Scene Title Breaking & Entering
Synopsis Marianna goes looking for a certain lost ring.
Location Warehouses
Date 14 Justinian 9:31
Watch For Inventive young thieves.
Logger Steel

Gulls cry in the fading light over Kirkwall. With one section of the city's warehouses overtaken with Qunari, the sight of any warehouse has made many uneasy. Thus, the district is quiet tonight. Those that do mill, do so out of necessity. One certain warehouse stands dark, the door locked, seemingly empty.

Marianna walks idly along, taking the measure of the area, the mood of those out on the streets. She doesn't try to hide her weapons at all - in fact, she's relying on them to send a silent message to those that might take an interest and that message is to go bother someone else. She does her best to hide the fact that she's looking for one specific warehouse. She pauses to grab a bite from one of the few food peddlers that may be out, then makes a small show of being interested in the comings and goings of the ships in the harbour. Once she's satisfied herself that she's given the impression of being just on the random prowl for opportunity, she then takes care to approach the warehouse as unseen as she can manage.
She examines the lock closely, looking for any signs it may have something extra for those not supposed to be opening it.

The lock appears to be just a lock, and it does seem that Marianna has been successful in not being spotted as she investigates the warehouse. So far, so good.

Marianna stretches a little, then flexes her arms, rolls her head, and then tries the door. If the lock does indeed appear to be engaged, she then sets about trying to pick it.

The door does not budge when it is tried. The kids, it seems, at least have the good sense to lock their door. The lock is even a decent one, and takes some work. It's a good few minutes before the click of success gets the lock to release. One man does glance down the alley toward the warehouse in that time, but he does not seem intent to cause trouble, and walks away.

Marianna waits until it seems as if the man is truly on his way before she opens the door, pushing it open, then stepping in just enough so that she can close the door. She waits, then , leaning back against the door, allowing her eyes time to adjust to any light sources inside. If there are none, not even natural light, then she will fish out her small lamp and light it.

There are windows in the warehouse, and they do offer a little bit of light in the fading day. The warehouse is a maze of crates, however. Literally. Crates stacked high to build winding walkways that double back and turn someone around if they know not the way to go.

Marianna lets out a soft, frustrated sigh at the labrynth in front of her. Then she shrugs, gets out her small lamp and lights it anyway - she'll need better light once she's in the maze. That task done, she moves forward carefully, directing her attention to anything that might serve as direction markers or any sort of disturbance or other oddity that might be a hiding spot for a cache of some sort.

Someone less skilled at seeing details likely would have been turned around easily. One thing this kids hadn't accounted for, however, was being tracked. By following the track of worn away dust, the main living areas of the warehouse can found. Built into the maze, walls made of crates, it is a young urchin's dream. Piles of blankets for beds, stolen mismatched furniture. Lanterns cold and dark. And in a back "room", a set of four chests, all very different in make.

Marianna pauses to go through the items at each little area she finds, just to be thorough. Once she gets to the "room", assuming she hasn't found anything valuable already, and particularly if she hasn't found the ring, she'll walk carefully around the four chests, checking for traps at first, then examining the chests more closely.

Thus far, nothing of particular value has jumped out. Mostly just stolen items needed for survival. Some nicer than others. There do not appear to be traps on the chests, though they all do appear to be locked.

Marianna shrugs her shoulders and decides to just go the brute force method and pick the locks one by one in no particular order.

The locks are not particularly in good repair. Stolen chests, or picked up after they were discarded, it's easy enough to get them open. One holds a goodly amount of coin. Another foodstuffs. Yet another has papers of all varieties. And the fourth has all manner of different items. Necklaces, mirrors, boxes, ribbons, needles, beads, cups… It goes on and on.

Marianna purses her lips as she ponders what to do. This is more than just a small cache - she know the Coterie might well decide to have a few words with this lot about tribute. She decides on the spot to leave the food; no need to leave them starving. She does decide to take the papers, though, all of them. They could be worth more than the rest put together, but she won't have time to go through them right now. The box with the necklaces seems the most obvious, but she leaves that, choosing instead to paw through the chest with the coins, checking to see if it's just coins in there. As she sifts, she take the time to listen for other sounds that might indicate arrivals at the door.

Young thieves are not always the brightest, and it seems they have not left a guard. The chest with the coins is mostly full of copper. It's not a massive amount of coin, but it's good enough to keep them going for awhile. There is a false bottom a couple of inches into the coins, however, making the thing appear much more full than it is.

Marianna grunts in amusement and respect both as she finds the false bottom, chosing to give the young thieves the benefit of the doubt and assume skill and not luck. Grinning, she dumps out the coins, then lifts up the false bottom to see what may be inside. If the finds nothing, then she'll move on to the chest with the various oddities.

Under the false bottom are a set of carefully bound books, fine, much finer than anything else here. Strange, really.

Marianna frowns at the find, then looks up and around, checking once more for any sign of arrivals. Seems these young thieves may have got themselves a bigger haul than they thought. She quickly gathers up the books, putting hem into the same small sack the papers went in to. She debates taking the coin, but decides to leave the children their 'wealth'. Making sure there's nothing else in that chest, she moves on to the last one, carefully emptying the contents onto the floor, then checking for more false compartments before searching through the pile of various bits of jewelry.

The contents of the chest spill out onto the floor and there is… A lot… Here. Some of it valuable, a lot of it little more than shiny baubles. It scatters across the floor, crystal and gems with polished bronze, wooden carvings, and costume jewelry. What a mess.

Marianna sighs, shrugs her shoulders, and then sets about pawing through the pile, scooping up anything that is valuable. Or, if the Maker smiles on her, the actual object of her search.

There are some valuable pieces her that she is more than capable of pocketing. The ring she seeks, however, does not appear to be present.

Marianna lets out a long, slow breath of disappointment. She decides to sort the rings into one pile and search through that pile once more, just in case she's missed anything.

Unfortunately, no, it seems that is not where the ring is. If these kids ever had it at all. But perhaps there are clues to be found in some of these papers or books.

Marianna looms around at the mess, then smiles a little, deciding to collect up the baubles and the coins and puts them back in their original chests. That task complete, she does decide to search the chest with the food in it, just in case one of the urchins has hid the ring in there.

No ring there either. Just a lot of mostly unhealthy stolen food. These kids can't be older than 14 with their penchant for sweets.

Marianna satisfied and disappointed that she hasn't missed the ring, she stands, then makes her way back to the door, extinguishing her lamp, then stepping through. She pauses to let her eyes adjust to the late evening light, then checks to see if anyone is watching her before she moves off towards the small 'house' she shares with her mother, being careful to check her trail often. She takes a circuitous route as well in order to make it more difficult for her to be followed.

It seems Marianna escapes without being noticed. And she has a good amount to account for the time spent in the warehouse. Even if it isn't the ring she sought. At least, it isn't yet. Who knows what leads she may find?

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