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Scene Title Bruises
Synopsis Cenn discovers the evidence of Davan's trip to Darktown
Location Quaint Manor
Date 09 Kingsway, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Cenn being a protective retriever
Logger Davan

Davan has been busy. There have been clothes to purchase because what he wore to Darktown? It was thrown into a fire. Really. Ew. Of course, all of that is forgotten about as he's been told he has a visitor and he heads into the sitting room to meet his guest. "Well hello," he greets, sounding as pleased as ever. Of course, his neck is hidden by the collar of his shirt but he's always cold, that's no surprise. As long as he doesn't turn too much everything will be fine. For now? He's going to walk over greet the visiting Templar.

Cenn is even wearing some of the clothing that Davan had sent to him. Look at that. Either he cares for it or he's the type for flattery, maybe both. He smiles, bright and pleased, as Davan arrives. And when his lover approaches, Cenn wraps an arm around his waist, bending to steal a kiss that is sweet and tender from Davan's lips. And as of yet, it does not seem the Templar has noticed anything amiss.

Davan returns that kiss, smiling again once it ends. "You look incredible," he informs, tipping his head enough to catch Cenn's scent. "This is a nice surprise. Liddy gave me no clue that it was you. Which probably should have clued me. I think she's taken a liking to you. Beware." He takes time for one more kiss and then indicates the sofa. "Tell me you can stay for a while?"

There's a very small blush then. "Really? You would think the servants would be irritated with the man that inevitably leads to the whole house being awake." He says, but mostly just sounds amused. Nodding then, he lingers a moment before breaking away to go to the indicated seat. "I can, which is why I'm here. I try and turn up when I have the time." He does, really. It's just that… Well, things are busy. Either he has patrol or training or someone in the Circle needs something…

Davan rolls his eyes as they sit, settling so that he can turn to face Cenn. "You're kidding, right? They adore you. Liddy may have designs on keeping you here. If she approaches with that predatory look, you'll know she's finally putting her plan in motion." He reaches out to take hold of the Templar's hand, placing a kiss on the palm before shaking his head. "It's not a judgment. I'll happily take whatever time you can give me. It's merely to prepare myself for the inevitable," he teases, putting on a dramatic look and even placing the back of one hand on his forehead before laughing. "I do enjoy the drama."

"Keeping me here?" Cenn says with a laugh, "You can't be serious. Why?" Silly man does not understand at all, it seems, what he could have possibly done to have earned this adoration. There's that smile again, though, as Davan kisses his hand. And when Davan putting his hand to his forehead, Cenn can't help laughing again, reaching to take that hand away, using the lean as an excuse for another kiss. "As long as it amuses you, I suppose." Spoken practically against his lips, but besotted none the less.

Davan isn't going to answer until he's gotten that kiss and followed it with another. "Silly man," he finally says, resting his forehead against Cenn's. "If it were anyone else, I'd say you were having me on." Of course, relaxed as he is and as distracted by his lover's presence as he is, he rests his head on the man's shoulder. There's no full display of the bruises-really just finger marks along one side of his neck, thumb mark on the other- but enough of a hint that they exist. "Liddy has ulterior motives, the rest have their reasons. I can list them if you want."

Cenn blinks. "Ulterior motives?" He asks. Boy would get eaten alive in Tevinter. "Maker, I really do not understand…" Which, he's not stupid, he'll pick it up once it's explained, but he's never had to deal with this before. He had servants up to the age of seven, but after that, it was a simple life around the Chantry. These were not relationships to which he was accustomed. Much less being the master of a house. He turns his head to place a kiss to Davan's temple, and it's then that he notices the marks on his lover's neck. His brow knits, and his hand lifts to trace the finger marks gently, just a different shape than his own hand. "What happened?" All concern.

Davan starts to speak, but that blink and that confusion end the attempt in a sigh. "Of course you don't," he agrees, reaching up to caress Cenn's cheek. "They think you're attractive, others haven't been spoken to like a person by anyone not a fellow servant in great amounts. Liddy thinks you're a wonderful influence and wants to keep you here." The mention and touching of the bruises reminds him that they're there and he hesitates over the answer. But then there's that concern, damnit, and he can't lie about it. "I… made a trip to visit a certain healer in Darktown."

You know, if Cenn wasn't so concerned with what had happened to Davan's neck, he might care more about the answer to his first question. As it is, it is significantly less important to him know. But that answer just confuses him more… "You went to see Anders and you left with a bruise like that?" Cenn says, saying the name with familiarity.

Davan blinks. "You know him? No, not him. He was prepared to fry me with lightning, I believe. His… friend- yes, I know they're more, it's not my business- took offense to my accent. I understand why, but there was a great deal of threatening my life and holding me up by my neck until I gave acceptable explanations for my presence." It's not hard to see the hesitation over that part. "I wanted to ask his help with a former slave. Apparently the information was a little close to this Fenris fellow. In my defense, I had no way of knowing."

Cenn nods. "He was in Kinloch." It's the only explanation he offers. Anything more was Anders' business, and Cenn isn't about to get into the Healer's soft spots. He's not quite that rude. He does, however, frown, and growl just a little, his arm going around Davan once again. "Why did you go down into Darktown alone?" He says, all worry, "Please don't do that again." He's one to talk. But Davan didn't need to know that.

Davan was all set to protest that he's a grown up mage, but the worry stops him. "I… oh alright, I'm certainly not going to go there again." He reaches up to run his fingers through Cenn's hair at the sound of that growl. "I wanted to get his help for a slave- former slave- I brought to the city with me, that's all. I hardly anticipated that reaction, but I'm fine. See? Just a few bruises." He'll think about the fact that he's not being dramatic about those later.

The growling ceases at that hand in his hair, but there's still a protective tension in the way that he holds on to Davan. "If I know anything about Anders, something tells me the company he keeps is more than capable of being deadly." He says softly, his fingers still tracing those bruises lightly, "I am glad it was nothing worse. Though I am honestly surprised he let you walk away injured…"

It occurs to Davan that he should be protesting, not leaning his head to the side so that the bruises can be more easily seen. "To tell you the truth, so am I. I think Anders might have been the convincing factor there. I asked him to take this ex-slave- an elf, which didn't help my case at all- on to teach him something about the use of herbs." He sighs, still running his fingers through Cenn's hair. "I'll heal."

"No, no…" Cenn says, "I mean Anders. He doesn't… He's a Healer. He doesn't normally just let people be hurt." There's a small shake of his head, and he's frowning again. Because he doesn't like this injury on his lover. "Yes, I am sure you will. But I don't have to like this." Dog. Cenn is actually just a dog.

"Cenn? His lover is an escaped slave. I can't give you any more than that because it's not my story to tell. I'm sure this man saw the truth. I'm not the token good anything. I was there with my own agenda. Making sure one man has a chance at a life doesn't mean I should get a pass." Davan sighs. "They're bruises." He's not going to say 'and now you understand my view on Tyce', but it's there, implied. "I doubt he'd be inclined to heal me even if I were actually dying."

"I doubt that is true." Cenn says, "I know Anders. He doesn't just… Let people die. Not unless they've really done something heinous and…" You know, he's just going to stop there, he doesn't care about the rational argument. This isn't rational. He doesn't need it to be rational. He tips his head down, chin covering his lover's neck, his hand falling away from the bruises to wrap his other arm around Davan.

Davan continues to brush his fingers through Cenn's hair, his other arm going about the man's shoulders. "Easy, amatus, it's alright," is said at a whisper. "I'm sorry for making you worry." As much as he should be protesting that it's silly to worry over bruises, he's too focused on moving himself closer. He's even making those comforting noises that he's probably only ever heard from a nanny at some point in his childhood.

Look, Cenn has… Some problems. His problems have problems. In fact, in one particular case his problem's problems have problems. But this… Ah, he's gone and gotten attached. And Davan has been hurt, and there's these thoughts that curl in the back of his mind, these memories of failing entirely to protect someone. He shakes a little, but that's it, otherwise, he just stays where he is, breathing deep and willing the thoughts to stop.

Davan continues petting Cenn's hair, turning to place kisses against his ear. "It's alright," he assures again and he might question where THIS instinct came from at some point. "It's going to be fine. I promise, I'll stay away from that place from now on." It's all repeated, as if that repetition itself might make some sort of difference, but he's not moving.

Eventually, Cenn does calm some, and takes another deep breath. "I know…" Cenn says, pulling away some and shaking his head, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't… You can do what you want. It's not mine to tell you what to do or where to go I just… I get protective when I…" Words are hard and he's failing at them tonight.

Davan shakes his head and leans in for a kiss that's soft, aimed at comfort. "You don't have to explain." He sighs out a hint of a laugh. "Trust me, I know. Do you know how close I came to biting that Tyce fellow." The name still comes with something of a growl. "He managed to get himself wounded in some kind of skirmish by the coast. I took him to the Chantry but I'm afraid I had a hard time being charitable." He watches Cenn for a few seconds to reassure himself that the man is alright.

"Oh Davan." Cenn says, laughing quietly and shaking his head. "He didn't poison me. I could have turned down the drink. If not the first glass, definitely the second. That was my own stupidity, not his fault." But the topic does lighten his heart some. Though in the next moment he's considering something and the way he looks at Davan is… Oh, that's a dangerous look, and not in any way that has anything to do with physical threat.

"I didn't say it was rational." Davan's expression is somewhere between humor and- please mark it down- sheepishness. "I still want to set the man's pants on fire. …and in no way fun for him." Not a huge conflagration. He'd settle for a bum burn. That look gets his attention, and he can't help the questioning gaze that returns it. "Maybe a couple of fires strategically placed."

Cenn laughs a little again. "I suppose that is fair." He says quietly, his hand raising to cup Davan's jaw. But there's questioning in the look back to him and it makes Cenn realize how he'd been looking at him, and it breaks it. Clearing his throat, he looks away a moment, and shifts. "You know, I've uh… Just remembered… That I… Have… A thing."

Davan reaches out to take hold of Cenn's hand. "Just remembered? Alright, I have no claim on your time," he assures, even leaning in to place a kiss on the Templar's cheek as he starts to make his getaway. "You know… maybe you should run from me. It might be one of your better decisions." That's not going to stop him from brushing his fingers over his lover's hair again. "I won't be upset. The door is open, that means you can go in or out."

Okay, look, Cenn doesn't know what to do with this. He doesn't know what to do with this heart… This heart that he has in his chest again, and he's not sure when it turned back up, much less when it started working again, but he's really uncomfortable with it being there. Much less that it has decided to just go and make choices for him about… About… Cenn sighs. "I'm not running from you." And it's when it leaves his mouth that Cenn realizes how ridiculous it is. He can't very well run from himself, can he? "I just… My heart has decided to do stupid things that neither of us likely want…"

Davan reaches out to put his hand on Cenn's cheek, urging him to look at him. "Look at me? You really, really don't get the decision on what I want." It's not said without kindness, and even that SHOULD feel weird. "I don't… I just…" He sighs. "I've had years to learn to not trust attachments. It was dangerous back home, it's more than dangerous here. Because the second you learn that I'm not any different from a hundred other horrible men from my country, you are going to walk away. I don't want that, but perhaps you should think that fact over."

"I'm not saying that I do…" Cenn says, "I was just going based on what has been said…" But he looks at Davan anyway. And his brow knits, and he tilts his head. And there's that confused puppy look, though he doesn't realize he's doing it. "What in the world do you mean?"

Davan leans back on the sofa. "Maker, that look." He sighs heavily. "You know my father gave me a slave to keep me at home. You know what that slave was meant to be? Well…" Damnit, why is this so difficult? It went fine with Carys! "Well, I didn't exactly keep my hands off. I'd had a fight with my father, I was so drunk I barely remember, but that's no excuse. In fact, I'm still benefiting from the work of slaves. THAT is what I mean."

Cenn sighs. "And I benefit from the suffering of generations of mages, of the abuse of the elven people. I am a jailer." He says, shaking his head, "If I were to cast stones at you, I would be the worst kind of hypocrite. None of that is going to make me run."

"You are terribly hard to convince." Davan gestures toward Cenn. "And yet you suddenly remembered a…thing? I'm not asking you for explanations you're not willing to give. I'm not even asking you to tell me why you seem to be fine one second and ready to run the next. I'm not making demands on you. So, if you have something, go. Just… maybe you should let yourself get attached to someone."

"It's not about you…" Cenn says, "I… I am hard to convince that you have done something to earn my running. But my running is just… I know this isn't fair. This back in forth, these moments where I just…" Running a hand down his face, Cenn shakes his head. "I don't have anything, that was a lie, and not even a terribly convincing one. I just… I have managed attachment. That isn't the problem. I have a couple of people but I… You're…" Stupid heart, stupid, quick, silly heart. It always was the sort of decide things quickly, but Cenn had forgotten how quickly.

Davan raises an eyebrow. "Suddenly good at looking convinced that you really had somewhere to be?" He supplies the rest as an easy out. Joking enough, but not enough to be insulting. "I'm saying that I don't mind those moments."

This is not how Cenn wants to do any of this. At all. So he just sighs and shakes his head. "Forget I said anything about being anywhere." He says, glancing up toward one of the windows, and the fact that the sun has set already, "Come out with me." And he's standing, offering Davan is hand. "There's this spot, out on Sundermount, where I hear the stars are beautiful." And Cenn will rent horses if he has to, he really doesn't care at this point.

Davan may be more than a little confused but he takes the offered hand anyway. "There's nothing I'd like more." He stands, taking a moment to regard Cenn, but he's given up on trying to figure any of this out.

"Good." Cenn says with a smile, "You may want to bring warm things, though. You seem to freeze easily and it is night…" But he figures Davan will probably have someone gather things. "You know what… I'll meet you back here in twenty minutes. Horses are easier than walking, especially if we want to be back at a reasonable hour in the morning." The last of the summer may be dying, but he could make use of the last of it.

Davan laughs. "The only man I know who can make being out there at night sound like an acceptable thing to do. I'll ask Liddy for blankets." He assures before leaning in to claim a kiss. "And be waiting by the time you're back." And of course he's going to have that autum-worthy coat of his.

"I am glad to be convincing on some level at least." Cenn sends back with a laugh. Can something be stolen if it is given? Well, either way, a kiss is exchanged, and Cenn leaves with a smile. And twenty minutes later, he does return, just as promised. Two horses tied up outside, dapple grey geldings who have little mind for fussiness. And he lets himself in, seeing no need to knock.

Davan is just settling into that wrap-around coat of his. The fact that cenn lets himself in earns an approving smile. "Finally, you feel comfortable enough for that." He teases as he tucks the coat closed. A woven basket filled with at least two quilts is picked up. "I'm mildly afraid to find out what she's put in here. She likes you."

At being caught out letting himself in, Cenn blushes. "Yes, well…" He says, glancing back to the door, "I don't think that will be a habit anytime soon." His heart had made decisions quickly, his head had not. Never the less, he laughs, and offers to take the basket with open arms. "Well, if it's that she likes me, it can't be that bad, right?" He says, and turns back toward the door to lead the way out.

Davan can't help grinning at that blush. "Habits do take time. As for Liddy? I'm half frightened that she likes me." He admits before handing the basket over. He'll follow along and even the prospect of horses doesn't seem to bother him. "I haven't ridden in months."

"It's been near a year for me." Cenn says, tying the basket to the saddlebags. "So… Why is it that Liddy scares you, exactly?" He asks, and makes sure that Davan is getting himself well into saddle before mounting himself.

"Because," Davan answers as he settles into the saddle. "She doesn't seem to fear anything. She also seems to genuinely care. That's frightening enough on its own. That she has opinions about the state of my life makes her terrifying. She's taken with Carys, though. Trying to make her into a proper lady." Enjoy that thought.

Once mounted, Cenn settles, adjusts a little to a saddle he is not familiar with. "I suppose that's fair." He says, and then laughs. "Oh sweet Maker. A proper lady…" He says, shaking his head, and turning his gelding around to lead the way out of the city. "Can you even imagine? The ruffs might kill her…" Of course, leave it to Cenn to picture an Orlesian lady.

"If she didn't use them as weapons first." Davan agrees as he urges his own horse to follow. It doesn't take long for him to adjust. Then he's riding as if he does it every day. Or did. "She's do damage with the shoes, certainly."

"That is true." Cenn says, laughing again. "Still. The sad cat noises she'd make would be truly pathetic." And there's a grace to someone knows how to ride that Cenn can't help but stare at. "I take it you rode back home…"

"And completely worth the risk of injury." Davan agrees. The question earns the hint of a smile. "Every day. I used to tell myself I'd get away that way. I'm sure I never believed it, but the idea was enough."

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