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Scene Title Death Of A Salesman
Synopsis Taril and Maura kill a skeezy animal dealer
Location Black Market, Darktown
Date July 20, 2016
Watch For Corpse Burrito. Corpsito.
Logger Taril

There are a lot of things that Taril would be down here for, but if he was here for purchases he's picked an odd hour. The poison maker that he's fairly familiar with is probably off drinking or making his concoctions and everyone else is either tending to other business or sleeping behind their stalls. His bow is being carried in his hand instead of along his back, so unless he's here to hunt rats? Someone is about to receive an arrow delivery.

Maura is actually just finishing up her business in Darktown; several ingredients for those extra potions she feels obliged to make for Varric are hard to find on her own. So, it's better to just purchase them and get it over with. Which she has! Her basket is in hand, eyes darting around cautiously to be sure nobody picks her pocket or stabs her face and then.. "Taril?" The red hair made her look. And the bow. "You know you shouldn't be carrying it like that. Makes it look like you intend to use it and people get jumpy. Was it you, or Adair that keeps trying to drill that reminder into me…"

"You don't want to be down here, little bird." And when Taril uses that nickname, it's usually because of feels. Right now? He feels like getting her out of the way because he's going to put an arrow in someone's face. "I'm carrying it because I'm going to use it. So, unless you want to come along to help kill someone? You should probably go. …and you should probably go even if you want to help." With that, he's heading off to see if he can find this animal merchant and shoot him in the face, or if he's going to have to work for it.

"Whoah, what? You're going to do what to who?" Maura is momentarily shocked into stillness. But not for long of course, because there Taril goes walking away with no explanation!!! "What'd this person do? How are you going to pull that off all by yourself without anyone finding you?" Apparently whether she wants to help or not, she's going to stalk after him and continue to ask questions. Could be awkward.

It is late. But this particular merchant has a rather clever set up. The cages of his stock make a decently sized ring, and all have solid backs. A makeshift door has been set in between two taller cages. A simple tarp tied over the top. There is a room on the inner ring of the cages. There seems to be candlelight coming from under that door too. But getting to that door? Well, that might not be as simple, as it is behind the pen holding a sleeping hyena and wolf. There might be other ways in, though.

Taril stops just long enough to answer. "Arrow in someone's face." He displays the bow. "With this, unless I have to get close enough to use a knife." Oh wait, she's going to ask for more. "He sold a halla calf. He may as well have killed a mother and sold her child as a slave." Which is a THING for him. And then he spots the set up. "Fuck, it's never 'just walk in and shoot them in the face'." So he's going to go have a look. Quietly, of course. He's pissed off but you don't forget how to hunt because of pesky emotions.

Maura has that look on her face that suggests she's torn between 'Oh gawd, this is going to be an issue' and 'I can't let my friend do this ALONE' and 'Fucker did what?' So basically it's two votes for 'I'm helping' and one for 'Bye'. Help wins. Which is probably why she remains as close behind him as she can. And, casts a quick haste spell before they are within hearing distance of the man, his tarp, and the animals. Goody. A hyena and a wolf. Sigh.

The hyena and the wolf continue to sleep. In fact, most of the animals do. One cage in the back have squeaky-screeching sounds coming from it, but it's hard to tell what that is from.

Taril looks back and rolls his eyes. Lovely. Well, he's too close to explain to the mage that he doesn't want to be responsible for the blood on her hands, so he'll just keep moving. With luck, she won't cast. It might bring down Kirkwall. So, he'll continue around the ring while taking note of the animals there. Mostly so that he's not surprised by an alert animal.

Maura is trying to be circumspect with the spells. So, no fire. Or maker's fists. She fancies herself as being there more to make sure that escape without capture is possible. She CAN be handy. Which he should already notice being faster and all. You're welcome, ginger elf! Fortunately, her garb lends well to silent steps.

Most of the cages are empty, it seems. The screeching noises from the back are from a half dozen deepstalker hatchlings. But it seems they are about all that is active at the moment. Beyond that, there are a number of sleeping animals. Mostly mundane things. A cat here, a dog there. The most interesting in the cages are two bear cubs. One of which is breathing laboriously as they sleep.

Taril would growl if he weren't intent on finding this person. A halla, bear cubs kept and mistreated. This guy must specialize in animal cruelty. Suddenly the 'could die slowly' odds have started to go up and he's marginally sure that the mundane animals are probably there for food or fur. Ok, he MIGHT give a pass on the deepstalkers, but they're just babies too so maybe not (aside, those things are even ugly in infancy). Finally he settles on attempting to peer through the cages to find the owner of the stall. Even a narrow shot is better than nothing.

Maura obviously has most of her attention captured by the creature breathing laboriously. That must mean injury or illness. And she can at least take care of one of the two options. She continues padding along behind Taril until they get to the bear's cage, at which point she pauses. Being as observant as she is, the mage is sure Taril will notice. And this time, her lips move in the words of a spell even though her voice is left unheard. Since, it's habit to 'cast', even knowing that the words aren't necessary. Still, she makes at least one attempt to ease the breathing of the labored cub with a simple healing spell while the elf looks for the one responsible.

The bear's breathing does ease, but he doesn't look like he's in good shape. But healing magic can't do much for the ravages of starvation. The cages are close together, and it seems the owner of them has had the good sense to not have gaps. That tarp, though? It's likely not a perfect seal. If one was to climb the cages, and be quiet about it.

Taril looks up, looks back at the cages, and looks up again. You can nearly hear the 'well shit' as he settles the bow back in its usual carried position and climbs. At least elves are light, and he makes sure to motion for Maura to stay while he works at the tarp with his knife. Hopefully he can get a shot on the guy without giving himself away. If not? Well, there's always jumping down with a knife like a wild animal (which isn't much of a plan, but still a plan).

Maura gives Taril a tight nod, showing she understands, before he turns his attention to the tarp. Everything she sees around her just makes her more angry. So, she will continue to focus on listening for other animals that she might be able to help with a light spell here or there. Of course, only now does she consider how many people may have seen them enter this shop? And if they did, how many actually care? Assuming it's 'not many' she keeps her arms loose at her sides in case she needs to cast something quickly to get them out of a jam. And hopefully not down into a mineshaft if she collapses the floor.

Luckily, there aren't exactly Templars in Darktown at night. Her casting goes unnoticed. Most things go unnoticed. Shit happens in Darktown, and for most people, it is strictly in 'Not My Problem' territory. The tarp comes loose with a whisper. But this man is used to the rattling of cages around him. Little sounds like that don't catch his attention. Especially not when he's fallen asleep at his makeshift table with a mostly empty wine bottle in hand.

Ok, Taril will take 'arrow in the head and neck', it's a decent trade. Not as satisfying as in the face, but… He unslings his bow, draws an arrow and aims. Once he's fairly certain he'll land the shot at the base of this asshole's skull, he looses it. The thing is, Taril's also a pessimist, so he's going to ready the next just in case. Historically, his luck isn't awesome.

Maura has, for once, done the best possible thing in this situation. She didn't go near the tarp out of any sense of morbid curiosity. Please, save your applause though. She's already studying the locks on the cage. Hairpins still work on these things don't they? Not that she's picking at them yet at least.

Taril's luck isn't great, but it's maybe ten feet to this guy, and he isn't moving. It only takes the one. And perhaps that is just a little bit unsatisfying. Arrow flies, through skull, through eye, settling into the wood of the table below. No sound, a final jerk that spills the remnants of his wine over the table and onto the floor, pooling dark and mingling with blood that spills just as freely.

"You know? I'll take it." Taril is surprisingly calm about all of this. "…but my arrow's not coming out of that." With a sigh he breaks off the part of the arrow sticking out and reaches down to remove the rest. As long as there's nothing to say HE was the one who did it? He's fine. "Think we should wrap him in the tarp and push him into the sewer? I'll need help dragging him. Once they're dead they're even heavier." HE'S FINE, OKAY?! "We need to get it done before this place picks up again."

At the sound of Taril-voice, Maura peeks around the cut open tarp. "Yeah, that's not… going anywhere. His eyeball isn't pinned to the wood is it? Because fuck no I don't want to see that if it is." she points out, looking at the elf sternly. At anywhere rather then the actual body thank you. "… if that's what you want. She'll just start pulling the tarp over, eyeballing dead human flesh dubiously.

Taril glances over at the corpse and shrugs. "I don't think he's gonna bitch about it being gone." Once the tarp is down, he knocks the body to the ground and gestures to his feet. "I'll get his arms. Then we have to move these animals."

That works for Maura. He gets to see the face. She'll handle the feet end. It might smell worse, but. "Where are we moving them to?" Nope, she's not talking about what they're doing. And she won't. Even while they're tossing the body into the sewer she will be discussing things like bunnies and bears and hyenas oh my!

Taril doesn't really seem to mind. Just up and over to the canvas so they can wrap and drag him like a corpse burrito. "The clinic. At least until I can come up with ways to move them. The rabbits can be used to feed the meat eaters for now. Think we should let the cats go up there? They'll get eaten down here."

"Well, given the price for their freedom it would be a shame to have them eaten before they get a taste of the 'good life'. So, maybe they should wind up right at the edge of Lowtown." Maura guesses, wryly. "Well, at least at the clinic Anders and I can take turns healing the baby bear." Poor baby bear. Still not discussing corpsito. Even while hauling.

Taril shrugs once the wrapping is done. "I wouldn't say his life was worth much." Angry little ginger. "Alright, to the sewers where this shit belongs."

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