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Scene Title At the Cost of Living
Synopsis Seren and Maceyana have a talk outside
Location Gallows
Date 03 Kingsway, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For A Temper
Logger Seren

Seren has been keeping his conversations with Mac in her room or in the courtyard, but he has to tend the stalls today and that requires being out where there are other people. The Tranquil with their enchantments, the customers purchasing them, a few Templars on the outlying edges, and then himself and- at some point- Macenaya. It's time, apparently, to push her out of the den and into the sunlight. What's left of it, as afternoon is steadily eating it away.

She is elven, small , female and that moonbright hair stands out, drawing attention, which is exactly why he has trouble simply getting her to lower her hood in the courtyard. Here, there isn't a chance. In fact it is probably so late as it took that long to be able to talk her into even considering the "outing" and now, in that rediculas robe that hangs like wet sacks from her tiny frame, Macenaya stands silently where ever she can find that isn't any anyones direct route, hands tuckeded inside her sleeves, in truth, if it wasn't for the pounding of her heart, one might actually wonder if she was Tranquil.

Seren watches Maceyana for a moment and then shakes his head. "Da'len, you need to uncover your head and see what's around you. Let the sun shine on you. No one is going to hurt you here. Not right where we are now. There are far too many people. Besides, I need to ask you what you want to have tomorrow for breakfast. I'm going to start asking you this every day."

Her head lifting a little so that she can see him, the pale eyes wide inside the shadows of her hood before a small shake of her head. "I am not worried that someone will do something here.. nor did they.. " drawing quiet again, before glancing away. "Nothing elaborate, I have never been fond of complicated meals. Bread, cheese, fruit, porridge, whatever is being served."

"And the kind of fruit? Do you want it in your porridge? Do you like dark breads or lighter? Do you like sharp cheeses? Spicy? There was a kind that I used to be able to get that had little crystals of salt in it… I can still remember the taste. Find something that you'll look forward to having." Seren isn't being directly forceful, but it does give them something to do while they stand here monitoring the activity. "Or apples stewed with cinnamon?"

"Seren.." there is a tightness to her voice that has been there since he had managed to get her to agree to come out with him. "I keep telling you that I am not picky. I understand that you are being kind but it took me a long time to learn to eat the food they serve to everyone and I still never managed to do it well." hand reaching out to touch his arm , something that she seems to have become more comfortable doing with him in these last few days. "Something small, you bring to much.. not to rich."

Seren thinks it over for a moment. "Did your clan ever make these…" He holds out his hands to indicate a ball. "round breads that were porridge inside with berries cooked into it? It's not a large portion, we made them for the children, but you could smell the berries inside and they were wonderful. We made them by dropping them into deep oil we'd trade for." He chuckles. "I'm being pushy, and I've never gotten used to the bland things they eat here, but I did think that if the fruit were in the porridge… Well, it might have a flavor."

She tips her head watching him, then a smile tugs at the side of her lips. "okay… but you have to bring enough for two, Seren. I don't like sitting and eating in front of you. It is uncomfortable." her hand giving his arm a squeeze before she pulls it back. "I said learned to eat it, not that I got used to it. Which is probably why I am so bad at eating it."

Seren smiles at that gesture. "Alright, I'll bring my breakfast, too. I usually manage to get them to at least incorporate the fruit. It's much easier when it doesn't taste exactly like life in this place. Strange and like nothing was put together right."

"If nothing was put together right, they wouldn't be able to keep us here. It was put together exactly as they wanted it to be." but then she nods at his comment about breakfast. "Okay, so if you are really interested in something that I would like to have." biting into her lip. "I miss ginger tea. And I know it may not be able to be found."

Seren chuckles. "I wasn't talking about the structure. It's too well built." He walks it every day, he knows. "We have ginger. I'll make the tea for our breakfast. I have it once in a while with powdered hot chili." Because the South is cold and only going to get colder.

Looking up at the walls, at the guards… cause yes they were Templars but they were also meant to keep them inside, she shakes her head. "How much hate had to go into building this?" a small shudder before she takes a deep breath. "Lemon and honey, when I could. Lemons were hard to find but it helped settle my stomach." glancing towards him from under her hood. "How are you? You are always asking me.. but.."

Seren glances at the building, still as bothered by the sight as he was the first time he looked. "Hate and fear, and we walk around inside its shell.." He shakes his head. "Today? Bent under the weight of my own foolishness, but recovering. At least I hope I am."

"And one wonders why it is so easy to just slip into darkness?" she whispers, though more to herself then to him. Turning fully however to look at Seren, her pale eyes finding his face. "Why? What did you do that you find so foolish?"

Seren shakes his head. "No, there's no wondering about that, da'len. This place was constructed to keep its occupants there. We're easier to keep caged that way. They can't cage your spirit. For that reason alone it's worth it to find a way…" He shakes his head. "The only thing I can tell you is that I made the mistake of trying to ignore where I was. It's not something you need to be concerned about. For now we'll concern ourselves with the things we can have. Look forward to the things we know probably won't be taken away."

That has her folding her arms in front of her, brows furrowing together as she stares at him. "Seren, you pester me and poke me and prod me to tell you every little thing that crosses my mind. How is it that if there is one thing… in the time that I have known you.. that has happened to either upset or bother you enough to consider yourself recovering, that you "can't say"?

Seren probably doesn't mean to look so stern when he speaks. "I pester you, and prod you, and push you because I am your healer, and because … Because I care about you. There are some aspects of my life that you cannot know, just as there are things I do not ask you. If you wish to be included in the lives around you, you must live."

She stares at him for a long moment then stands. "I am alive, which is more than I intended to be.. I am outside, which I hate. I have found that I care about you and for the first time want to know about another's well being, which I haven't done in years… But that isn't enough, it's not enough that I have tried, that I am trying. All you see is where I am not. Instead of where I am and how hard it has been to get here." a tear rolling down her cheek but only the one. "If you don't want to say, fine, don't say. But do not stand there and tell me it is because I don't live, what you mean is I don't live to your standards." with that she turns and starts back towards the circle, her steps getting faster and faster the further she gets.

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