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Scene Title Healing and Candy
Synopsis Kids need to eat, and people need medicine. The latter is not delivered by the most likely culprit.
Location Darktown
Date 19 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Candy! Suspicion!
Logger Fenris

Darktown… Cool in name, horrible in execution. And that may or may not be pun intended. As night begins to fall, the already area of questionable safety looses a few more points in the 'safe' category (it was likely already in negative numbers to begin with), which means that those who are still wandering around and not really finding a place to bunk for the night might of a similar degree of intelligence. Or sanity. Maybe both.

For Carys, it's strangely neither. She's here on business, and that business involves a sack. And a small group of youths who look like they haven't seen a meal in days. Which, it appears, happens to /be/ Carys's business - that is… remedying the 'meal in days' thing. Sure, what she's handing out is leftovers from where she's (for the moment) working, but nobles and the Not-Poor are stupid when it comes to food, and Carys has taken advantage of that… snitching it up and then redistributing it whenever she can. Like right now. One of the older kids makes a quip, and she laughs from where she's perched. "Yeah, I know right? Nothin' Orlesian today." There's a quick glance around to make sure she's not going to get mobbed - she's only got so much grub and she knows how people get when they're desperate.

Fenris does not fear death, but he does relish it either. Thus, he's always a little wary about Darktown. There isn't much down here that could pose a true problem for the Lyrium Ghost, but he learned long ago that trying his look was foolish and pointless. Today, though, it is not just a simple cut through Darktown back up toward the inn in which he been staying. Today, he's agreed to help Anders with something. Deliveries, most of which he had completed, and the extra to hand out to those who need it. Injury kits and healing poultices, those which would not keep forever and were nearing the end of their time and needed to be used or thrown out. Best not to waste them. And he's spent enough time walking through Darktown to learn the normal hiding places of the children of Darktown. But he was not expecting to round the corner on this.

Given her own upbringing, she's got a soft spot for kids. Which is why once she's finished emptying her small sack of the meal she's brought, she's reaching into her own pockets. "And…" She winks here, those blue-violet of her eyes gaining an extra sparkle, "The piece de resistance!" And she totally mangles—probably deliberately-the Orlesian phrase as she holds out her hand and there's just exactly enough of the wrapped candies in her palm for each child to get a piece. "An' I won't even make you eat your /real/ food first."

Hands immediately snatch out and there's a bit of a kerscuffle as each child is trying to grab a confection. "Oi! Hold on, one for each of you. Just one - " And it's while she's trying to maintain order in the middle of a gaggle of kids while handing out sweets when Fenris makes his rounding-the-corner maneuver. There maybe a few heartbeats before he's noticed, depending just how quietly and cautiously he's moving, but eventually, he'll have seven pairs of eyes upon him… the last pair belonging to Carys herself. "Hey, s'up," she greets the… decidedly odd looking fellow before her. Her movements are as casual her greeting as she leans back where she sits, folding up the bag she brought her goods in and stuffing it in a pocket. And that's all it is, really - stuffing sacks in pockets. But people who are trained to know better might realize why her hand hasn't moved from her pocket—and the dagger she's got sheathed at the small of her back. "We're just havin' dinner. We in your way?"

It take a moment for him to be noticed, and Fenris is almost surprised. That doesn't happen often. When the group turns to look at him, Fenris cants his head, watching Carys's movements, knowing that pause that hovers over a blade. He knows it well, in fact. Fenris shakes his head. "No." He says, "I am a friend of the Darktown Healer's." Rolling his shoulder to let free the bag he holds there. "He has medicines that need to be used soon. Does anyone have ill family?"

Children in these situations usually know better. Which is why there seems to be a collective breath being held as the two adults regard one another. But before Carys can fully assess the situation, and see if this odd-appearanced elf is a threat, he states his question. And then it's obvious that even in situations like this, kids /don't/ know any better. Particularly the young ones, for one of them immediately throws up a hand to indicate 'Her! Her! She's got sick peoples!'. And it does seem that the mention of the healer causes the kids to relax.

Carys? Only marginally so. Probably the telltale sign of someone relatively new in town. Or it could be that Fenris is just so freaking odd looking that nothing said can make her fully lower her guard. But fortunately, her relaxing means that hand is again brought to the front, so both appendages are visible. "There's a couple," as in a pair, "down that way that could probably use somethin' that helps with an infection. One of 'em got cut down here on somethin' and… well." She waves a hand to indicate the oh-so-evident cleanliness. Or lack there of. "Thanks."

No one could say Fenris good with kids, per se, but he wasn't a monster. Even if he thinks it of himself sometimes. Their eagerness to trust, even here in Darktown, is rewarded this time. This time, the strange looking man isn't lying. Reaching into the bag, a few of the jars are taken out and offered to the indicated girl. But it is to Carys that Fenris looks. "Would you willing to bring them something?" He asks in dry, deep voice, "I cannot say I would know where you mean for me to go. I do not live down here."

She has to say one thing—odd looking elf dude's got /one hell/ of a voice. "Neither do I," she admits casually. "But I can, sure." The little girl in turn, rewards FEnris with a beaming smile only a 6 year old missing her front teeth can manage, and she even offers her piece of candy in exchange. While Carys shakes her head slightly at the display, more likely the fact that children that young shouldn't have to feel they have to give something for a simple kidness, she doesn't stop the girl either.

"No, child, it is a gift." Fenris answers the girl with a shake of his head, "You keep that." There's even a small smile, though it is lopsided and a little awkward. Dusty and unused. Looking to Carys again, he nods, and reaches again into the bag, offering a few supplies to Carys. "Let them know, if this does not work, that the Clinic is open when the lantern is lit." He says, "The man there is good, and he will help those he can."

There's an Oooh from the girl, and she steps back to begin murmuring and whispering with her friends. Or siblings. Or something of that sort. In ane nviorment such as this, it's probably all the same. It's obivous though, that for now, the group looks after each other. The older children haven't stopped watching Fenris since he stepped up, for instance. Just like Carys hasn't. But by now, she's more watching him with a curious tilt of her head, as if trying to make heads or tails of the man than anything else. HIs comment about the healer does indeed get a few agreeing nods from the kids, and a blink from the woman. "Gotcha," she says as she takes the supplies. "though, judgin' from them," she indicates the kids, "They probably already know that, eh?" He gets another smile, this one from Carys, at the end of that…a nd it's painfully obvious that this girl spends way too much time with that damn thing in play—it comes far to easily… and seems far too genuine for it to indicate otherwise. "But thanks. Folks can use all the help they can get, right?" Her tone is frank, and lacks the 'Oh poor dears' sort of pitying condescendence that can often accompany such endeavors.

Fenris shrugs. "Darktown gets new people all the time." He says simply, "I will not assume what they may or may not know." Then, though, he's shouldering the bag again. Strange looking elf doesn't seem like he wants to linger. "I should… See that these are distributed." He says, and takes a step backward.

"Point," she quips quickly about assumptions—her being a clear case of not knowing much of anything right now. "I take it you're /not/ new here?" she adds, moving to hop off her crate-perch with an agility that likely isn't often attributed to one of her build. "You kids be good, I'll see you when I can, 'kay?" It also seems as if she's taking Fenris's cue to back away as her own to move on. She stuffs a hand in her pocket again as she begins making her way towards one of the main thoroughfares of walking traffic.

"Long enough." Is Fenris's only answer, before he slips off into Darktown. He has other hiding places to find, it seems.

She lets out a whistle to get the elf's attention, and then she's flicking something at him. "Watch yerself," she says in the same motion. She then turns to walk in the opposite direction and lose herself in either the crowd, or the scenery… or whatever's handy. As for what got flicked at him? Oh, simply a butterscotch candy in a shiny golden wrapper.

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