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Scene Title Breaking and Entering
Synopsis Carys breaks in to Davan's home.
Location Hightown, Quaint Mansion
Date August 2, 2016
Watch For The moon.
Logger Davan

There is one thing about Tevinter interior design that Davan is eternally grateful for. The bathing facilities. Sure, he has to go to the ground floor, but say the words 'heated bathing pool' aloud and try not to feel joy well up in your heart. Just try it. This mage certainly can't. So, freshly bathed, he takes the (thankfully heated) back steps to his room on the upper floor wrapped in the biggest towel ever. Seriously. Blanket sized. All the while? Princess rests in her miniature bed on her own silk pillow. Does he keep his windows locked? Of course, but those locks are standard and haven't been changed in quite a while.

Apparently in her casing, she completely missed the fact she actually /knows/ the person who resides here currently. Not just knows, but actually likes! Hey, he bought her an outfit and then fancy cloth to make further outfits from. It keeps her hands busy. But, well… a girl has to eat. Or well, a girl needs a new roof over her head. OR… a girl just…wants to break into some idle rich bitch's house and rob them. She hasn't done that in a while. Just turns out…yes, see the point about knowing the person.

Luck would have that she chooses this particular window. Apparently, she either misses movement within or just doesn't care. And while likely silent by /human/ standards, an animal probably can hear the way a set of lockpicks work a lock, and not to mention the way a window may squeak when open. Carys doesn' move in until she sees the 'shadow' of a person moving past, before she pushes through the opening and through curtains. Still crouched, she glances around the room and her eyes fall upon that silk pillow.

And Carys proves to be the best thief /ever/. "… you look familiar." Yes, by speaking.

Well, at least part of the description fits, but we're not going into which bit. Davan was completely content to walk on through his post-bath routine but no. No, someone had to speak. So he lets out the manliest screech ever, the towel drops off half his body so that he can ready whatever spell he was he was going to cast when recognition dawns. Congratulations, Carys. You're not going to be fried. "MAKER'S ASS CARYS!" Give him a moment to catch his breath, then pick up the towel, and then glance over at Princess, who is hopping off the bed and directly over to the thief. "…of course…" Well, he's never mooned a thief before. Lots of other people- both on purpose and not- but never a thief. "If you wanted to visit, I've left instructions…" Excuse him, he needs a moment. "I'm putting something on."

Davan lets out his screech, manly as it is. This startles the daylights out of Carys and she's leaping up and two feet back and letting out a screech to rival /his/ screech. But, fortunately, she's /dressed/ so there's no clothes dropping. And while he's recognizing her, she's… staring. Because, well. The towel's on the ground and….Either way Davan's facing, Carys is staring and not really getting /anything/ he might be saying to her. Not until Princess bounds over, likely jingling.

"…Huh?" She just blinks now at him. "You say somethin'?"

Davan huffs the heaviest sigh to ever be sighed. "I didn't mean to startle you that much," he finally says as he pulls out a set of pajamas and quickly pulls on the bottoms so that his ass is at least covered. And Princess? She jingles as she bounces and wiggles in for a greeting. "What are you doing coming through the window? Did no one answer the door? Or… Oh," the last is said as the reality of the situation dawns on him. "You do realize that if you need something, we're friends?"

"I'm not used t'my marks not passin' the hell out after screechin' like that," Carys mumblesa s she picks Princess up and OHLOOKYOUAREOCUTECUDDLEFOREVERS as she wanders over to just sit somewhere as you please. And from above all that fur and fluff of Princess, Carys's face is barely visible… and what can be seen is /beet freaking red/. There's a mumble there, muffled into princess's fur as she tries to disappear into the chair.

Davan stares at Carys, or what he can see from behind Princess' fluff. "My dear, whatever is the matter?" He waits, looking completely confused for several seconds before realization dawns on him. "Oh! Sorry, I keep forgetting Southerners and their sensibilities. One moment." He pulls on the top, though it doesn't button above mid-chest, and makes a 'there!' motion. "Better? Now. Whatever were you doing coming in through the window?"

She's waving a hand trying to indicate that NO he didn't need to put on a shirt…but…Sigh. So much for her thing. "S'not what I was…" She's going to give kissies to Princess and she then sits up straight trying so hard to get some dignity back into her pose. She… probably fails here. "I mean that… well…see…um. I didn't… know…this was your place," she winces at the admission and digs, yes in her corset top, for something, which is a piece of paper. "Last I checked it belonged to a… er… um." She wrinkles her nose. "Sometimes I can't read my own handwritin'," she mumbles and then holds the paper out to Davan, "It sounds Tevinter…th' name I mean, but I didn't think it was /your/ name…"

"Aunt Livinia," Davan informs as he hands the paper back. "She hasn't been able to travel for years, poor thing. Of course, she yells at my father and thinks he's the hall boy, so that's rewarding. She was married for a while, but her husband was an ass and she had him assassinated. In a show of rebellion she changed her last name to a mix of ours and her husband's. It was quite revolutionary for the time. Now, was it for spite, profit, or both?"

"For kicks?" Carys offers a sheepish grin. "But yeah…profit an' spite. I kind'a… need a new place t'live and well… I haven't 'acquired' some things some rich tit didn't need in th' first place in a while. Seemed like a good mark," she glances around. "But I don't rob people I like, so if I knew you were even here I would'a steered clear." She pauses. "Nice ass though."

Davan grins as he turns to open a box on his vanity, taking a moment to shake his backside. "Well, that's a relief. Princess would go right along with you without a struggle." He sighs. "Maker, you're still without a home? I told you I'd help you with that." He pulls out a handfull of coins. "This should at least cover a roof, and don't argue. You're robbing my father. Mother won't let him remove me from the family accounts- I think she still holds out hope. Once you have someplace to stay there are a few I think you could safely rob for spite and sport. I've seen the state they send their servants home in."

"Oh, I wouldn't sell Princess, I'd take her home with me an' I'd be the happiest ever!" Oh more cuddles for Princess? Don't mind if she does! Carys does laugh at the rear-wiggle before she tilts her head. "Well, some of us kind'a have a 'few tuppence a day' job it's kind'a hard t'save up for somethin'. On the other hand…" She frowns. "T'be honest, I'm tryin' to find some place other than where my last place was. There's a … spot there. Where the explosion was. I don't like it." However, she's instantly perking up again at the mention of people who need to be robbed. "Damn, I'm just findin' nobles actually /worth/ it all over the place. I knew Kirkwall was fuckin' odd."

"Well then stay here. Have you seen how many rooms I have? And if you don't want to stay here forever, then just stay until something else comes along." Davan gestures in the direction of Lowtown. "Maker knows I shudder to think of you living in one of those hovels. Who knows when the next wave of nastiness is going to come from below to wreck the place? Up here you have to worry about upturned noses and poor manners." He all but shoves the coins into Carys' hands. "Your job is to pet Princess and say yes." Because Princess LOVES the cuddles. The fact that all she's done is wiggle in place should be enough to convey that.

Carys is not usually one to turn away money being shoved at her. "It'll be put to good use," she promises, a certain weight to her words that says she will do exactly that. Starting likely with the clinic that's been her home for the last week or so. Hey, Anders, betcha didn't expect rent! And Princess is more than welcome to just…sprawl or whatever on Carys and she'll be happy to give scritches. "I…" It's obvious that she's just not sure how to take the offer. Her expression is one part Thankful, one part 'OH GOD NO', one part 'OH THE CHAOS I COULD CAUSE' and one part '…whu'?'. "Uh… I can do laundry?" She offers in return since she is being told she has to just say yes. And pet Princess. She'll pet Princess.

"Of course it will. ..and please, you can do whatever you like. Sew, wash, just let the staff know that they're not being replaced. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find a reliable laundress. I'd like to think they're well paid enough to stay. Now, let's see if we have something decent for you to wear to sleep in. I'll have the room made up…" Davan reaches out to pull on a string and, sure enough, someone's there within a few seconds and then off again with instructions. "The washroom and bath are downstairs. You MAY have to make do with whatever dressing gowns were left behind but we'll fix that tomorrow." Apparently it's all settled.

Like anyone who has 1) lived their entire life on their own and 2) lived practically the entirety of it on the streets the whole Pull String Get Person trick causes her to blink. Must be nice to have…stuff. "You… really don't need t'go through any trouble… I'd just as soon crash on the couch." HIs comment about dressing gowns and the like just means those owlishly large violet eyes of hers just stare at him. He's… speaking Tevinterese or whatever at this point.

"Something to put on when you get into bed, and you're going to have a bed. I don't make guests sleep on couches." Soon enough, the servant is back with a box full of things that he hands over to Carys. "Soap for the body and the hair. Slippers, a dressing gown, a sleeping gown, and other necessities, I'm sure. If the gown's uncomfortable, we can have pants made for you."

Carys gets an arm full of stuff! "oof, sorry Princess," she mumbles. The soap she seems fine with…but she's pulling the rest of it out of the pile and eyballing it like it's some weird contraption. "… I …" This is her 'I sleep in a linen shift AT THE VERY MOST' face. … It might not be easy to translate. But she does stand up, juggling STUFF with Princess. Princess eventually is set back down. "I…um." She twirls a curl around her finger. "Thanks."

Davan reaches out to give Carys a brief hug that won't crush the box against her. "You're more than welcome. Now, Liddy will show you where the bath is- I'm going to have to thank her for agreeing to live in- and she'll show you to your room. Let her know if you're hungry. She's wonderful and will take care of everything. Tomorrow, we shop."

Carys will obediently follow Liddy, though once out the door Davan will be blessed with a "What the fuck do I do with alla this stuff?!" … Poor Liddy.

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