Portrayed By Kat Dennings
Faction Rogue
Organization The Friends of Red Jenny
Position Servant
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 19
Place of Birth Ferelden
Date of Birth 19 Guardian 9:12 Dragon
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

For as long as she could remember, she'd been on her own. Naturally, she likely had a caretaker early in her life, otherwise she wouldn't have made it to an age to where she could actually rememeber something. But after that… the only family she could ever speak of would be the temporary joining of other gaggles of homeless scamps, which would place the foundation for skills she would hone later. Things like basic pickpocketing and certain con-artistry tricks like looking pathetic on command—the kind of pathetic only a beggar child can achieve. She also couldn't tell anyone if the name 'Carys' was the name she was given at birth, or if it got attached to her at a later time. She had about as much clue to where she was from. She started out in Ferelden, that much she would admit to, but even that had a loose attachment to her.

Because of this rather vagabond upbringing, Carys got used to quickly being her own mistress. Being a child already meant one would strain against the bounds of rules—a child that was used to living on her own all but thumbed her nose at what others lived by from day to day. She reveled in her freedom, and the lack of familial bonds rarely bothered her. This would only worsen as she got older and more set in her ways. Eventually rules and laws and order and other such nonsense were for /other/ people… and as she got older, her eyes opened more towards the plights that she witnessed in her day to day life.

And she realized that she could do something about it.

However, where other people might see the plights of the unfortunate and do something like donate stuff and other such things, and then go back to their /better/ lives, she decided that doing something about how people on the fringes of society were treated meant partaking in even more lawlessness. The pickpocketing, and the begging and the general charlatan activities eventually grew into larger acts of larceny. Certainly, the poor would often benefit from her acquisitions, but she was just as likely to break into someone's house just to send a message and prove that she /could/. Or if something just really caught her eye and she wanted it for herself (Can't be altruistic all the time!) And where her targets used to be people too stupid not to go walking about in slums where small child hands could easily snatch a coin purse and generally had no theme, they now were more focused. The idle rich. The abusers of Authority. People in power that threw their weight around, or just couldn't be arsed to turn their ignorant eye to the plight of the common people.

Of course, all of this lent to her roaming nature. Once law enforcement got the idea that someone was being a pest (sometimes just for the sake of being a pest) it meant that there might be witnesses and as Carys wasn't the kind to 'deal' with witnesses or anything like that, it usually meant moving on. And she moved on from one country to another.

Her escapades had caught the attention of not only law enforcement, but others on the fringes like herself. It wasn't for some time until they approached her, and by this time she had started bouncing from City-state to City-state in the Free Marches. The Friends of Red Jenny were heard about, of course. They had that kind of reputation. While she never really aspired to be part of anything, the offer to be a Jenny appealed to a want to belong that she didn't even think she had. And since she really didn't have to change anything about how she operated, she agreed.


Thanks to the Fifth Blight, people fled Ferelden in droves, and it seemed like the Marches was a great place for them to go. The mass immigration slowed her tendency to flit from place to place, and she found herself planted in Ostwick for the entirety this crisis lasted. Once that was over, she decided that she really didn't want to look at Ostwick anymore. So, she hit the road again.

For some reason, either by chance or design, she ended up going /towards/ trouble, instead of away from it, and found herself a month or so later in Kirkwall of all places. And while she briefly contemplated turning around and going in the opposite direction, she decided that she could stand to stick around for a bit. The sheer number of refugees was bound to be a breeding ground of shit she didn't like and would want to do something about and MAKER who thought those statues in the Gallows was a good idea?! So, after checking in with the local Head-Jenny, Carys set out to get herself settled. And immediately, the differences from stints in other places was evident. Such as the necessary acquisition of a day-job (Serving wench at the local watering hole? Eh, it's a sort-of-living) because when cities have refugees up to their armpits, business as a thief does not tend to go too well and actually securing something that might be considered a permanent residence. The plan would be of course, to keep her head down until she can get a better feel for the environment, but knowing herself as she does… Maker only knows how long that will last.

Recent Events

Carys has taken to Kirkwall like a duck takes to water. Though not quite in the way she had intended. She's managed at least amiable contacts in nearly every section of the city and even has something of a legitimate reputation as a candy maker (Thus proving that even a year spent in Orlais wasn't completely useless). She is still a frequent presence in Low and Darktown, often trying to make sure the refugees aren't being taken advantage of more than they already have. However, strange for her background and association, she's managed to secure a (though in her eyes, temporary) home in Hightown. The influx of gaudy Tevinter decorations in the market is totally unrelated. Really.


It's very obvious from the start that Carys is not the sort who seems to take much seriously and tends to be amused by nearly everything. There's a certain joie de vivre about her that she refuses to suppress, pretty much living her life as if it were to end at any given moment. There's also the habit of being easily distracted and she tends to whip through topics and thoughts without much pause. All of these combined tend to give Carys an almost naive and untouched-by-the-world personality, even if her upbringing, which she does not shy from mentioning, says otherwise. However, underneath those twinkling eyes and ready laughter is someone who truly wishes to work to better the lives of those that have fallen to the wayside. She resents most nobility for they, in her eyes, have failed to do their duty in taking care of the common folk, and she especially hates bullies and will often interpose herself into any situation where she witnesses such a thing regardless to the risk to her own person. And as one would expect of someone who cannot for the life of her recall any adult supervision, Carys has extreme difficulty with authority and following the orders of others.


  • 9:12 - Carys is assumed to have been born.
  • 9:25 - Carys finds her way to the Free Marches, leaving Ferelden behind. There's evidence she took the long way around and likely terrorized parts of Orlais on her way.
  • 9:27 - Carys finds some friends! The Friends of Red Jenny, that is—and joins up.
  • 9:30 - Carys is stuck in Ostwick thanks to the Fifth Blight in Ferelden.
  • 9:31 - Carys gets sick of Ostwick, goes to Kirkwall. Gains immediate hatred for the decore.

Other Information

  • Carys has an unholy dislike of the statues in the Gallows. It holds its roots in the fact that the Gallows is often the first place any visitor to Kirkwall sees, and Carys was not impressed that her first sight of the place was some weird sado-masochistic decorating. Kirkwall Hospitality, indeed.
  • It's likely very difficult to guess Carys's origin by recognizing her accent. The base is Ferelden/Marcher but there's just other qualities there that muck it up. The fact she has a rather lazy sort of way of speaking likely doesn't help matters.
  • Carys has a prominent sweet tooth. She has admitted to having made sweets she carries with her. She hasn't given any clue to where she learned the skill, though.

Tropes Associated with Carys

  • Beware the Silly Ones Good luck finding this happy, hyperactive, goofball of a girl's beserk buttons… but be prepared to deal with the resulting bloodbath when you do.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer Easily distracted, hyperactive, an unhealthy obsession with sweets and is probably one of the best thieves currently in Kirkwall - Or so she feels.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin Her main smile is one of these.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl When she's not having to be deft and agile, she has a habit of tripping over her own two feet.
  • Distracted by the Sexy Best way to get Carys to stop in her tracks? Find a well cut young man, strip his shirt off and have him appear before her. Guaranteed to get babbly thieves to shut up and stay still for the foreseeable future.
  • Little Miss Badass She's in her late teens and remarkably competent at what she does. Having practically spent her entire life on the streets and utilizing various cons and thefts to survive has made this possible.
  • Refuge in Audacity Pretty much how Carys tends to function.
  • Sticky Fingers Self Explanatory. A shiny bauble is about the only thing that rivals a well cut shirtless dude in getting her attention.
  • Street Smart Um. Duh.

Memorable Quotes:


  • Emilie Autumn - Fight Like a Girl
  • Nightwish - Last of the Wilds

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