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Scene Title Elven Warden Testers
Synopsis Thistle shops for children in the alienage
Location The Alienage
Date Justinian 22, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Talk of Alienage life
Logger Taril

Thistle lumbers into the Alienage. Shield hung over his back, axe strapped beneath it, stave in hand tapping on the ground in front of him as he walks. He pauses after he's well into elf-country and leans on the stave, turning slowly as he eyes up those around.

"I really hope you're lost, they're not going to view you're being here kindly," Taril notes from his perch in the vhenadahl. "They tolerate me because we all look the same to humans and I don't waste my time telling them they may as well be slaves. You? You bring attention they don't need or want."

Thistle turns his attention to Taril then snort-brays a laugh, "Which 'they' are you concerned about? The elves or the others?" He gestures around, "I've need of some idle hands that can draw a bow. Elven children came to mind as an affordable source, and the Alienage is where I find elves. So here I am."

Taril peers down at Thistle. "Yes," he answers before going back to the arrow fletching he'd settled in to do. "Cheap child labor? As much as I'd like to be offended on behalf of these round-ears… they chose their lot. Their children didn't, and you'll probably find one… maybe two that can do what you ask. They've forgotten what it's like to not live under the tables of humans and humans don't like to see elves with weapons. With a few exceptions."

Thistle chuckles, "I think the recruits would have appreciated the lack of skill and lesser strength of arm initially, but if you think it isn't worth the trouble I'll seek to spend my coin and time on others." The Vashoth shrugs with a clank of metal, "I suppose human children are nearly as cheap."

"I said you wouldn't find it," Taril points out. "Guarantee the children won't be hurt or misused and I can probably find what you're looking for. They won't trust you and the ones that would be willing to let you pay for their children… would expect you to pay higher and keep them." Hey, not every elf in the alienage is a good person. "The capable ones also already work or belong to someone else."

Thistle says, "They'll be shooting blunted arrows at some recruits I'm training. They'll be no more or less likely to be hurt than any other time in their life that they were do something similar…save for that I'll have spent money on them and I'm stingy with my money and don't appreciate others impeding my efforts. Anyone who would be foolish enough to waste my money just to trouble an elf would annoy me. As for taking them permanently…my order doesn't need to pay if we want to do that, but that seems a grand gesture to have some children put arrows in the air while the recruits work on their shield play."

Taril shrugs. "Life is hard here, sometimes people are reduced to doing what it takes to survive. Tell me how many and I'll ask around. You can tell them how much, which will keep double the number from showing up. I've given food to a few of the children here, they'll at least trust me. You? Well, they've heard stories." As much as he'd like to be aloof to the city elves, he's a softy when it comes to children.

Thistle smiles, "Stories?" He chuckles, "You know Vashoth are born with ears like humans, right? We only get our points by eating at least a dozen elven children?" He gives another snort-laugh then names the price he's offering, a pittance, even for children, bit it is money. "If they can't draw a child's bow they can come to watch and throw rocks, but they won't be paid, and I'll only pay the first dozen. If they do well, I will invite them back, if not, I won't, but they will still be paid for the day."

Taril shakes his head. "A dozen at that? I suppose it's more than they'd see. …and they'll take it." See how much he disapproves? "I suppose I can teach them to do well enough to do what you want and offer them food once they're done." He looks over at Thistle. "I'll hunt today and have enough to feed them, that should make them more enthusiastic than the money." The money will have to be given to their families, but the food will be just for them. He smirks at the story. "Is that all? I suppose you have to skin them for the horns, right?"

Thistle looks upward towards his eyebrows, "The horns? No, no, elf grown horns are all light spindly…we boil down dwarf bones into a broth and make a fine soup to grow our horns." He considers a moment after then says, "The recruits could us practice managing a mess as well as a battle. A gaggle of hungry, tired children is as near a thing as I can think to dealing with men after a battle. If I join you in the hunt to watch for anything bigger than your bow might handle would you wait to feed them until after?"

Taril thinks it over and then grins. "Sounds reasonable. If you like stone soup." See? He has humor. "You don't have to join me, the food is for after. They'll be too tired to draw a bow if they're fed before. It defeats the purpose of learning to shoot. That's how I was taught." He finally finishes fletching the last arrow and places it into the quiver. "I'm not going to lie to you, I want them to learn to do it if I'm going to bother with them. Otherwise they'll be round-ears living under the tables of humans forever and have children that will be just like them."

Thistle says, "If you wish to make them more effective at testing the defensive walls the recruits erect that is your business." He looks upwards, "I miss a wider expanse of sky, if you do not wish company then I'll leave you to it, but if it does not trouble you I wish to walk outside these walls for a time and you seem to know where you are going."

Taril shrugs. "It won't bother me either way as long as you don't scare the animals off," he teases. "My people stop and camp on the mountain, I know the hunting grounds here well enough to not over-use them and there are enough rabbits to keep the population steady. …it's too bad the spiders keep the nugs from populating the upper chambers of the caves around here. I've only managed to find two the entire time I've been here."

Thistle says, "Spiders aren't very good eating, but they're useful in other ways. If we come across one it wouldn't ruin my day." He chuckles, "Or something big enough that I could eat it."

Taril laughs. "I know a cave that we wouldn't have to delve too deeply into to find spiders, and there are deer, but I haven't brought any of them down. Too big for one elf, but maybe enough for you. At this time of year the best time is dusk, but if we do take a deer, it will have to be male. It's never good to leave young without their mother. They can do without the males."

Thistle chuckles, "I know a lot of women who feel the same way. A deer would be nice, I don't mind hauling meat, I just have trouble running them down with my axe and they're almost impossible to taunt into attacking."

"I'll get the deer, you help haul the meat once it's ready. It's better to get them from a distance, even elves don't brag about being able to run down deer." Taril pauses. "Unless they're willing to be laughed at." Now he finally bothers to swing down from the branch he'd been sitting on. "Evening is a better time for it."

Thistle watches Taril drop, still leaning on the long staff capped with a knobby skull cracker. "We'll find eachother in the evening then, which exit do you leave from?"

Taril gestures toward the direction of the coast. "We'll go along the coast. I can pick up some herbs along the way to put into the stew for the children. Then toward the mountain to hunt. We should be finished before nightfall." At least he's not bragging and assuring success within an hour.

Thistle turns to look in that direction the rolls an arm, shifts the hold of the staff and rolls the opposite arm, "Sounds like fun. I'll see you then." He hoists his stick up onto his shoulders, hangs his arms over it, and walks towards the exist of the alienage. "Good luck finding the kids, it'll be fun watching them shoot."

Taril waves as he heads off toward an alley within the alienage. "Oh, I'll find them," he assures. "I'll see you later." Then he's off, apparently having an idea where alienage children go during the day.

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