Portrayed By Sean Bean
Faction Rogue
Organization None
Position Apothecary
Sex Male
Race Dwarf
Age 24
Place of Birth Kirkwall
Date of Birth Harvestmere 6, 9:07 Dragon
Mother Iska Kodas
Father Torim Kodas
Siblings Kalala Kodas (Older Sister), Volrav Kodas (Younger Brother)
Marital Status Single
Children <children>
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Character History:

So the story goes, the Kodas were once a part of House Ivo. Their soon to be patriach, Judar, was an alchemist and healer, preferring experimentation and scholarship to the traditional noble pursuits of politics and warfare, and occasionally butting heads with the Shaperate over tradition versus innovation. Judar would eventually come to the head of his House and seek permission to go to the surface with a small retinue to pursue his primary focuses: an alchemical means of cleansing taint, and a solution to the issues of dwarven fertility. His request was granted on a condition: that Judar and his descendants would change their name until such a time as they returned to Orzimmar with a discovery worthy of the exception they had been granted. Judar would come to reside in Kirkwall, and he and his descendants would serve as alchemists and healers within the community. Given the rather strict nature of Kirkwall's Circle and the Kodas devotion to their craft, they made a very comfortable living for themselves.

Bronan was born to Iska and Torim Kodas, the middle children of three but the first born son. While his older sister worked on prostheses and medical devices (his mother had been from a former Smith Caste family) and his younger brother tasked with the gathering of herbs and reagents, Bronan became involved with the task of both healing and the creation of various alchemical products. His talents and desire for innovation often lead to experimentation, and thus it was decided that he would be given more time to focus on invention and discovery rather than the day to day, though he would assist in more mundane matters of the family business.

In his late teens he would be sent to the University of Orlais to hone his craft. Though usually requiring a noble sponsor, the promise of dwarven wealth and the prospect of novelty won out, and thus he made the journey to Orlais. It was in preparation for and over the course of this journey that Bronan developed facility with sword and dagger, being resolved to not become a statistic to some roadside bandit. Though probably never destined for the skill of a master swordsman, by the time Bronan set off for Orlais he was confident enough to not make a fool of himself. In Orlais Bronan would find an environment that was by turns exciting and infuriating. There was the prospect of intellectual discourse and scholarship, but the Chantry overshadowed many attempts at progress. Bronan himself held no opposition to the Chantry (as a Stone taught Dwarf he was quite understanding of the value and safety of tradition), but their proscribed limitations on experimentation and medical inquiry began to chafe. If anything, it was these attitudes that would drive Bronan into medical heresy. In his years in university Bronan would come to articulate several theories: among them, that the theory of humors was incorrect (how then did infectious disease spread?), and making revisions to the standard alchemical recipies to require less ingredients (actual performance improvements would take more time). He would not come up with the solution the Kodas required to return home to Orzimmar, but it was a start. As it turned out the Blight would occur just as Bronan was wearing out his welcome with the university, and after six years of study he returned to Kirkwall a few hops and a skip ahead of the Darkspawn horde. Returning to his families practice, he now finds himself at a crossroads: needing and wanting to assist in the day to day running of the family practice, but also believing himself to be in the vanguard of alchemical and medical research. He believes that in time his theories will be proven true and he will produce sufficient discoveries of merit that his family will be allowed to return to Orzimmar, and the Kodas will become Ivo again. Or perhaps Ivo will become Kodas?


Bronan is a pleasant, mild sort, though his repertoire of casual conversation suggests that he often finds himself (and believes himself to be) a caretaker of his own race and of others than actually a part of it. He is aware of the inner conflict between his drive for knowledge and innate curiosity and his ethics, and tries to avoid dancing on the slippery slope. Unlike the rest of his family he has no particular drive to return to Orzimmar: to him, it would simply be proof of accomplishment


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