Portrayed By Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Faction Warrior
Organization Templar Order
Position Knight Lieutenant
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 38
Place of Birth Val Henar, Orlais
Date of Birth Harvestmere 27, 8:92 Blessed
Mother Deja Chantelle Anjou de Henar
Father Maertan Phillipe Garou de Henar
Siblings Solara Augustine Garou de Valois
Marital Status Belled
Children Tytos (Lionette, Jader Sunset)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born in Val Henar at the end of the Blessed Age, Phillipe Richar Armande Garou de Henar had the world at his tiny fingertips. His father was Maertan Garou; later he would be known as The Last Lion of Val Henar, but for the early years of Phillipe's life, he was simply Father, Duke Garou de Henar. His mother had died of illness when still weak from childbirth. His entire world consisted of his father and his older sister, Solara. Raised to be his father's heir, Phillipe spent the first decade of his life in an almost idyllic dream. Close with his family in a way only the 'country nobility' could afford to be, he grew up mostly guileless, though he took his lessons with a solemn understanding that he would be responsible someday for the care of not only his family, but of the people in their entire regional seat.

But the Game has prizes to draw many eyes - and losses at the highest level have consequences for more than just the ones who play. Florian had never been a popular Emperor - he'd never been very interested in the position and Orlesians often found themselves offended by those who had power but did not want it - and there was a rebellion brewing in the Western provinces. Phillipe's aunt had been instrumental in its formation and success; she had also convinced her older brother to join the 'winning side'.

As all such things go, one side inevitably lost. Most of the instigators were executed, but Aunt Vaeronika saved her own skin… by giving over evidence implicating her own brother. Maertan was stripped of his land and titles - given a traitor's death. Officially, the children were given into the care of their aunt until they came of age. In practice, this meant that Solara was sold off like a broodmare to the highest connection Vaeronika could make - that her fifteen year old niece was shipped off to a forty year old Duke in the northern beaches bothered her not at all. And Phillipe… well, Phillipe was a problem. Too young to be considered anything but innocent in his father's tragic mistake, he was also far too young to take over his actual birthright. Vaeronika could govern the seat in trust for him until he came of age, that much was easy enough, but there were powers at play who wanted nothing more than to see his family obliterated entirely. And so a deal was struck behind closed doors. His aunt had managed to give him his life, but little else. He would serve the Templars and she would take Val Henar. Upon her death - with the assumption that Templars don't live nearly so long as their secular counterparts among the Chevalier, the Duchy would be folded into the children of the northern Duke through his marriage to young Solara. All loose ends dealt with neatly.

Left with an indelible impression from witnessing firsthand his sister's unwilling marriage and his father's dishonorable death, Phillipe felt keenly the helplessness of his position. He did not fight his placement among the Order, he did not argue when it was time to leave training and take his vows. He accepted his lot for what it was. And though he was never what one could call 'happy', he also wasn't dead. He existed in this bleak haze for two decades without much incident.

And then a mage landed on him and his entire world went upside down.

Valentin was a whirlwind Garou had not been prepared for in the least. Caught up before he knew what was happening, he found himself experiencing… well, everything, in a much more vivid way than he could really… than he wanted to remember. Valentin was all whirlwind and stormy seas; he lit fires inside Garou that had been long dead - fires that terrified his Templar even as he hesitantly started making use of them. It was always little things - permission to escort the healer into the Alienage to fight a plague rather than watching it purged with fire, or putting the fear of the Maker into the youngest son of a powerful Marquis when he threatened a young apprentice just to show he could - but they were enough to gain the attention of exactly the wrong players of the Game. Feisty Valentin had captured his soul so thoroughly, but that wasn't enough. The headstrong mage also wanted his heart and Garou… Garou had never been able to tell him 'no'. So through the advances of a particularly vengeful Lieutenant - and knowing full well Valentin's reputation for fighting back - there was finally a way to bring The Prideless Lion to heel once and for all.


Valentin's absence was like dying for Garou. Everything became dimmer - the world lost color, lost sensation, lost meaning. He spent weeks upon weeks indulging in distractions of greater and greater extremes - searching for something to fill the hole - something to light the darkness. He could not stomach being touched by anyone he wasn't actively trying to kill, but there were no other vices off the table. He would have successfully gotten himself killed had it not been for the timely intervention of a very unconventional Templar.

Garou doesn't know his name or what he was doing in Val Royeaux, only that he wore the insignia of a Knight Captain and he sounded… painfully Ferelden. He found Garou in a tavern one night and saved the drunken Lion from picking a fight he could not possibly win. He took no shit, this grizzled old Mabari. He sobered Garou up with cold water and tough kindness. He poked and prodded with an expert touch, finding the Templar's sore places and forcing him to recognize his own idiocy. He wasn't powerless - no one in his position was truly powerless - it was a simple matter of what he was willing to give to get what he wanted.

Garou ended up cutting a deal within the week. Sworn to the Chantry, he was in no legal position to inherit, but his name still held sway in the Council of Heralds' decision on who would. In exchange for his endorsement on an otherwise weak claim, Garou received the sum of money that would have been his personal inheritance from his family's estate, the fulfillment of his transfer request anywhere he liked… and successfully ousted his greedy Aunt.

So now, older and wiser and… somehow just a little bit freer, Garou is on his way to Kirkwall's Circle. He has a foolish mage to look after… but he's made a powerful enemy in Vaeronika. Only time will tell if his gamble has truly paid off.


Often far too serious for his own health, Garou does not take his duty lightly. Firmly in the camp of those who believe that a Templar's duty is to serve and protect the mages in their charge, he does not often speak more than a few words at a time. He has a reputation for being fair and protective and does not tolerate abuse or fearmongering from his fellows and his subordinates. The kind of man to put himself between danger and other people without a second thought, he nevertheless does not make friends easily - and in fact does not seem to keep any company regularly with a singular exception.


Other Information

Garou is in possession of a bracelet made of silver and ceramic beads. It is a design of organic clashing with geometric in a way that is chaotic and uncomfortable to look at but also incredibly beautiful. It makes a very musical, very distinct noise when he moves. He never removes it willingly. Except for sharks. Sharks don't apologize for shit.

Memorable Quotes:


<Public> Natural Aristocat Garou says, "Honey, if you don't know the difference between a chaise and a chasis, you're beyond my help."

Trivia and Notes:


Garou brought a present to Kirkwall for Valentin. In reference to the very first time he'd sought the mage out on his own, "It isn't dinner." The cub - chosen from his litter for his eerie similarity to Valentin in his personality - has quickly been assimilated into their daily lives and is cared for much more like a toddler than a cub. He is also sassier than everyone. Including Davan.