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Scene Title Ghosts From The Past
Synopsis Cenn literally runs into Katerina, they talk about their history, someone breaks down.
Location The Mage Circle
Date 02 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Woops, I broke the Templar
Logger Cenn

Late afternoon, and the day's light was fading. The walls of the city are painted red with the setting sun, and Cenn returns from a walk around the city. He's not in his armor today, having had a day free. Just simple breeches and a pale blue shirt, and a pendant in the shape of a halla around his neck. Rightfully, though, the Templar isn't much watching where he is going.

Katerina hates this place, she hates feeling trapped, she hates never having a moment to herself, but most of all she hates being alone. The Templars back in Kinloch had thought moving her so far away from home would break her spirit and, for now at least, they were right. Even all of her friends in the fade were left behind, and with how much the very air of this city stung she wasn't sure if it was safe to sleep. The Elven mage is dressed in dark green robes, white fur trim and the clasp of her belt in the shape of a chantry sunburst. Her staff sits over her shoulder, the same one she had with her back in Denerim. Kat had set her mind on some fresh air, as far out into the courtyard she could go without getting into trouble and thus, is forced to pass through the hall containing the office of the Knight Commander. Charming interior design choice, really.

You would think he would have learned to pay attention to where he is going by now, but Cenn… Well, it's been said that sometimes the Templar needs a lesson driven into his head with a hammer. Or enough bashes of a practice blade. You know, whatever works. One particular man had decent luck with the back of books. So, while he ought to know better, he apparently doesn't, and as he turns the corner and runs right into Katerina, he is shocked. Stepping back, the Templar puts his hands up apologetically, blinking and shaking his head. "So sorry…" He manages before he realizes who is standing before him, and stops dead, "Katerina?"

It may well be good for Kat to be literally slammed out of her moping, but for now she finds herself headlong in the chest of some man and…. what the hell was that? "So sorry." She says over the top of the templar, who knows it would be more like Kat to say something to the tune of 'watch where the hell you're walking' but being in the middle of the iron fist had a way of making people more docile. Hearing her name wasn't something she was expecting though. Her eyes lift before immediatley turning hard. There's the fiery city elf the Kinloch templars loved to hate. she considers speaking for a moment before determining that she just can't with Cenn and the moment and moving to push right past him. Out of armor, off duty. "Good day, Ser d'Argent."

Well, he does try to offer her a smile. Especially when some of that fire comes back. He was never one for tamping down people's spirits, and now, well, that was even less the case. "Katerina, I-" He starts and she moves to brush past him, but he stops short. Sighing heavily, the Templar shakes his head. Looking down, he turns aside to let her move away if so chooses. "I am sorry."

The mage stops dead for a moment, were she not standing in the gallows, and have nothing but the rumor of Knight Commander Merideth to go on she might damn well slap him across the mouth. She settles for trembling, though manages to keep her voice reasonably steady. "Your apology does not obligate me to forgive you." She says, ice cold. There's a long, heavy sigh, "Are you going to tell your superiors? About why I was never allowed to go to Amaranthine?" She fixes the templar with a glare. "I'd like to be able to go into town every once in a blue moon. Not that I imagine you care." It's unlike Katerina to be just this angry about anything. There's more to it. A deep, soul crushing fear that Hope can almost certainly feel rolling off the woman in waves. They say Merideth has mages made tranquil after their harrowings, and if Tranquility is hell to any Mage imagine what the prospect must seem like for a Dreamer.

Truthfully, Cenn probably would have let her do it, too. "I do not think that it does." Cenn says, not even looking at her, "And no, Katerina, I have no intention of telling anyone anything. Maker, I wish I had just let you go…" There is the smallest tremble from the Templar, the combination of Hope twisting at Katerina's fear and his own troubles.

That's surprising. Katerina softens a little, though she'll hardly admit it. "It's not just a want of being free." She says, "That you didn't believe my desire to join the wardens was earnest, after everything we saw at the steps of fort Drakon, that almost hurt more than you dragging me back to Kinloch."

"Katerina, I had a dozen mages trying to convince me to let them go." Cenn says, sounding legitimately pained. "It wasn't a doubt of you specifically, but I… I couldn't let one of you go and deny the other eleven. Perhaps that is my own weakness, but I couldn't have faced that."

The look the elven mage levies Cenn now is nearly disgust. "That is your own weakness." She hisses. "Even if I agreed with the circle. Even if I believed you had any right to deny me /and/ the other eleven mages." Her jaw clamps shut and she speaks through grinding teeth. "If you're to deny me not only my freedom, but my being part of something greater than myself for your own selfishness then how can I, or any mage here, trust you to be strong enough to protect us?" Her fear has clearly melted into rage, man, Folly would not be pleased. But she was never going to see Folly again and it was all this man's fault. Though Kat is prone to flights of emotion she is always in control of her magic, the satisfaction of proving the templars wrong is too much to let go of. "I knew you were like the rest. Frightened, selfish and weak."

On top of the day he's had, this is just… This is the thing, this is the breaking point for Cenn. The Templar puts his back to the wall, takes a deep breath, and slowly slides down it until his elbows are rested upon his knees, holding his head in his hands. For a long moment, he says nothing. The voice that eventually does lift from him, though, is just defeated. Completely and utterly. "You are right," He says, hollow and miserable, "And what I did was wrong. And I am trying to be better."

That… that was not what she was expecting at all. Fuck. Dammit. Fuck Fuck Fuck. She'd spent so much time obliterating her memories of Cenn D'Argent the man and replacing it with the image of a templar and then he had to go an act all /humane/. "Cenn…" she says, softly which is quite a contrast from before. "Maker Cenn get up." She says looking up and down the hall. "It won't do either of us good for anyone to see you like this."

The reaction that comes next is likely not expected either. Cenn just laughs. It's hollow, hysteric, but it's a laugh. The kind that comes from someone on the verge of snapping, who is laughing because if they don't they are going to start crying and they do not know when they will manage to stop doing that. Someone with a reason not to cry. He trembles again, shaking his head, but the laughter doesn't stop, he just closes his eyes, buries his face in his arms, and tries to muffle it.

Creators what has this man been through today? All of a sudden Kat feels terrible. She sighs, and carefully drops to a knee, placing a hand on Cenn's shoudler comfortingly. "Come on Cenn. At least get up and come back to my room with me?" Sure that would look suspicious for a different reason, but it wouldn't look like Kat performing controling blood magic in the middle of the circle. Thank the Creators Meredith and Orsino didn't seem to be in. But that doesn't seem to be getting through to him either. After a deep breath Kat tries something else. "Cenn… I forgive you."

Today, the past year, the past ten years… It's all just decided to catch up now. He can't really sort anything out in his head. Eventually, it quiets, and Kat's words catch up to him, both sets of them. Cenn blinks, clears his throat, shakes his head. "No, Katerina, don't offer me forgiveness just because I'm…" He says, sighing, "You can keep your anger. You have a right to, I've earned it."

Katerina smiles, really truly smiles, "At least you've snapped out of it." She sighs and gets up, offering her hand to the templar. "I'm still angry, but that's my problem." She says. "I can't hold things against you when you get like that."

"Yeah… Well…" Cenn says, his voice still hollow, one hand taking Kat's, hauling himself up, the other wrapping around the pendant hanging over his chest. "I am sorry to interrupt your walk. I should…" The Templar shivers again, looking like he's going to fail to keep standing again. He shakes his head, and turns to go.

"It's fine Cenn." She says, offering the Templar a smile. It's not quite a reflection of how she feels… but how she feels is complicated. "Go to bed, Ser D'Argent." She chides. "You look like you're about to fall over."

"Good night, Katerina." Cenn says, shaking his head again. There's nothing good to say, and so he says nothing. There are, however, likely some tears before he manages to sleep that night. Nothing to be done for it, the Templar had just a really bad week. Year. Yeah, we'll go with year.

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