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Scene Title Catching Up
Synopsis Cenn and Carys have catching up to do.
Location Lowtown Market
Date 22 Haring 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Adorable fox?
Logger Cenn

Okay, it's been a weird…six weeks or so. Weird and busy. But emphasis on weird. And unfortunately, the busy has been prominent enough that the weird has not been given time to be addressed. Jobs have to be done, this has to be taken care of, that has to disappear… things of that sort. It's only now that the winter has begun to settle, the jobs and such have eased up in favor of staying indoors and warming toes.

But shopping has to happen even in that event, so Carys, recently returned from somewhere else, is browsing the wares of the lowtown merchants. She is humming lightly to herself, which goes to prove that she probably didn't return from someplace in Orlais. Or perhaps it's just that the rack of jewelry she's browsing through is particularly pleasing to herself. Preferring these to the Hightown merchants, of course, because these people need money to eat. Not for silk socks.

"What d'you think?" She asks, tilting a bracelet down. And who should be sitting pretty as a picture in a nice canine-sized (NOT UGLY) sweater? Oh, but that adorable silver fluffball Princess. Who… isn't giving Carys the time of day, because her attention is on some meat-on-a-stick vendor over there, not on what appears to be faux-jade silver jewelry. Carys catches this. "No. Davan would positively murder me if I gave y'somethin' with that much grease…" And so potential customer is now having a one-sided argument with 'her' pet. Cue the not-amused vendor.

This Winter has been a bitch. An absolute bitch. It's cold, it's snowing, the crossing from the Gallows is an absolute nightmare. Sometimes, though, you just can't stand it anymore. With the double patrols Cenn has been taking, he's likely choosing a trip out instead of sleep, but he's going stir crazy. Wrapped in fur, leather, and heavy linen, Cenn was originally going to go to the Hanged Man. But the city is nice in the snow, and he doesn't much want to be inside anymore, so Cenn is turning down into the market.

It's Princess he notices first, and the Templar stops in his tracks. Blinking, he takes a deep breath before looking around… And spotting Carys. Cenn lets out a held breath, and crosses the Market. And quite suddenly wraps his arms around Carys in a hug.

Animals don't really get what tends to go on amongst humans. So noticing Cenn, she's up on all fours and giving yips of greeting. By this time, Carys has turned her woeful attention span back to the vendor, smiling that smile of hers and asking the vendor to bag the bracelet. It's the least she could do for standing there arguing with a fox (who's coat is probably enviable this time of year) for two minutes. It takes a few moments for her to recgonize that the tone of Princess's vocalizations have shifted from 'I want I want I want' to 'HIhihihihihi'. By the time that registers, she's already enveloped in a huge templar hug.

Instinct wars with each other for a split second-the one that says 'dagger in the back' and the other one that says 'you know him'-but fortunately, recognition wins out and she's soon returning the embrace. NOthing's said for now, because this is the one person in all of Kirkwall that she would ever miss above anyone else (Yes, including, for now, strapping Ferelden soldiers), so she takes the time to simply relish in this simple contact.

There are some things in this world that are just simple comfort. The embrace of a good friend is one of those things. Cenn can't quite bring himself to say hello to Princess just yet… But Carys… She gets picked up, spun around once, and then set back on her feet with a smile. "Hey there, you." He says, and then glances down to Princess. Taking a deep breath, he takes a knee, and offers a hand out to the fox. "And hello to you, Your Highness."

No matter how old you are, being spun does tend to elicit a sort of gleeful squee. Well, this goes for Carys at the very least. Once she's settle down, she can't help but beam a smile to the Templar. NOthing but pure, untainted joy in that expression. "Hey yerself," she says, before an 'ahem' gets her attention. And she Ohs! and turns tot he vendor really quick while Cenn pays his respects to Princess. Of course, now that she's being spoken to, she acts all aloof…f or all of the two seconds it takes to sniff Cenn's fingertips then it's all 'okay make with the headrubs now' to the point where she's probably rolling on Cenn's boots in an attempt to try to get attention.

The sight of Cenn interacting with Princess does cause a slight cloud to fall over Carys's expression as she stashes her newly bought bauble. In a way, Princess could represent a huge elephant in the room. In the market? wahtever. "I gotta apologize; I'd been all over Thedas I swear, lately. Hadn't much time t'stop an' say hi. She busts my chops enough as it is when I get home, dont'cha?" Princess whines her affirmation, and then goes back to demanding Cenn pets because this is another human that hasn't paid her attention in YEARS.

Cenn laughs a little at the fox's antics, and eventually she is scooped up into his arms. "Come here, Princess." He says, holding the fox against his shoulder and rubbing at her ears with his other hand. Straightening up, he shakes his head. "It's fine," Cenn sighs, "Honestly, I've been ridiculously busy. I have double patrols probably through the winter, anyway."

Carys steps on the side of the TEmplar that's easiest to hook a hand in an elbow ithout disturbing fox-scritches. Princess, naturally, is just eating up the attention. "Doulbe patrols?" Carys blinks and glances around. "D'we gotta worry 'bout the snow risin' up an' nippin' our knees?" Obviously someone doesn't understand why poor templars need to be doing double-time in winter. "Or is yer commander in a cranky mood." Meredith Masquerades as the Grinch, news at eleven.

Princess and her attention loving can stay, that's fine. Cenn will hold that fox, and let Carys lead wherever they're going next. He even laughs a little, and shakes his head. "Oh, no," He says, "Just doing favors for a couple people. And after…" Cenn pauses then, frowning a little, "Well, just, after everything, work is a simple enough way to fill the time and distract myself."

Carys is… steering them somewhere. It's obvious on the look on her face she's not sure where, but she's keeping to well traveled paths, and eventually, she might steer them towards something that smells absolutely delish… like a hearty meat stew and biscuits. The best sort of fare for this weather. Ath the pause that follows 'after', she glances up to the man for a moment, regarding him. She's quiet when she asks this next question, "Does that 'after everything' have t'do with why I all but inherited a spoiled fox an' a mansion in Hightown?"

Stew is nice, and it certainly smells wonderful, but Cenn's in no mood for food. So while Carys is welcome to partake, Cenn does not. At that question, he just sighs. "Funny thing, that," He says, though his tone says he doesn't find any of this funny at all, "According to papers I got today… Apparently I'm inheriting the house." And if Carys wasn't holding his elbow, and he wasn't carrying Princess, Cenn would probably be running a hand down his face. "I… Ended things… With Davan."

"Well, that's the best I could describe it… I gotta note on a end table way back when sayin' t'take care of Princess…" In other words, she came home one evening to Davan having up and disappeared. She trails off in her babble, which her words kind of disolved into - a tactic he should recognize as 'processing shit', falling quiet at the last bit. A million questions flash in those wide, expressive eyes, but even then, one dominates them all, and it's this one she's voicing. "Are you alright?" It's figurative, rhetoric, whatever. Body language, tone of voice and such is probably enough evidence that 'all right' is not on the menu.

"Oh, sure, I can understand how…" Cenn cuts himself short, his brow knitting, "Wait… He's still not come home?" It looks, honestly, like Cenn's about to be ill. He stops walking, his breath going shallow and color draining from his face. But that question comes quickly, and Cenn shakes his head, trying to get himself sorted out. "Uh…" He stammers, "Yeah… I'm… I'm okay."

To this, Carys shakes her head. "If he has, we keep missin' each other, an' I hadn't heard Liddy say much on th' subject. So, that'd be a 'no, he hasn't." There's a light rub of his arm, her hand having relinquished his elbow to do this. Brows furrow in concern, nto for just the Templar, but for the man they're speaking of. His answer of 'Okay' gets her to frown just slightly before she asks, "What happened?" It has a non pressuring tone to it; she simply wants information, and she's not going to push for it if it causes Cenn distress. Not that this conversation isn't already distressful. Princess seems to get the mood change, and she even licks Cenn's cheek to try to help.

Cenn sighs, and scratches at Princess' ears again. "I just… There…" Cenn tries hard to answer that question, but he's having trouble, "There were just… All of these things. I love him…" Let's all note that present tense there, "But he just… I don't know how to put it. There was so much that I… Was to him that I… I just can't be responsible for all of those things for someone. Davan has some things he needs to work out for himself before he… And I know this is rich coming from me." Sighing again, he rubs at the back of his neck. "And then… He had this dinner with a friend of mine, and he was just… There were all these lies. It was too much, being the source of his faith, and then not being able to trust him, I couldn't…"

And she listens. And Princess is steady for pets. But Carys just listens. There's no interrupting him. There's no questioning, in trying to figure out what he means by this, and that. "I get it," somehow she /does/. Perhaps not everything, but the spirit of it. "Maybe that's why y'recognize it," she does comment about the whole 'coming from me' thing. She draws a breath here. "I…wish I could help," she says genuinely. "But I'm here if y'need anything. An' I wish he'd make an appearance now." Up and leaving after a break up and giving stuff away? Doesn't spell 'good' in her mind. She then gives him an awkward hug around the waist. Just 'cause.

"He… Uh… He's been trying to get ahold of me since, I think." Cenn says with a sigh, "Wanted a meeting, I… Didn't show. I couldn't. I would've…" Swallowing hard, Cenn's breath hitches, and then he shakes his head. "I didn't think he'd just vanish." That's near whispered, and it's obvious he's worried, but he's struggling with this. "And honestly, Carys, you can. I've missed you, and I could really just use a friend this winter." He forces a small smile, though, for her.

"It at least explains things," Carys says quietly about the vanishing. It's obvious that for the most part? She had no clue. Probably assumed he was doing…DAvan things. At the smile attempt? She just tilts her head, and really how can one say no at that expression. Forced smile or not, Carys just finds him adorable. "How can I say no t'that? You'll have th' bestest friend I can manage… not just this winter, but all th' winters after that." However many the two of them manage to have considering… "But y'gotta do better than that… an' if I can find out a tickle spot under all'a this, maybe we can figger it out." She means the smiles.

"Yeah, I imagine it would. I'm sorry, I figured he would at least tell you, living in the same house and all." Cenn huffs, crinkling his nose. But then… His eyes go soft, and the smile turns more real, though a shade sad. Honestly, he looks like he might cry if he doesn't fight to keep himself together. Arm wrapping around Carys' shoulders, he pulls her into a half hug. "Thanks, Carys." He says, laughing, and it's small but it's real, "But I don't think I'm ticklish." Everyone says that, though, right?

Yay hugs, and even more yay, real smiles! Even if they are teeny. Its a victory and she'll take it. "Any time, y'know that, right?" She pauses and then she says quietly, "I'm sorry I wasn't around earlier." It sounds like she /might've/ been needed. "I was kickin' bad men in the money bags." She then huffs. "Well, we'll have t'remedy some things. Startin' with food." Food solves everything. "I got th' kitchen to myself…"

"It's okay… I managed." Cenn says, "You were doing important work. And it's been hard to cross the harbor with any regularity anyway." Then, though, he considers something a moment. "Well, alright, I haven't been back to that house since but… I could probably manage the kitchen." There's a small pause then, when something occurs to him. "But uh… Actually… Come to think of it… Do you like horses?"

"I've figured out a good few backways in. Th' servants entrance leads straight int' the buttery an' kitchen, an' probably a good route if y'don't want nobody t'see you. No guarantees on servants keeping mum, though." In case Cenn was worrieda bout being ambushed. "I'll let'cha know 'em for the future. Always good intel t'ha-…" If records exist, one would scratch. "Horses? I… they're great t'look at. I mean, they're really pretty, but I never got a chance t'learn how t'ride one. I probably find myself mounted backwards'n upside down somehow."

"Always useful information." Cenn agrees, and then laughs a little. "Well… Would you like to learn?" He asks, "I don't have a lot of time but I could probably teach you and uh… Well, Davan gifted me a, uh, very nice horse. That I really have no use for and would feel really odd about accepting, as he gave it to me after I…" His nose crinkles, "Just after."

It doesn't take long,a nd she rests a hand on his forarm. "I'd love t'learn. Could be useful in a great escape, y'know." Just think, Cenn, you may be aiding and abetting crime! She gives that impish grin, adding a nose wrinkle for good measure here. She pats the arm here to let him know she understands the 'just after' part, though it appears she's not going to verbally acknowledge it. "S'not like you got anywhere t'keep a horse in the Gallows, I don't think." Amazing, it seems that there is still at least one place in Kirkwall that Carys hasn't at least halfway mapped yet.

"I mean, Davan's been… Uh… Paying for his stabling and upkeep." Cenn says, sounding awkward, "Why he bought me an Orlesian warhorse in the first place I don't…" But Cenn cuts himself off with a heavy sigh. "Point being, I don't have the time to really go bond with an animal like that. And he deserves someone who is going to be more than just a stablehand, you know?"

Warhorse? Davan got him a /warhorse/? Carys /barely/ manages to keep from spouting the word 'fitting'. The fact she looks like she's choking may give it away anyway. She then haphazardly salutes with her off hand. "I shall ride yer warhorse like I've ridden nothin' else!" She then pauses. "Wait… that don't sound quite right…"

"Thank you!" Cenn says to that expression, "Completely ridiculous, am I right? What the fuck am I supposed to do with a charger in Kirkwall?" There's another sigh, and a shake of his head, but then he's laughing. "It's alright, I followed what you mean. I'm sure he'll appreciate you."

"… Look fabulous?" Carys hazards a guess. "Because… yeah, my imagination ran off that way… gimme a few t', y'know… catch up with it." She coughs into her fist here for a moment. Sorry, Cenn, not into girls or not, you're still a mighty fine lad. "Anyway, he will be much appreciated. An' if I can't take care of him anymore, I'll let y'know an help you make sure he gets just as good a caretaker as he deserves."

At that, Cenn groans. "He's not a parade animal." He says, shaking his head, "This is the sort of horse they breed for Chevalier. But okay, I can at least see that point, I suppose. Thank you, though, I'll feel better knowing he's at least got someone that is his person." There's a little smile then. "Let's go get drunk."

Carys rubs her chin. "I know a chevalier, actually. Or she says she's one. She hangs out…here… for some reason. Kind'a not with the image I imagined, but…" She rolls a shoulder. "But really, he'll be in good hands, I promise." And then magic words! "YAY DRUNK!" She pauses. "Should probably put Princess t'bed first, then booze."

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