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Scene Title Fountain
Synopsis The Circle Courtyard's fountain is working.
Location Circle of Magi, Courtyard
Date July 12, 2016
Watch For A nearly naked mage and a wet … cat.
Logger Seren

Summer sucks in Kirkwall. It really does. You know what sucks even more? Being in a courtyard and cut off from all those nice breezes people who don't get put into cages for magic use get to experience. Thankfully the fountain is now in working order (thank you, Mario!) and now Seren and Raves are sitting by letting the air over the water cool them. Ok, Seren's doing that. The nightwing is splashing all over the damn place because OF COURSE she is. What else would an owl be doing in the early evening? Answer: Same damn thing she's been doing through the day. Water time.

The nightwing isn't the only thing splashing in the fountain. Because Fase is clearly bizarro cat, she not only chose the one human who doesn't want a damn pet, but also the one that the most people don't like to see around. AND she likes water. But not just any water. Mage Fountain Water. And she has decided to dart in from the main foyer of the Circle to escape her human and leap like a mutant gazelle RIGHT into the water. *SPLASH* *purrrrrr* "Aw c'mon. Really? Really!? We talked about this, Fase. I know we did!!" They really didn't. He's still in the hallway somewhere, shouting. You're welcome.

This time, there is no small, adorable lionette cub with the Enchanter. No, he's just wandering on his own. Still trying to learn these halls. But there is something different when he steps out into the Courtyard today. Is that? No. No, he could NOT be lucky enough for there be a FOUNTAIN here. It's then, from the opposite entrance to the Courtyard, there there is shouting and Valentin just blinks. What in the world? "I chose quite the night to go wandering, apparently…" He says, though it's quiet enough it may not carry far.

"You chose the night that the fountain is actually working and apparently serving as a pool," Seren informs, though it's not loudly because he's a little distracted by the cat in the water. "I… Well, I suppose now I've seen close to everything." Except you haven't, elf. YOu really haven't. Because, without that armored human around to make everything tense, Revas is going to splash water at the cat playfully before hunkering down to get enough water on her feathers to then spray everywhere.

YES! Fase has a playmate! She doesn't /look/ happy about it, because she never looks happy about anything. But she is purring loud enough for the Maker to hear her. The water spray from feathers makes her ump up, back arched in surprise. And then splash her paws down playfully into the water as she papatpat's closer to Revas. "Has anyone seen…?" The incredibly handsome, but totally jackass face of Jack's peers around the corner just in time to answer his own question. And so he rounds the corner, leaning a hip against the entryway and folding his arms across his chest to watch the cat and the bird play. "Fucking cat." he mutters, giving a nod to the person he hasn't met yet (Valentin) and Seren… he gets a smirk. Arooooo.

Valentin smiles. Actually fucking smiles. No cheekiness, no bitterness, just a pleased smile. Something so very, very rare from the Enchanter. "Gods, really?" He says, shaking his head and approaching the sound of the fountain. He's just feeling the aired cooled by moving water when Jack rounds the corner and starts asking his question. "Nope, can't say I have…" He quips, even though the man cuts off his own question. He doesn't seem to notice that nod, just continuing over to the bench around the fountain, checking its height before settling down. In fact, the Enchanter goes so far as to lay, his head upon the edge of the fountain, the ends of dark curls getting wet. He takes a deep breath and then sighs.

"I wouldn't….!" Oh but it's too late. Revas has taken the cat's challenge and is doing her best to splash EVERYONE within splashing distance. Oh but then there's THAT asshole and Seren tenses as he settles back on the bench. At least this time the nightwing isn't acting as if she's going to rip Jack's eyeballs out this time (too bad, that). So he's going to turn his attention back to Valentin. "She's been at this off and on all day."

Jack might, for like a half a second don't have a stroke Seren… look relieved that someone is actually happy to see the working fountain. But then his expression picks right back up on the mostly serious but a little indolent. He's also not inclined to magus interruptus. So while the magi speak he's going to saunter over to a bench that isn't close enough to make them uncomfortable. But, where he can keep an eye on that damn cat. And once ass hits bench, he leans forward with elbows braced on his knees and thumbs twiddling to try and wait out the feline. He's also making sure that mutant bird of Seren's doesn't try to eat Fase's face. He's onto you, Revas.

When Revas splashes water everywhere it seems Valentin was in precisely the right place for it. He rings with laughter, smiling brightly. "Wouldn't what? Precisely what I intended?" He says, sounding amused, "I was a sailor, it'll take more than a little water to bother me." His hand reaches into the water, playing circles in the cool with a contented sigh even as water drips from his hair. "Sounds like she has the right idea."

Revas isn't going to try to eat the cat, but she IS going to try to pick it up in order to roll it over in the water. The entire time with her talons curved back enough to avoid puncture as if she were handling an egg. Meanwhile, her tail feathers sweep the water to splash it toward the humans. Seren shakes his head and simply watches, avoiding the water spraying out by leaning away from it. "It must be maddening to be able to smell the harbor when the wind is right." He's watching you, Jack. One move toward the bird and… well, he'll do something. Probably not magic, because that would be bad in this place. "I hope wolves aren't afraid of water." Yes, he's talking to you, Seeker.

Jack is just watching the cat and (mutant) bird play; the way his eyes focus in on the claws and talons of both for a moment and then he leans back with more ease in his shoulders suggests he's found whatever he's looking for in their play and doesn't intend to interfere. He's far enough away to be out of the splash zone. But, is at least in civilian clothing so he's not stinking up the place in sweaty armor. "You're thinking of cats. DId you know wolves can eat up to twenty pounds of meat in a single meal? That's like chowing down on about a hundred of those weird meat patties they serve on bread." He's just tossing that out there. "The harbor smells terrible for what it's worth. A reasonable fascsimile would be standing just outside the Templar Training Yard for a nice deep whiff after a really hot day. I don't reccomend it." He's just saying.

"Then you have never been a sailor." Valentin quips to Jack, shaking his head. "Ports smell like home, even if it's a terrible smell." Though to Seren, he nods. "It's the worst part about Kirkwall, thus far. Knowing the sea is right there." And with that, Valentin sits up, and promptly moves to sit in the fountain. Robes be damned.

Seren just stares at Valentin for a moment and then makes a sound that is so unpracticed it's almost hard to identify it as a laugh. "Aren't you wearing shoes?" Because that's going to get uncomfortable. Of course, then there's Jack making mouth noises at him again. "You seem to know a lot about them," is his take on the matter but then he's going to reach out and touch the water, dipping his fingers in it before wiping his hand over his face. "You forget where you are. The air blowing in from the harbor at least doesn't come from inside this cage."

"You would be correct. I have never been a sailor." Jack agrees, figuring that there need not be any more detail then that. He's nto going to argue about what home smells like. Especially not if a harbor obviously does not smell like roses to him. He can't help the single raised eyebrow when Valentin just… sits right in the damn water though. But say something about it? No thanks! "You brought them up." he counters, to Seren, in a lazy voice. "I can't argue that. It definitely originates outside, along with the sewage and chokedamp and dead bodies that get tossed in there at night when the mercenaries and assassins think nobody is looking. But, it does not come from inside this cage." He pauses, to look over at Valentin. "No offense meant. I expect your home port was slightly more tolerable then Kirkwall."

"Dairsmuid was, in fact, a LOT more tolerable than Kirkwall." Valentin says, trying to not snap, failing. He shrugs. "Eh. I can get new shoes." He says, and as though that gives him a though, he takes off said shoes, throws them behind him, and then takes off the over robe that he does not need, casting that aside too. And then, he, again, lays down. In the water this time.

Seren nearly growls at Jack. "And the sick and the injured that couldn't afford to pay your chantry for access to the magic that would save their lives?" Meanwhile, the nightwing is playing with the cat as if nothing much is going on. Except then there's Valentin in the water and she'll share her splashing. "Well, I suppose that's one way to cool off." Not that he's going to. He'll sit here and stay dressed. "There will be rumors about this for days. They should thank you for the diversion."

Jack doesn't appear bothered by the snapping. If anything, it's another note being filed away in the memory banks. Cause let's face it. The Templars probably like him on sight about as much as the mage's do. Which is to say.. not much. It's obvious in the way that he doesn't seem to accompany any of them. He watches them the same way he does the magic users. And he's definitely not invited to the card games. "You don't know what I do with my money or my time when I'm off duty, including how much I may or may not give to the chantry to treat the people who can't afford it on their own." he points out simply, whistling under his breath and snapping his fingers to get Fase's attention so that she leaps out to pad over to him. "I also don't run the chantry. But sometimes? The right word in the right ear can fix a few things." He just looks at the fountain and back at Seren before scooping up the kitten so that they can amble out the archway. "Enjoy the water and watch out for stray wolves now. I hear they're roaming the corridors!"

"Rumors are what feed me. Didn't you know?" Valentin quips, amused, leaning back on his elbows. And at Jack's comment, he laughs. It's an ugly, loud thing. "Oh, if words in ears fixed things, laddie, we'd all be just peachy." He says, sounding amused and bitter at the same time, "Only thing I've found that changes anything is either a cock in my mouth or an elbow to the nose." Have that as a parting gift, Jack.

Jack will definitely remember that present. Have no fear!

Seren would- WOULD- be making some sort of angry remark at the exiting human but then there's Valentine opening his mouth and saying things about his mouth. That'll stop a show. "That's… one's a bit on the extreme from the other, isn't it?" Give him a second. "I'm assuming you don't mean both at once. Except you come from an Orlesian circle." Which is one of the rings of hell. Ok, he is going to say something about Jack's parting shot. "One's roaming them now." YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE, JACK. …but your cat's cute. And now, bereft of her playmate, Revas is going to go over and keep Valentin company because water. She should have been hatched a duck.

Jack covets his asshole of the year award and will put it on his shelf, SEREN.

"Generally all different people. And then there was one who wanted one of them and got the other." Valentin answers Seren with a shrug. But then there is a bird. "Oh, hello." He says, reaching out his hand to expect.

Look, if there's a hand? Revas IS THERE. In fact, she'll even add another full body shake to share the wonderfulness that is all the water she's collected. "…Revas…" Well, Seren hadn't PLANNED on getting drenched. "Since your human, should I assume all of those were voluntary? Not that I mean anything…" He sighs. "I used to be able to speak to people, believe it or not."

"And by saying that… I would assume you're not human, then?" Valentin says with a small laugh. He didn't know. Didn't much care either, but whatever. He smiles at the bird, petting her head gently if she allows. "Yeah, so did I. And eh… They were… I don't really want to talk about all of them. Many were, though."

"Ir abelas, I keep forgetting… I'm Dalish. Tylluan, from Rivain," Seren informs as he settles on dipping his fingers in the water. And Revas? PUHLEEZE. There is attention to be had, she's getting it. "I wouldn't ask. I just don't have a lot of experience with all of this. One circle is just one circle. They can't be all the same, that would take too much planning."

"Ah. Makes sense." He says, "At least, why you have a nightwing certainly makes more sense." He nods. "They are all different, but in some ways they are all the same." Valentin says with a sigh, continuing to show idle attention to Revas. "Starkhaven is a bore, Kinloch was… Okay, all things considered. Ostwick's very religious. Dairsmuid is nice. Val Royeaux has been my favorite, outside of home," The implication being Rivain, "And then theres here."

Seren "I suppose it's marginally better if you're willing to repeat their chant." Seren pauses, then adds "And not make ropes of small clothes, and not refuse to do as you're told." He has a list of offenses. "You've been to that many?"

Valentin shrugs. "Never made a rope of small clothes, but I fall into the other categories as well. So, take that as you will." He says, and then nods. "And more. All over, really. They get sick of me fast. But I think Kirkwall was meant to be a last ditch…"

Seren gives a bitter laugh. "The one they kick us into before throwing dirt on us? I suppose humans get burned. You know, when they got sick of me they'd give up on laundry and lock me up. You must have done some interesting things to be moved. Not that I'm going to pry.

"This time, I broke a Knight Lieutenant's nose." Valentin says, "Before that, I burned a cache of files in the Knight Commander's office. Before that, I was caught having sex in the Templar dormitory for kicks…" He lists, easy as pie.

"It was definitely my choice of crimes to commit." Not that Seren sounds as if he regrets that. "In fact, aside from 'somewhere in Orlais', I don't even know what they called the place. I'm certain it wasn't 'rabbit hole'. It's not even a creative insult."

"Big white building near the city?" Valentin asks, almost idly.

Seren nods. "Measuring that for a rope wasn't easy. That's why I failed so miserably." By falling on a Templar. "You start in dark cells and work your way up. If you're lucky, they ignore you."

"That's the White Spire, you were in Val Royeaux." Valentin says, and take a deep breath. "But I should get inside…"

Seren nods, though he doesn't bother to call for Revas. She's now perched on the edge of the fountain with blissfully puffed out feathers dripping water. If drowned rats were huge and had feathers? She'd be the living version. "Thank you." He takes a moment to pick up and hand over the discarded garments just because he needs to do something. "I think the shoes are a lost cause."

"Likely. I'm not concerned." Valentin says, taking his things and pulling himself out of the fountain. "What in the world are you thanking me for?"

"For the name of the place. I've wanted to know for a long time. It's… It's important." Seren answers in a tone that suggests his mind is already elsewhere. "You have a few admirers in the windows."

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