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Scene Title Dual Wielding Books
Synopsis Anton makes a book delivery.
Location Mage Courtyard
Date , 08 Kingsway, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Manipulation Magic
Logger Anton

Niall has books. Of course he has books. He's enjoying them out in the courtyard, not seeming to mind the day's heat. Several are open and surrounding him on both sides of the bench he occupies, and he keeps swiveling between them as he reads over the various texts.

Anton steps into the courtyard, obviously not here on business since he's not in armor today. Instead, he has a book tucked under his arm. Except the person he's here to find is apparently surrounded by them. "You know, most people read those one at a time," he points out. "I thought you'd like this one but if you're surrounded, maybe I should rescue you."

Niall doesn't immediately look up, but he does smile. "They have conflicting accounts, but also minor similarities. I'm trying to glean the truth by reading them together, seeing where things align and where they don't. Like here…" He thrusts his finger down onto the page, and whips around to grab one of the other books so he can compare. If he were the right sort of person, he's just make notes. Ah… life without highlighters.

Anton holds up the book. "Comparative texts," he informs. "Don't they have those in the library?" He picks up one of the books from the bench to sit. "Here, take a look." The book that he'd picked up is placed in his lap and he waits. "Trust me."

"I like going to the actual source usually, but…" Niall pauses in what he's going to say, if he even remembers that this point, and picks up the book Anton has provided him. Eyes immediately go wide and his smile grows. "Where did you find this? I've tried to ask the book merchants for a copy of this, but no one either has it or wants to sell to a mage."

"Easy," Anton answers. "It was in my things. Keep it, put it in the library when you're done with it if you want. It'll give me space for new ones. I don't have a lot of space, so if I want to put new ones in, I have to get rid of the old ones. There's a few more I plan to bring you when you're done with that." He watches the mage with the book, grinning. "You know, if you need a book and have trouble, I can probably get it for you."

"Thanks, Anton. I think I'll actually keep this one, if you're sure you don't mind? Of course, if I have it, you can then borrow if anytime you want," Niall points out and all but hugs the book to his chest. "And you know, thanks for not making fun of me about the books."

Anton laughs. "I'm the one bringing more to you. I'm not gonna make fun of you for it. I'd have to make fun of myself and I do enough of that already." A fact he's obviously proud of. "It's not a bad thing to have a hobby in this place. It's not like you're allowed to get out much. …so, if you need something from the markets, let me know. I can get it for you. It's not like anyone relies on my commission. Even me."

Niall closes up the books surrounding him and piles them on one side, making room for Anton to sit. "I should probably spend more time with some the other mages, but I do tutor the younger ones. I just… well, books are less work. So how are things working out with you and the other templars?"

Anton settles beside Niall. "The books are less work," he agrees. "Ah… that. Well, I think my lieutenant hates me- his eye twitches when he looks at me- and either one of the others is disappointed that I haven't had my spine ripped out through my mouth by a Knight-Captain, or is impressed that I managed to not make it happen. I'm reckless. Well. I have been. I think they missed the part where I'm here to straighten up, but I suppose I can do that on my own. I'd rather bring you books anyway, so that gets rid of half the trouble I'd be getting into."

"Knight-Lieutenant Garou? I've always thought of him as a decent enough man. Are you sure you didn't do something to make him eye-twitch at you?" Niall asks, not all accusingly, but remembering his first meeting with Anton. "I know they do like everyone to line up nicely, and well, you aren't really like everyone are you? Not saying that's a bad thing, but I would hate to see you kicked out. They've done that before."

"This is me we're talking about. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of what. Yeah, I don't exactly blend into the crowd here and I might have a problem with authority figures." Beat. "No, I have a real problem with authority figures. I'm trying, but I've got a temper and may not make the best decisions at times." He coughs, covering the word 'always' in the sound. "The thing is, where it can get people hurt? It's a bad thing and this place? This place is fucked up."

Niall glances around quickly then sighs. "Yes, yes it is, but there isn't much room to say that out loud, is there? You'll find that most of us just want to stay safe and if it means following the rules or looking like we're following rules, then we do it. If you step out of line, you may be alright once or twice, but you can never be sure. I know you mean well, Anton, but I do worry about you."

Anton shakes his head. "I'll get by, I always do. For what it's worth? I'm trying. I've never had to be the Upstanding Templar. Shit, most of the time I've been the one having most trouble standing up. Here?" He shakes his head. "It's not something you have to worry about, ok? As long as I behave, I'll be fine and I've been behaving. …you know… mostly."

"If there's anything I can do, let me know. I enjoy your company and it's nice having someone different around." Niall ducks his head slightly and blushes. "Besides, you're not bad to look at, even if you know that all too well. You're also intelligent and funny, but don't let that go to your head too much, Anton."

Anton points a finger at Niall. "Absolutely not. I'm responsible for myself, I'll find a way to work this out." A grin spreads over his mouth and he even chuckles. "Really? Oh come on, how am I not supposed to let that go to my head? Someone like you saying things like that? There's only a couple of places for it TO go."

Niall rolls his eyes. "I really should have known better," he mutters, but he is still smiling. Hard not to do that when confronted with this kind of charm. "You're trouble, and I know that, but I keep trying to find fault or insincerity and I admit I can't."

Anton laughs. "I'm trying to not be trouble, that's the point. Sincerity doesn't really do any good if it gets other people hurt. The problem is that I've never been responsible in my entire life." At least he's telling the truth. "And charm can lead others to trouble, especially here. So… I try to get my lieutenant to see that I'm making an effort and maybe he'll help me get my footing around here. Whenever we talk we grate against eachother."

"So having a mage compliment you probably isn't a good thing. Since obviously I could be more trouble for you. But I hope that doesn't mean we can't still be friends? It's nice having someone outside the actual mages who has read the same books I've read," Niall admits, even if he might look a little disappointed. "I don't want to be the cause of any additional trouble for you."

Anton rolls his eyes. "We can be friends, and you're completely wrong. Having you compliment me is a very good thing. I did say I had an ego, right? I mentioned that?" He's the opposite of ashamed of that ego. "You won't be. I've got a few more books I'm sure you don't have and we can talk about the others, like I said. I'll just get some lessons in not being an irresponsible shit."

Niall smiles back at Anton. "I'm sure you get complimented a lot. As much as you may get in trouble, no doubt. Which means your ego doesn't likely need me to tell you nice things, but I will." Because Niall is a cheap date that only needs books to make him happy.

"You'd be surprised, but I don't need compliments to come talk to you about these books and what's in them. Just so we're clear," Anton points out. "It's hard to find someone that's willing to read things like this, much less discuss them. Finding someone who'll do both AND has intelligence isn't gonna happen too often with the armored suits. Probably a few, but we've established I don't play well with them."

Niall says, "I didn't think you did, otherwise you wouldn't have talked to me after our first encounter. I recall I wasn't very nice and was very suspicious of your intentions." Niall laughs a the memory. "Then of course you were only interested in seducing me with books. Very romantic." See, he can tease. He's just not that great at it."

"I didn't think you did, otherwise you wouldn't have talked to me after our first encounter. I recall I wasn't very nice and was very suspicious of your intentions." Niall laughs a the memory. "Then of course you were only interested in seducing me with books. Very romantic." See, he can tease. He's just not that great at it.

Anton shakes his head. "Nah, that wouldn't put me off. I'm kind of used to it, really. So I figured you'd either get over it and we'd be able to talk about these things or you wouldn't and that would just be sad. You don't see someone who can read two books at once very often," he teases. "Yeah, that's me. I'll seduce you with something leather bound and wordy."

"Oh yes, that's me, a truly rare find. A man who reads two books at once. I read while walking to, don't forget that." Anton's last does make Niall laugh embarrassedly and blush at the same time. "What potentially sad is that it would work for me. I love books. Especially rare ones and having someone to talk about them with," he admits.

"At least you agree with me," Anton informs, as if that's also one of his best characteristics. "Hey, no letting anyone else seduce you with books. I wouldn't have anyone to talk about this stuff with. Then I'd really get bored. I get into trouble when I'm bored." It's really the root of all his issues. He gets bored, something looks like a good idea after a while, he does it and finds out how mistaken he was.

Niall laughs. "Maker forbid you get bored. We certainly wouldn't want that, because I can clearly imagine the kind of trouble you're likely to get into." That bit about letting someone else seduce him just makes his cheeks go crimson again. "Uh, you don't have to worry about anyone else trying that with me."

Anton nods. "Exactly. I have stories." Not that he's going to go into them now, but he has them. Lots of them. He grins at that blush, watching it for a few seconds before moving on. "Oh come on. None of the other mages try to get up your robe? I find that one hard to believe. You're just too distracted to notice."

Niall looks like he's about to choke on air at Anton's comment. "What a way to put it," he points out, and of course he's a brighter red now. "But if they have, I was too distracted to notice. Okay, that sounds pathetic, but no one has pressed the issue with me before. I mean, not beyond some kisses." He facepalms then and shakes his head. "Why am I saying all this to you?"

Anton shrugs, grinning again. "Maybe I'm just easy to talk to," he suggests, teasing. "Hey, it's not like I'm going to go tell anyone. Even if I was that much of an ass, who would I tell? Without getting myself in trouble, I mean. So it's fine. It's not going to go further than me."

Niall lifts his head, glaring slightly at Anton. "You're pushy. That's what it is and I'm not worried about you saying anything, it's just embarrassing to talk about!" Which of course it is and he can't help the fact that his face will now remain red for minutes to come. "Yet nothing seems to embarrass you in the slightest. Is that some kind of skill?"

"You know, when you make as many stupid mistakes and poor life choices as I have? You start to lose the ability," Anton admits. "Oh come on, I'm pushy but I'm not demanding about it. You really don't have to tell me anything. Promise, I won't be pissed off. The blush looks good on you, though. It'd look stupid on me."

Niall laughs, not able to help it. "You're right. It would look stupid on you. No one would believe it for a second. But you know, I like talking to you. It's surprisingly easy. And you bring me books. I may just follow you home or something," he replies, his own attempt at teasing back.

"See? They'd think I was up to something and then…" Anton laughs. "As if books would be all it took. I have a shelf full of them, though. I'll keep bringing them a little at a time so you're not buried. There are a few I don't know if you'd be interested in, they're more mechanical texts. Things I had before I was packed off to the Order."

Niall grins. "Oh, I'll read just about anything really, so feel free to bring anything you want. But you know, maybe I could convince the lieutenant that you aren't as bad as he thinks? You've been nothing but nice to me and haven't tried anything inappropriate."

"Nah, I'm the one who has to convince him and I kinda shot myself in the foot already. He'll think I pressured you." Anton shakes his head. "Got myself into it, so I'll get myself out."

Niall nods in understanding. "Well, if you do need someone to vouch for you, I will. Of course, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble for giving me the books, but I don't think he'd mind about that, do you?" He seems to consider his small stacks of books for a moment and puts a protective hand on them.

Anton shakes his head, grinning. "I doubt anyone is gonna take your books," he assures. "It's not like they're texts on demon summoning."

"Maybe, but you never know. Sometimes you can't be sure of anything around here," Niall states and he may look nervous about saying it, but he does all the same. "So while you think these books are fine, someone else might not. Another reason I tend to keep to myself most of the time."

Anton has to concede that one. "Yeah. Circles are fucked up in general, but this one? It should win a prize. Well, these titles should be safe enough. I have some books on engineering, those should be safe enough too."

"You and your radical idea of Circles being fucked up." Yes, Niall did just swear. Hopefully a kitten somewhere didn't just die. "And yes, this one is extra special, but there are those in the Order who try and then there are those of my kind who could try harder."

"You swore," Anton points out, then sighs. "I've seen more stability in old explosives. Just… Make sure you keep your head down, alright? I don't want you getting into trouble."

Niall smiles. "I did. It's been known to happen. But you need to stay out of trouble too. I'm actually starting to like you and I'd miss having you around. So try not to make your lieutenant so mad if you can, alright?"

Anton sighs. Then he sighs again. "Alright. Il find a way to get along with Knight-Lieutenant Grumpypants. I'd hate to upset you, especially if you like me." See the grin? Yeah, ego.

Niall will just blush. Thank you very much. "Well, if you hating to upset me will keep you mostly behaved, then it's worth something. I could throw in a kiss if you manage to not get yelled at for a whole day. Or is that too much? Half day? I don't want to make it seem too easy."

Anton hangs his head. "So you're going to give me an offer like that. Maker, the things I go through. Fine, fine. You could get me on good behavior for a week on that promise."

"A whole week? Are you saying you'll be well behaved for that whole week or should I keep it at just the one day?" Niall asks, still smiling. "I know what a hardship it's likely to be and all for you."

Anton laughs. "What, you want me to take it one day at a time?" He taps the books. "Yeah, you're right. They'd think I finally drank the stuff under the bar at the Hanged Nan. I'd be in trouble either way."

"I want you not to get sent away," Niall reminds the templar. "So no goats or sneaking mages out to bars. Just… try not to make Lieutenant Garou growl at you any more than he has, and keep bringing me books so we can talk about them. I think those are all fair things to ask for."

Anton sighs. "Who knew there'd be a manipulator behind that face?" He laughs. "Fine." He looks like a kid who's been told he has to do chores. "I'm gonna miss that eye twitch and the gamble on my life." Another heavy sigh. "I told you I had more to bring. Finish that one. I want to hear what you think about the comparisons before I say anything."

"I'm inexperienced, not completely harmless," Niall replies, looking rather proud of himself. Granted, he knows Anton likely let him win that time, but he's pleased. "I'll start it later. It won't take me long to finish it." Which is very true, but then he's happy to read book several times.

Anton laughs. "Yeah, I'm figuring that out. The lieutenant is gonna think I've finally gone over the edge." He's joking, but it's probably true. "If he ever finds out, you're likely to get a medal. He may kick my ass just on principle."

Niall grins. "I'm not saying you only ever have to behave. I wouldn't want to risk you getting bored, just try to do it front of the right people for a change. It can't be that difficult, can it? Us mages had to learn that skill from the start or things are not at all pleasant. So, just start thinking of yourself as a mage."

Anton sighs with relief. "It's a good thing. Me bored for a week might end in something terrible. Like… The chantry blowing up from the unspent energy. Or… Me getting my ass kicked." Which amuses him more than it should. "Does that mean I get to wear the robes? Because there's this theory I want to test…"

"You're terrible. Maybe you should visit the Chantry more often. It might do you some good." Not that Niall is that serious about it. "You could always visit with me. They do let us go there if we have an escort. Are you even allowed to serve as an escort?"

Anton thinks it over. "Well, I've escorted a few older enchanters. I haven't gotten into any trouble so escorting you if you want to go might not be an issue. If it is, it's my own fault. I make poor life choices a lot."

"Well that's reassuring," Niall replies. "But maybe you could. It would give us time to talk about the new book you brought me and it's good to get out of the Circle, even if it's only there and back. Think you could manage it for tomorrow? Demonstrate that you actually know how to be an upstanding Templar?"

There's that concept again. "You know, I didn't even want to be a Templar. I lack the faith," he admits. "Yes, I can probably manage. Who knows? Maybe it'll inspire me to faith." Not that Anton is ever likely to believe in anything.

Niall tilts his head to the side, regarding Anton with narrowed eyes for a moment. "Then why stay one if you don't want to be one? There are other things you could do. And yes, I remember what you said about your family, but Anton, you're what they call an adult now." That last is said with a smile.

Anton holds up 3 fingers. "Because my father expects me to drop out, because its probably to late for that, and I don't really have another plan. It's not that I don't see a reason now, it's that I didn't when joined."

Niall shrugs. "And my father didn't want a mage for a son, but yet here I am and him pretending I don't exist doesn't make it less so. So what if your father expects it. What do you want? Isn't that more important now? You have choices. I'm envious of those choices, but you do have them."

"To get you to read the book," Anton answers. "And maybe get that walk in to the chantry tomorrow. I don't mind this life enough to walk away from the training. And we can't talk about these books if I leave."

Niall holds up his hands, relenting. "Alright, I'll read the book. I won't bother you about your reasons for staying a templar anymore, but I did have to ask. I don't like to see my friends unhappy."

Anton laughs. "See? I can win too." And now he's going to move out of the way of an anticipated swat. "I'm not unhappy. In fact, I may be a little happier and in this place? That means I'm crazy. I'll go make arrangements for the chantry visit."

Niall does swat at him then turns it into a wave before collecting his books. "You go and do that. I'll look around for you tomorrow. Thanks again for the book."

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