Portrayed By Hayley Atwell
Faction Mage
Organization Circle of Magi
Position Mage
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 27
Place of Birth Redcliffe
Date of Birth Drakonis 28
Mother Petra Larosi
Father Renis Larosi (deceased)
Siblings Lorill (deceased), Miriam (deceased), Ransley
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Theme Song Sons and Daughters - The Decemberists

Character History:

Born of merchants in the prosperous village of Redcliffe, Brea was the youngest daughter of four. A precocious girl who rarely took no for an answer, she was often dubbed the Larosi Troublemaker. At a young age, she found that strange things happened around her. Running about Lake Calenhad, she fell off a dock and crashed into the water. For a moment, a buoyant slab of ice pulled her upward to the surface, before melting back into the waves. Then, when she was eight and horribly scared by a prank pulled by her eldest brother, the fire in the common room burst upward, scorching curtains and nearly burning the house down. Quickly, she and Lorill put out the fire and he scared her even further, this time with his serious expression and voice. He put his hands on her shoulders and swung her toward him, looking her straight in the eyes.

"Brea. You can't tell anyone about what happened here. Promise me."

Brea promised. Lorill took the blame for the curtains, saying he accidentally knocked over a candle and was punished with extensive chores. Keeping her word, she told no one about that day, even afterward.

Three years later, there was a fire at the Larosi household in the middle of the night. Her father and middle sister were found charred in their beds. Her middle brother was badly burned, her mother barely made it out alive. Lorill's room was burned so severely, they only found fragments. For closure, they buried ashes. Brea escaped completely unharmed. It was then, when the authorities investigated the fire, that they found Brea's mage talents.

Brea's mother and brother blamed her for the fire. Despite Brea's pleas and heartfelt assurances that she didn't do it, they thought it a result from her burgeoning abilities. They couldn't turn her over to the Magi Circle fast enough. She was then raised at the nearby Kinloch Hold. Brea did not blame her family for abandoning her, but the injustice of it made her angry and determined. She threw herself into her studies, intent to show everyone that the fire was not her fault, that mages were not the evil people thought.

Always a willful child, she bucked against the idea that Mages were to be feared or that they should be so restricted. She understood the danger of magic, but believed in the good of people. A mentor to the younger students and a formidable scholar, she at times clashed with the senior enchanters and was generally thought of as an internal pot stirrer.

She went to her Harrowing without fear and returned in what some may call record time. As a newly appointed Mage, she continued more of the same press toward the ideals she believed in. Soon, she was transferred from Kinloch to Kirkwall. The official reasoning was a needed opening in their library, but it was most likely done in order to put her under a more severe thumb. It was years later from Kirkwall that she heard of the news that Kinloch had fallen to Abominations that took over her childhood Fortress.

The news only strengthened her resolve. All people heard were the horrors that Mages could do, she wanted to show how they could protect and heal. That it was the people that shown through, not the horror that magic could wrought.


A woman of strong convictions and optimism, Brea is a mage determined to prove that Mages do not need strict restrictions and are simply people with foibles. She is a woman who values learning and attempts to mentor the novices of Kirkwall. She is a stubborn, strong headed and willful person. However, she is kind and cares for the wellbeing of others, often above her own wellbeing.


Other Information

Currently, Brea is one of the Kirkwall Circle of Magi librarians.

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