Portrayed By Greg Cipes
Faction Mage
Organization Circle of Magi
Position Circle
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 21
Place of Birth Ostwick, The Free Marches
Date of Birth Justinian 2, 9:20 Dragon
Mother Annadora Autret (deceased)
Father Loren Autret (deceased)
Siblings At least 2 brothers and a younger sister in Kirkwall
Marital Status Single
Children None

Character History

Avery was born in Ostwick in the Marches. He grew up with the wind and the waves, a strong swimmer, and fond of his coastal home, despite the fact that his particular abilities made him less than welcome to the conservative Templars of the area. With most of his family killed during the plague that hit Ostwick, only two of his siblings remained, and both left Ostwick shortly after, making for Kirkwall. Avery, however, stayed behind.

There he befriended Henri Fionnlagh, Kindle's younger brother. The Circle in Ostwick wasn't large, and the two were only a bit different in age. They had studied together and had been close friends up until his death at the hands of Otto Alrik. Losing his best friend crushed Avery, and for a long time he mourned, vowing someday to see Alrik pay for what he had done. But revenge was a dish that would be served very cold indeed, if ever. The young Mage knew better.

Now, Kindle, Henri's sister is traveling to Kirkwall for diplomatic purposes, and Avery is going with her as part of the party making the journey. His siblings are there, the ones that survived, and the growing conflict gives him reason to go and stand on the side of the Magi. Also, because he has nothing left for him in Ostwick to keep him there. It seems as good an idea as any, with the potential for more interesting opportunities.


A little bit uncertain, occasionally a little bit shy, Avery is kind-hearted and well-meaning though sometimes a bit directionless. He wears his heart on his sleeve and isn't good at concealing his emotions. Having grown up a Mage in a very devout town, he is used to keeping his head down and seems to feel a constant need to prove himself.


Sunday, 19 of Justinian, 9:31 Dragon - Avery arrives in Kirkwall with Kindle.

Other Information

Avery's magic came in the form of the natural world, of shapeshifting to take on the aspects of its creatures. As such, Avery always had a certain kinship with animals. He has a companion, Evie, a young red fox that he rescued when she was a kit, her mother having been killed. He raised her and she travels with him everywhere, dining mostly on what scraps of meat he feeds her, and depending where they are, left to her own devices, makes an excellent vermin eradicator.

Memorable Quotes

None, yet.

Trivia and Notes

Avery had a number of siblings who left Ostwick for Kirkwall, including a youngest sister who works as a seamstress in the city. I am open to talking to anyone who might be interested in playing any of them.