Character Generation on Smoke & Shadows is currently a very simple process. It can be accessed through the OOC Lounge and is comprised of two main parts - Demographics and Background.

In the Demographics room, you will be asked to set the following attributes.

+fullname <full name>
+age <age>
@sex me=<Male or Female>
+race <Human Elf Dwarf or Qunari>
+faction <faction> (See +factions)
+org <organization> (see +orgs)
+position <position> (See +positions)
+class <class> (see +help class)
+utility <weapon or tool> (see +help utility)
+pet <animal name (breed and species)> (see +help pets)

+fate <1-5> (see +help fate)

+shortdesc <one line description of your character>
@desc me=<paragraph description of your character>

If you have an actor in mind for your character at this time, you can set them using the +actors command.

Each of these attributes has its own helpfile on the game.

In the next room - the Background room - you will be asked to tell us about your character's background. Who are they? Where did they come from? How did they get to Kirkwall? All these questions should be answered by the most basic of backgrounds, but a good background should also explain any special or unique skillsets the character might have - or any quirks that might be interesting hooks for RP and plots later on. You can add your background using the following commands.

If your background is fairly short, a simple

&bg me=<background text>

will do. However, if your background is longer and more complex, the following commands will work better.

&BG1 me=<first page of background>
&BG2 me=<second page of background>
&BG3 me=<third page of background>

You can continue in this vein as long as you need to, but keep in mind that each section of background does not need to be only one paragraph. The BG attributes respond to the %r (for a line break) and %t (for a tab) commands just like in RP.

Once you have finished all of the above steps, you can use the command


to send your application in for staff approval or


if you need to correct something in your application before you want staff to look at it.

Hopefully this guide will help answer the basic questions, but if you need further assistance, please page one of the on-duty staffers (+staff to see who is online and on-duty and 'page <staffer's name>=<message>) or submit a +request to staff (+help request).

Important Notes

Approval on the game requires two (2) staff members to sign off as okay on the application. Staff can be found by using the +staff command in-game. If your character includes special or unique knowledge or powers, it's best to check with a member of app staff to make sure the concept will work before writing an application.

There are several staff characters that ARE NOT part of the approval process. They include Towers and The Maker. Please do not ask if they have reviewed the application.

Pestering staff or complaining on the in-game channels about having to wait for approval, asking if someone has reviewed it on channel, or other 'pestering'-type behavior WILL NOT get you approval faster and may actually result in your application being placed at the end of the queue.