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Scene Title Have Hope
Synopsis Despite their history, Kat asks Cenn for help.
Location The Circle of Magi
Date 9 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Secrets!
Logger Cenn

Morning, of course Cenn had morning patrol. But at least his rank offers him the quiet of a lone patrol, moving through the halls of the Circle in easy strides. With the early hour, he's trying to step quietly, though there is only so much he can do with the heavy armor he wears. His helm is with him, mostly because if he gets scolded, it's easier to have it with him, but he doesn't wear it. Cenn's never been one for the 'anonymity will give us strength' approach.

Katerina is wandering the circle halls, taking what precious time and space she has to herself. Her staff has been set aside, left with her things in that Maker forsaken dormitory. She rounds a corner and spies Cenn, and surprisingly stops and offers him a smile, doesn't blow past him with a huff, doesn't glare, nada.

Well, that is more than a little surprising. Enough so, in fact, that Cenn stops and blinks. "Good morning." He offers her, returning the smile with one of his own, slightly tired. It's almost like he's fuzzy about the edges, slowly unraveling, though he's a right sight more put together than he was the last time he saw Katerina.

"Good morning, Ser d'Argent." Katerina offers, coming to a stop so she's standing beside him. Out here under the eyes of other templars and conservative mages she's the picture of polite. "I was wondering if you had a moment to speak? Either now or after you're done with your patrol.'

"Yes, of course. I was just heading down into the lower levels, so if you can walk and talk, there likely won't be anyone to bother with our chatter." Cenn says, nodding toward the door that leads to the stairs he was about to take. Though he can't help but look just the slightest bit concerned and confused.

Katerina nods and falls into step behind the knight, keeping the chatter idle and harmless until they've crossed the threshold to the seldom populated first of the lower levels. The place makes her shiver, on top of much of the polite veneer falling away. "I need your help." She says simply.

Yet more surprising. Cenn blinks, brow knitting, looking over to Katerina. "With what?" He asks, not sounding hesitant, but deeply concerned.

"I need an escort out of the circle." Katerina begins, "To fetch something, but I…" He hesitates, afraid, she believed what Hope said, but it didn't make handing Cenn the means to destroy her any easier. "The other templars can't know what it is or why I need it." She says, voice dropping even though they're alone. "I'll explain all of it in a minute." she says, "But i need to know if you'll help, and not stab me in the back this time." Had she other templars she thought this had a flying chance of working with she'd likely be going to them, but Cenn was her only, thankfully highly manipulable, option.

Cenn looks… It's hard to place. Somewhere between worried, hurt, and on edge. He shifts a little uncomfortably, rolling a shoulder as he walks. "I…" He says, "Katerina, I…" The Templar sighs heavily. "So long as you aren't consorting with demons or looking to practice blood magic or… Something akin, which, let me say, I don't think you are but if I'm going to make a promise, I want to be able to keep it. Outside of that, yes, I will help. What is it?"

"Spirits, not demons." Katerina supplies."I know you know the difference between the two." Let us wase gently into a pact of mutually assured destruction, shall we? She shakes her head, "No blood magic, I don't need a thing like that." She sighs, "Promise me you will keep an open mind, Cenn? Promise you will not paint me as some sort of monster just because I posess a magic you may not understand."

Well, Rylan had explained the difference to him long before Hope had ever been around, so it seems that's the assumption Cenn is jumping to. He nods a little. "Alright," He says, still sounding a little wary, "I promise. Though, it does come with the promise that if I think you've… Really and truly hurt yourself and lost your way in a manner that the woman I knew would never want, I won't let your memory suffer a moment longer than it needs to."

Normally, that sort of thing would just smack of pretty speech to Kat but somehow knowing hope is bouncing around in Cenn's head makes it better. She takes in a deep breath, holds it for a moment then lets it out slowly. "Do you know what a Dreamer is?" She asks, "In Tevinter they call them Somniari." Even though she's asked the question she still shakes her head and smiles like she knows Cenn won't have the faintest as to what she's talking about.

Cenn thinks for a moment, trying to remember if he had ever heard either term. Eventually, he just shakes his head. "No, I cannot say I know what that means." He admits, though he's not ashamed to say as much. Rylan had broken him of that bad habit a long, long time ago.

Thank the creators for Rylan. Katerina chuckles, "Hope said as much." And after dropping that bomb she continues, not giving him time to respond. "A Dreamer is a mage who can enter the fade without the use of lyrium. We slip into it, fully aware, in our sleep." she begins to explain. "We're better able to protect ourselves from demons, but they also find us tantalizing. That's why…" she pauses, wrestling with fear that is poised to become despair should Cenn turn her away, "I am afraid if Merideth finds out she will think I cannot be protected, and take my dreams from me." There are tears now, and shaking. "A spirit in the fade, who was with your hope, told me about an amulet in Lowtown, or possibly Darktown, that could help protect me from demons while I sleep. The fade in Kirkwall is… twisted. Back in Kinloch I had built a home for myself, I had a spirit teaching me, guiding me, but he's gone."

The expression on the Templar's face is one that someone might expect after he's been slapped across the face. He stops dead, stares at Katerina wide eyed, jaw going slack. He is completely and utterly shocked. That fear, though, twisting in Kat's heart, snaps him out of it with a deep breath and a look that says he really, really wants to hug her.

At least he has the good sense to not do that.

"I…" Cenn takes a deep breath, "Okay. Alright, well… I can put in the forms to get you leave from the Gallows, and I can volunteer for the assignment, but I will need approval from one of the Knight Captains, and the Commander reviews all of those forms. I will need an excuse."

Katerina can't help but be slightly amused at Cenn's expression… okay very amused. Still the expression passes, "See, that's my problem. I can't think of anything viable that an enchanter, or a Mage in better standing wouldn't be sent out to do."

Cenn takes a deep breath, and shakes his head. "I do not know, Katerina." He says, "I can speak to your reputation, your file is more vague than you might think. I didn't… Report extensively. I wasn't that much of a monster."

Katerina smiles, heartened by that at least. "Well if reputation is less of a concern, that is something." She sighs and shakes her head, "I've no idea what might work well enough for them to let me out. I've not been here long enough to have research i need things for."

"I might have something I can do…" Cenn says, sighing heavily. "Let me… Go… Talk to some people… Maker, I can't believe I'm even thinking this. Katerina… I have no right to ask you this but I can ask something of you?"

"Yes." Katerina says after thinking for a moement, "I don't know if I'll do it, but you can ask."

"Meredith has me… Investigating… The Wardens in the area. I might be able to cook up something they need help with, and…" Cenn sighs, "I will help you get this amulet just… Don't run off, please? I… Honestly, I think she'd kill me."

Katerina nods slowly, surprisingly not offended at the request. "I gave up on joining the wardens quite some time ago, Cenn." she says, sounding only a little sad. "I won't try and escape, I promise."

The Templar nods. "Very well…" He says, "Thank you, and I am sorry." He sighs, "I'll… See if Anders could use help with something Warden related. He'll have a better idea of why he might need a mage than I would."

"Do you trust Anders?" Katerina asks. "I am literally entrusting my life to you, Cenn. In multiple directions."

"I do." Cenn says, "I know… I… For once, I actually do understand." Because, really, Meredith is not going to understand the difference between Spirit Host and Abomination. "He… Has no love for the Templars, or the Circle, trust me. He's going to want to help you. I'm not going to tell him everything, just that I need an excuse."

Katerina nods, seeming satisfied, "Alright." There's a long pause as she considers. "Thank you Cenn."

"Thank you for… Trusting me again. I cannot imagine this is easy." Cenn says, turning a corner. "Let me walk you back up? Being unescorted down here might get you more questions than you'd like."

"I don't trust you." Katerina clarifies. "You're just the only option I have." It's not a sharp reply, just… firm. She nods and turns, moving to walk with Cenn. "Oh, there is one thing. Could I ask you not got to Cullen with your request?"

"I wasn't going to." Cenn says, shaking his head. He may be Cullen's Lieutenant, but Cenn knew he wasn't the better of the two options before him. "Isolde's more likely to allow it."

"Ser Wulff?" Katerina responds. "Yes… she seems… different than any other templar I've ever met." Her brows furrow as she thinks. "She caught me out of my room after curfew and… made me tea. Because she saw I wasn't sleeping."

Cenn laughs a little. "Yeah, she's like that."

Katerina quirks a brow curiously at Cenn, "How is someone so… gentle one of Meredith's Knight Captains?"

"She knows how to command." Cenn says with a shrug, "I think Meredith sees herself in her, in some ways. She's gentler, for a surity, but she's got the same sort of undeniable charisma."

"Is that what we're calling Meredith's Ice Queen veneer? Charisma." Katerina can't help but laugh. "Well I hope she can avoid turning into our dear Knight Jailer."

Cenn shakes his head. "I know this won't be helpful to you at all, but she's different with her men." Cenn says, "She actually is incredibly charismatic, when she isn't being blinded by fear."

"It really doesn't." Katerina says, suddenly ice cold and angry, though it passes quickly. "Can we just drop the topic? It'll be better for both of us."

"It doesn't excuse her behavior." Cenn adds, "But yes, we may drop the topic." And with that, he begins to lead Kat back upstairs.

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