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Scene Title Duty
Synopsis Sebastian Vael appears armored and livid outside of the Chantry. He is calling for death of those who killed his family. Cenn and Adrian are the lucky witnesses. Will they help?
Location Hightown - Kirkwall
Date Justinian 13, Dragon 9:31
Watch For Fennecs and Vengeance and a Champion of the Faith
Logger Sebastian

Hightown - Kirkwall
Built at the height of the Tevinter Emperium's slave trade, Hightown's mansions were where wealthy slavers. Wide walkways lead to main doors while narrow alleys give access to service entrances, all of this perched within viewing (and sometimes smelling) distance of Lowtown, though no one seems to pay the narrow stairs that connect the two much mind. Here, too, can be found merchants catering to more sophisticated- and sometimes more questionable- tastes.

Despite having a clear preference for staying out of Hightown, Adrian still comes here on one day of the week. The bard has become something of an attraction at the Hightown market today. Dressed in attire that while fairly well made only marks him as a merchants son at most there is little to the rather handsome mans clothes that suggests nobility. However he still manages to draw attention of the nobles here. He plays a soft lilting tune, upbeat and playful with a catchy ballad to accompany it. His voice a rather beautiful tenor sings with a Starkhaven accent that makes the already nice voice seem even better somehow. His talent with music draws people to the corner where he plays and sings. A cloth hat sat out to collect coin from those that wish to reward his efforts and so far he seem to be doing well. He wears a rather warm smile for those that look his way and the pure white fox draped over his should also draws some attention. Slightly bigger than a full grown house cat the fluffy white fennec watches the crown with a lazy yet regal look to her, like a queen overseeing her subjects. The minstrel himself seems to be of a much more rleaxed disposition, singing and playing and occasionally thanking those that deign to applaud him when a song ends. He finishes the ballad and the music winds down to a close. He takes a slow breath letting people offer thier coin if they wish to for a moment now, simply taking a moment to rest and observe the crowds for a second.

Against the music that provides such a beautiful backdrop for the wide walkways and Hightown squares, is a sudden burst of anger. From the Chantry, a pair of Sisters attempt to stall a rather dominating figure, with a countenance of nobility that should give any lesser born pause. Royalty was in the edged stance of a man with white armor and aburn hair, a gaze of ice blue steeling against the uplifted hands of the Sister's meaning to impede his way. For those who know of Starkhaven know of this man. He's not only made a name for himself fighting off Tevinter slavers from Starkhaven, but when he was younger, he stormed the tourney grounds and won his fair share of accolades. Though, rumors had been, he had long since been given over to the Chantry. What then, for his reason in armor, seething proudly underneath the metalic plates? "They were -murdered-" the exiled Prince rolls out with his Starkhaven burr, "-it is my right—" And there's something in his hand, a parchment. He was heading for the chantry board with it.

Most Starkhaven nobility would also know Adrian's face The Morlov family was not Starkhaven royalty but they possessed both power and wealth that was a close second. Even though it would have been years ago that he saw it last Adrian knows that face, Sebastian Vael. And it may be likely that Sebastian knows the face of Adrian Morlov. Which would raise questions as to why the second and youngest son of the Morlov family is here, dressed like a merchant or minstrel. There is a moment where his eyes are wide at that stalking figure and then he is snatching up his earned coin and trying to blend into the crowd. Still even as he tries to blend in the fennec on his shoulder has other plans, the haughty beast honing in on the man in shiny armor that almost rivals her white fur coat. The only warning Adrian has is the loss of weight and the white blurr the crosses his vision. The fox jumps down and moves with prissy graceful steps right towards the marching prince on the warpath. Adrian hurries after her, his new friend clearly meaning a great deal to him. "Sassy. We don't annoy stalking warriors in armor remember? We got lucky last time and they didn't even have armor…." He scurries after his friend who has stopped dead in front of Sebastian and is peering up at him, likely trying to admire herself in the shininess that is his armor. Adrian stows his coin away into a pouch and bends to retrieve his wayward companion. His head is bowed low, trying not to look Sebastian in the eyes or give him a good view of his features. "My apologies. She is too curious for her own good." The fennec turns her head to her pet human and lifts her chin defiantly as if to debate this point and then goes back to staring into Sebastian's breastplate.

The Sisters both have a hand on Sebastian's arms. Together they've waylaid him from posting something upon the Chantry board. They're sympathic to him, speaking of warmth and encouragement, of the Maker's justice, and that his own will undermine the Will of the Maker. The fire does not leave those icy blue eyes, nor does he yield completely, only temporarily, for posting. He's blinded by the anguish and the fierceness of revenge labouring through his heart. The one woman puts a hand on his shoulder, "Speak to Grand Cleric Elthina first, Sebastian." His eyes snap with such sharpness toward the woman she visibly lets go of his arm, for a second. Then that stubborn streak of Chantry teaching has her cling back to him. About the same time that a white fox stands before them. Idealy, the Starkhaven wouldn't notice a thing. But the Vael is on a warpath and anything getting in front of him is going to be glared at. The man suddenly turning to bow in front of him, "Wait." He issues an order forth to this stranger, and it comes out as if he's already the damn Prince of Starkhaven, having a certain measure of demand in his burring tone. "The fennec, yours?"

Adrian scoops the white foxy fluffball into his arms holding her gently but securely. His head stays bowed and he pointedly doesn't look at Sebastian just yet. He likely intends to take his friend and escape now but that demanding tone, noble and snobbish has dark grey eyes lifting as if on instict. Adrian's stormy grey eyes are calm yet he seems to refuse to back down and look away at this point. His own noble training ingrained in him quite firmly despite his wishes. He remains respectful yet he does not back down, no obvious weakness is shown. When he speaks his own Starkhaven accent is plainly noticeable, his tone kept carefully neutral and composed. "Sassy is my companion yes. I apologize for her getting in your way." He glances aside to the Sisters and then back to the regal man that ordered him to wait. He will wait to be dismissed and despite not really believing in higher powers if any gods are listening, the minstrel still prays that he will not be recognized.

Done with his first patrol of the day, Cenn d'Argent makes his way across Kirkwall to the Chantry. Still in the armor that marks him as a Knight Liutenant, he's not strictly off duty, but if there was one place a Templar could go without question, it was to the Chantry. The small commotion starting near the Chanter's board, however, makes the Templar cant his head, looking more than a little concerned. "Sisters, Brother, is something amiss?" He offers as he approaches in steps of shifting metal, his accent thick with the sounds of Ferelden.

The shock of how vivid Sebastian's eyes are becomes evident as his gaze locks with that stormy grey. There is recognition alighting behind the exiled Prince's gaze. "I know you-" he breathes out as if the accounting of who he was, was not at all coincidence. Morlov was a strong family, though they never aired grievance or slight against the Vael's, for understanding how the Vael's dealt with such dissent. His eyes sweep down the figure of the Morlov son and had it been any other day, he may have commented on how similar that was. Instead, at a further tug from the Sister, he relents, the Starkhaven burr rolling his words, "It is my duty, to show these assassins there is no where in the Free Marches to hide-" The one Sister shakes her head, "The Chantry cannot condone this. You must not go ahead with this. The Grand Cleric-" Sebastian was a tight with tension, wearing his armor and weapon. As the Templar comes over, the one Sister shakes her head, "Our Brother anguishes over the murder of the Vaels."

Adrian is currently wearing his best 'oh snap what do I do now' face. Wide startled eyes lock with Sebastian's bright blue ones. The recognition of the prince as its voiced draws a sigh from the man and he meets his gaze stubbornly yet still surprised at having been caught. But at the mention of the words Vaels and murdered there is a look of conflict in those grey orbs. Torn between wanting to help the prince and wanting to forget he saw him, but Adrian desire to do good seems to win without much of a struggle. He doesn't offer sympathies or condolences, instead his words are calm yet steady. "What do you want done exactly? Do you want revenge then?" The fennec in his arms remains still and calm transfixed by her own face in the shiny armor and then, another shiny armored man! The fox's head swivels to eye Cenn and his armor too now.

The look on Cenn's face changes dramatically, from one of confusion to one of deep seated concern. "Sisters," Cenn offers gently to them, "The Chanter's Board has been used to track down criminals before. This does not seem wholly out of the question." His gaze turns to Sebastian, "Though, perhaps, Brother, it would be best if someone not so heartsick posted it." There is a glance to the other Starkhavenite man, to the fox in his arms, to her wide eyed interest, and the smallest smile creeps at the corners of his lips.

The Brother is out of his robes and into the armor his father commissioned for him when he took his vows. Granted, it still held the effigies of the Chantry in the way it is wrought, especially that belt buckle - Andraste herself! The Sister's seem to take the approach of the Templar in good graces enough to allow Sebastian some space, since he wasn't thundering across to the Chanter's Board. His blue eyes switch back toward Adrian, recognizing the fellow as a noble of Starkhaven, even in the guise that he was currently afforded. The Vael does not break that guise for him either. "The Flint Company. Eliminated." The Sister's beside him murmur of 'murder' again, though their murmurs settle at the Templar's remarks. Sebastian's gaze cools as it hits the Templar, extending the parchment toward the Templar, that Starkhaven burr rolling his tongue, "You may be right. But what happened to my family was murder. They need to be avenged and before the Flint Company takes the offensive toward me."

Adrian notes Cenn out the corner of his eye and offers the templar a nod. Most of the bards attention is one Sebastian though, his expression grim as he nods. "I would be willing to assist in that, I would likely need backup though." He considers the Starkhaven prince calmly already having decided that he will help. Morlovs were politicans but Adrian was not. But still the current Morlov's had supported the Vaels in most cases and the young man seems ready to follow that trend. Meanwhile sassy is examining Cenn with more interest, his smile is noted and the fox's head cants as if considering, she inches forward in Adrian's arms extending her head out to Cenn with an expectant look that says quite plainly 'I demand ear stratches now human'.

For now, the fox's attention to him is mostly ignored. Cute as she may be, Cenn has bigger issues. Reaching, he takes hold of the parchment, glancing it over. "Brother, let me." He says, "I hear your pain. And your wish for justice. But do not put this blood upon your hands. It will not suit one sworn so to the Maker, though your blood may scream for it." Very flowery speech for a man that sounds Ferelden.

"If you find a lead, then I will support you, for I should be sentencing the lives of those who condemned my family to theirs-" Sebastian looks toward the one raven haired Sister, who puts a hand on his arm. A shared look falls between them, "Yes. I must take to some solace in the Maker's Chant." He glances between the two, those piercing blue eyes settling on Cenn. "You are wise, the Light shines on you," the burr rolling, "This might be the Will of the Maker, but these assassins must not walk freely for it. Yours is the sword to better deliver that justice, though it is my duty as well. Andraste's blessings to you, brother," a sweep to Adrian, "And you. Should you find anything, you may find me at the Chantry." The two sisters look relieved, whispering their thanks to both men, as they turn to coax Sebastian back into the Chantry.

Adrian nods politely to Sebastian. Nothing more is said though its clear he may not be quite convinced that the Maker will do anything to help this matter. Still he does not voice the doubts that show in his eyes. "If I find anything you will know." Then he turns to go, there is a soft whine as he turns his back and something is muttered to the fox in his arms quietly. The fennec resumes her perch on his shoulder peering curiously at the two shiny humans until she can no longer see them, then she settles back to rest as Adrian walks back down to Lowtown.

"Find peace where you can, Brother," Cenn says gently, "I hope the Maker will grant you it." There's a nod then to the Sisters, who likely still aren't pleased about the posting in the first place, but aren't quite willing to tell the Knight Lieutenant no. There's a sort of calm lightness to him as he steps away then, letting the Sisters see Sebastian to the Chantry, as he reads over the details of the posting before putting it up gently. It's a simple action, but one that has weight on the heart.

IC Notice on the Chanter's Board

To whomever elects to participate in the charitable deed of assisting the Vael family of Starkhaven?

His most worthy highness, Prince Sebastian Vael, has provided instructions for anyone brave and noble enough to attempt eradication of the rabble who dared attack his family. Three groups of Flint Company mercenaries have been sighted in the Kirkwall vicinity.

  • One group makes camp not far from the elves of the Sundermount mountain range.
  • The second has been seeking information on the Docks after nightfall.
  • The third is far from the main road off the Wounded Coast; they are believed to have a small campsite well past any known landmarks.

A princely award awaits whoever finds and defeats all these rogues.

May the Maker guide you.

Chanter Taletha