Portrayed By Oscar Flores
Faction Trade
Organization None
Position Minstrel
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 20
Place of Birth Minrathous, Tevinter Imperium
Date of Birth 15 Drakonis Dragon 9:11
Mother Iris (Rivian Slave)
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Ariston was born in Minrathous, the child of a woman named Iris, who had been taken from Rivain and made a slave. She was owned by a magister by the name of Iason Caritas. There were, in fact, rumors that Ariston was the magister's child, but nothing was ever proven. Ariston took after his mother's looks, inheriting her darker features, so there was nothing but speculation to substantiate the claim. Ariston himself was never told one way or the other, and to him it didn't really matter. He was no mage, and possessed no magical abilities. He did inherit his mother's physical abilities however, her flexibility and lithe strength.

His mother was a dancer, you see, and entertained Magister Caritas and his guests with her flexible, limber dance. This dance was what, if this were Earth, might be called belly dancing. As a child Ariston showed interest in her dance, so Iris began to teach him as well. He proved to be quite the study in it, becoming quite skilled. So much so that when Ariston was in his teens, Magister Caritas had them both entertaining at his parties. He had quite a few offers to buy one or both of the pair due to their skill, but Magister Caritas always refused. Which got quite a bit of grumbling.

As Ariston grew into his teens, Magister Caritas discovered that Ariston's flexibility wasn't just in his body, but his hands as well. One day, he magister noticed Ariston in the kitchen, assisting the cook in baking a cake. He was rolling three eggs in each hand, without dropping any of them. Magister Caritas thought about this, and wondered how it could be made into something creative. What, he wondered, would look the most mysterious being manipulated in this fashion? After a bit of thought, Magister Caritas figured it out— crystal balls.

So Magister Caritas had three glass balls made for this purpose, for Ariston to learn to roll in his hands the way he'd done with the eggs. It quickly became clear when Ariston broke one unintentionally that hollow glass balls would be too light for this, so Caritas had solid ones made. These proved to be much better for this task, though Caritas instructed Ariston to practice while seated on a carpeted bit of floor. To preserve the glass balls, the floor, and Ariston's feet, as these solid glass balls were rather heavy and could easily break a toe.

At the age of eighteen, Ariston had mastered this to the point that he was mystifying the magister's guests with his smooth manipulation of the clear glass spheres in his hands. Ironically the greatest degree of skill that he displayed was with a single sphere— letting it roll back and forth across his fingers, being able to wave one hand back and forth and keep the sphere balanced upon that hand… even rolling it from one hand, down his arm, across his chest, and to the other hand. Whispers of magical involvement went unanswered. Because there WAS no magic involved, only skill.

When Ariston was about twenty, Magister Caritas received correspondence that he was being called upon to produce an heir. His wife had been selected for him. Caritas knew how Tevinter politics were. And he also knew very well that Ariston was his son by blood. And he didn't want that found out by his new wife, because she might see Ariston as a competitor for her child's legitimate claim. There was only one thing he could do, then, to keep Ariston safe. Free him and send him away.

Caritas never told Ariston the reasons he was to be freed. He only said he wanted Ariston to make his own way in the world, and that he wanted Ariston as far away from Tevinter as possible, for his own safety. With his freedom came a supply of coinage, enough to get him away. Kirkwall seemed as good a place as any— it was a large, bustling town that had plenty of places that would take him in as entertainment. Between the dancing and the sleight of hand manipulation, Ariston would probably be all right there. Time will tell if his choice was correct or not.



First appearances are of a jovial man with confidence and talent in the arts. And this would about be right. Ariston isn't a terribly complicated man. He's not hiding any secret pain, he's not burying a painful history of abuse or abandonment underneath an amiable exterior. It might surprise some to learn that he's a former slave, because he's not the frightened, twitchy, soft-spoken thing (or the angry, rage-fueled grumpy sourpuss, alternately) that the south usually associates with former slaves.

He is… about what one sees. He loves to dance and to entertain people, and tries to be helpful wherever he can. He is something of a bleeding heart, though, and tends to gravitate towards people that seem to need help. Even if there's not a lot he can do, he'll try. Never enough to make anyone sick of him, no— at least not intentionally. This can easily be a way to trap him, if one's looking to.

But really… why would anybody want to do that? He has little in the world, just his talent and a few gifts from his former master. And he's really no one of import, in really any way. No great destiny lies on his shoulders, there's no great secret lying in his past just waiting to pounce on him. Unless you count the whole "being a magister's bastard son", but that should hardly count for anything, and he doesn't actually know that anyway.

In a way though, he is freer for his humble origins, knowing that he can just be himself and that'll probably be good enough. And if it's not, there's really nothing he can do about it. So he doesn't worry about it too much. He's too busy trying to figure out how to entertain people anyway. That takes up a lot of his time.

Ariston is unlikely to confront others directly, because… well, that's not how a slave is supposed to handle things. Freed or not, a slave is still a slave, at least some part of them. He's known nothing but his place as a slave for twenty years now, and it's going to take more than just his master saying, "OK you're free now" to change his attitude. Right now he's not very far along that path of development. Only time will tell if he manages to go any further, if he'll stay where he is… or if worse things will happen.

However… he's not all smiles, all the time. It's true that Ariston was born a slave and knows when to bow to a superior. But… perhaps it's because he's now freed that he feels that he can act with more… well, freedom. Or maybe it's just that everyone in Tevinter is born with a vindictive streak a mile wide. Whatever it is, watch out if you cross him. He's probably going to retaliate. Not overtly, he knows better. But there are a thousand subtle ways to get even. Ariston is incredibly devious when the mood strikes him.

Though it should also be noted that Ariston doesn't possess a brutal shred of tissue in his body. So his revenge is unlikely to cost lives, only dignity. Though in some circles getting embarrassed at a big party is a fate even worse than death. And the more fastidious types may climb the walls when he some something like move one single thing on a workspace precisely one quarter turn to the right. He's not a prankster, though. These are not things he does every day, to people all the time. He'd much rather see people smiling.


  • 9:10 Dragon Drakonis 15: Ariston is born in Minrathous to Iris, a slave owned by Magister Iason Caritas.
  • 9:14 Dragon: Ariston begins getting into his mother's things for dancing.
  • 9:16 Dragon: His mother Iris begins to teach Ariston how to dance.
  • 9:24 Dragon: Magister Caritas sees Ariston rolling eggs in his hands while helping the cooks.
  • 9:26 Dragon: Ariston learns how to properly contact juggle. Begins to entertain using this as well as dance.
  • 9:30 Dragon: Caritas decides to free Ariston, for reasons he doesn't explain.
  • 9:31 Dragon: Ariston arrives in Kirkwall.

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