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Scene Title Hair Cut, No Shave
Synopsis Davan makes good on his barber threat
Location Evocati HQ
Date 26 August, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Stories and misdirections
Logger Davan

Look. Davan SAID he'd come with a barber and he's going to. So here he is, the man trailing behind him, and looking around for Tyce. Because Tyce? You need to clean up your game, man.

Tyce of course.. not believing even Davan is that daft, didn't beleive him. So what else would he be doing in middle of the afternoon? He is sitting in "his" chair.. cause no one has ever told him it is not his… a pitcher close at hand, a tankard resting on his thigh, with his head having fallen out and well snoring. Balai looks up though.. and comes to see if Davan brought Princess, her wet nose pushing into his hand.

Davan reaches out to ruffle over Balai's head in greeting rather than speaking. Of course, Princess isn't going to wait to play. She's just going to bound right over to Balai- because this big fury thing is much more interesting and entertaining than any of the humans. "Traitorous fox," he says affectionately and then walks over to Tyce. "There, the man in question. I assure you he is one, underneath and despite all of that. Are we ready, then?"

Balai is more than happy to play! Both feet spreading out in a pounce, her tail going a mile a minute as she scooches down to Princess' level. As soon as that little fox pounces, she will roll, so that Princess ends up on her belly.

Tyce now, his stiring is slower, perhaps it was Davan's instructions or the fact there is a massive dog rolling around the floor.. or maybe just some sort of innate danger sense that his perfectly comfortable afternoon was about to be disturbed. What ever it was, it starts with flat nails scratching at his beard, a yawn before the tankard is lifted and those pale eyes open, blinking at both men in suprise and narrowing. "What are you doing here?"

Davan laughs. "Well, I happen to work for the owners and we did discuss your encounter with the world of the decently groomed? Yes? Well, here we are." He motions for the barber- who isn't a very young or strong looking man- to set up next to Tyce. "I imagine you'd like to keep some of the scruff, yes? It is rather fetching. … the hair… I don't suppose there's much hope of lift at this point but we can at least go for something that wouldn't be mistaken for a wild animal attacking your head."

His answer comes with Tyce glaring at him over the rim or his tankard as it is lifted again. Eyes shifting to the barber in a cold warning before looking back. "So Davan.. Davan, right? Yes… why do you care what my hair looks like?" comes rather a calm, considering the quality of his voice, inquiry, at least calm by Tyce terms.. no one is bleeding.

Davan rolls his eyes. "Because we're working for the same people and if, Maker forbid, I ever have to work with you… well.." He gestures toward Tyce as if that should explain it. "I'd rather not be judged on the company I keep. Even if those judgmental people are about to be dead. Moreso if they're not. You should take some pride in appearance."

Another pull of the cup, one hand lifting with a raised finger to stall the barber further, very much in a manner of one giving orders to such, especially when he doesn't look at the elder man, simply expects him to obey. Those cold blue eyes never leaving Davan. "They will judge you with my presence in the fact that they have arrows sticking out of them." another pull. "Perhaps I do..take pride in my appearence."

Davan takes on that 'challenge accepted' stance. "And people here? Will judge our employers on what they see in their employees. Honestly man, I understand treating everyone equally, but why must you be such an insufferable ass? No really, if there's a good reason for this I'll gladly leave you to your… decline." Now he'll wait, urging the barber to go ahead and set things down so that this doesn't become a test of endurance.

That poor barber, Tyces hand opens to pause him yet again, still looking at Davan. "Why? Do you know a reason not to be? At least I am insufferable to everyone and for the most part they leave me be." eyes Davan. "Then there are those that can't help themselves."

"Yes, yes, guilty as charged. Well? Out with it." Davan reaches out to take the bag and lowers it to the floor. "Maker's ass, there's stubborn and then there's you. SO? You want to be left alone, is that it? Congratulations, you have my attention. …disgusted though it may be. And yes, I know several reasons not to be. The first of which would be that people like you better and listen to you more when you're not. The merchant, for instance. I got the pants with relative ease."

"I could give a rats ass if people liked me. In truth, life is much easier when people do not. They don't try to… attach themselves to you." another drink, long one this time before the cup is set on the table instead of his leg. Gaze turning back to Davan, looking over the man. "So noble bred, yes?" the Ferelden growls. "So why are you here in this forsaken pit of a place, working as a merc instead of off doing your noble duty?" and there it is, a small curl of a smile, that is perhaps too much teeth to be comforting. "Tell me that, truthfully and I will let your man cut my hair."

"Oh fine. I'm here because my father wanted me to go away while the dust settled. I've created quite the scandal at home. He was rather attached to the idea that I'd marry and expand the family's influence. I have no interest in marrying and even less interest in marrying a woman. He gave me a slave- a male slave- to calm me down and eventually allowed me to come here thinking I'd spend time with this slave, be mollified, and all would be well." Davan states it all as if it were all boring and irritating fact that shouldn't even have to be repeated. "I arranged for the slave to take up a position of hire elsewhere, he's free, I am not going back, and I hope to find a way to at least free the dozens of half siblings I'm certain are in the slave courtyard, because I've seen them and the resemblance is more than merely coincidental, I'm sure. Satisfied?" And yes, having to repeat all of that has rekindled all the anger that brought him here in the first place.

Tyce watches listening as he refills his tankard. The level of ire that comes off of Davan causing the man to arch a brow before he lifts his tankard. "Here is to not getting married then." said as if that was the only real thing that mattered. Then nods towards the bar. "Get yourself a drink and have a seat." only then glancing towards the barber and giving a nod before looking back. "See, that wasn't so hard."

"And you? That was worth more than just the grooming," Davan teases. "Why are you here? Avoiding family duty? Noble run away from the ancestral role? Not the heir but the spare? There has to be something that leads a man to this." As he talks, the barber sets about his business. "Telling it wasn't hard, living it was mildly more of a chore, but that happens here and there. It's not the sort of thing I want widely scattered."

Tyce snorts then. "Who am I going to tell? I don't have multiple indepth conversations with people." Another sip, though smaller since there is going to be someone around his head with a blade. "Leave my ears where they belong." said to the barber before shrugging to the Davan. "Nothing in Ferelden that I need to be around." said with an off hand manner as if it was nothing, but the sound of that raw voice gets a little deeper, a little tighter when the words are said.

Davan ahs. "So family ties it is, then. Running from a marriage or a… well, no, you're too gruff and I don't think you're ass enough to run away from fatherly duties. Hopefully nothing to do with the blight, but… I've got it. Noble." Davan is guessing, of course, but he'll go with it. "So. Which is it? You don't want to inherit, you won't inherit anyway, or you're just tired of being expected to be a noble?"

So yeah at some point along there, Tyce actually winces.. as if Davan had balled up a fist and hit him in the face. But instead of looking to him, he turns his attention back to his tankard the barber forgotten as he drains it to the dregs. "Been married already." said with a growl that could freeze flames in place.

Davan ahs. "Well, noble and familial duty, then? If child, I won't ask.. At least tha barber is happy enough to be forgotten. He's used to going about his business and being done. "So wat is the story?"

Tyces brows furrow, the glowering can be felt in Lowtown. "I beleive I traded a hair cut for your story, not a hair cut and my life history." said as the cup is settled. "What do you plan to do with these half siblings anyway? Once you free them? Are they capable of being responsible for themselves?"

Davan shakes his head. "Stubborn. I'll have it yet. I hope to find a way to get them recognized. Its possible. Not likely. Other than that? Try to find a way to get him to sell them to a buyer working for me. I'd have to work on getting them out of the slave mindset. It's all rather unformulated right now. I abhore the practice. I've seen the slave markets. …it's not something easily forgotten."

He snorts. " Some never come out of it. It is part of who they are. Others may just enough to fool people but seldom do they let if go fully. He find out you are trying to free them, what is he likely to do?" yep, he might be an ass and about as much social graces as a boar, but he was raised to know how to direct a conversation, especially away from himself.

Davan laughs at the question. "Honestly? Have me killed. I suppose he could send someone to bring me home. I'm sure there's some outdated blood magic that could make me a pliant puppet. I'm also not going to stop trying to find out what your story is."

"Well as long as it is your life you are risking and not theirs. Most I would think would simply kill the slaves in spite of you. And if you have the chance, go for death over puppet." said over his cup, then growls at the comment. "I killed my wife, left my children orphaned and ran away." said in that tone, you know the one that you aren't sure if it is real or sarcasm.

"Are. You certain you're not from Tevinter?" Davan asks dryly as the hair cutting ends. "Of course, then you'd still be there and looking for another match. Right. There's just the shave then, and if I keep you talking there'll be blood. I'll come back to see how it all works out. Don't give Jessen. Too much trouble? He's a rare talent."

"I never said anything about a shave" Tyce counters. Then looks at Jessen. "That will be all." before passing the man a health tip and looking back to Davan, for just a moment, so fast it could br missed there is a flash of the Lord's son in the set of the jaw, but more those cold blue eyes fill with pain before it is brutally shoved away. "You shouldn't ask for things you don't want to know about." the man shrugs, then stands.. for someone that has been drinking none stop since they entered, he is pretty stable on his feet as he takes the steps towards the bar.

"Next time!" Because Davan is someone who keeps at it until he wins.

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