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Davan NPCing the role of Liddy

Scene Title Explaining To Do
Synopsis Liddy has some questions for Cenn… Things don't go well.
Location Southern Lowtown
Date 23 Haring 9:31 Dragon
Watch For So much drama.
Logger Cenn

In this snow and cold, Cenn had been one of the only members of the Order who didn't balk at the idea of city patrol. The snow was not something that bothered him, and he could use the time out. Being in the market yesterday had reminded him of the fact that seeing something outside the Gallows was important from time to time. It's still fairly early in the day, Cenn had early morning patrol, and so it's not quite noon when his shifts ends and his relief is on time. Heading through the city toward the docks, the Lieutenant is taking his time. Off duty, though he's still in his armor, he doesn't have any need to rush, and he's tired. Coming out to the city yesterday meant cutting into his sleeping time, and it's not the first time he's made that choice recently.

Liddy probably looks so far out of place in Lowtown, wrapped in white fur and looking like a girl who's gotten into her mother's clothes, right down to the ivory clasp that holds back her brown hair. She's on a mission, even if she gives the appearance of merely trying to get through this area of town without being bothered. "There you are. I thought I'd be all day trying to find out where your patrol led. …and before you run, please. I'm here to ask for your help. Or at least information that will give me something to go on." By this time she's caught up with the Templar- no small achievement given the difference in stride.

Oh Cenn knows that voice. His back goes rigid, though it's hard to tell through all of that metal. Nevertheless, he pauses, falling into parade rest and looking down at Liddy. "I doubt I have any information that you need." He says, voice… Cold. So cold, professional, distant. This stop on his route home has sent ice water down his spine, and Cenn doesn't like it one bit. "I have tried to make my lack of contact as evident as possible." He's firm… He's a Templar, entirely, in this moment, no part of the man under the armor actually showing up to talk.

"Yes, I know and I wouldn't have come to you except he hasn't come home. I won't pretend I don't know where he is or that I'm not aware of him arranging to return to his family. …but I don't doubt you have the information I need. I need to know what happened. If I hadn't spent the entire time babysitting that damn fool Louis…" Liddy sighs, frustration leaving her with the breath. "I would like to think that I have done nothing to turn your opinion against me. If I'm wrong, then I apologize. If it weren't a matter of his life… but it is and I'm willing to beg you if I must. His mother could already have sent a reminder that he wasn't supposed to come home and I'm sure she's not going to allow him to make it there unscathed."

There's this thing that happens, with enough training. Where you have a couple of hard set positions, and nothing… Nothing can move you from them. For Cenn, his parade rest is one such. His expression does not change as he looks down to Liddy, just remains stern and composed. "I do not see how the details of what occurred between him and I would be relevent to anything." Cenn says, though he's grown even more distant, if that is possible, almost clinical, "You know where he is. You know his family far better than I. What does why he left have to do with the price of fish in Tevinter?"

Liddy watches Cenn, waiting a few breaths before speaking again. "Alright." She settles herself into the picture of stillness, her eyes never leaving the man she's addressing and her face settled into pleasant lines. Passers by would assume a polite conversation was in progress. "When Davan was seventeen he fell in love. A nice enough young man, he may even have genuinely been interested. …and then Davan's mother arranged for a dinner with several of his peers. You see, he hadn't told anyone but his mother knew. Of course the conversation led to his public outing… and I suspect that something was said in that dinner that your fellow lieutenant left from so early that reminded him… put up his defenses." She raises a hand to fend off possible argument. "I'm not excusing him. It's just that he tried to take his life after and his mother has been trying to be rid of him since he was small." There's a growing anger under that pleasant tone. Just enough bite to the words to give a hint of seething hatred. "If you can just confirm my suspicion, then I have a chance of talking him out of it. You were raised in Ferelden, surely you understand the need to protect your family."

Cenn takes a deep breath, then. "Excuse me?" He begins, so calm, so collected, but his voice changing, taking on an Orlesian lilt that is not often present. "I will thank you, first of all, to remember your place." He says, so suddenly the picture of an Orlesian of noble birth. "I do not know what you think occurred at the dinner with the Lieutenant, but I can assure you that he has even less to do with your employer's… Instability… Than I do. Now, if you have a specific question for me, I will see if I can answer it. But I will not waste my breath on needless stories." He shifts just a little, rolling one shoulder. "If you cannot manage that, however, then I wish you a good day."

"My place? Is as my brother's protector, regardless of the slave courtyard I was born into. All I need from you is the reason you walked away. With that, I can come up with a way to keep him from going to face his mother." Liddy's chin lifts stubbornly. "He won't be the son our father always wanted him to be or the one his mother wanted to put on the show of mourning. …but with your help, I can ensure that here."

That stubbornness gets no rise from Cenn. "Your relation to Altus Pulcherus has no bearing on the place of which I speak." He says, "Nor do I care." Is that a huff? That might have actually been a surprisingly feline huff. "He lied. It is that simple, and that complicated. Now, good day to you, Liddy." And he drops out of parade rest to continue in the direction he was going in the first place.

"And what place is that?" Liddy clasps her hands behind her back, walking along as if she'd been invited to do so. "Yes, but about what? Honestly, I'm starting to question my own judgment about you, but Davan forbade my harming you or anyone you care for." She sighs. "I suppose it's just as well. I rather like Carys, she's a dear. …and he still loves you, as much as I think he might have misjudged, so I can't go against his wishes this time."

"You are the housekeeper for my former lover, Liddy. I am an Orlesian noble. I am a Knight Lieutenant. I will treat you fairly, but this conversation is wholly inappropriate." Cenn answers, this time not looking at her at all. For a moment, he lets the silence linger. When he speaks again, it is in the most pleasant tone he can possibly muster. "Perhaps I was raised in Ferelden, but I assure you that Orlais is my home. I know what a threat sounds like, I do not recommend repeating that action ever again." There's even a smile, lopsided and charming.

"Head of the household and I didn't threaten you. I don't waste time on threats. Will you answer the question?" Liddy shakes her head. "Because I'm running short of time. Or maybe you don't see the sense in trying to salvage a scarf that's no longer your fashion, Monsieur." Without waiting for an answer, she stops and turns on her heal. "I'll find some other way. …but you know, it's not instability." Or maybe she's just too loyal.

It's not often that Cenn is brought to the point of being willing to reach out and grab another person. But when Liddy turns on her heel, he does. Right at the shoulder, not hard, honestly if she pulled she could likely break his hold. "This was not about fashion." Cenn only barely manages to not hiss, finally looking at Liddy again, "About his politics. About his… Intentions. And more besides. But the manipulations put upon my heart are not your business. If you want more answers than that, get them from him." And he lets go, if Liddy hasn't shaken him already.

As soon as the hand hits her shoulder, Liddy twists away and there's a dagger in her hand. "Intentions?" She rolls her eyes and the dagger is secreted away somewhere under the fur she's wrapped in. "You know, I'm rather glad you walked away now. If you can't discern… Fuck, we're both idiots. Never mind, I'll kill him myself." With that, she walks away from Cenn without any hint of parting gesture one would expect from a servant.

Some things, training will always win out on. The flash of metal in Liddy's hand is enough to have Cenn step back and take up a combat stance, hand going to the blade at his hip and beginning to draw before he pauses. As Liddy puts the dagger away, there is the slide and tap of Cenn's blade being reseated, and he takes a deep breath. There is a moment, a small moment, where Cenn looks like he's going to follow her. Because now he's really confused. Instead, though, he just blinks, shakes his head, and turns toward the docks. This can't be his problem anymore.

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