Organization Evocati
Races Any
Leader Hadrian Severinus

Centuries ago, the Tevinter Imperium had a tradition of honoring exemplary talent and dedication no matter what the arena. In its armies, there were units known as Evocati, made up entirely of soldiers who had distinguished themselves during their regular term of service and when that contract had expired, were invited to stay fighting - elevated into these special units that answered only to their specific general. It was an honor to be invited to serve this way. But sadly, honor fell out of fashion in the Imperium and after a particularly nasty spat between the Magisterium and an Archon with a spine, the evocati were wiped out entirely and the practice was never reinstated. About a year ago, however, the name started circling around Kirkwall in a way it had not done since the days it belonged to the Empire. Technically a mercenary company, the Evocati of Kirkwall is by far the most respectable such group in the city. Their work comes more from guarding, protection and the occasional rescue than from outright murder. Few outside Hightown know who their leaders are, exactly, but what is known all through the city is this; they don't care who you are, they care what you can do.

Role in Kirkwall


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