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Scene Title Elven Magical Skyrim Pony Babysitting Service
Synopsis Katerina brings an offer to Seren
Location Courtyard, The Gallows
Date June 7, 2016
Watch For Floofy bird
Logger Seren

Seren is at least in the courtyard now, and likely looking more content as he sits on the ground- of course it's the ground, because why not?- with the biggest owl ever perched on his shoulder. Said owl seems to be watching the elf carve something into the outside of a wooden bowl and occasionally doing her best to get her head under his chin for a better look.

Katerina comes wandering in from the tower still in her usual ensemble of wild brown hair and green robes, though surprisingly absent her staff. She tilts her head and smirks at Revas, waving mildly and the giant owl. "She seems more comfortable with being here." Katerina remarks while still at a distance, not wanting to surprise Seren. "How are you?" she asks of her Dalish counterpart.

Seren looks up from his work and even offers a smile before urging the bird to move enough for him to NOT inhale feathers. "She's more comfortable and no longer stealing smallclothes. Apparently the shortage was noticed." The question aimed at him is given a hint of a shrug. "I'm… adjusting. At least finding some meaning in my being kept here. I'm sorry our meeting was…" He chuckles. "Overshadowed by my anger. I want to thank you for having Cenn see me. At least I don't have to worry that Revas will be hurt. Nightwings can be intimidating if you've never seen one. Even then."

Katerina smiles brightly at Seren, "So /you/ were behind the templars missing drawers then?" She says to Revas, looking quite pleased. At the apology she shakes her head, "Banal. There is nothing to forgive. I was angry too." She chuckles, "I often still am." At the mention of Cenn the expression on her face makes it clear that her feelings on the Templar are mixed, and might even change with the phase of the moon. "I'm glad he was able to help you."

"Revas… When I told her to hunt she thought I was sending her to find more. I was kept in a tower and it was easy enough to take them to make a rope. If I'd just gotten it a little longer…" Seren shrugs and receives a protest from the bird perched on his shoulder. "The anger is normal but it's not going to get us out of here." He holds up the bowl to show the decoration in progress. "So I'm finding ways to fill the time. We carve these to burn herbs in." He tips his head to regard Katerina. "But you're not Dalish, so I wonder how you learned?" He's referring to language, obviously.

"My mother could speak it, she taught me when I was younger." It's a lie she's been telling for years, and is well practiced at. "I've also made an effort to learn, read what I can get my hands on, talked to those I could steal time with. I was born without a clan, but I still care about my heritage." All of that, on the other hand, was true. "I have another project that might take up your time, if I can get the knight commander's approval and if you're willing to help me."

Seren considers Katerina for a moment, and then smiles. "Fair enough," which is one of those Keeper phrases that signals a refusal to pry. "I would say 'as long as no one will be hurt by it', but I'm pretty sure I don't have to do that with you. I'll help you, if I can. I don't seem to be very short on time in this place. I do have one other task, but that shouldn't take long."

Katerina recognizes the phrase for what it is, and at the very least seems to appreciate it. "There is a Dalish mage among the wardens here, who managed to acquire a golden Halla from some Shemlin smuggler." She begins to explain. "Her unit has to travel in the deep roads shortly and apparently I was recommended to take care of the creature. That said, you probably know much more about caring for a Halla than I do."

Seren looks fairly surprised by this. "The poor thing must have been terrified, but I suppose it's lucky enough to not have been killed." He nods. "I'll help. It's not a bad thing to learn to look after one. Once they trust you they communicate with you. …and it would be a comfort to be near them again." He's still homesick, just without all the indignant anger that came along with it. "Thank you for asking me."

"You're the best equipped to help." Katerina replies to his thanks. "I've met the creature she's…. inquisitive." The city elf smiles brightly at the memory, "Started chomping on my robes, I'd guess because they're green, or maybe just to be a brat." She shrugs, "seems like she'll get in to anything she can, but I imagine we can convince her to behave."

Seren chuckles. "She sounds young, and perhaps like she already knows you can be trusted. As long as she's provided with enough to keep her occupied and fed, she should get used to boundaries soon enough. Revas can help, she's used to dealing with children and Halla. I can ask her to watch over her at night. …it'll keep her from going after anyone else's underclothes." Revas' reaction? LOOK AT THE INNOCENT BIRD.

"With any luck taking her out to exercise might even offer an opportunity to leave the tower for a while." Kat can dream, she really can. Katerina turns her attention to Revas and smiles, "Well, ma Serannas to her then. I am sure both of us will need to sleep at some point."

"We can hope," Seren agrees, though he shakes his head as Revas puffs out her feathers in response to the thanks. "I believe that's 'you're welcome'. At least in this case. She loves to play the part of protector of small things. It will probably be hard to get her to go away to hunt."

"Perhaps both can get us some time out of this creators forsaken tower. Wouldn't that be lovelier still?" Kat says with a smile. "I think I can convince one of the templars to play chaperone while we take them out of the circle as well." Katerina chuckles, "The question is do I go ask her now, or ask her when I have the baby Halla to be adorable and help me convince?"

"I've learned through trial and error that it's usually easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. If the person isn't forgiving, show them something small and cute." From the look Seren gives before glancing at Revas, he has some experience. "But now I have to go in search of herbs. I promised someone that I would do something," he gestures with the bowl as if that should explain it. Of course, Revas is going to settle on one of the overhangs for now and the bowl probably looks suspiciously like something one would use to burn herbs for the dead. "Ma serannas, Katerina. It'll help ease the homesickness a little."

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