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Scene Title Family Plans And Food
Synopsis Taril and Maura meet in the marketplace
Location Lowtown Marketplace
Date Justinian 24, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Talk of home and halla
Logger Taril

"Did someone touch your pretty hair?" Maura sounds sympathetic, but looks rather less so. "I've been braiding mine back whether it's wet or not for training. Or sticking it up in a bun with a stick poked through it to hold it together. Totally charming and hot, right?" she jokes. "It's going. I'm getting stronger. I guess. Relatively speaking. But now I'm no longer too exhausted to be anxious."

Taril wrinkles his nose, but then lets his shoulders fall a little. "Yes," he admits and couldn't look more disgusted. "Grubby man-hands in my hair and two women who wanted to cut if off and make a wig. At least with part of it back it'll be harder to grab hold of while walking by me." He may, in fact, bite the next one except, you know, ew. He nods at the hairstyles. "Definitely. That Templar of yours had better watch out. You'll be luring the other Wardens in like fish on a hook."

"I bet you could make some good coin, what with that shade of red and all." Maura points out helpfully, in case he was wondering. "Oh, I don't know. Even with that incredibly flatering hairstyle, I'm still the naive baby mage. I think that might negate the awesomenes of a hair bun. I'd be more concerned that my Templar is going to be lured away by someone far more…" je ne sais quoi. She waves her hand in mute explanation. "Right this minute though? Hunger. Must eat. Help me find something cheap but not awful."

"I could make coin with it and still keep it intact, but I'm still not interested." Taril frowns. "Grubby hands." He even looks a little more pale at the thought. "Naive? …well, you were in a circle, right? But if that Templar of yours went through all of that to get here, I doubt you have anything to worry about. Come on, let's get some fruit and I'll share my food with you. I saved a little of the nug I delivered to Anders. It's better than the pigs you humans like to keep on your farms."

Maura bites her lower lip to keep from laughing at Taril's expression. But then, she also looks a bit sympathetic. "Grubby hands are the worst. And there are a lot of men with grubby hands in Kirkwall." A few ave definitely tried to feel her. Ugh. "Mmhmm. From when I was real little. Barely remember my mom." she admits, turning towards the fruit and vegetable stands when he makes mention of them. "Better then pig? Really. I don't think I've had nug since I got here. Rabbit, yes. Definitely that - you left that stew once. But not nug."

Taril nods to affirm the fact. "Better than pig." He gestures toward a stall with apples and grapes. "There. I know this one, he'll give us a fair enough price. He buys carved ironwood from my clan sometimes." With that, he starts to walk. "It's… not as strong and take on the flavor of the smoke better. I tossed some sweet herbs onto the fire." He frowns, and then looks over at the mage. "They take you when you're that young? Even if we have to send a mage to another clan, we wait until they can understand what's happening. It's never easy, but… that sounds awful."

Maura ensures she is heading in the direction of the correct stall when he points it out. "That does sound nice. I really should learn how to make some different things. I mean, I didn't really have to cook much before." Poor Adair. No wonder he's so content to bring food home. Probably afraid of whatever she'll wind up burning for them. "I've a feeling my mother's family wrote to the Chantry just as soon as I showed any sign of being a mage. They really sort of.. ostracized us. So maybe I was sent away younger then most." You don't miss what you nevr had though, right? So, she shrugs.

"Really? Unmarried or are you secretly elfblood?" The last is a tease and Taril even makes a show of looking at Maura's ears. "I'll show you how to make a few things. Once you can make one soup, one kind of bread, and roast a thing you can pretty much do any of those. We all learn how to make something. Everyone in the clan has to eat. If you're still here when my clan settles in to camp, I'll introduce you to my family. My mother would like you." Hah, if he only knew. Once they're at the stall he chooses a couple of apples and waits for Maura's.

"I don't know, honestly. But I don't remember ever calling anyone dad." Maura rolls her eyes, showing off her nicely rounded ears when he looks. Even thoug, elfblood's don't typically HAVE pointy ears. She even smirks. "That'd be great if you showed me! Now that I'm not like a half decimated carcass at the end of the day anymore we can save more coin if I make food raher then buying something already prepared. Maybe I shouldn't tempt fate though. Next week's training could be worse." She will not whine! Just look mildly terrified at the idea. For her portion of fruit, she picks some nice red grapes. Yum. "Maybe a soup first, if you don't mind. Those are filling right?"

Taril nods as he pays for the fruit and then leads them off to a less crowded area so that they can eat. "You can't tell by the ears, anyway. I wonder if there is a way…" He shrugs. "We always trade for cheese because we don't really have a way to make it. Halla may share milk with us sometimes, but you have to kill one of the young to make cheese and… well, that would be like killing a child." Which is explanation for the cheese he pulls out of the bag he was carrying with said food. The meat and bread are put down next and he sits on the ground to start putting it all together. "Soup's easy. Better if you put a little grain in it. I mean, bread probably doesn't last long in the deeproads. It doesn't last long above it, either."

With that explanation, Maura can fully understand not wanting to make cheese. She also tends to try not to think overmuch about her birth family. Because she can't ever really see them again. Better to concentrate on the family-by-choice she has now. It helps with the staying happy thing. "Okay, so. Soup with some grain in it. Like rice." At least she knows what this stuff is, okay? It's a start. "I get the feeling the only thing that 'lasts' in the deeproads is darkspawn. And not much else. Maybe those pony spiders."

Taril nods. "Barely will probably be easier to get." He laughs at the mention of the spiders. "May we never see… wait, no. I'll see them again." See that sigh? Seriously. He's not afraid of them but… they're spiders. "Oh, that reminds me. I met a somniar last night. Kitty sent her to find me for the amulet." Does he look displeased? He's displeased. Not enough to forget to hand over the food. "She said she needed it to protect her from demons and she may have been a flat-ear but… they're rare enough that my Keeper would have worn my skin away for refusing her." Get the idea that brother instinct had something to do with it? Because it totally did.

"I kind of like barley better anyway. It actually has a flavor to it. Kind of." Rice is boring, in other words. "I'm still calling them Poniders. I don't care what kind of funny looks I get for it." Maura may or may not have just grinned mischeivously when she says it too. The food? Taken into her own hands with many thanks. "Would it be more unusual for a … flat-ear to be a somniar than a Dalish elf?" she wonders, before reaching over to pat his arm comfortingly. "You did the right thing. Imagine a demon getting ahold of her? No. Just… no."

Taril shakes his head. "No. They're rare in general and a demon … right. It might have been the right thing, but the right thing sometimes isn't the easiest." He frowns momentarily, but then it's gone. He did the mature thing, he probably will get a rash from it. The end. "I did make her promise that she'll give it back when I ask. I still want to return it to where we found it. It doesn't seem right to have it here without understanding it." He chuckles. "Poniders. I'll find a way to tame one so you can ride it into battle."

"It seems as if it would be easier to do the wrong thing. Keeping the amulet in inaction, and you want to study it." Maura agrees. That will totally give someone a rash. In an uncomfortable and especially itchy spot. "That was good thinking. But.. what if we took her to the temple along with the amulet." We. Did you catch that, Taril? Hahahaha. "I mean, maybe they.. or the one who helped us, anyway, can help her too. And maybe that's why the amulet came into our posession in the first place." Pause. "If you believe in the fate of such things, anyway." Also, ugh. She shivers at the idea of riding one of those creatures into battle. "Ew, no. Nooooo."

"Can we even find a way in? I mean, we can take her to the cave, but …I'd have to find out if she's the kind of person who would just act as a tracking dog for humans to come sack the place. Not that there aren't protections." Taril doesn't really have the type of dislike of humans that other clans raise their children with, but that doesn't mean he's totally without caution. I'll ask Kitty. She can probably tell us. Maybe it would help. Having her not in danger from demons is better for all of us."

"You mean, you don't want to leap down into the gigantic hole I already helpfully created?" Maura, wide-eyed, asks. She looks totally innocent asking the question, but that's not difficult given it seems like sort of a default. "Good point though. Best to ask Kitty. Speaking of whom, I told Adair about her." See her wince? That's how well the conversation went. Just FYI. "We could also blindfold her, to keep her from knowing the way. If we have to. Easiest protection I can think of."

Taril laughs. "Oh sure, we'll just skid on our butts down into the pit of crushed spiders. If it's not blocked by all the rubble. I have to tell you, I've seen magic. I've never seen it used to kill the ground." He tilts his head at that little bit of information, as if he's surprised that Maura would tell the Templar about a fade spirit. "Oh I bet THAT went over like gas in the Chantry. Let me guess 'Beware the demon, Maura! BEWARE! …right?" He shrugs, "We could, but I wouldn't want to risk her falling and breaking anything."

"Rope ladder?" Maura is so full of helpful advice today. Probably due to the good food that she's chomping away on between comments. "Hey, it also killed the spiders. Over-killed, yes. But they weren't alive anymore now were they." He can't argue that! He -can't-. "Yeah, it went over about that well." she admits, turn between guilt and amusement. "He's a little over-protective. And, well… Templar. That's what they breed into them from the beginning. He did promise not to try and run her through with a sword if she appears in front of him." Pause. "I know it wouldn't hurt her, but he'd look kinda silly trying it."

Taril is really trying not to laugh. "Metal sled? We'd spark all the way down. I can only say I'm just glad it didn't kill us. Besides, we found something, so it wasn't a total disaster. If I bring that story to my Keeper she may not make me assist the halla herders for the rest of my life." He pauses and then apparently decides an explanation is needed. "They're… kind of 'different'." Because Taril is the picture of normal. "I don't know, she might get a laugh out of it. I get the feeling she likes teaching people lessons."

"You may want to emphasize my part in it, so she knows the idiot in the story was me. Somehow, I've no doubt that you were a little troublemaker not quite so far back. And if you tell the story without mentioning me, she'll think you somehow caused the cave-in." She just knows, in her heart of hearts, that Taril is Trouble. "Of course they are." Maura agrees. They procuded him. Obviously they are different! Hahaha. If she only knew she was also making fun of herself. "That is true. But she also might get irritated."

Taril tries to look offended. "Me? I've never made trouble." He waits for a few seconds to add "I mean, I found it a lot, but that doesn't mean I made it." Another pause. "Mostly. Hey, my parents don't help with the halla herd. The ones who do it full time are… well, they're interesting." Let's face it, his clan is probably considered weird just because they associate themselves so closely with humans on a regular basis. "She might. It's still too bad I won't see that." Because he'd laugh.

What kind of adoptive sister would Maura be if she didn't offer reassurance? "Oh don't worry. I'll tell you allllll about it." is promised, with a wickedly impish laugh, to boot. What? She loves the guy, but it really will be funny! "Interesting how? You can't say 'they're interesting' and not elaborate. It's against the social contract." is insisted, before she plucks one of the grapes from the pile.

"Well… alright." Taril thinks for a moment to try to get the idea into words. "Halla are a part of our clan. They're not pets and they're not draft animals exactly. If they agree to pull our aravels then they go into the harness. If one wants to allow one of us to ride it, then they stand still and allow it. That's pretty much their communication with us. They either allow or don't, but the people who are with them all the time… They talk to them. Not just one sided conversations as if the halla talk to them in return. So sometimes, when they talk to someone with a voice, it just seems like they know what you're going to say before you say it. It's probably mostly body language but still." It's weird, and not just 'oh look, a hole in a ruin floor that leads underground! I'm gonna go into it' weird.

Maura actually looks fascinated. But let's face it, this is from someone who had to confront demons in a special ceremony so that she didn't get a sword run through her or wind up like a talking vegetable. So, weird is relative! "That's amazing. Halla' must be very special creatures then. I know there e shapeshifters out there, and it seems as if they would be able to communicate with other animals of their chosen species while in that form. But that's really a level of animal attunement that I hadn't thought to consider before." Someone in the future may have to stop her from trying to talk to every Halla she sees now. Way to go, Taril!

Taril laughs. "Well, as long as you don't try to stop every halla you see to have a conversation. They have to be the one to approach you. There's only a few times when chasing a halla down is acceptable. If they're in danger or you see one with a wound or sickness, but most of the time those with wounds or sickness will just wander into a camp. At least, that's the way it is with my clan. We're all different and I haven't met anyone from another. We've met flat-ears, humans, and dwarves, but we try not to overlap with other clans. Too many of us in one place makes humans nervous."

But! Butbut!!! There's a second where Maura looks almost disappointed. She can't stop every Halla to say hi? Maaaaaaaan. Nonetheless, she nods dutifully at the additional instructions. "Well, I haven't really met any clan so far. I can't say I'd feel comfortable walking up to a stranger from an altogether different one to ask the same questions. And the overlapping.. that's just…" Yep, the little human sighs. "Seems as if we're afraid of a lot, aren't we? Elves, magic, the fade. Kind of a shame. I mean, fear can definitely save you when it prompts caution. But then, it also holds you back doesn't it?"

Taril grins at that disappointment. "If you're here when they arrive, I can introduce you to a few. Alright? …we represent everything that humans, in general, don't want to be reminded of. Not everyone bows to their Maker, not everyone is afraid of the night, and not everyone is interested in getting their Maker to pay attention to them again. You're not all like that. Unfortunately, the humans that make all your decisions seem to be." He shrugs. "Fear keeps you in line. When you stop being afraid, they lose power."

Obviously, that cheers her right up. "Okay!" She's going to be soooo disappointed when the Halla stare at her and… that's it. But for now, she has that little adventure to hold on to. "Yeah, I suppose. It all seems a little senseless when there are things like the Blight to deal with. Or even…" she nods her chin out to gesture at the crowd of poverty. "I suppose that's the fear again though. Keeping everyone in line." Bah!

Taril is going to enjoy that moment, too! "It's alright, I think we prefer humans ignore us between trading stops. I'm finding out there's more than one reason to call them 'shem'. It's not the lifespans, those are about the same now anyway. It's that they all live so fast. All anyone seems to do here is rush. Once one thing is done they hurry to the next without stopping to enjoy what they've accomplished." The gesture is followed and he nods. "It would be bad for Hightown if these people decided to no longer live under the tables of their masters."

"Guilty. I'm sure I'm guilty of that one." Being in a hurry to get one thing done after another. Rest? What is rest and enjoyment? Well, stopping for lunch might be considered such. "Afraid of change, too. What do these people do if they decide to leave? If they don't want to live in this… place. They don't know how to do anything but grind themselves into dust now." Welp, now her appetite is gone, so there is that.

Taril shakes his head. "You can't change life for those people. I can't change life for anyone in the alienage and I don't try. They have to change it. I can show them what not living that way is and they can follow that example or not. Their misery belongs to them, I can't take it away." OKAY. ENOUGH BEING GROWN UP. Instead, he's going to flick a tiny seed in Maura's direction. "I have something you're going to like more than the fruit. Here." He pulls what looks like a water flask from the bag and hands it over. "It's sweet wine. It only has enough alcohol to keep it safe to drink and we usually make it for the children so they'll have something if we're traveling through a place with sour water. Apparently one of the merchants purchased a lot of it for soaking cakes in."

Maura is all solemn looking and nodding her agreement. "Doubt I'm what would be called a good example to follow. Running to the Grey Wardens hardly counts as something a sane person does." she jokes, gasping in a thoroughly offended manner when a seed is flicked at her. "Are you really going to start a food fight with me? Cause… sweet wine!" Imagine that being said like SQUIRREL! "THat is definitely perfect." she takes a healthy swallow of the mix before holding it back out towards Taril. "Which merchant? I should probably grab a few if he's discounting it to get rid of it."

Taril gestures toward one of the merchants. "The one with all of the sweets. I figured if he's selling those, he'd have the wine. Since I'm sure he's not using the best ingredients." He's still chuckling at her reaction. "Nah, you got away from the circle and made sure they can't take you back. I may not like it, but I'm selfish. I don't like it when…" He shrugs. "When I'm not able to keep people from going off on their own." It's totally what he set out to say.

"But I'll be back. And if we have to leave the area permanently… well, I'll just tell you where we're going. Maybe luck will have it that your clan is heading the same way." Ah, always the optimist. Won't Maura be in for the most unpleasant surprise after it's darkspawn juice time. Being tainted will either suck all that joy right out of her. Or, she'll be the oddest Grey Warden ever. Both options equally likely. "I'll stop by on my way back to the field. This afternoon I'm practicing some magic. I can't just practice physical discipline. I have to work on my spells too. I almost considered trying to learn more healing type spells. But, I need offensive ones too. Even if they backfire." SIGH.

"Maybe, we've stopped to trade with travelers before. I didn't pay attention to them much… At least not until I was older, but some of them probably were Wardens. Keeper always made sure we knew we owed them, while at the same time giving us the impression we were not to go with them." Taril grins. "So of course, once I was able to hunt on my own, I paid attention." BECAUSE OF COURSE. "Well, tonight after your practice, I'll bring the things you'll need to learn to make soup. Then we can move up to smoking meat. …maybe I can get another nug. I'll have to see if that cave system has more than one opening to the surface and try that."

"I can go hunting with you if you want. Some of my training is obviously different since I'm a mage. If I finish early, it would be a good way to see if practice has improved my skills. And since I'll be with you, Captain OverprotectivePants won't be so concerned I'm going to go get myself smited by a mutant nug." Listen to the logic there. Maura can totally do logic. "The smoked nug is pretty good."

Taril thinks it over and then nods. "Once you're done, come find me outside the city on the coast. There's a cave I think we should check. I mean, there's spiders, but they shouldn't be huge and those are what's chasing the nugs to the surface." He pauses. "I think. At any rate, they'll be easy to take down and you'll have more spider goo if you need it."

And so, another adventure is set to begin. Will they survive it? STAY TUNED.

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