Portrayed By Rebekah Staton
Faction Mage
Organization None Currently
Position Apostate
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 20
Place of Birth Lothering
Date of Birth Guardian 10 9:11 Dragon
Mother Leandra Hawke
Father Malcom Hawke
Siblings Carver Hawke Kalian Hawke
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Dragon Age II
Last Appearance Dragon Age: Inquisition (Mentioned)

Character History:

Bethany Hawke was born in Ferelden, just shy of twenty years before the onset of the Fifth Blight. Her hometown, Lothering, once rested towards the southern end of Ferelden, quiet, self-sufficient and the perfect place for a family housing apostates to avoid the ruthless eyes and blades of the Templar Order. Bethany is one of three children born to the estranged Marcher noblewoman, Leandra Hawke, and the Apostate Malcom Hawke, with whom Leandra had eloped later in life. One of a set of twins, born at the same time as her brother Carver, the only girl and one of two Mages born to the Hawke family.

Much of Bethany’s life has been shaped by her role as an Apostate, with her family, particularly her twin, frequently sacrificing their own ambitions to help keep herself, her father and her brother free of the Circle of Magi. Trained by her father from early childhood to both master and conceal her magical talents she has thus far avoided apprehension by the Templars. Though, in spite of living in fear of the Circle of Magi, Bethany has grown up deeply pious and holds the Chantry in high regard. In conversations regarding the treatment of mages she consistently holds that while the Templars may be brutal, the Chantry, the same entity that spreads the Chant and love of the Maker must be able to be reasoned with.

Bethany’s relationship with her brothers is loving, though often somewhat chaotic. She and Carver, in particular are prone to arguments, as the two come from very different schools of thought regarding Mages and Templars. While Bethany loves her mother dearly, it is her father with whom she shared the closer bond.

Malcom passed away during the leadup to the Fifth Blight, leaving the Hawkes bereft of their leader and Bethany without her teacher. However, they were not left with a great deal of time to adjust to life without him. Carver finally made good on his promise of enlisting in the army and marched off to Ostagar, only to return shortly with the story of the crushing defeat and the approaching Darkspawn Horde. Lothering was seized with fear as those who could afford to leave did, and the town’s Templars began to hurry people along as soon as they arrived. The Hawkes were in no such condition to pack up and go, save for the one shred of hope that was Leandra’s estranged family in Kirkwall. Led by her older brother, the family managed to survive long enough to find aid from the most unlikely of sources. After being joined by Aveline and witnessing the death of her husband Wesley the survivors were carried to safety by none other than the Witch of the Wilds all for a simple, strange favor to be carried out by her older brother.

The family has now arrived in Kirkwall only to discover to their dismay that the hoped for family fortune has been gambled away by their uncle Gamlen. Now, living in squalor in the iron grip of one of the most extremist Knight Commanders known to Thedas both Bethany’s life and freedom are in more danger than they have ever been.


At her core, Bethany is kind. She is of a giving nature, and is most often willing to forgive before holding a grudge. She is also level headed, often preferring to try reason and compromise before resorting to violence. She is pious so much so that she maintains her faith in the Maker and the Chantry despite the discrimination that is levied against Mages by the institutions of the religion. She is loyal, with a penchant for self sacrifice, often putting her needs, often emotional needs, aside for the sake of her family. However, none of these qualities mean that Bethany lacks a ferocity which comes to the front when she is pressed.


9:11 Dragon, Born in Ferelden
9:30 Dragon, The Fifth Blight begins. Bethany flees to Kirkwall with her family.
9:31 Dragon, Free of their indenture the Hawke siblings begin to establish themselves in Kirkwall.

Other Information


Hawke Family Theme, Inon Zur
Mage Pride, Inon Zur

Memorable Quotes:

"All these years I tried to understand what Andraste saw. Why she had to lock us up. But my powers come from the Maker… and I just cannot believe that is His will."

"I was just hoping it would be different here in Kirkwall. We're not running away again. We're coming home."

"Father was a good man, but… Mother gave up so much for him. Of course, if she hadn't worked up the nerve to elope, she probably wouldn't have been able to resist the templars, either. If we'd been born here, you'd be nothing more to me than a name the Circle kept in my file."

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