Right now, in our Beta, our combat system is very simple. You will know your Faction, Class, and Utility from Character Creation. A good rule of thumb is to have your character be skilled in their Class tree, one Faction Talent tree, and one Weapon tree (for Rogues and Warriors) or their Class tree, and two Spell trees (for Mages.) Combat on S&S is currently moderated by Staff, and the frequency of power use is on the grounds of 'be reasonable.' Staff will perform the rolls on the backend, and provide narration of the outcomes at the top of each Combat Round. A good rule of thumb for frequency of Talent use is about one per round, with exception of pointing out Passive abilities.

This is the basic structure of the trees for each Class tree, Talent tree, Weapon tree, and Spell tree in our game.

You will likely need to reference the Dragon Age Wikia for detailed rules on what each listed power does. They are listed in left to right order of progression.


Tree 1 2 3 4 5
Arcane Warrior Combat Magic Shimmering Shield Combat Clarity Veiled Riposte Fade Shroud
Blood Mage Blood Magic Blood Sacrifice Graverobber Hemorrhage Blood Slave
Shapeshifter Shape of the Wild Spider Shape Bear Shape Flying Swarm Master Shapeshifter
Spirit Healer Healing Aura Group Heal Revival Lifeward Second Chance
Battlemage Draining Aura Hand of Winter Stoic Mana Surge Elemental Chaos
Keeper One With Nature Grease Thornblades Replenishment Nature's Vengeance
Force Mage Fist of the Maker Unshakable Telekinetic Burst Pull of the Abyss Gravitic Ring
Dalish Pariah Blood of the First Wounds of the Past Wrath of the Elvhen Ensnare Stone's Throw
Knight-Enchanter Spirit Blade Fade Shield Fade Cloak Knight-Protector Disruption Field
Necromancer Horror Death Siphon Raise Dead Spirit Mark Simulacrum


Tree 1 2 3 4 5
Assassin Mark of Death Hidden Blades Pinpoint Strikes Feast of the Fallen Assassinate
Bard Song of Valor Distraction Song of Courage Confusion Captivating Song
Duelist Throw the Gauntlet Sure Strikes Parry Upset Balance Vendetta
Ranger Summon Beast Kill Command Hunter's Precision Scent Trail Call of the Wild
Legionnaire Scout Mark of the Legion Adamant Strength of Stone Endure Hardship Blessing of the Ancestors
Shadow Inconspicuous Disorienting Criticals Predator Decoy Pandemonium
Marksman Rhyming Triplet Bianca's Song Kickback Well Oiled Overtime
Royal Archer Guardian Angel Maferath's Advance Righteous Chain Wounding Arrow Arrow of Judgment
Infiltrator Cover Up Drop Dead Cloak Hard to Get Poise
Swashbuckler Across the Bow Experienced Hand Savvy Sea Legs All Hands on Deck
Artificer Spike Trap Set Them Up Elemental Mines And Take Them Down Fallback Plan
Tempest Flask of Frost Flask of Fire Flask of Lightning Ride the Storm Killer's Alchemy


Tree 1 2 3 4 5
Templar Righteous Strike Spell Purge Silence Annulment Wrath of Heaven
Berserker Berserk Adrenaline Barrage Death Blow Final Blow
Champion Line in the Sand War Cry Rally To the Death Walking Fortress
Guardian Retaliation Fortifying Presence Immovable Master Guardian Aura of the Stalwart Defender
Spirit Warrior Veilstrike Beyond the Veil Soulbrand Fade Burst Blessing of the Fade
Reaver Devour Ring of Pain Scenting Blood Fervor Dragon Rage
Tevinter Fugitive Veneer of Calm Battle Tempo Lyrium Ghost Spirit Pulse Fade Grasp