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Scene Title Flaws In The System
Synopsis Kaydin asks how Revas was tamed.
Location |The Gallows
Date 06 Firstfall, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Things taken as threats.
Logger Seren

Seren It's not uncommon to see mages out here in the Gallows courtyard, especially those with stalls duty. This is exactly the reason Seren is still out here because, let's face it, Autumn is cold. So, it's not a happy elf that stands there, watching those browsing as the day heads toward evening, but it IS a rather happy nightwing that perches on his shoulder watching with him. At the very least, there is no rain.

One of the templars watches the goings on curiously, arms crossed as he watches the mages. Seeing the nightwing perched on a mage's shoulder causes him to approach the mage. "That is an interesting trick. How did you get the nightwing to stay?" He asks curiously, helmet removed so he can see the Templar is an elf as well.

Seren tips his head at the question, then glances at the bird before looking back at the Templar. "Revas? She stays because she wants to. If she wanted to go, she would go." And yes, he can see all of those evidences and there's a brief narrowing of his eyes that has nothing to do with distaste. It's simply the mildest expression of surprise ever. "She'd go if I asked her to." Revas, of course, is regarding this new elf with an owlish head-upside-down gaze, as if she's trying to make sense of this. Of course, as large as she is and as narrow as elven shoulders are, she probably looks huge.

"Most do you tend to her or does she do hunting on her own?" Kaydin asks curiously. "She must like you alot." He says as he nods to the other elf. "I never seen anyone tame anything before…Does she follow you alot?" HE asks curiously.

"I didn't tame her, I raised her. I found her in the remains of her nest, healed her, and helped her learn to hunt for herself. She's always had the freedom to leave and live on her own whenever she wishes." Seren watches this strange Templar for a moment, though he's careful with his expression. "She stays with me most of the day, but she's not tamed. Dalish don't have pets. Revas is a member of my family, with me by her own choosing. The same as one of the clan's halla." His explanation done, he seems to decide on something. "You're new here."

"I dont know much about the Dalish. I grew up in val royeaux alienage. You are one of the dalish?" Kaydin says with a curious gaze as if the elf grew wings and flew. "What is the dalish like?" He asks curiously

Seren's back stiffens at the mention of Val Royeaux. "It depends on the clan, but if you see someone with markings on their face like this, then they're Dalish. Which means they're used to living in the open." Look, he's never really gotten rid of that rebellious nature. He was GOING to get the jab in.

"How do the dalish control the magic using population? do they have warriors trained to deal with magical threats?" Kaydin asks curiously before looking about a bit then back to the dalish. "I hear some dalish are little better then bandits." He says, possessing a thick Val Royeauxan accent. "How long have you been here, in Kirkwall?"

Seren steps back from Kaydin, shaking his head. "Control? Magical threats? Most clans will only keep a few mages in their clan, but we certainly don't have to train to deal with threats from them. Our mages are our leaders, our Keepers." It's all said in a 'what sort of monsters do you think we are' tone. "Perhaps they are, but some would say it's better than living in an alienage barely tolerated by humans. …and I'm from Rivain, so I haven't met many bandit Dalish." The question of his time in Kirkwall is met with pure suspicion, but he has to answer. He can't run. "Since early Summer."

"I wont deny the system isn't perfect, and there are abuses, but becoming a Templar allowed me the chance to become something more. It has allowed me to become focused on keeping mages safe." He says as he nods. "I just arrived here a few days ago.

Let's face it, even if he did have opinions- and oh, does he have opinions- Seren isn't stupid enough to voice them. "Yes. Flaws," is all he's going to say about that. "Well, I hope you find your new post … rewarding." Yeah, that whole 'keeping safe' thing has him clenching his jaw but Revas comes to the rescue with a comedic display of puffed up feathers and a hoot that would sound more convincing coming from a much smaller bird.

"If you need someone to escort you about the city, I wouldn't mind volunteering. In the mean time I hope to learn more about the Dalish, maybe you can teach me how to be a proper elf." He says as he begins to head back to his posting.

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