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Scene Title Clarifications
Synopsis Valentin gets clarification from Seren
Location Seren's Room
Date 18 Haring, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For A bird soaked yet again
Logger Seren

Seren has a wet bird, folks. Ever smelled wet bird? It's not a scent to lure in the nose, and Revas is NOT a small bird. "Really, you could just refuse. You didn't have to go to all this trouble. Once was enough, but the second time?" But then there's a familiar knock and it surprises him enough that the nightwing is off the hook for now. "Valentin?" Yes, he's surprised, but it's incredibly understated in his tone. "Please, come in. I apologize for the smell." As for said smelly bird? She's gives her own verbal greeting before fluffing up her feathers and settling in to let evaporation do its thing.

Valentin does not have a wet bird, and perhaps somewhat unusually, he doesn't have a talkative lionette leading the way either. When he knocks, though investigation has proven to him that the door is open, he waits quietly, shifting his weight to one side. There's a small sound of acknowledgement as Seren invites him in, but it's not proper words. Just 'yes, that's me at your door.' "Eh, you get worse on a ship." Valentin says to the apology of the affront of wet bird smell. It's not pleasant, no, but Valentin really isn't of a mind to care. Which is… Probably evident, he looks tired. Not exhausted, and not worn down, but tired, shadows starting to form under his eyes, and his hair a little more of a wild mess than usual.

"Please come sit, you look like you could use sleep." Seren's washed down tones shift toward worry. "I have tea if you want it." The offer comes as he stands and makes room for Valentin to sit. He also takes a moment to shut the door once the other healer is in the room to offer them privacy just in case it's needed. "It's still hot enough to be warming. …and you stay right where you are, Revas. You're not allowed to snuggle anyone until you're dry."

"No, thank you." Valentin says, shaking his head a little, though he does sit down. Honestly, he's had enough tea to last him a week. There's only so much it will do at this point. As for looking like he could use sleep? He's not going to touch that one. "I just came by to ask you a couple of questions." He says, honestly much more quiet than he usually is, even after the door closes, "I've heard you're behaving a bit… Odd." Is that Healer tone? That might be Healer tone.

"Odd?" There's a hint of a chuckle that accompanies Seren's question. "Odd in general or odd for me? I've kept to myself but there are reasons for that, including it being far too cool to put any effort into socializing. I've worked with Revas a bit, but she needs a challenge or she's going to become a pest until the weather warms again. I'll admit, it was something I'd have been training her for anyway. The weather just provided the excuse."

"It if was odd in general, I would pay it no mind." Valentin answers easily enough, though it comes along with a small shrug. There's even a flicker of a smile for a moment, not something he wears often, at least as far as Seren would have seen, anymore. "What were you training her for?" He asks then, tilting his head, seemingly distracted from his first line of questioning.

Seren ahs and settles in his usual spot on the floor. "That. …to carry a message either to Arran or to my clan when I die. It seemed a good idea since I doubt the circle is going to see to it that anyone outside of these walls knows. She'd also need someone to care for, since she's never really lived on her own in the wild." He lets out a long, tired sigh and the hint of humor returns. "So you're used to a base level of strange from me. That's comforting. At least someone here understands it."

"I see." Valentin says, pulling his legs up to tuck under him, "Are you planning on that being a problem in the near future?" It's spoken so casually for what a loaded question it is. "And of course I do. No one who can communicate with Spirits like we need to could be called 'normal.' It just doesn't work that way."

"No, I'm not planning anything, the inevitable aside. I won't lie and say I haven't thought about it more often these days. I'm tired, I miss my clan and my family, and I may have even put the method together in my head but that's as far as it will go." Seren rests his head back against the wall to watch Valentin. "I promised, remember? Even if I'm released from that promise by the man I gave it to, the reason he asked for it is still there and it's the same reason I can't set fire to a dozen trash bins and make a run for the doors. Is that enough of a reassurance for you?"

"Very well." Valentin says with a small shrug, "I simply wanted to be sure." There's a pause then, and Valentin thinks for a long moment. "Garou told me you two spoke earlier. But he couldn't quite makes heads or tails of what you were trying to actually say. Perhaps I might be able to translate for him?"

"He seemed out of sorts and… honestly, at first I thought it was just a cold, but… I won't ask you to tell me if something else is wrong, but it did make me worry." Oh but then there's THAT question and Seren groans and falls silent long enough to put his thoughts together. "The simplest thing I can say to you is that I asked to speak to him because I wanted to tell him myself that Arran was here and before I could explain that I didn't intend to be a problem he was angry with me. Asked if I thought you wouldn't have told him. When I said that I knew and that I knew he'd tell Cenn- who showed up with him- he became angrier and asked how I'd know that. Except, with Cenn there I couldn't answer him with the reasons I would have. He brought them to me in confidence. I couldn't even ask for permission to do so because that would be saying that he did bring those things to me. So… I gave him an answer that was so obviously not the answer that he was angrier still. I expected that much, but I'd rather have him hate me than to betray a confidence. So, as soon as I could, I gave him the answers I wanted to give him and apologized."

"Good." He says, "As I would be quite cross if you were to ask." Then, though he settles in to listen. After a moment of thought, Valentin crinkles his nose. "Alright, I think I am following you so far." Valentin says with a nod, "Though I don't think he was able to get what the actual reason was."

Seren groans, rubbing a hand over his forehead as if to fend off a headache. "That… That's difficult. Because, even if he tells you everything, it's for him to tell you. Creators, could I not have just been a craftsman?" But the answer to that question is already an obvious no so he wastes no time dwelling on it. "Will you be satisfied if I don't tell you exactly? Because then he can and it won't be such a conflict." Because it obviously IS for him now. "I'm not saying it's anything that he hasn't already told you, but that it would be wrong for me to do so unless it were a matter of his life."

"I am sure it is something he has told me." Valentin says easily, "But I can respect this decision to respect privacy. I do not know if it will work, trying to dance around the topic, but we will see. Perhaps if I am able to supply the vague answer you give me, it will allow him to realize what it is." He shifts again, so only one of his legs is under him, and folds his hands in his lap, worrying at his lower lip all the while.

Seren takes several seconds to think over his answer, completely still aside from the sound of a well worn piece of wood being worried at between his fingers. "He asked for my help to heal after a fight that he knew would happen and he asked me to do something in concern for Cenn. …and it wasn't that I knew, that was a poor choice of words. It was that it made me suspect that they trusted eachother enough for the Lieutenant to want to warn him if I could become a potential problem." He sighs. "That's as specific as I can be. Probably more specific than I would be with anyone else, but please understand that if he gave me permission I would tell you every detail."

"Aha." Valentin says with a nod, "Yes. I do know about that. And we need not speak of it in any further detail." The Enchanter takes a deep breath then, and rises. "Thank you for those answers, Seren. I have a note I need to deliver."

Seren lets out a long sigh of relief. "Thank you, Valentin." He stands, reaching out to make sure the door is open so that the other healer can pass through. "Just… remember that if you have need of me, I'll be here. …possibly attempting to hibernate until Spring finally comes." And at that, Revas makes a disgruntled sound, as if she's going to be just the reason the elf doesn't have much success with that.

"I will keep it in mind. I wish you decent sleep." Valentin says with another flickering smile. Then, though, he's out the door, heading to the right, and not saying another word.

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