Portrayed By Chris Evans
Faction Warrior
Organization Templar Order
Position Knight Lieutenant
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 27
Place of Birth Val Royeaux, Orlais
Date of Birth Haring 14 Dragon 9:5
Mother Marguerite d'Argent
Father Unknown Tevinter Magister
Siblings None
Marital Status Involved
Children None
Themesong Drought - Vienna Teng
Hope's Themesong Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

Character History:

When it really comes down to it, Cenn's childhood couldn't figure out what it wanted to be. His mother, an Orlesian Noblewoman, was something of a renowned diplomat. Sweet, beautiful, and fun at a party, her cunning acumen and tolerance for magic lead her to an assignment dealing with negotiations between Orlais and Tevinter. Spending five years in Tevinter, what was anyone to do but make friends? And how does one make friends aside from attending parties, drinking fine wine, and choosing, carefully, nighttime companions? One such nighttime companion was a Magister of some repute, who while he held influence and sway and was precisely the kind of person she wanted to get in good with, had a nasty temper and a disposition that would make a bronto look sweet. Thus, when she learned that she was with child, she took the quickest route south, back to home, and as far away from him as she could manage. But word in Orlais travels fast, and whispers are the sorts of things that the Magisters of Tevinter barter in.

Moving into the Orlesian countryside, Marguerite d'Argent raised her son until the age of seven. An old house with a history no one could really pin down, it made his childhood an… Interesting one. Things would move, go missing. People would hear voices, laughing. The old estate was haunted. All save the shrine room, bearing a golden wrought statue of Andraste. Cenn spent a lot of his time there, when things would get… Strange in the house. Between the haunting and the fact that she couldn't stay away from Court forever, Marguerite decided to move back to Val Royeaux. Perhaps it was paranoia, but bringing Cenn with her made her worry. Cenn had always been a devout child, though, and so when she sent him to her cousin in Ferelden, who had joined the Chantry there, he didn't much complain.

It became evident early on that Cenn was best suited to being raised for the Templar Order. While he was witty and talkative, he was highly protective as well. Well, that and he was constantly harassing the local Templars to tell him things, let him see their weapons, touch their armor. Children's interests are fast and fierce. And when he was old enough to start the training, he took to it well. Though his motivations never seemed to come from a place of fear or mistrust. Strangely, it seemed the young man was very keen on being a Templar, not just to keep abominations away from innocent people, but to keep the Mages of the Circles safe from those who did not understand them.


Thus, when as a still relatively young Templar he was assigned to the Circle of Ferelden, he made a reputation fast. A reputation with the Templars of perhaps being a little too soft, but for having a knack for keeping the Mages in line. With the mages, a reputation of not being a brute. He'd sneak sweets to the young mages, spend his off hours reading to sleep those who had colds, and was generally willing to have conversation, rather than just glare disapprovingly. While some were made uncomfortable by his willingness to be close to their charges, his loyal, and efficient service earned him the rank of Knight Corporal.

Naturally, when the Circle Tower was beseiged by demons and the like during the horrific events that occured in concurrence with the Fifth Blight, Cenn stayed behind the doors. His Order likely thought him dead, trapped there with demons and abominations and whatever else raged inside the Circle Tower. He'd been doing his rounds, slipping sweets to a few of the young mages who were practicing in a spare room. That was, of course, until the demons showed up. Luckily the room had but one door. Holding the room through sheer force of will and the young mages' very beginnings of barrier magic. Through the whole of the battle he held that line, and it was that day that he attracted the attention of a Spirit of Hope. And when the frail barrier magic and his own force of will weren't enough, and Cenn rightly should have died, she took pity on him. It seemed it was a day for such acts of mercy. Rising when he should have died, and glowing with some inner light, as far as the Mages he protected were concerned, he banished all of the demons that came for them. He knew better though, he knew it was the Spirit, and though he didn't understand it really, he was thankful for the help none the less. When the Tower was swept, they were found, and brought back to be seen to by healers.

The next great event in his life came only months later. The Circle had agreed to help the Hero of Ferelden defeat the Blight, but the Chantry was not about to let the Mages go to the Battle of Denerim unescorted. Cenn, promoted after the events at the Circle Tower to Knight Lieutenant, was sent with them, along with a number of other Templars. Perhaps it was the presence of the Spirit who had taken interest in him, perhaps it was his own inextinguishable soul, but no matter how dire that Battle got, he didn't lose hope. Though when those around him did, he could feel the knocking of the Spirit in his mind. Urging him to let her speak to them, to help them. Instead, he chose to rally them himself, not wanting to out the fact that a Spirit resided in him to the battlefield.

In the wake of the Fifth Blight, Cenn couldn't bear to return to the Circle Tower. The land was rebuilding, healing, and while it had been short, it had ravaged his heart in ways he hadn't accounted for. Knowing that if he stayed to watch the aftermath, he would be in danger of falling into the trap of survivor's guilt, he asked for reassignment. To wherever needed Hope the most. He couldn't handle something that needed help, but he couldn't watch a slow healing process. For each time he saw the worn down people of Ferelden, the Spirit would pipe up. Do this, do that, these little things he couldn't dedicate the time to while still living the life of a Templar. Let her speak to them, let her out. There was so much to be hopeful for! The Blight had been defeated! If only they could see it! When he was busy, and had a fight he could get behind, he could keep his own thoughts in order more easily.

Now, Cenn has been granted his reassignment. Sent to Kirkwall to aid the Templars and Mages there, he's trying to settle in. But Meredith is a lot less forgiving than Greagoire, and as of yet, he's not sure how he will acclimate.


Cenn: Protective, hopeful, and intelligent, Cenn had, back in Ferelden, something of a reputation for being approachable. Generally a first one in, last one out sort of man, he's dedicated and giving. Topped off with a perceptive nature and a quick mind, he's overall a fairly likable guy. However, his detracters would call him soft hearted, overly trusting, and opinionated. Those who know him a little better, however, receive the rare priviledge of knowing another side of him. At his worst, Cenn is paranoid, confused, and more than a little lost.

Hope: Childish, bright eyed, and hopeful, the Spirit that resides inside Cenn is exuberant. With a feminine nature, more often than not, Cenn refers to her with female pronouns, and she identifies with them, if only for the comfort of others. Giving beyond belief, but more than a little naive, one could call her starry eyed. Sadness seems to pain her, and despair allowed to fester makes her twist uncomfortably.


  • Haring 14 Dragon 9:5 Cenn is born in Val Royeaux, a little while after his mother and he move to her country estate.
  • Firstfall 1 Dragon 9:8 At the age of 3, Cenn encounters his first supernatural experience, at takes shelter at the Shrine of Andraste from his haunted estate. It begins a life long faith.
  • Drakonis 29 Dragon 9:13 Needing to move back to Val Royeaux, Cenn's mother sends him to Ferelden to join the Chantry with her cousin.
  • Guardian 16 Dragon 9:21 Cenn takes his Templar Oaths and is assigned to the Circle at Kinloch.
  • Dragon 9:30 The Fifth Blight begins. With it begin the series of events that lead to demons that rampage through the Circle Tower. Eventually leading to Cenn's near death and subsequent resussitating by a Spirit of Hope.
  • Dragon 9:31 Cenn is at the Battle of Denerim when the Archdemon dies.
  • Dragon 9:31 In the aftermath of the Fifth Blight, Cenn is reassigned to Kirkwall.

Other Information

Cenn is a Spirit Host to a Spirit of Hope. She took pity on him in the Circle Tower, after he defended the lives of a number of young mages. It is not evident often, but when he is surrounded by those who need a voice of Hope, she does occasionally wrestle control away from him in order to try and instill and inspire it. Though she does not seem to understand that her existance, and presence in a mortal body, so much more often frighten people than inspire them.

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