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Scene Title Dinner For Three
Synopsis Dinner gets ordered, flirting happens, fairly normal night in Hightown.
Location Hightown Inn
Date 05 Kingsway Dragon 9:31
Watch For The Avvar trying to buy a room.
Logger Dante

There are probably some things that this particular establishment doesn't really see everyday. Perhaps to a point of 'not ever'. A giant of a woman stepping in through the front door is likely one of those things. And if she's getting gawking looks from the squishy rich people for her 'I obviously come the ass end of Thedas' attire, it doesn't seem to register on those stone-cut features of hers. She is clean, she is dressed (lightly… ten years out of the Frostbacks and she still can't get over how damn hot this area can get sometimes), she not only has her axe bound but /covered/. What is their problem, really? And so, Solveig Reinerdotten, newely arrived to Kirkwall, makes her way to the front desk, her intention to get a room /here/ clear.
<OOC> Solveig hopes she never gets sent to Tevinter. She would melt.

It isn't every day that a client took him out someplace, as opposed to just… Well, the Rose had all sorts of accoutrement, most people didn't need to be anywhere else. Today, though, Dante had lucked out. And the date hadn't even been that long, so he's killing time before going home. He's sitting in the first floor of the inn, draped in a chaise like some sort of soft, luxurious throw blanket. Which, really, the touchable silk of his shirt, lacing loose, and the doeskin of his breeches, he probably felt like a throw if you touched him. Dark eyes follow Solveig as she walks in, but not quite the gawking of the other patrons of the inn, just a curiosity. It is followed by a smirk, sultry and soft and a little bit lazy, as he cards his hand through his hair.

The may not be used to the giant woman, but the tiny redhead in a deep blue gown that falls low on her shoulders and tight at the waist before falling in full skirts to sweep the ground.. this they are used too. Or so it seems as Kindle opens the door and flounces in, fiery mane bouncing, her pale blue eyes sparking with annoyance. At her waist, half lost in her skirts is a sword, not as fancy as one might expect, in her hand what looks like a leash as she makes her way to the front desk, for a moment the giant also standing there is either ignored or not noticed. "Is he here?"

As one of the clerks tries not to smile and nods to the girl. "Yes Ambassador, in the kitchen." Kindle sighs and thrusts the leash out to him. "Well feed him. Bring him out when he is done. I am going to have dinner, at least I know you all aren't trying to poison me." moving to head to a table and almost bowling right into Solveig. Kindle steps back, blinks looking up at the woman then nods. "And her too." then glances inwards, eyes sweeping the room, finding some familar faces but non she finds interesting until. "And him." nodded to Dante the more flouncing and off towards a table she goes.
<OOC> Kindle says, "Sorry, took me a moment to find her again."

As expected, a woman in less than expensive dress doesn't quite get people eager to rent her a room. She will just continue to stare at this clerk, stare /down/ at this clerk, while she states, calmly, "If my gold is not welcome here, I will take it elswhere." And indeed, she does withdraw from her pouch a handful of sovereigns that would hopefully give them the idea that despite the barbarian look, she /can/ afford their accomodations. She continues the stare down, not realizing she's the object of someone else's observations. And she almost has it when some /tiny thing/ nearly barrels into her! The growl of a retort is about all she gets out before the words 'And her, too' get uttered and the little thing is bouncing off…somewhere.

"I… am confused," she mutters. A comment from the clerk of 'That must happen often' again gets him the object of that stare, this time with a little less patience. "Room. Now." Pause. "PLease." She drops the coins on the bar and waits for the man to actually begin writing in her room stuff. Once that's done and she signs her name (GASP yes, she's literate) she leaves whatever's change on the bar and goes in search of the tiny thing. The fact she barked a third companion has missed her attention.
<OOC> Solveig goes back to trying to burn her kitchen

Dante is the sort to keep close watch on a room. It is his way, for so many reasons, so when Kindle walks in, the small woman with the crown of fiery hair is immediately noticed. The empty leash is, too. But he's not obvious, sipping at the glass of wine held languidly, he just watches. The near collision, the argument with the innkeep, the ordering of food. For Kindle, for her… Beast friend, for Solveig and… For himself. Now, that was a change. The nod toward him is met with a wave, just in his fingertips, and a small wink of dark eyes. He even fold his legs, so there is space on the far end of his chaise, should someone wish to take it.

The stare down behind her may have actually got her attention for a moment, maybe even had her look backwards for a flash but well the woman seems to have it well in hand and if she doesn't it can be worried about after food, so the whole thing is dismissed from her mind while she tries to find…. ohhh… with room made, Kindle drops rather dramatically onto the end of the chaise. And for all the flouncing, bouncing and flopping, oddly enough for one that knows what to look for, her hand catches the hilt just at the right moment to keep it from getting tangled as she drops into the seat. "I never use these things, hard to get out of."

Tiny Red is found, and so Solveig follows. Apparently food is involved so why not. A chair is grabbed as she makes her way to where Kindle has decided to plop down. Next to … a fop. A pretty fop, but one nonetheless. However, Solveig is not /rude/ so the pair gets a grunt and an upnod of greeting before she drops her weight onto the chair she appropriated.
This woman stands a height usually found amongst men, and can only be described as powerfully built, with well defined muscular arms being the most readily noted. Likely due to swinging the greataxe she is almost never seen without. Her facial features are sharply cut, with a square jaw and straight nose. Her dirty blonde hair is often pulled into a single braid at her back and her steel gray eyes very rarely show softness. She has a tendency to dress in fur and leather in a definite manner that suggests she's from less civilized parts of Thedas. When geared for battle, though, she will be found wearing mail and plate and donning the contrasting colored war paint that marks her as Avvar.

"So much harder, indeed," Dante says, Antivan accent thick and sweet, "But so much better for speaking in." And with grace, he turns himself, so his legs fall at the end of the chaise, and his head rests firmly in Kindle's lap. Fop, indeed. What he is written all over his face, its obvious in the cypress sharpness of his cologne, in the red silk of his shirt. But as if it were not obvious enough, one nimble finger twists into a bright red ringlet, and he smiles, disarming and bright. It lasts but a moment before he looks over to Solveig as she pulls over a chair. Up, down, up. "Good evening." And though he is foppish and painfully Antivan, his greeting to this woman, dressed so much more the ruffian, is no less warm.

Okay.. man in her lap.. not what Kindle was expecting. She blinks down at Dante, then blinks again before looking at Solveig as she settles into a chair. "Hello, I am Aeryn Fionnlagh" said to the giant before glancing down again. "It is going to be very hard for you to eat like that." color quickly traveling up her pale throat and into her cheeks.

"I expect he would not be adverse to you feeding him, Fionnlagh," Solveig rumbles in a voice to match her appearance; low pitched and rough. But the tone is friendly enough and she's been out of the Frostbacks enough that the accent is soft…ish. Her arms cross and there's a snort at the blush. Though the way her lips tip slightly at the corners, she might've laughed. "Solveig Reinerdotten." Gray eyes drop to the man who so audaciously chosen Kindle's lap for a pillow. "You are very ruffle…ly."

Dante is juuuust about to have some smooth, witty retort to that, when Solveig supplies it for him. There's a grin flashed her way, before dark eyes flicker up to Kindle. "She is not wrong, pequena," He says up to Kindle, smirking, ever so proud of himself, "The food here is generally quite dainty. Good for lounging, or feeding." Then, though, there is a sideways look to Solveig. "But, mi querida," He says to the Avvar, "I am not so single minded to have an eye on no other. And yes, I do quite like ruffles."

Kindle blinks again, looking from one to the other bit it is to Solveig that she says. "Kindle, it's easier if you call me Kindle." then just as she is getting ready to address Dante, the server steps forward, flustering the girl all over again as he smirks at the sight. "Ohh umm something that isn't going to make me feel like I need to curl up and go to sleep. And whatever they wish.. and some of that white plum wine… Oh! and marshberries but I need them wrapped they are for someone else." then looks down at Dante again. "Do you always just drop into people's lap?"

"Kindle," Solveig repeats slowly, her eyes narrowing as if trying to figure out where the name came from. "Kindling. A reference to your hair, no doubt." She then lfits a hand and waves it as Dante turns his wiles on her. "Waste your energy elsewhere," she tells him, though it is a polite, almost kind tone. "I would likely end up breaking you in some fashion." When the server shows up she states what she wants to eat and drink. A rack of ribs and some good mead. Root vegetables. You know… Food taht puts meat on your ribs! And drink that puts hair on your chest. Does Solveig have hair on her chest? Mystery for the ages, friends.

"Who says I am unaccustomed to being broken, dear lady?" Dante quips back to Solveig, but he does not push beyond that. No, he's just smiling up at Kindle again. "Si, I do." He says with a small nod, "Laps, beside, under, above…" He says, a small shrug in one shoulder. "Dante Rivera de Santigo Castellano." There's his introduction, finally. As for food and drink? Just fruit, and more wine.

"So you would think." flipping that hair back over her shoulder. "…but father says it is because I tend to fan the flames of whatever.. affront I am obsessing on until it becomes something of a inferno and I can't help but act." bare shoulders lifting and falling in a slight shrug. "Either way, it is what I have been called most my life.. unless he is mad at me. Which is a lot." again looking down at Dante, fiery brow arching upwards as a smirk tugs at her lips. "I would think that would be a way to get yourself stabbed, Dante."

His retort prompts an actual laugh from Solveig, one that comes from the belly. "And then I am unaccustomed to paying for damages," she's taking a stab at something here. Will she offend? Does she care? And at his name, she can't help but smirk. "And I thought I had a mouthful to say during introductions," so not going to bother trying to repeat that.

"Oh, does it?" Dante says with a slow, exaggerated blink up at Kindle, almost batting his lashes, but too purposeful. "Have you a mind to stab me, mi amor?" The hand not holding his wine glass comes to lay flat against his chest melodramatically, "You do so wound." And with an exaggerated sniffle, he sets down his wine, takes Kindle's hand, puts a kiss to her knuckles, and then rolls off of the chaise. It's a fluid motion, and he lands on his feet before dropping with that same sort of grace precisely, instead, into Solveig's lap. "Don't worry, there's a deposit. I've not had to withhold it with anyone yet." He says with another wink to the other woman. And though he has swanned away, he does not stop looking, in passing moments, to Kindle. Man can play a room.

The color of Kindle's cheeks is only rivaled by her hair as Dante makes his dramatic exit from her lap to that of Solveig's. Luckily for a moment she doesn't have to say anything, cause her wine comes, along with the other woman's mead. By the time that the server is gone and her glass is in hand, she manages to chuckle and stick her tongue out at Dante. "You were looking for a room? I take that to mean you are new to Kirkwall, Solveig?"

And….there's a Dante in her lap. And with one good motion of her arm, there's a Dante at her feet. "I'll think about it," she does toss to the 'poor' man down on the ground, who she's sure will some how use the entire scenario to his advantage. It's hard to sometimes predict these barbarian looking types, but Solveig is thankfully amused. Until Kindle mentions her room. "Eh, in a manner of speaking. It seems that there is this place and the place in your… Lowtown. It is cleaner here. They…" She indicates the front desk, "Seem to be doubting my ability to afford accommodations here. I have settled the matter though, thankfully, and have no need now to have 'words' with the managerial staff." She'll just idly make sure her axe is still nice and propped against her chair as she mentions words.

This is not the first time Dante has been pushed from a lap and it will certainly not be the last. He lands without complaint save a small wince for the sake of his poor tailbone. And he looks up at Solveig with big, dark, sullen eyes, as his cheek nuzzles against her knee. All the supplicant, soft lower lip taken between white teeth, pulled slowly. Kindle's playfulness, though, gets a wink from him a moment later. However, it is then that the door to the inn opens again, and a stern looking woman with her skirt pulled over her knee glares across the room. She doesn't need to speak. Dante rises from the floor. Though, before he departs, and fuck only knows where these come from, the man produces two roses, a bright red, and hands one to each of the woman. "Good evening, senoritas, duty calls." And with that he's moving toward the door, getting scruffed by the older woman as they walk out into the night, though he seems in good enough spirits about it.

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