instructions are things Garou does actually take seriously - all evidence to the contrary - but when one of your corporals knocks on your door and hands you orders from the big boss lady, that… kind of takes precedence. So it is that yet again, Garou is wrapped in this ridiculous fur and shuffling his way across the courtyard from the side where his room is toward the side where his Captain has her office. If he takes notice of the fact that there is a mage having a conversation with a bird, he shows no sign of it. Mostly he just looks pale and determined - though there is a fine sheen of sweat breaking out across his face.

Seren does spot Garou, and there's more than a little concern in his expression. "Lieutenant? Are you unwell?" But then he shakes his head. "Forgive me. It's not my business. If I'm interrupting you. If you're in a hurry, then I won't keep you. If you have a moment, I owe you an explanation that I couldn't give you before."

You know, it's not like Garou is making fast progress across the courtyard, so when that familiar voice calls out to him he does actually stop. He doesn't turn immediately, a moment stretching in the relative silence of a cold morning where there is nothing beyond the clouding of his breath. When a decision is finally reached, it is a silent one, turning slowly and taking a couple stiff steps closer before simply standing - still as a statue and wrapped in this ridiculous fur - staring at Seren and waiting. Talkative sonofabitch, ain't he?

Seren hesitates, looking for a moment as if he might just decide he hasn't the courage for this. He finally stands and walks close enough to speak in tones that won't carry far. "It wasn't Hope. It was the arrangement of the fight and your concern. Even then, I should have said I suspected. I didn't have certainty. …and so I apologize for that. Those were things said to me in confidence, and even asking for permission to say them seemed a breach of that confidence. I wasn't trying to manipulate the situation. I was just willing to let you hate me rather than air things that weren't mine to air. Especially since you are the one who helped me learn that lesson." And now he's going back to his bird, who is showing her disagreement with her task by trying to drown that feather.

Garou doesn't withdraw when Seren comes closer, his posture doesn't even change. Unpleasant though he may be to, you know, be around, he does actually understand the nature of the world in which they live - that certain things must be spoken softly in order to be spoken safely. And he does listen, but it is an exercise in slow-dawning confusion that ends on a sigh when it would seem that the mage is finished. "Seren, I have… not even the foggiest idea what you're talking about." And he just sounds so tired. "And I think your bird is trying to ditch her task while no one's looking."

Seren stops mid-walk, sighing at Revas. "Of course she is." Because OF COURSE SHE IS. "When you asked me how I would know that you would tell Cenn that Arran was here. You were quite angry about it. My reason for asking you to come so that I could talk to you about it was to reassure you that I didn't plan for it to cause anyone trouble. I was put in this place just so I couldn't hope for anything but life within its walls." He gestures toward Revas. "Which was the reason for this exercise. If … when I die, she has to take this to him." He shakes his head. "You sound tired and I've kept you out in this cold for too long. If it's a cough…" He reaches into the pocket of his robe and pulls out a small bundle tied securely to keep the contents from getting out. "This might help. It's a pepper that lacks any heat on the tongue, but burns in the throat and eases pain. If you put a pinch in tea- or anything hot- it will help. Not that I think for a minute that Valentin isn't taking care of you. It's just that this was tucked in the back of the herb stores and wasn't on any of the lists."

Even with this explanation, it still takes a moment for the light to dawn behind Garou's eyes. "That was…" he pauses, sounding suddenly unsure of himself, "…weeks ago?" He thinks it was, at any rate. It feels like it was, would probably be the better descriptor. And he is tired - too tired, in fact, to argue about the herbs or the care he is receiving or how fruitless all of it actually is - so he takes the package with a nod and pulls his hand back beneath the cloak of heavy furs. It's only then that he starts to piece any of this together, obviously not anywhere close to his A Game. "Why you asked me to come…" His face crinkles into confusion and then unmistakable relief. "So there was no job from the Commander. That was your doing?" He doesn't even sound angry, just exhausted and honestly glad for one more fight he doesn't have to have today. But that's when he catches back up to the bit that came first and replays it with the context provided afterward and he sighs. "What does Hope have to do with any of this?" And he's never before been more grateful that Trade doesn't have any spoken indicators of proper names. "What did you suspect, exactly?"

"Time doesn't matter when there is an apology to be made, but I don't know anything about a job from any commander. I did ask you to come to speak with me with a note that Revas delivered." Seren frowns. "That was the really poor answer I gave you when you asked me how I'd know, that he trusted you with that knowledge. I hesitated to lie to you, but it seemed like the best way to not mention that you might have told me anything in confidence. To tell you the truth, I would have taken any consequences from you. I've earned that." He shrugs. "Suspect? That the two of you trust eachother, that you're at least friends. That you would at least warn him if you thought there was something that might cause him trouble. But beyond that, it's not my business to speculate. In fact, I owe it to you to not do so, when it comes down to it. I owe you my life."

Time may not matter for apologies, but it does make a difference in how distressing Garou finds things he can't really remember. And he's really been out here in the cold too long, joints throbbing in a way he's pretty sure he's not supposed to have to deal with until decades older than this. Beyond that, he is entirely turned around in his own head and while that's not as distressing as it might once have been, that in and of itself is alarming enough to put him on a homing beacon to the closest place the world makes sense. "You don't owe me anything." Oh, hello headache. He blinks several times, shaking his head as though to try and clear it. "I honestly don't care what you decide to do, you have that freedom. Don't endanger Valentin and don't endanger Cenn. Those are the only orders you'll hear from me about it."

"I would let myself be killed before I let them fall into danger from me. …but I'm the one who gets to decide whether I owe you or not. Forgive me for being confusing, I should have explained it better. If you'd like, when you're not busy, I will attempt to do so." Seren looks over at Revas, who is still trying to hold that feather carving under water. The bird, in turn, looks up with the most innocent owl-face expression and you can almost hear the 'what?!' behind it. But look, the elf is enough of a healer to know that there is something going on, he's just not ass enough to pry too much. "If… if you need anything, please… Just remember that not putting Valentin in danger means that you musn't be at risk, either."

That's… that's honestly about all Garou has in him to give the world today, but something in Seren's offer of a future explanation stops him mid-turn and he sighs. "I doubt you'll see me again for a long while, but I… appreciate the thought." Another heavy exhale drives from his lungs, though this time there is a heavy series of coughing that follows swiftly on its heels. "I know it does," he grouses, snarling with his lip pulled back from his teeth like an animal. "I - " He coughs again and pulls a disgusted face before releasing the last of that held breath. "Thank you." He can appreciate the intent, even if the follow through needles him exactly the wrong way. Funny the things that slip through when a body is just too worn out to bother.

Seren can't hide the worry in his expression or voice. "Yes, Lieutenant. …and I am sorry. For all the hardship I've caused you. I'll do whatever I can to make up for it." But now his bird is just COVERED in water and that feather isn't staying down, and Seren just sighs. "Creators, Revas… alright, we're done. I don't have the energy for it now and you're… ew." That would be his reaction to wet bird on his shoulder.

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