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Scene Title Bottom's Up
Synopsis Some serious drinking in the hanged man.
Location The Hanged Man
Date 29 August Dragon 9:31
Watch For Maker have mercy, Sebastian.
Logger Cenn

Its not early, nor is it overly late.. it is that middle point that those that hold daytime hours are just starting to consider sleep and those that prey on the darkness have settled in and looking towards an evening of trouble. As a result, the Tavern is at the peak of it's evening bustle, that point just before the evening business starts to wain and as such mostly standing room only and even that is elbow to elbow. Unless you are back there.. near the shadows. That is where Tyce is sitting, he has a table to himself, with Balai tucked under and those closest to him having been pushed back, leaving a wide swath around the grumpy archer. On the table, a pitcher or two.. only the brave had managed to wander back there.. and well those fools have not stayed long.

Let it never be said that Cenn was not a brave man. Not always the wisest, but certainly brave. He's had an evening free, and he's off drinking, and he's been in the Hanged Man for awhile by this point. No armor, just simple clothes suited to the establishment. But he looks his age, for once, only bearing his twenty six years of life. The ale is helping, too, bringing a healthy flush to the Lieutenant's face as he finds small talk and drunken revelry and… There's a part in the crowds for a moment. And there's that table, all off in the corner. And that man, with that dog. Still alive. And thus do we come to the point of Cenn being a brave man, because in the next moment the man is taking up his mug, walking to that very table, and settling himself down in a drunken flop upon one of the free chairs.

This is a totally just one of those random patrons who do business in the Hanged Man. Really. This cloaked figure who slips in through the front door, keeps their head down and features shadowed as they slip through the crowd. Totally normal during the evenings, or whatever, right? The individual then disappears upstairs. And no, they're not deciding to hide in Varric's suite, FYI. But a few guys who come in through the front door after this figure, and go up stairs, do come back down…confused and annoyed and griping about how someone missed someone else climbing out a damn window. Because obviously that's the only way this individual manage to elude them. Probably. Not like whoever it was could just disappear into thin air. People can't do that, right? So the confused trio of thug-looking individuals seem to begin gravitating back towards the door.

That Carys trails after down the stairs a few moments later, dressed in the usual fare of a peasant in Kirkwall (or even less so, this skirt's got patches!) is a complete coincidence. Really.

Sebastian isn't really known for being in taverns. Hell, he isn't known for being out of the chantry much, especially of late since the attack in the towns and the fact that he'd been responsible for taking a mage into battle? Yeah. Well. That goes without saying, he's not notoriously known for being out in the taverns. So, he might go underneath the radar, initially. He's not wearing chantry robes, he's not in shiny armor. He's just in rugged clothes and elbows himself into the place, since it's standing room only. The red hair and the blue eyes, might be a dead give away for those who know the Starkhavenite, otherwise, he can shove his way toward the bar to get himself a drink… Or so one would hope.

Well first Cenn is met with the thump thump of that over long tail and a nose bumping against him, though that is all because well Balai has a bone and the bone is good. Which no doubt is a much nicer greeting than the one that Tyce provides. Over the tankard his cold eyes catch Cenn.. yeah he remembers the Templar. Man pissed in his ….. fun. So there is a grunt. "Come to see if you can get a brawl right this time?" His gaze slipping past the man to the room beyond and well up the stair and down the stairs and well now… a brow arches before looking back to the Templar for a reply.

"Nope." Cenn says with a shake of his head, leaning back in his chair, and glancing briefly under the table, a small nudge back to that nose, his hello to Balai. At that glance to the stairs, though, Cenn looks over his shoulder, and… "Carys!" Cenn is very good at making himself heard when he wants to. It might be the one place he's successfully picked up the Templar Intimidation Package.

Sebastian gets jostled in his attempt to get a mug of ale, which is not to be unexpected in the bustle of the place where one nearly has to get a fight for some pissale. Well, whatever, the chantry boy is not here to observe. The way his brows are already furrowed, he roughs his way in to lay down some copper for some drink. The exchange is made and Sebastian manages to pull away from the bar with a pint. He does back away from the crowds at the bar, grumbling as he gets bumped a few more times but… the booze is saved! Yay. Fuck it. Down the hatch. It makes so he doesn't have to worry about losing too much over the rim, taking a good couple chugs, followed by a grimace.

Carys is, for the most part, initially keen on scouring the faces of the bar for a moment. After that, she draws a deep breath and lets it out. SAFE! And she hops down the rest of the steps, again having this sort of concentrating look on her features. A nod's given to something as she pats first her waist, then her hips. The self-patdown fortunately stops there as, despite popular belief, Carys does occasionally engage her common sense. But then that flash of stark red hair against the backdrop of the bar patrons catches her attention, and she pops two fingers into her mouth in order to let out a shrill whistle. Knowing her luck? Probably gets everyone's attention BUT the Chantry brother. But she'll wait to see if he…will… SQUIRREL!

Or in this case, TEMPLAR! Quickly weaving her way through the crowd in a manner that suggests that perhaps she tends to play-act her clumsiness, she half-flops, half hugs Cenn around his neck. "Yer loud when you wanna be," she tells the man giving him a little squeeze about the shoulders in greeting. A smile is given to Tyce and Balai, nevermind that Tyce is eternally grumpy. But then… a niggling thought. OI! "HEY!" She calls back towards Sebastian. "I CAN'T REMEMBER YOUR NAME SO YOU HEY YOU." YEs, Cenn, she stood up and took a step AWAY from you before she bellowed. Your eardrums are safe.

Shrill fucking whistle? In a place so crowded? Yeah, more than one person is bound to look. Sebastian? He glances over but since he doesn't know people well enough to give a shit, he ignores it soon as signals in the tavern. Most people around him grumbling about obnoxious people and all that for it. Still, it's the calling that gets some elbows jabbed in his way, and mutterings that 'hey think she's looking at you' … which causes Sebastian to look again, albeit, annoyed, to see who it was. Can't… remember his name? Well that's a good pick up line! Really. Sebastian just gestures with his hand, a wave… dismissive really, since he's watching the way the woman reacts with the other two at the table and really doesn't want a hooker in his lap. Or does he? Wait…

Cenn bellows and Tyce, well he is getting darker and stormier looking by the moment. Carys' arrival, arching brows as she flops into the Templar's lap… Hey look, Tyce has had a hair cut since the last time they spotted him. "Hey, don't kmow that selling the wares here would get you much better a deal." comes as a reply to Carys' greeting. Then the tankard is lifted, drained…before reaching for the pitcher… whatever it is that he pours in.. has a mucky greeny color kind of like swamp water, at least it doesn't gloop. Annnnd Cary bellows, calling over the redheaded boy with the looklike Tyce might be able to goad him into swinging a punch. Okay this might be interesting.

A prostitute. Of course his best friend in his lap looks like a prostitute. The talk of 'wares' from Tyce makes Cenn groan. "There are no wares being done anything with save the drink, Tyce." He says, "Wrong tree." And then Carys is calling after someone and Cenn turns to look. "Wait… Is that?" It's too quiet to likely be heard beyond the table. But he knows that face, now that attention is brought to it. But the name he knows for it… He really doubts he'd like that shouted across the tavern. Nevertheless, the Templar sends Sebastian a wave.

At least Carys /also/ forgot the name she decided to saddle the poor choir boy with. Probably wouldn't have done at all any good to shout 'Sweetheart' at him. She wrinkles her nose at Tyce. "Wares? What wares? These guys don't look like they're a chocolate lovin' crowd." This is again said with that sort of clueless look that suggests either she's playing everyone along or she really /is/ that clueless and naive half the time. "See! You know him too! Maybe you can get him over here," she comments idly. Then the undertones of what Tyce said kicks in. Finally. "Th' hell? I'm not a whore!" She crosses her arms and harrumphs, complete with hair flip as if THAT was enough to go 'SO THERE' to Tyce… and every other person in the hanged man currently.

Sebastian's sight ranges between the milling crowd toward Carys, hard not to remember the woman though certainly she looked more a whore than the last time he met her. Clearly, it was a case of mistaken identity but the actions of the woman wasn't necessarily suggesting that she wasn't from that place, was it the Rose? Well, nevertheless, he was about to move on, since he came here to get a drink, or two, or three… and forget about the world for a while. That /was/ a reason to drink, wasn't it? Save for the fact that, fuck sakes, a Templar sends him a wave. Caught in the act it were, Sebastian looks down into his pint and makes a decision. They have a pitcher of ale over there, at least, Tyce did, so maybe he could get an easier refill than jostling the folk at the bar. Even his heavy steps gave further indication to types like Tyce, that he would be easy enough to poke at and temper. Blue eyes fall on Cenn then Carys, lastly Tyce, as he approaches the table. He doesn't go to sit down, merely, stands there looking at the three, catching the last of Carys' words that she wasn't a whore. Pity, he had a pocket full of copper too. Be polite Sebastian, be polite! He bites his cheek before he grumbles out, "Evening." It was close enough to being polite, right? Not that he fucking looked like he cared, in matter of fact, he was exactly the type Tyce might sport at, easy pickings.

"Hey, I am not the one to suggest you stop advertising them." Tyce tries to growl out as he winces at the kick but well… there is a sparkle of amusement at Carys reaction and the tankard that covers whatever smirk might errupt. Then points out to Cenn, just to top it off. "Not my fault she was shorting the goods off when I met her." Even as Tyce pokes, Balai… the heart of anything good about the man, abandons her bone and flops her head down in middle of Carys' lap, her tail thwaping at the underside of the table. Then there is Sebastian.. a practicing dark and moody, Tyce's ice cold eyes lift to him, brow arching. "Well the last one was prettier, but yeah.." pushes one of the pitchers towards him. "Tender knows what it is."

Cenn gives Tyce a look that says he's distinctly not amused. "You just like making people angry, don't you?" He says, shaking his head. But making commentary about his best friend being a whore is really not a way to Cenn's heart. Shocking, surely. And as Sebastian approaches the table, Cenn gives him a nod. "I hope the night finds you well, Brother." Cenn offers. If his face wasn't familiar, perhaps that voice, under a hood at one poorly attended funeral, would be.

"S'not my fault skirts are obnoxious," Carys grumbles, but she doesn't seem /too/ peturbed by what Tyce says. For the moment. That and Cenn's got her back. And she has a dog! She beams a grin and readily gives Balai jowl scritches and finally, sebastian shows up! "Hi!" She removes a hand from the important task of doggeh scritches to wave to the Brother. "Heh, this is great; I can't remember yer name an' it looks like y'can't remember me at all." She's amused, clearly.

Sebastian's eyebrows twitch lower, furrowing at the ice cold eyes that touch against the striking blues of Starkhaven, about to say something in retort to the odd comment, before he lifts his own pint, thinking Tyce was offering him some, "I've me own-" he says in a burr that was definitely from Starkhavenite, the accent even harder for the irritation brimming just underneath the surface. That he's addressed as 'brother' here, has Sebastian frown even further. His eyes dart toward Cenn, distracted from Tyce, "I'd rather you not use that… I'm not about to be preaching…" He shrugs, "Then again, I frankly don't care." There was this sort of evident 'I don't give a fuck' look to Sebastian, as he took another chug of his pint. There's a simple look that turns to Carys, then a shrug, "Does it matter?"

Cary gets a snerk from the man, they had already had the discussion, to tease her.. well if Cenn doesn't like it the Templar can step off. Not that Tyce actually says that to him, mostly because he might…. might…. actually owe Cenn something. But it's Bash that gets the man's curiosity. Hell he can respect anyone who wants to say fuck the world and everyone in it. A booted foot pushes a chair towards the "Brother." well I wouldn't try it.." nods to the pitcher. "probably kill you." then suddenly he is looking back to Cary with a smirk. "I never said I was complaining about it."

"Apologies." Cenn offers to Sebastian with another small bow of his head, "Is there something you would prefer?" And as for Tyce? Well, Carys doesn't seem fussed, so Cenn will let it go, even if it makes his shoulder roll once. Oh, but look, booze. That makes sense, at least. A lot more sense than gruff archers with sweet dogs, and Brothers off drinking and looking like they want to hit someone… What had this turned into?

"Mmmmaybe?" Carys answers Sebastian, her brows furrowing just a little because well… this isn't matching up with what she recalls. "I thought we got along decently, enough… " Hence why she was trying to get his attention. There is just this very small flash of what could be a disappointed pout on her features, but she instead shifts so she's seated more comfortably on her 'chair' (HI Cenn) and turning to Tyce. "What's on th' tab for t'night? Got an extra glass I c'n get int'?"

The booted chair is caught with a knee and his empty hand, kicking it to spin it upon a leg, so the back of the chair is what his chest rests against when he takes it, straddling it all bad ass like with an arm hooking over it and his pint held aloft. Cenn's offer of something better to be called by gets a careless shrug, "Do I look like I have a fucking nickname? No? Alright then, it's Sebastian." And that was that, "And the Grand Claric can eat the Maker's balls, because I'm having a drink." This was to Cenn, since it's likely he did recognize the voice and knew the man's position as well. He flags a hand at Carys, "I'm forgettable and yet you recall that?" He shakes his head, "Such as it is." He watches her only briefly, since he's glugging down his drink in the next. Really, this is all Kirkwall's fault.

Tyce goes to take another pull from the tankard and pauses… brows furrowing as people start making eyes at his pitcher.. then it goes, slips right away.. heck it might even be a grin that Carys gets, even if it doesn't light his eyes… anyone hear warning bells yet? His hand lifting, voice bellowing out.. can't miss that voice.. all ground glass and whiskey, broken and raw. "Another pitcher and three glasses." called over the dinn of the room. The fact that tender looks at him as if he has lost is ever loving mind.. nope, ignores that.

Look, Cenn at least has the sense to have brought his own drink with him. But he won't turn down more drinking. He's been at it awhile, too. Carys gets an arm around her waist then, resting platonically on her side. Sebastian, though, he gets the Templar blinking. "Uh…" Cenn says with a shrug, "Plenty of people have nicknames, I suppose… But, Sebastian it is." And then that little gem about the Grand Cleric. "Well, you know… If… The drinking helps with your trouble, I suppose… I don't exactly make a habit of telling the Grand Cleric much of anything." Not going to go tattling on him, no worries there. Wow, Sebastian, shocking in every statement. "Forgettable? With a face like that?" He says, too drunk to pause before the words escape his lips. And he clears his throat immediately and looks away… Fuck.

Varric steps out of his suite. It's nothing really grand, just a dwarf stepping from a back room to settle at a table and motion for a drink. All unobtrusive and regular here, nothing to see. A nod is given Carys as he settles in and nods to the servingwoman. It's been a long, long day. He could use some relaxation.

Cenn's exclaimation gets Carys to hold her hands out in a 'what?!' look and those violet eyes are wide. "WHAT?!" She then corrects Sebastian, "I didn't say /you/ were forgettable 'cause, sweetheart," THERE it is, "You're not. I said I forgot yer NAME." And then it's there! "Ah, right. Sebastian…" And it looks like she's about to say more but she snaps her fingers, smirks and waves her index finger a little as if suddenly everything's clicked into place in a nice neat fashion, and she's finally recalled some important stuff. "I'll help pay," she does tell Tyce when he calls out the order for some mores stuff. Obviously whatever warning bells have been going off, she misses. She does watch the tender, and that's when she catches Varric's wave, to which she happily returns.

There was something more to it, the reaction that Sebastian had regarding nicknames, something on a personal level. That or everything said was going to make him want to chew glass. That Cenn acknowledges he wouldn't tell the Grand Cleric anything, as the exiled prince nod, sharply so. Anger presented itself even upon the mention of the Grand Cleric. Cenn's resounding shock at those words has Sebastian snap a look over at him, frowning, "What's wrong with my face?" Clearly, he expects Cenn to take a dig out of him, which should bring an entirely sort of perspective around about him, if people weren't drunk. Now Carys' reaction is a little overboard, nonetheless, gets a grimace for it. It was totally a grimace because of the 'sweetheart' thing, wasn't it? But, she does some weird stuff after that really, just calls for another swig of his own ale. Women anyway.

"No need, darl'n. I have this." Tyce growls, for some reason for the first time perhaps for anyone, not looking like he could bite heads off of kittens. His own cup drained, not before he lifts it in something of a toast towards Varric, meeting the dwarf's eyes with a smirk that may be just plain ass evil as the pitcher and mugs are brought over and set in middle of the table. Tyce ignores the look from the serving woman before he reaches out to start filling glasses.. One for Carys, one for Cenn, the last set in front of the moody Chantry brother. "Try that, it will fix whatever has your panties in a bunch." whatever it it is, it's not ale and somewhat thick when it is pushed towards each of the three before he fills his own glass as well. Under the table, the Balai.. yep that dog isn't dumb she goes back to her bone as if none of this is going on.

"Wrong with it?" Cenn says, looking affronted. Entirely insulted, in fact, in his tone that is breathless and dramatic and just… Orlesian. Painfully, unavoidably, gratingly Orlesian, which is very odd when paired with his Ferelden accent. "Wrong. With. It?" Cenn scoffs, shaking his head, "Sebastian, when was the last time you looked in a mirror? It's…" There's none of the embarrassed shyness, that fled in the wake of his indignation, "You're gorgeous." Drunk. Drunk with a stupid fucking mouth. He'd regret this in the morning. The cup that is passed his way? That… Oh Maker, what is that? Fuck it. Night of bad decisions, Cenn drinks, chokes, sputters, but manages to swallow. "Andraste's flaming tits, what is that?"

Varric is going to choke on his drink. "Well, this was certainly worth coming out for. You get 'em, Choirboy." See, the dwarf has a running bet with himself and he's kind of hoping to see the payout on it soon. "Jenny," he nods to Carys while he watches the rest play out. But Cenn? You are now his new favorite person in the entirety of Thedas. Congratulations.

Carys is just going to watch Cenn over her shoulder as he tries so hard to explain himself. "It's the eyes, isn't it?" She asks the Templar. A glance back to the Brother in question. "Amongst other things," But that's her way of saying 'The eyes are what got me'. At the last bit she can't help but giggle but OH LOOK. "Thank you!" She offers to Tyce before she picks her mug up and eyes the contents. "Hey, Boss," Carys responds to Varric …then as an after thought she recalls something and Cenn's again glanced behind her. A shake of her head's given, as if she was about to explain something, but whatever she was going to say is marred by his reaction. "Oh, so it's good?" The mug is eyed, and she gives a shrug and she drinks. Not a tentative lady sip, no. this is just a full on /gulp/. And then she spends the next three seconds forcing that down and she squeaks, "It's great!" Before she settles to drinking the rest of it. As quickly as possible. Because, y'know, that is the BEST way to get through a glass of booze you really don't like, right? Drink it quickly?

There's a flat look given to Tyce, as the glass of… thick something or rather is passed toward him and apparently he has panties in a bunch. "How many times have you used that line? Unoriginal as it is." Well you see, before he can go so far as to jab him further, Cenn is answering in a very dramatic … Orlesian… way. "I look in the mirror to get dressed…" he states matter of factly, deadpan as he can muster, because in the next verse, well, Cenn is declaring him gorgeous. Blink. Blink. Blink fucking Blink. His mouth opens to say something, then snaps shut, opens again, then he shakes his head and shuts it again. There's no fucking clouds in here to talk about! Distraction… DOG. "You know something, that dog must be enjoying his bone…" Right. The thick drink is eyed up, Cenn's reaction watched, wait no, he can't look over at the Templar, awkward… Then Carys is jumping on board. Just act normal. They're drunk. So… this drink. He regards it. Cenn wasn't a pussy. Can't let some metal head templar show him up, Sebastian takes a swig of it too. His eyes widen a touch… and there might be some immediate greening underneath the gills on this Brother. His face pales and he ducks his head down, fists closing on the table as he does his best to keep it down.

Tyce watches.. straight faced.. yep does not laugh, does not smile.. does not…there is a snerk before that tankard of his, you know the one that is twice the size and he just filled from that very same pitcher… the man not only lifts now that they are all looking at him.. he drains… one long swallow after another.. not pausing at all until the cup comes down.. thunk.. empty and those blue eyes, hard and bright. "Well aren't we all glad you all came to My table?"

Cenn just smiles. Actually smiles at that redirection from Sebastian. Like the damn cat that caught the canary. So fucking pleased with himself. Pleased enough, in fact, that his drunk ass self instinctively reaches for his drink again and… Bad plan. Fuck… This is vile. Why is he still, drinking this? But two of these four cups are empty, one by this smug motherfucker who tried to kill himself via bar brawl and one by Carys and… Fuck it. You live once, right? Or… Well… Twice, he guesses. It might kill him. That might be Tyce's plan. No death by bar fight, just… Out with a bang and bring three friends, but at least it's a decent story, and at least… Because he's continuing to swallow, and drain this glass, holding his breath… At least he would be found with an empty glass. No shame in that, right? The glass is put back down with more force than he quite means, and Cenn does not look happy about the taste in his mouth, but at least it's done. He'll remember how to walk at some point, he's sure. And finally, after all of that. After a long, deep breath… To Carys… "It is. And the hips."

Varric rests Bianca on the table, but it's just another act of a relaxed patron, right? Weapons worn on the back keep you from leaning back and watching the crowd. "Careful, Choirboy. You start trouble over that one and we're gonna have a talk about our friendship," he warns. Of course, it'll be just talk, right? He's holding a mug now and there isn't even a hand inching toward that dangerous looking crossbow. It's not like he ever interferes in the brawls that happen with such regularity in here, unless they involve the servers or those who can't hold their own. "Oh, bad call, Pokey. Bad call." He's even wincing in sympathy. Congratulations, you are all his entertainment for the night.

Yes, Carys's mug is empty. And she is setting it down oh so carefully in that manner of the 'I'm very quickly becoming shitfaced as my body tries to process whatever the hell it just ingested'. She then fixes the cup again. Turning it this way. that way. No, the handle should be facing this way… and then she just crosses her arms on the table and rests her head on them. And she says very calmly, not realizing she's speaking LOUDLY, "I just drank snot mixed with Deathroot Extract." And lo, It is probably the fact that Carys DOES dabble in poisons that has saved her from a grizzly fate. She then sits up, smacks her hands full on the counter before turning to Cenn. "Actually… s'not snot…. it looks more like…" And then she just cracks up laughing. "Y'know what it looked like…" She tries to get Cenn to agree with her. IT LOOKED LIKE… Y'KNOW. To Tyce? "I am /always/ glad!" Body has now processed Horrible Foreign Content. Liver is now going on strike. "C'n I have s'more?" And then she's giggling stupidly at Sebastian. Because… Whatever. She's giggling at him.

Choirboy? Sebastian hears it that time. He looks over his shoulder toward the dwarf, brows lowering. A complete look of 'what did I do' on his face, though soured by the fucking nasty ass drink he attempted. He chases it with his own ale, to try and wash it down, shaking his head… well. Whatever's in that drink, it doesn't agree with what's in Sebastian's stomach. His hand comes up to his mouth and he immediately stands up from his chair, dumping the rest of the contents of his glass on the table by how violently he came to his feet. GREEN. VERY FUCKING GREEN. In all the upset of his stomach, he doesn't necessarily hear the part about his hips from Cenn. He doesn't even have time to cry out 'Maker's breath' … because … oh it hits his stomach like a rock and the Maker has his vengeance for that comment about the Grand Cleric earlier! Holy HELL! Prince here, he's got a delicate stomach, remember! Fuck this! He'll save them from being puked on…this time! It's coming back up already, it's foaming between his fingers… People see that and dodge out of the way! In fact, there's more shrieks as folks realize to get the hell out of his way, unless they want puke on their shoes. He shoves through the doorway, bowling outside… to the sound of laughter chasing him.

Sebastian turns a few dozen colors and Tyce's grin grows… nope doesn't move, do you really think people have not puked on him before after trying this swill? Nah… what does happen, what might be more disturbing? He chuckles.. full fledge down in the chest chuckle as the man flees the table. Well thats one down. His gaze turns to Carys as she giggles and pushes her cup. Yep he fills it and Cenn's and well his own. "Now beautiful, who says it's not….. You Know?"

You know, at least Cenn doesn't laugh… Just cringes, as Sebastian runs for the door. Okay, he does laugh, but not until after the door swings shut behind Sebastian. And that is what makes him not immediately notice what Tyce is up to. Cenn is about to protest about that glass filling but… Too late. He sighs. "Maker's balls…" He mutters, shakes his head, "And if that is cum… Honestly, I do not want to know what sad motherfucker it came from, but he should really see a Healer because it is not supposed to taste like that." And Cenn would know. Or at least, he certainly seems like he would. And fuck it, why not drink the second glass if it's there anyway?

Varric isn't going to laugh. He's not going to laugh. …that's a lie. He slaps his leg and lets out a loud laugh. "I like you, Pokey," he informs Cenn. "Why don't you get him and the lady something to wash that down with," he requests of the woman bringing his fresh mug. "Every time you get someone to drink that swill, Sticks, I lose a little faith in the race. Good thing it's not mine, that's nearly gone." Yes, Tyce. That's your name.

Poor Sebastian! Carys does manage to kick her brain in enough gear to call after the brother, "Make sure y'drink plenty'a water, sweetheart!" Oh well. "He didn't look very good," she states quietly, y'know, the obvious. But now to her own drink! Carys takes her refilled cup and apparently both Cenn and Tyce DID KNOW. In fact, Cenn puts it to words. Her hand is… rather stable as she holds it and eyes the ingredients as doubt creeps into her mind on what the fermented pasty colored liquid is. "Eh, fuck it." And there goes that mug again and she's drinking, though, this time it's not as quickly as the first as she pretty much killed her sense of taste the first time around and thus can tolerate it. Also, she apparently has an iron fucking stomach. … Probably attributed to the aforementioned use of poisons. Carys /does/ seem the kind to have accidentally poisoned herself somehow. And then she just looks to Cenn. "What? It has /taste/?! That isn't bad?" Like what she's drinking.

So yeah, Tyce almost spews his drink at's Cenn's comment but it's Varric that gets his answer. the man running the back of his hand across his mouth. " Never had much faith in them to begin with but… as far as yours. No wonder they are almost all gone, Varric! The Templar says you need to see a healer." yep he went there. Then turning those pale blues back to the two across the table from him there is maybe, yes maybe even a little bit of respect as they make it through round two.

"Oh good, glad to be decent entertainment." Cenn says as he sets his glass, empty again because drinking this slowly is just not going to happen, back down. "Oh yes… Yes it does." He says then to Carys with a grin and a laugh, "Knew a man once who tasted like apples." That's not a lie, either. Or at least he's pulling it off well. And then Tyce goes there and he would double over, but Carys is in his lap. "Oh, Maker's balls…" He says, gasping breath through laughter, "I suppose that explains it. Not like I've ever tasted dwarf cum before. Is it always like that?" Because he'll play along.

"Sticks, if it was mine you'd be singin the praises of the maker AND the stone," he promises. "nd bouncing on my knee." He nods at Cenn. "And he'd be writing songs. Have some ale, kids. It'll help flush your liver from that shit." Now he's just going to sit back and sip his own Ale. Varric has no shame in his game, folks.

"Apples?" Carys then leans her head back, resting it on the Templar's shoulder. "Do /you/ taste like apples?" She just tosses that out the same time that Tyce and Varric have their words. And it isn't until Cenn comments on it that it registers in Carys's mind. But… it doesn't quite Translate. She's moving to her feet as if suddenly …shocked? Surprised? Indignant? "Y'mean we're drinkin' Goat dwarves!?" She then just… wavers. "… Oh, whoa… the room. It's… okay, chair… need chair I need t'si—Oh ale!" She will drink this first THEN sit down. She does try to sit back in her spot on Cenn's lap but she misses it completely and assplants on the ground qith a squeak.

Carys is on the ground!! And LICK! FROM chin to brow before Balai is playing lap dog, pushing the drunk girl all the way back and cuddling! thwapthwapthwap.. the tail keeps a good time to Tyce's final moment before he simply looses it. The laughter raw and hard coming in gasps as he shakes his head. "Tastes like… what they… eat… sweetheart." said to Carys as he eyes Cenn with a smirk. "Drink the ale, any more of this and you will kill wish your whole line dead." looking up to Varric. "They lasted longer than the last one."

"Nope. No apples for me." Cenn says with a laugh, and he's just going to avoid that other question, wincing as Carys hits the ground. But once Balai is over there, seeing to her, he stops worrying. And takes the ale. "Not going to have a line. No need to worry about them." He says, but then, with the ale finished, he's going back to the first joke. Because he's trashed at this point. "And, is that so?" He says to Varric with a smirk, rising with a little more grace than Carys had done… He's what? Twice her size? And making a point. "Well, I'm no good at writing songs, but I can probably come up with some other praise." He says, dropping to his knees in front of Varric's seat, with a look on his face that makes it very obvious he's joking.

"Oof…oh h'lo there," Carys slurs out as she's suddenly got dog everywhere. And she'll pay attention to Balai because even when she's three sheets to the wind, animals have a priority with her. But then she's trying to figure out how get back OFF the floor which means she completely misses whatever the hell it is Cenn's doing. But she recognizes that he's not in his chair. So, she scrambles a bit and eventually drags herself to take his seat, and pets Balai some more. Because it takes SKILL to get out from under a walking mop when you're shitfaced.

Varric voices a loud laugh, clearly and genuinely enjoying this. "I like you, Pokey," he informs. "Trust me, it'd be songs. Unfortunately, Bianca's jealous, so we'll never get to find out. I try to keep her happy. Keeps me healthy." He shakes his head at Carys. "Jenny, you stumble any more and I'm gonna put you in the back to sleep it off." To Tyce? "Sticks, you're gonna kill someone one day and then where will I get shows like this?"

"I don't force anyone to drink Varric." Tyce counters as he lifts his cup and take another drink because…. yes, he actually does like the stuff. Pushing a thing of ale towards Carys when she manages to bring herself back up. "Drink up sweetheart, you will feel better for it." Hey compared to his, that's just like drinking water! But its' Cenn that gets the snort, head upnodding to the dwarf when he turns the Templar down. "See how it is, Varric. I buy and they always end up at your feet. Now we know why."

Cenn's hand come to his chest in an overdramatic gesture of pain. "You wound me so, serah." Cenn says, and he almost manages a straight face. A moment later, though, he's laughing, patting Varric's knee, and standing, heading back toward his seat and… "Oh." He says, finding Carys there, and placing his hand on the back on a different chair to pull it out when Tyce makes that quip. There's a smirk at that. "You didn't seem the sort for my games, Tyce, but if I'm wrong, I'm adventurous." Incorrigible.

She's already drinking the ale. Which is probably not going to do much with the amount of terpentine in her system right now. "I'nm not at anyone's," She hiccups a few times trying to get 'feet' out but then she's beaming a pretty smile at Cenn because hey, it works. He's there, he's back. And she's just going to giggle again.

"That's just my charm and dashing looks, Sticks. Not everyone can have it," Varric replies. "I'm sure you've got someone to heal that wound, Pokey," he informs in a "comforting" tone. "I'd stay away from Sticks. He'll talk you into more of that drink and then where will all those broken hearts go?" He nods toward Carys. "She's right. Jenny can't even keep to her own feet."

Tyce snorts to Cenn. "His is not a direction you want to look Templar. There are reasons I drink like I do." the mirth broken for just a moment by pain so viceral that it is suprising the man has been able to hide it. Then the cup is lifted, drained and by the time he is done.. yeah, there is that grin. Standing then, the bow lifted from the wall. "Carry this, I will get her, just lead the way." offered to Cenn as he sets the bow near the Templar and bends to pick up Carys, over a shoulder, head down against his back. "Varric… not even Balai.." who by the way has stood and now making her way over to the dwarf to nose bump him as the get ready to go. "…. believes you. But I will say, Bianca is a damn fine reason to hold your ground."

"Oh trust me, there's a reason I care little enough to drink… Whatever the fuck that actually is." Cenn offers back to Tyce, trading a small glimpse of pain for one in return. "But alright." Not that he's totally sure he can walk long distances well… But he'll make it work. "Oh Maker… Davan…" He curses, realizing that getting Carys home is going to mean… Ah, fuck it. There's a nod then to Varric, "Night." Very eloquent… But he's picking up Tyce's bow, and passing to lead the way to the door, but not without tapping Carys once upon the tip of her upside down nose. "You alright up there, cupcake?"

Varric gives the dog a brief head-rub before standing to pick up the crossbow to head back to his own suite. "If you have any trouble, just give a whistle. I'm sure I'll find out somehow," the dwarf offers without explanation. "You lot be careful. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." And then he's gone.

She's still conscious, for the most part. In fact, as she's suddenly lifted and tossed over a shoudler like so much of a sack of grain, she even lets out a "Wheee!" and a giggle as she's now staring at the small of Tyce's back. "I'm not too heavy, right? I eat a lot. I'm probably fat by someone's standards…I could use a bite t'eat right about now… " She then blinks when her nose is tapped and she nods. "I am! I think. I am… not on th' ground which… um. An' I'm not in someone's bed? I think? I'm hungry." And then she's trailing into some really bawdy Ferelden song, because nobody does bawdy backwards songs like Ferelden, don'tcha know. "An' tell the tender not t'sell my pants!" And she's back to singing. At this point she may very well be trying to serenade Tyce's lumbar.

With Balai dropping beside Cenn, bumping at him for a moment before she starts towards the door, clearing the way…. yes.. that is excatly what she does.. those that don't want to move.. hear something that many don't hear more than once.. a low rumbling growl. With Tyce following the Templar there is a snort at the sound of Davan's name. "Fuck that's just what I need." shaking his head as he adjusts his hold on the girl, stopping by the bar long enough to turn her towards the tender. "Give her a roll, it will help her stomach." that done.."/That/ Cenn is homemade shine and fermented goat's milk.. about a fifty fifty mix. And it grows on you. Or in you."

"We'll raid the kitchen when we get you home, cupcake." Cenn says with laugh. Davan had said an open invitation, right? Well, he's going to put that to the test. Cenn follows behind Balai, heading outside into the night air with a deep breath. He manages okay… For now. And at that reaction to Davan, and that explanation of the drink… "Oh, fuck me, really?" Cenn says with a cringe, "Well that's… You know… I think I would be more okay with dwarf cum. As for Davan, I take it you've met? She's his roommate."

"UNTIL I get my own place!" This is said upside down while with a mouthful of roll. It doesn't matter if she's got the worst shit ever churning in her stomach this girl is a trooper and munching on that roll like there's no tomorrow. Come to think of it, she tends to do nearly everything like there's no tomorrow. Weird girl.

"We are in the same company." Tyce explained with a grunt for the girl behind him. "Well you can always come stay with me, Darl'n." said with a chuckle at her "cheerfulness." his long strides catching up to Cenn as Balai brings up the other side. "It's an acquired taste." is all he says before. "You are going to want to drink some water and put something easy on your stomach before you lay down. Trust me this isn't something you want to come up in the morning." the gruff tone, less of a growl as he side glances to Cenn.

"Do eclairs count as easy?" Cenn asks with another laugh. And that's when the first stumble happens, just a little to the side that Balai is on. "But yeah, alright, noted. I'll make sure Liddy sees to her too." Poor Liddy. And then Cenn goes back to laughing… And laughing… And then… Wasn't Carys singing a few moments ago? Because wherever she left off in that Tevinter song? Cenn's picking it up. Davan is going to be… Well, lets hope he's being a night owl too.

Carys doesn 't quite hear Tyce's offer…probably for the best. Because when Cenn picks up where she left off in her singing? She's suddenly back in the here and now and singing along right with him. And trying her best to match his voice. … hanging upside down. And likely singing into someone's back. And she is so horribly off key… the kind that only drunks can manage.
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Cenn stumbles and starts to sing and hell Tyce doesn't even bother to answer.. all he can do is wince as soon as Cary's joins in. Ohh yeah, this is going to be fun.. though which part, getting them both back or Davan when they get there? The archer hikes Cary's a little higher on his shoulder, Tyce might be a good sized man but there is no way he can carry both or leave one here in Lowtown to come back for, so Cary over one, he wraps an arm around the back of Cenn and tucks a shoulder under his because…. well if he is starting to wobble now.. no telling what happens with the second cup hits.

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