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Scene Title Bear For The Bear
Synopsis Maura brings the bear cubs gifts.
Location Darktown, Clinic
Date July 26, 2017
Watch For Teddy bear cuddling smol bear
Logger Taril

Taril is here. Of course he is, because he has animals to tend to and it HAS to be kept clean enough to not become a problem. Even Taril knows that. Good thing he's not exactly lazy. So the area around the animals and cages has been cleaned, everyone has food and water, and now? Now it's time to feed the bears. The larger cub is already eating and making grunting sounds as it roots in its bowl. The smaller seems to be doing much better now and is greedily eating from her spoon and even making motions that indicate she's going to be able to go face down in her bowl on her own soon. "Not so fast, da'len. I know you feel better, but your belly will drag the ground." Hey, he can be soft and squishy when no one's looking and he's sure Anders is busy SOMEWHERE, so no one's looking!

To disturb this scene of domestic tranquility is obviously Maura. Because doesn't she have the best timing ever? Always? She has several items bunched into her arms as she walks into the open clinic with purpose. Anders is probably happy that this time her purpose does not include guilting him into eating something. Instead, she has zeroed in on Taril and his bears. "What should I be calling them? Bear One and Bear Two seems quite impersonal." As she sets down first a green blanket and a yellow. At least they aren't pink and blue ok?

Taril looks up and rolls his eyes. Suddenly sarcasti-elf again. "Mathin," he answers, as he pats the larger of the two. "It just means bear. Since he's going to live on his own once he's big enough it's good to keep reminding him he's a bear." The elf MIGHT sound as if he fully believes the bear can understand this, but he's not going to explain it. "This is Enansal, but I think I'll end up calling her Ena since we'll need something short to use when I'm teaching her to live with people. Once I … find out what problems she'll have. You're allowed around the murder elf now?"

"Okay, well. Bear gets the green blabket then. And Ena will get the yellow. I made sure the blankets were extra soft." Which means Maura expects the baby bears to be absolutely coddled with said blankets is that clear Taril!? "Of course, given that Ena is going to be living amongst us for much longer then Mathuin, I also got her a doll to cuddle with. She got the baby bear a teddy bear. Yes, she did. It's not the same shade as any actual bear. But it has the general shape and looks like it's made of some sort of flannel material layered over suede. She requested extra sturdy. His question prompts an eye roll, though. "I never said I agreed with him. There are some things I just don't argue with him about, because I understand why he worries." And then she does what she wants anyway.

Taril just looks at Maure. "You got the bear a bear." He chuckles. "Of course you did. …but thank you. I'm sure a near cuddling a toy will be easier for people to accept." He means humans. "He worries because I kill people?" He shrugs and gives Ena the last of her food before wiping her face. "I guess he's not wiring. Thanks, it

Taril just looks at Maure. "You got the bear a bear." He chuckles. "Of course you did. …but thank you. I'm sure a near cuddling a toy will be easier for people to accept." He means humans. "He worries because I kill people?" He shrugs and gives Ena the last of her food before wiping her face. "I guess he's not wiring. Thanks, it'll give them some extra comfort. Help them sleep."

"No." Maura feels the need, as always, to defend her templar. "He worries because shooting people with arrows and killing people draws attention. The kind of attention that could get me injured if I were with you and you were caught. Or if it were the Qunari… well, you've seen what they do to mages. And then there's how I react to things… he just worries." she finishes firmly, determinedly pulling her attention to the stuffed bear and baby bear. "Here you go, sweetheart. I hope you like it!" She puts the toy within reach, and leaves the blankies where they are. All living creatures beed their very own blankie ok? "You know I will keep bringing things."

Taril shrugs. "I did say he's not wrong." Of course, he's not going to maintain that 'could give a shit' look with Ena already snuggling that toy. In fact, he's grinning and even chuckling in a manner that suggests actual warmth. "Just not too much. I already have to consider actually living somewhere. She's not going to be able to sleep with me in a tree. Mathuin certainly wouldn't be able to manage, he's going to be huge." The parentig responsibilities, folks. THings he never thought he'd need to worry about.

Maura rolls her eyes, blatently. "Whatever." she retorts, with all the lack of maturity that can be (not) mustered. "Yay! She likes it!" SHe's going to be pleased with herself for *weeks* now, having found a toy the bear will snuggle with. Happy mage is happy. "Are you going to find an empty cavern along the shore or at the base of Sundermount? Or, go with a place in the Alienage." She ain't judging, just wondering. "I can't honestly say one of safer then the other. One is outdoors with bandits and poniders. And the other is here, with Qunari in the city." Both options suck.

"Probably out of the city in a cave. It's probably better for Mathuin if we do and I found one with a pretty good water supply that I usually bathe in." Yep! He's bathing in a cave. Of course he is. "I've already hunted all the spiders out of it, so unless they're overpopulated, it shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't connect to the rest of the cave system, I've checked and I'm not risking the Alienage after what happened to those buildings in Lowtown."

"With a good water supply, your cave is more luxurious already then the majority of Lowtown." Maura points out, lookng almost wistful. Running water obtainable without having to slog through the street for it? WANT. "Can't say I blame you. I'm surprised the building we're in didn't wind up in shambles too."

Taril laughs. "I know. Feel free to visit. The water doesn't even have a smell." Which is unique near Kirkwall. "I'm just responsible for these two now, so I have to make sure that Mathuin actually makes it to living on his own. Imagine me trying to teach a bear to catch fish?" Yep, he knows. Of course, both are snuggled in blankets and Ena hasn't stopped making happy noises about her bear, so the elf can't really complain. "I'll just have to make a bed. A blanket nest is fine for now, but even I don't like laying on the ground that much. How'd it go with the deepstalker? Name it?"

Maura shakes her head nope! Cause she is having a hard time imagining that. "What about a bedroll for camping. Put that on top of a bunch of blankets and it should work, right? Maybe we can get one of those mesh swinging things. A hammock." she suggests, lips curling upward slightly. "We named it Fugly. First it was Anklebiter, but we settled on Fugly. Adair tried to say no. But, in the end he couldn't resist how cute the little thing was. It makes these funny little growly noises."

"Maura, I know how to make a bed. Not a fancy one, but you put some pieces of wood together and tie rope over the frame and it's done. I can get blankets. I'm used to living on the move, remember? I've learned a few things." Taril grins. "Fugly? I mean, it's not inaccurate… and of course you think it's cute. Do you know what to feed it? You might want to let it catch small things for itself so that if you have to go away from a ready food source, it's not a burden."

"Okay, okay. I'm just trying to be helpful." Maura is tempted to stick out her tongue. But, opts out at the last minute. "So far, we're feeding it meat scraps. But I'm sure we can bring it out somewhere and show it what prey looks like." The nug population is going to decline soon, apparently. "Yep, Fugly. It's got to be a little weird having one of them as a pet, but." Shrug.

Taril chuckles and finally picks both Ena and her bear up to put them on his lap. "I just don't want you to worry. Damp ground means a bed. That's all." He gives another laugh at the name as he rubs at the beat's ears. "You'll like it. They're smart,"

"I was going more for the 'suck up' gift, plus giving one of the poor dears a home." Right. Anyone who calls a deepstalker a 'poor dear' is just a sucker. Flat out. But that's Maura. Big heart, not enough thinking behind it too much of the time. "Let me know when you've got it set up then, and I'll bring a few housewarming things." she decides, pushing herself back up to her feet now.

Taril laughs. "Cave warming. Maura, only you would try to suck up by giving someone one of those. …Fugly. Alright, I'll let you know. I have to take these two out for bathing tomorrow. I'll see how they like it."

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