Portrayed By Nico Lennon
Faction Warrior
Organization None
Position Mercenary
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 20
Place of Birth Ferelden
Date of Birth 10 Guardian 9:11 Dragon
Mother Leandra Hawke
Father Malcom Hawke
Siblings Kailen Hawke, Bethany Hawke
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Dragon Age II
Last Appearance Dragon Age: Inquisition
Themesong Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Character History:

What is there to be said for the youngest Hawke sibling? Youngest by all of seven and a half minutes, mind you, but still the youngest. His sister did so love to point that out. As though there weren't enough things to harp on him for. Which, there were. See, the youngest child of Malcom and Leandra Hawke was the only of the three that was not a mage, and was also the easiest of the three to goad into just about anything. Because with parents brave enough to claim the life they wanted on their terms, a brother bold and precocious as Kailen, and the lovable saint that was Bethany, that was… A lot to live up to. From a young age he was going out of his way to impress his parents, to keep up with his brother… And when the stresses of it made him angry or bitter or scared, it was to his twin that those feelings were vented. She was safe. For all he tormented her, she loved him still, and though as he grew older he got worse at saying so, he cared for her as well. All of his family, really.

When their father died, however, Carver was at a loss for how to help any of them. Leandra was supportive and kind, Bethany gentle and soothing, Kailen strong and capable… They didn't need him. And being in their home in Lothering just brought back memories. Memories of Carver trying to sit in on the lessons Malcom would give Bethany and Kailen, though they never made much sense to him. Memories of how Malcom would indulge him anyway, if he was brave enough to actually ask when he felt lost, which he was not often bold enough to be able to do. Memories of his father trying to teach him things that he knew little of himself, trying to connect with a child that was not a mage and… Well, mostly managing. Carver could always tell it was a challenge. And all of those memories were too much. He was getting snippier and snippier with each passing day.

Thus was what lead Carver to strike out on his own, enlisting in the Ferelden military. There, he gained training that he had wanted all his life. He had a taste of a freedom he hadn't known before, not having to stay hidden and quiet for the sake of not drawing the Chantry's eye to his home with mages. He loved his family, he did, but he didn't know how hard it had been to breathe until he took a full breath on his own. He made friends. He was talented. Truly and actually, talented, he could do something, be something.

And that finding his own legs while out on his own continued. For the first time, he had a real social life. His friends took him out drinking. He learned how to dance. Carver even got sweet on a girl he met. It was a young, puppy dog type thing, but it was nice. Bright, happy, generally fulfilling. And then the Blight came.

Ostagar was… A terrible thing. So much more terrible than he can even say, or think about. He was fierce, and his fellow soldiers spoke highly of his abilities after it was said and done. Dedicated and brutal, he'd had to be drug from the battle when Teryn Loghain had pulled his soldiers out. But it haunted him, though he didn't speak of it. He went home, not sure of what else to do. The Blight was coming, the King was dead, his friends… So many of them were dead. They couldn't stay in Lothering, though, his family. With the Darkspawn approaching, they needed to flee. So they ran. And likely would have died. If a series of events that no one was ever going to believe had not occurred.

With the aid of a fucking dragon… Yes, a dragon, he doesn't really want to talk about it, they made it eventually to Kirkwall.

But Kirkwall wasn't what they all had imagined. Their Uncle Gamlen had gambled away the family fortune. There was no fortune, no estate, to return to. Just a ruined name that was just enough to get them employment that would pay their way into the city. For the past year, Carver and Kailen have worked with a band of smugglers, paying off their debt so they can try and start an actual life across the sea. But Kirkwall had never been his home, and he was returning to the life of staying quiet and small to keep his siblings safe. Though he loved them, and would never want to see them carted away by the Chantry, this was bitter. But he would make due. He had to, they all had to.





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