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Scene Title Deliveries and Memories
Synopsis Adrian brings in a patient for Anders when Taril and Cenn drop off deliveries, and Maura comes to help.
Location Darktown Clinic
Date 02 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Adorable child, snarky elf, ALL OF THE SAP, Ohno!A Templar!
Logger Cenn

Children were wonderful things. They truly are. You tell them that people are hurt, and they want to make it better, more often than not. Thus, when Cenn had been watching the young mages of the Circle, and they asked him about the whispers that were going on about the Qunari, he had told them, gently what had occurred. Children are notoriously good at detecting lies, especially young mages, and he wasn't about to try and pull that off. They had been learning the basics of herbalism this month, though, and the next day, Cenn had been practically bombarded with basic healing salves. He couldn't deny their want to help.

There was only one place the Templar could think of where they would be put to the best use. While he didn't relish the idea of pestering Anders, he did want to check on the man. He hadn't looked good when last Cenn had seen him. It takes the Templar some time to find the clinic's new location, but eventually he does. It may have involved some bribery with a couple of the salves from the large basket on his arm. As the last time he was here, he is in street clothes, simple breeches, a linen shirt, this time green. Around his neck is a pendant, carved of wood in the shape of a halla, which might be more than a little strange on a human Templar, but even under his armor, it remained constantly. Normally he tucks it away, but the shifting of this basket has jostled it out to visible once more.

Children are wonderful things yes, but also rather fragile and accident prone. Having stumbled upon a frantic mother and her young child who had just taken a nasty fall while climbing Adrian couldn't help but offer aid. Now the Starkhaven bard breezes in carefully holding the child who looks to be about six or seven years old. The little red haired girl is sniffling softly tears streaming down her cheeks, her ankle is twisted at an odd angle likely either badly sprained or completely broken and her leg is badly scraped and bloody. Adrian is humming a soft tune to try and comfort her as he moves into the clinic. The girls mother follows him, the woman a slight delicate thing that wouldn't have been able to carry her daughter here herself with out help. As the trio enter the clinic Adrian glances around to see where he needs to go, he has never been here before after all. The mother is torn between thanking her helper and fussing over her crying daughter. Adrian for his part just hums a soft and soothing melody to give the girl something to focus on other than the pain.

Taril has been good. See? He brought vinegar and lemons before the clinic's move, and now? Now he has something else. "It's a bit bigger," he comments before walking to the back of the room without so much as a glance to see if he has permission, and deposits a burlap bag in the first open space. "Figured you could use this. One of the merchants I bought from traded with my clan. Seems the medicines he bought saved his son, so… I didn't want to say no but what'm I going to do with all that soap? Or candles?" He's perplexed. Oh right. "Hello."

Anders has always been the most content when given something to occupy his puzzle-box mind. Since coming to Kirkwall, the work in his clinic has allowed him to begin coming close to the kind of peace that he'd almost forgotten. But the last few days in particular - since the night of the Qunari attack and the subsequent moving of his Darktown setup - have seen him even brighter than usual. It's a quiet thing, his happiness, noticed most in the way he just doesn't seem to tire (despite his brush with magey Qunari death) and in the tiny, soft smiles that tug at his mouth when he thinks no one's looking. In short, he looks good - the only concession to the experience being the addition of leather bracers over the shirtsleeves on his forearms, hiding the way that skin just will not heal smooth. Today has been fairly light; the bulk of the heavier work came yesterday and now things should settle to a steady trickle until the next disaster to rock Kirkwall. Taril's breezing entrance gets a good-natured eyeroll, but Anders is quick to investigate the contents of the sack. "Oh, Maker, do we ever have uses for this." He pulls his head out of the sack and turns to the red-headed troublemaker. "I heard a rumor you got shot in the ass." Because that's too good for Darktown to pass up on. "Have you had it seen to, yet?" Which is 'thank you' in Ander. No, really, it totally is. But the playful mood goes entirely out the window when he looks up to see both a patient and… a depressingly familiar necklace. He'll pay attention to the wearer in a minute. Just now he's got his hands full swallowing a mild bout of nausea long enough to see to the girl. "What have we here, hey? Out adventuring again?" Apparently he's seen this particular patient before.

There's this thing about items that you wear everyday, and that is that you sometimes forget that you are wearing them. Cenn catches the change in Anders's expression, and not remembering what is around his neck, cants his head. He'll wait, though. Leaning against the front wall of the clinic, he puts one foot flat against the wall, allowing him to hold his basket against his knee. Much easier that way. Bombardment really was the correct term, this basket is a little bit ridiculous.

The little girl in Adrian's arms is gently sat down where she can be taken care of. The bard gives a warm smile to the girl and moves to step back out of the way of Anders who also gets treated to a warm and grateful smile. The little red head nods and reaches out grabbing Adrian's sleeve before he can escape. Anders appearance seems to cheer her even further and dispite the pain in her leg and the teary eyes she seems quite excited with the adventure of the day. "Yes. I tried to climb to the top of the biggest stack of barrels in all the world, but one of them moved and I fell….but I met a prince and he saved me. He sings really pretty too!" Adrian bites his bottom lip to hold in his laughter, grey eyes showing amusement. Yes he may have been singing in the market area where she was climbing barrels and came to her aid when she fell but he is not a prince. He is closer to one than one might suspect though. After he is certain he can speak without laughing he does so, his Starkhaven accent showing through a bit. "I have no doubt that one day you will be a reknown adventurer and storyteller. Now you should let the nice healer work without me in his way yes?" He looks pointedly at his sleeve and the girl reluctantly releases him so he can take a slow step back. Anders gets a cheerful grin now and then grey eyes go to Taril who gets a wave of the now freed hand. Cenn is also noticed and is studied curiously, he too gets a warm smile as the bard apparently has happiness and smiles to spare.

Taril nods. "Maura. I was going to complain to you about her sudden interest but I guess healing never crumbled the earth under my feet. She yelled at me for waiting. Good to see you're recovered. Your… ah… 'friend'-" and yes, those marks are heavily implied in his voice. "see to it that you're eating? Tell me the truth, I promised to escort her to the docks every day." Apparently he takes for granted that all who know who he's talking about can understand how much she'll complain. Adrian is given a nod in greeting before he finds a spare barrel to sit on and inspect the room. "Smells better here." Cenn, too, is given a casual greeting before he picks up one of the candles to turn it over in his hands.

But I met a prince and he saved me. Anders has enough experience with children to be able to keep from laughing outright, but has no control over the conspiratorial little grin she gets instead. "I know the feeling." Because Anders is not-so-secretly disgustingly sentimental. It's a problem. As soon as the bard is released to stand back, Anders reaches out, moving both hands in the air over the injured child. The magic is warm, but it does not hurt. "Maybe climb something a little lower to the ground next time, hmm?" His hands go to the break and flood the joint with an easing of pain and swelling before the fizzy 'honeybee' restorative magic goes to work on first the bones themselves. "I hear Taril makes an excellent tree." Because he heard those air quotes, ser elf. And he'll have to be a lot drunker than this to admit that anyone can bully him into anything. Cenn's patience is noted, but Anders can only handle so many things at once. Kid first, then the rest of them. See? Priorities.

The little girl gets a warm smile from the Templar, even a wave. Cenn could do approachable and charming when he wanted. There's a nod given to Adrian then, and Taril. But the Templar is just waiting quietly. He's gotten leave for this delivery, he has time. Besides, he's always found healing magic interesting, if only for the difference in resonance it has to other magic. Having lyrium in your system really changed your perception of magic.

It's about that time of day, right? The time of day when Maura shows up to drive Anders out of his poor beleaguered mind. And this time she has potions. So she's hauling a crate with her, which is a humorous sight when she wheezes her way past the door. A big crate full of vials and glass containers that's probably very heavy. But she was too stubborn to get help. Help she is surely going to need as she steps inside and sees OH SHIT A TEMPLAR. THE Templar. The templar that was right there when she was casting spells. And just like someone has cast a cone of cold, she freezes in place. With a heavy crate. That is probably going to be dropped soon.

Adrian slips away from the little girl who is getting healed and over to Maura as she enters with the heavy burden. With a warm smile he moves to take the crate from the momentarily shocked woman before it drops to the floor. "Let me help you with that miss." He smiles and carries the create over to a free space setting it down gently. Then he props against it to rest for a moment. Apparently the bard has a 'thing' for helping people.

Taril slips from his barrel seat and walks over to offer to take Cenn's basket. He's also going to watch the Templar with a mild suspicion that's not really that hidden. "Maura," he greets (groans?) and then grins at Anders. "So that's a yes." Hah! Do smug elves anger you? Because he's smug. "I've been climbed on before. I have a sister and there are children in our clan." He shrugs. "But you should probably keep practicing. Climb a little higher each time. Soon you'll be able to climb to the top of one of those houses in Hightown and wave down at all of us."

Anders works with careful precision - there is no rush here - but with something so routine and straightforward, it isn't long before the ankle is sorted out entirely and he moves on to those bruises and scrapes. Those he takes a little extra time on - more than is at all strictly necessary - because if he's busy healing then no one could possibly notice the way the arches of his cheekbones are turning an obnoxious shade of pink. Damn this pale skin; it hides exactly nothing and his face is easy enough to read without any extra help. He doesn't look up yet, but since he's got to be so intensely focused on those very dangerous scrapes, he can address the elephant in the room without looking up. "What can I do for you, Knight Lieutenant?" So Anders knows Cenn's a Templar and doesn't seem all that alarmed - irritated, ruffled even, but not alarmed. That's got to be a good sign, right?

So, Taril's willingness to help is great, but it's met with a small shake of his head. He has explanations to give with this basket of salves, so he hangs on to it. Maura's arrival though, he turns, offers her a smile, though it fades quickly. He knew why Anders might have not had the most positive reaction to his presence, but Maura, it confuses him. Blinking, he looks concerned. He's about to offer to help with the crate when Adrian does so. It seems the Templar had other things to focus on than who was casting magic in the square. He'd just… Chalked that up to Wardens. Definitely all Wardens. He wasn't going to think too hard on it. Before he can ask Maura what the look is about, however, Anders speaks to him, and he clears his throat, looking over to the healer and not the woman that the sight of him has made stock still.

"The younger Apprentices heard about the injuries in low town, and wanted to send what help they could. I figured you would be the best suited to seeing these to where they would do the most good." Cenn answers Anders with a pat to the basket still held against his leg.

"Thanks." The words come out as sort of a half squeaked utterance, when Adrian snags the crate from Maura's hands to place it nearby. One might correctly surmise by the tension in her small frame that she's ready to bolt. But, Anders is here. She can't leave Anders like that! And then there's the mode of address he uses, which apparently calms her considerably. So when Taril greets her, she finds that she can answer in a reasonable tone. "Taril. How's your ass feeling today?" Dimple. Maybe she's trying to avenge whatever caused the spirit healer to blush. But then, she sweeps past everyone to start looking for likely spots to store all of the potions and salves that have suddenly appeared.

Taril made Anders blush and his day is now nearly complete. Maura gets a wicked grin and then comes the answer EVERYONE has been waiting for. "Probably the same as it usually does, but you're welcome to check." Ha! He's fucking hilarious, isn't he? He shrugs at Cenn and retakes his perch on the barrel. His day is now accomplished. The rest is all bonus.

Adrian is still propped against the crate watching the scene unfolding before him with interest. If he had only brought his writing materials he could be taking notes for an epic comedy. Instead he just watches looking thoroughly amused as he rests a bit.

"The younger…" Anders parrots Cenn for a moment while his brain processes first the practical pieces of that explanation and then all of its implications. For just a minute his eyes close and his jaw works overtime, like there is a thought that wants to spill out but he will not let it. It passes, it always passes, but there's an extra bitterness to his voice when he does speak. "The gentleness of children… They would do this for the very people who demand they be kept in cages." The whole concept tastes like ashes in his mouth, but he is not without courtesy. "Thank you, Cenn," he acknowledges on a sigh. "I will see to it." But the work of a healer in Darktown is never done for long, and though he has to step back into another part of the clinic to attend a newly arrived patient, he waves at the rest of them to stay as they please. Maker knows Maura and Taril won't ever leave anyway.

For half a moment, Cenn looks like he is going to retort. He thinks better of it. With a sigh, the Templar just nods. "Thank you. I'll let them know it's been put to good use." He says, a touch of sadness in his voice. The crush in his chest is strong, and he knows full well why Anders speaks the way he does, and he knows why he likely has no interest in seeing him, or speaking with him right now, but it's painful. The Templar doesn't linger, though, putting the basket to the side where it can be made use of, he nods to those still in the main room of the clinic and moves to the door, looking a little like a retriever who someone has just decided to kick.

Maura squints at Taril from over her shoulder. "I'll take your word for it." she declares primly. "But it if starts to bleed again, you should definitely return and let us know." Two can play this game, pal. But if there is any playfulness in her voice, it quickly diminishes when Anders speaks again. She starts to say something, and stops. And then looks like she's going to speak up again when little kicked puppy retriever hangdogs his way towards the door. But all she manages is a, "Please tell them it's appreciated. Even if Anders finds it a difficult thing to express." Not that she can blame him.

Taril doesn't always have the social awareness of a thrown brick, guys. "Sometimes it's better a cage than a cold alley." You know, even with some social awareness, he's still not all that comforting, is he? "It's fine. If it weren't I would have bandaged it again." He grins then. "I guess it's a good thing they don't poison their arrows, right?"

Cenn pauses a moment, looking over to Maura. He offers her a small smile, his hand reaching up to the pendant around his throat. Fingers tracing the curve of the carefully carved shape of the halla, from back to its twisting antlers. "Oh," He says, still sounding sad, though the small smile brightens him some, he looks over his shoulder to the direction Anders disappeared to, "I know it is. And I honestly deserve his bitterness. I do not begrudge him it."

"But you could walk around saying the Qunari poisoned your ass. That would make a good story, would't it?" Maura counters, trying to keep the mood a bit lighter given the unhappy emotions swirling about. "Well." she begins, when Cenn speaks. "If you're trying to prove you're trustworthy, the supplies are certainly a step in the right direction. And that you don't begrudge him his bitterness speaks well of you. But if I may ask, why would you risk assisting Anders? The Knight Commander has a reputation for ruthlessness. I can't imagine she would go any easier on a rogue templar then she would an apostate mage." Those words stick in her throat, but she gets them out anyway.

Cenn blinks, tilts his head. "Anders is not an apostate." Cenn says, "He is a Grey Warden. The Knight Commander has no rights to him. And I…" He shakes his head, "I have known Anders a long time. If he does not find me trustworthy now, I do not think he ever will. It is not trust I seek, it is easing the ache of bad news." The talk of Qunari, and arrows, it seems he's not going to touch for now. He's just not in the mood for the joke.

"Just because she has no rights to him, doesn't mean *she* agrees with that sentiment." Maura replies simply. "And I am sorry that you had to be the bearer of bad news, then. I arrived a little late to the clinic, apparently." She deliberately doesn't ask what the bad news was. "I haven'r known him as long as you have then, since we met only recently. But he's doing a good thing here. And by helping, so are you. Surely that counts for smething."

Barking a laugh, Cenn shakes his head. "The Knight Commander isn't fool enough to pick a fight with the Grey Wardens. Dedicated to her purpose or not." He says, "And don't fret too much. You didn't miss something, this was some days ago. But I am, once again, just a messenger. It is the apprentices who have done good this day." He pauses, shakes his head, still fiddling with the necklace in his hand, "But I should leave you all to the work you do. A good day to you, miss." And with that, he leaves the clinic at a pace that says he's not looking to be called back, pendant held tight, pressed into his hand until it hurts.

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